Chapter 724 fosters anger

    The spread of dead air is too fast. It has swallowed up too many things in the town demon tower, and there are many meat-winged horns. At this time, the emptiness zone of the town demon tower occupies a sky, and the area has more than 100 square meters!

    One hundred square meters is actually not much, but it is thought that it is slowly growing from the black gas left by the wood feathers in the past few days, and you can know how terrible it is!

    If it wasn't for Taling's accidental use of the "small-footed" array to temporarily trap them, I am afraid that it is not just that.

    If Mu Yu directly rushes into the dead air and absorbs the dead air, Mu Yu can't guarantee that he will survive again.

    The last time he was in the madness and death of the grass, he had already lost his life. It was the old man who used the dead wood to display the "blood protection and cover the sky" and exchanged his life for the wood feather. The same thing, Mu Yu would not let it have two Times.

    He took out Muling, the treasure from the Muyou Mozu was originally a living thing, but since it absorbed the dead air, it became dead, although it still retains the characteristics of the trees, but Mu Yu always feels it What's worse?

    But at this moment, only the wood spirit can be relied upon!

    All the dead air was wrapped in the "Shen Ye Tian Ya" array, trapped in the middle of the town demon tower. Mu Yu has come to the side of the "Footfoot", with golden patterns on his hands, covering the wood spirit and extending the wood spirit.

    After Muling entered the dead air, all the dead air went crazy toward Muling, wanting to swallow the wood spirit. Muling was originally a living thing, able to restrain the dead air, so at this time not afraid of the invasion of the dead, there are countless holes in the body, and began to absorb the dead air.

    Many dead tempers were gradually sucked in by Mu Ling, and Mu Yu always noticed the movement of Mu Ling. However, after absorbing nearly one-third of the dead air, Mu Yu suddenly changed his face because Mu Ling has stopped. Absorb the dead air!

    "what happened?"Xiaoshuai asked.

    Mu Yu said seriously: "Mu Ling has reached a limit with the dead."

    This time the dead air is more than when the wood feathers were separated from the grass, because at that time, the dead air just appeared from the grass, only swallowed up the whole house, the amount produced is not much, then When Muling swallowed up, he did not have one percent of his eyes.

    The deadness in front of the eyes has swallowed up the entire huge prison and nearly half of the meat-winged horns, and also swallowed the seven-story town demon tower, and the dead air expanded to a very large extent, which is not something that Muling can solve.

    "Now what? If you don’t hurry to find a way,

It will sooner or later die out of control. ”Said Long Teng.

    Mu Yu’s mind flashed a lot of thoughts. He focused his attention on the meat-winged horns who were still waiting for the trouble, and suddenly there was a very bold idea in his heart.

    "Little handsome, will you be angry to swallow things to expand yourself?"Mu Yu asked.

    "Do you want to strip the white spirit in your body?"Xiaoshuai said with his tail.

    "Is anger like dead?"

    "The same is true, but if you cultivate white anger to the point where you can compete with the dead gas, you may be able to control the expansion of death, but their existence is unstable. What are you going to do to deal with the entanglement? Gas and angry?"Xiaoshuai asked.

    If Mu Yu raises his anger to the amount of dead air, anger and death will restrict each other, and will not continue to spread. This is the way that Mu Yu can now think of dealing with the dead.

    "Tian Yan rounds back! do you remember? When we were at the Siren Palace last time, the ghosts and other people were eroding and protecting the enchantment of Tian Yan’s reincarnation, but I could go directly to the enchantment without any hindrance. At that time, I was not repulsive. Black and white spirit in my body. ”

    For the heavenly reincarnation of this anti-sky treasure, Mu Yu always felt that its origins are definitely extraordinary. He can go back to the past and see what happened in the past. Although he can't change the past, it is equivalent to being infinitely close to being able to spy on heaven.

    Mu Yu can be sure that Tian Yan's reincarnation will definitely have a way to check the anger and death.

    “Tian Yan’s return is indeed a very rare treasure. Right, we can pass the dead and angry to the past!”Xiaoshuai took a small head and said thoughtfully.

    "Transfer to the past? What if tens of thousands of past worlds are destroyed? ”Long Teng asked inexplicably.

    "In any case, the past things can't affect our present, so the past world is ruined. It is like we have never had anything to eat."Xiaoshuai said.

    "Isn't that cruel to those who lived in the past?"Dragon vine does not like this decision very much.

    To a certain extent, using the Tianyan wheel to return to the past, the people in the past are also real. The Tianyan reincarnation is to bring together people of different time and space. Once the people who have returned to the past have left the past, When Tian Yan's reincarnation no longer works, then all time and space will return to normal.

    If Mu Yu guides these two breaths to the past, then the past time and space will have both life and death that do not belong to it. Under the influence of Tian Yan's return, time and space will not return to normal. In the past, it will also be affected by anger and death, and even a certain possibility will be destroyed.

    But Mu Yu shook his head and said: "I will not send them to the past. I just temporarily put them in the Tianyan reincarnation. After leaving here, I will seal them to the space barriers under the burial valley."

    Space barriers are the best places to store this danger, and even if you get angry and out of control, space barriers will block.

    Being angry and dead is a substance that can't swallow up space barriers. This is a sure thing. When the first evil was not old, it was said that a heavy day was destroyed by the loss of control of the grass, but the dead air did not affect the double heavens, indicating that they could not swallow the space barrier and went to the double heaven.

    "Then you will guide your anger first. As for the angry nourishment, you don't have to say it?"Xiaoshuai is coming again.

    "Poor flesh-winged horns, still frantically wanting to escape and destroy the world!"Longtan laughed.

    Mu Yu’s left hand has already produced a white light, and he has done it once, and it is no stranger to peeling off the white spiritual power in the body. At first, Mu Yu peeled off a little bit of death, but he did not lose control in his body, which shows that his body's anger and death can automatically return to equilibrium to a certain extent.

    The white spirit of a fingertip size turned into an air floating in the air, and only such a little wood feather was able to control.

    At this time, he has come to the layer that holds the meat-winged horns. The meat-winged horns are still waiting for the sun to go down, and the wood feathers have quietly placed them on a blue meat-winged horned horn.

    After the white anger is contaminated with the meat-winged horns, it is not as direct as the dead air to swallow them away. On the contrary, the anger is directly integrated into the body of the meat-winged horns, just like nothing is born. And the meat-winged horns were not aware of any anomalies.

    "Ok? Mu Yu, your anger will not be fake, right? ”Longteng asked inexplicably. In his opinion, anger should also be directly devastating to start to devour things to grow up.

    "Don't worry, wait!"

    Mu Yu knows that things will not be so simple. After all, there is no movement at the beginning of the death. It is because the meat-winged horns have accidentally stepped on the purple grievances before they start to frantically move. This requires a radical condition.

    At this moment, the flesh-winged horns, which were accustomed to the white, suddenly became so excited that they stood up and began to dance and shouted. At the same time, the smell of it gradually became stronger and stronger, as if it had been restored.

    It is necessary to know that the meat-winged horns have been held for thousands of years, and the breath has already become very wilting. The repairs have also fallen very seriously. At this time, the blue meat-winged horns suddenly increased their breath and naturally caused other similar attentions. .

    "Blue Lanland, what's wrong with you?"

    "Yes! How did you recover from it? ”

    "its not right! Your original cultivation is a period of integration. How do you now have a tendency to break through to the robbery period? ”

    All the meat-winged horns are looking at the blue meat-winged horns in amazement, but the expression of the blue-winged meat-winged horns is getting more and more excited, and there is even a ardent hope in the eyes. It was like seeing a beam of light in the darkness.

    "I finally have to leave here! I have to eat a hundred comprehensions to fight for teeth, and I can’t wait to go out now! ”

    Lan Lanlan shouted wildly, and then it began to glow with white light. This white light completely did not match its blue body, and even white light appeared on the skin, as if there was something Drilled out of it.


    The body of the blue shredded horned horn blew open, but no blue corpse splashed out. Its body was turned into a pure white anger when it exploded, and it floated out and attached. Those dodging flesh-winged horns and horns are integrated into them.

    The explosion of Lan Lanlan made all the meat-winged horns smashed. They didn't understand how the end-ends suddenly blew themselves up? However, for a while, the meat-winged horns that were contaminated by white anger began to appear the same as the blue orchids, and began to become hot and enthusiastic!

    boom! boom! boom!

    After a series of explosions, the meat-winged horns began to become stronger and then blew. After being contaminated by anger, all the vitality in their bodies is like being completely provoked, and then they begin to overdraw constantly, and at the end they become white and angry.

    "It's terrible!"

    Mu Yu involuntarily swallowed a spit, and his white spirit in his body has such a terrible lethality, this is simply a big-scale explosion that can detonate the world at any time. If Mu Yu does not control himself, then Three major 6 is likely to be destroyed in his hands!

    "I definitely don't use this ability next time."Mu Yu secretly told himself.

    Black and white spiritual power is too powerful after losing control, and it will strengthen itself by engulfing other things. This terrible ability should not exist in one person. UU reading

    At this time, the white anger has gathered more and more, and even began to invade and spread to the "chaos first open" array. The scenes that Fanyu fantasizing also gradually cracked, invaded by white breath, and then became strong. Finally cracked.

    "Wood feathers, fast! Guide the anger to the dead side, otherwise the array here will be out of control! ”Xiaoshuai said eagerly. I am a super beautiful woman, I want to be beautiful every day, be a refined woman, let everyone around me feel my beauty! For details, search the WeChat public account. I am a super beauty or copy the micro-signal meinv to scan the QR code below to join quickly!

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