Chapter 725 Black and White!

    Mu Yu naturally does not dare to use his own body to guide the white anger, otherwise his end is definitely better than those of the meat-winged horns. The worst case is that it will lead to black and white in his body, turning things into things. Worse!

    The "Zhichitianya" array is now like a giant net, wrapping all the Dengbal in it. This huge net can be slightly deformed, although the wood plume a lot of kung Fu, but also turned it into a long narrow shape, extended to the "Chaos first Open" array.

    However, Mu Yu soon discovered that the white anger has been completely uncontrollable. It constantly affects the meat-winged horns, makes the meat-winged horns excited and sees hope, and then is boosted by those hopes and strengths. And turn the meat-winged horns into a part of yourself.

    The scene has become more and more chaotic.

    All the meat-winged horns have been wiped out by the white anger, but the white anger is getting stronger and stronger, and it can not erode the entire battle.

    The method of white erosive ecstasy is different from the dead temper, the dead air will be swallowed directly, and the anger will make the touched things stronger, and the hidden potential will completely erupt until it never has itself. The potential exploded and became part of the white anger.

    Mu Yu did not dare to rely too close, and did not dare to remove the "small world" array. He intends to use Muling as a bridge to bring white anger into the array and compete with the dead gas.

    The golden pattern is covered in the wood spirit, and the "End of the World" array transforms the wood into a slender branch, one stretches into the edge of the array, and the other is involved in the white anger.

    The anger of the white, after encountering the dead wood spirit, began to madly rush toward it, apparently angry to drive away the dead, or to want to turn Muling into a part of himself. The anger quickly covered the wood spirit, began to fill the wood spirit, and then followed the wood spirit to the "foot-in-the-world" array.

    The black and white gas collide with each other, and the two different atmospheres are entwined fiercely, swallowing each other, and wanting to press each other down.

    In the "Face of the World" array, the beginning of the dead air has an absolute advantage, the white anger will be tightly suppressed as soon as it enters, but as the white is getting more and more angry, the anger begins to resist and grows rapidly. It’s up.

    It seems that in order to put the pressure of death under the pressure of death, all the anger outside is along the wood spirit into the "foot-in-the-world" array.

    At this time, the dead air and the anger have gathered in the encirclement of “the world of the world”. Mu Yu immediately removed the “End of the World” array applied to the “Mu Ling” and wanted to take Mu Ling back.

    However, Mu Yu suddenly saw a glimpse.

Because he found that Muling at the moment has changed again!

    Originally, Muling was black after absorbing the dead air, but now the wood spirit is flowing with a white smell. The smell of white is intertwined with the original black scent, and the whole wooden sword becomes very strange.

    Muling sword is already black and white doped, black and white light chasing each other on it. There are many holes of different sizes on the original Muling. After absorbing the dead air, those holes are filled with black dead air. Not a fix.

    But at the moment, those holes are like Taiji yin and yang fish, and one black and one white gas flows together.

    The atmosphere of the whole wooden spirit sword has undergone earth-shaking changes. It has always been dead, but now it is reviving the hope of vitality, and the two breaths each occupy half of the country.

    When Mu Yu wanted to take it back, it sent a craving for Mu Yu.

    "Do you want to absorb the two breaths inside?"

    Mu Yu looked at Wood Ling with surprise, and the idea that Mu Lingjian gave him just now made him horrified.

    "If you can do it, then try it!"Mu Yu thought twice and decided not to stop the practice of Mu Ling.

    This usually breaks the sword and obeys Mu Yu's mind. This is the first time it has actively requested to do something. After getting the permission of Mu Yu, Mu Ling once again lit up the golden pattern, and directly plunged into the "foot-in-the-world", rushing into the battlefield of black and white.

    When Mu Ling entered, he suddenly turned into a huge linden tree. This linden tree is different from any other plant that is usually made of wood. Although it is tall, its leaves are yellow and there are countless wormholes on each leaf. It is like being bitten by a worm.

    Not only that, but the trunks and branches of the whole linden tree also have countless holes, which are unbearable.

    The sudden appearance of Bodhi trees makes black and white seem very violent, because this is their battlefield, and no outsiders are allowed to invade!

    The black and white gas is menacing, at the same time with each other winding, roll to the banyan tree, want to eat the banyan tree to destroy, but who also did not think is, banyan yellow leaves above, it is like being bitten by worms, the hole suddenly issued a strong force, was the initiative will be the menacing black and white two gas to suck in!

    Every hole in the linden tree is madly swallowing black and white, and the holes are gradually healing, and the yellow leaves are beginning to bloom and become alive again.

    Suddenly, even the wooden feathers were unexpected, because he never knew that Mulingjian had this ability, and the Bodhi tree looked very familiar. Mu Yu remembered that the Muyumen Mozu There was such a linden tree. At that time, the old tree was taken from the linden tree and handed out to Mu Yu.

    Only at that time, the Bodhi tree was not as ugly as the wood spirit showed.

    "Little handsome, how much do you know about Muling?"Mu Yu could not help but ask.

    Anger and death can devour everything, but the only thing that can't be swallowed up is Muling.

    Xiaoshuai is also very puzzled: "I don't know. You didn't see it so active when you separated the anger and death of the grass."

    Indeed, when Mu Yu separated the anger and death of the grass, Mu Ling did not show this strange linden tree, nor did he deliberately absorb these two breaths. Today, it is very eager to show up, quite strange.

    Mu Yu couldn't understand, Xiao Shuai didn't want to understand, they could only wait outside.

    This is two hours, Mu Yu does not dare to do other things, afraid that in the event of an unexpected situation can not be dealt with in a timely manner.

    However, the black and white air in the "Footfoot of the World" array is gradually decreasing, and finally it is really absorbed by the Bodhi tree made by wood spirit!

    And the original yellow-skinned linden tree looks like a rejuvenating, the branches and leaves become green and all the holes are healed.

    The linden tree swayed gently in the air and finally re-made the wooden sword. At this time, the Mu Lingjian changed again. It was originally a riddled hole, but now those holes have disappeared and become a perfect sword.

    The swords on both sides of the sword are white, but the middle of the sword is black stripes. The black and white yin and yang fish at the end of the hilt are flowing, and the black and white each occupy the sword. Moreover, the whole sword is no longer ruined, but instead becomes quite enchanting, and there is a powerful power that is hard to say.

    The wooden spirit sword whispered softly, giving a crisp sound, and the sword tip was sharp and sharp. It was like a weapon of the gods, and became quite strange to Mu Yu!

    Mu Yu thought of a move, Mu Lingjian felt the call of Mu Yu, left the world of the world, and flew over Mu Yu. Mu Yu grasped the sword!


    A horrible breath suddenly moved from the Mu Lingjian to the wood feather body. This breath seems to be dyed in the battlefield all the year round, killing the bloodyness of countless talents.

    This breath invaded Mu Yu’s head and caused earth-shaking changes in Mu Yu’s body. He found that his heart suddenly had an unspeakable desire for blood, and he wanted to kill!

    Mu Yu’s eyes changed again, the left eye was white with white awnings, the right eye was shining with black light, and the body also filled with cold and unfeeling spiritual fluctuations.

    Life became so vulnerable in his eyes, and this power made him feel very satisfied. He even felt that he should balance the world according to his own ideas, let the damn die and let the living person live!

    He wants to be the master of life!

    Mu Yu was immersed in this power, but this time he was not lost, but he was sober. He suddenly realized what he had, and quickly released the wooden sword!

    "what happened? Mu Yu, I feel like you just…"Xiaoshuai asked hesitantly.

    It and Long Teng originally stayed on the shoulders of Mu Yu, but at the moment when Mu Yu held Mu Lingjian, a cold killing spread from Mu Yu, and Xiao Shuai and Long Teng felt a guilty heart. They flew involuntarily.

    "The power of killing."Mu Yu slowly spit out a sigh of relief, looking at the wooden sword in front of him, suddenly the tide of the heart.

    That's right, this is the power of killing!

    Mu Yu is extremely certain, because when he was in the Mouyun Mountain Range, the old tree chief once touched a terrible force to Mu Yu. At that time, Mu Yu was almost out of control and wanted to make endless killings to satisfy himself. The thirst for blood.

    When the talented wood spirit sword touched the wood feather, the power was also so cold. The only difference was that the old tree tree contacted his power. Mu Yu could not maintain his consciousness, but Mu Lingjian The killing power has made Mu Yu’s consciousness sober.

    He already understands why Mu Lingjian will take the initiative to absorb the black and white, because the black and white gas is swallowing up thousands of flesh-winged horns, UU reading a whole prison The meat-winged horns are swallowed up by death and anger, which is tantamount to making killings.

    And if you want to repair the wounds of Muling, you need to kill.

    When the wood feathers were separated from the grass, the black and white gas only swallowed up the furniture of a room, and did not devour any life, so the wood spirit sword did not take the initiative to absorb.

    This time, all the black and white gas is grown by swallowing the flesh-winged horns, which contains tens of thousands of lives. In order to repair itself, the wooden spirit sword needs the power of these killings to fill!

    Mu Yu thought that he wanted to repair the wounds of Muling, I am afraid that the road to go is still very long, but I did not expect that those meat-winged horns became the source of his killing power.

    With the killing power, you can destroy the five elements of a human body balance, unlock the nine days of the magic array!

    Mu Yu Heart has already become very hot up!

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