No. 726 Chapter The Blood of the Sea Demon king

    The power of killing is to unlock the nine days of the key to the magic array, but also to allow Mu Yu to the rise.

    However, Mu Yu hesitated because he did not like the power of bloodthirsty.

    Although this time he was able to keep his consciousness clear after touching the killing power, the power of the killing made him feel very cold and arrogant, and he even appeared to be related to his own life. Not so important.

    Including dead wood old man.

    After touching the power of killing, Mu Yu’s heart began to have a disregard for life. He believed that only those who allowed him to live could survive. However, he could not recognize the dividing line, and who should live the most.

    For a moment, he thought of the dead wood old man, but the thought of resurrecting the dead wood old man seemed so insignificant in his heart.

    The killing made him very tyrannical, but he also lost his original intention. He was worried that if he used this power, under the influence of subtle influence, will one day become numb?

    Mu Yu clenched his fist.

    "Mu Yu, are you going to try to lead Muling's power to unravel the nine-day magic array this time?"Xiaoshuai asked.

    Mu Yu looked swaying. He pondered for a long time and finally shook his head: "I can't accept this power now."

    "The dead wood old man…"

    "When we find the soul of the soul, we will repair the soul of the dead wood, and then I will use the power of killing to solve the nine-day magic array, and use the ability of life and death. If I use it now, I am worried that my heart will be changed. ”Mu Yu said calmly.

    Unraveling the nine-day magic circle is not anxious, because the soul of the dead wood has not recovered.

    Mu Yu re-appeared on the wooden sword, he did not want to touch the sword again.

    "Can you converge that power?"Mu Yu’s words are asked by Mu Ling.

    The wooden spirit sword trembled a little, and the body shone with black and white light. The streamer turned around, but it was a thought that could not be achieved.

    It has become a sword of killing, with a killing atmosphere, this breath can make the wood feathers stronger, but it will also affect the wood feathers.

    "Let it go back to the shadow sword,

The split sword can isolate it from your contact, but if you don't want to use Muling, it means that you can no longer let the wood come out of various plants. ”Xiaoshuai said.

    In many cases, Muling always turns into various plants in a moment to help fight against opponents. In response to the ghosts, Mu Yu is also the ghost of Mu Ling’s deadly restraint, even when he is wooden. When Yu can't block an attack, he will directly hide into Muling, and let Muling take a fatal blow for him.

    But now that Muling has become a complete sword, his body is full of killing suffocation. If Mu Yu does not want to be influenced by it, he can no longer rely on Mu Ling.

    Suddenly lost the help of Mu Ling, Mu Yu felt a little lost, like losing a beloved friend. He is still able to control trees and control the growth of seeds into a big tree, but he still lacks much more than the ability of Muling to illusion as he pleases.

    The wood inspiration was rejected by Mu Yu’s heart, and it also gave off a very lost idea, but it was still incorporated into the shadow sword. Xiaoshuai took over the shadow sword, a blue light flashed from the shadow sword, and then handed the shadow sword to Mu Yu.

    The sword is still the sword, but there is only one breath that makes the wood feathers pleasant.

    "The plan is always unable to keep up with the changes, right? Now that the crisis of death and anger has been lifted, the troubles of the meat-winged horns have been solved, and the rest is to deal with the two old devils. ”Longtan stretched out and fell back on the shoulder of Mu Yu.


    Mu Yu smiled and originally planned to rely on Tian Yan's reincarnation to collect the dead air and anger, and then throw them into the space barrier under the burial valley. Now it seems unnecessary, Mu Lingjian has helped him solve it. It's all.

    Just when they put their attention in the field of "there is no fairy", suddenly Mu Yu's face changed slightly, because there is no shadow of the ghost domain and the ghost night in the forty-sixth floor!

    "How come the two little devils are gone?"

    Mu Yu was shocked, and then a serious problem soon appeared, because he is now "out of the world" and he does not know when it is beginning to become precarious. There is a loophole in the pattern, although the loophole has not spread. But that is the loophole that allowed the ghost domain and the ghost night to escape.

    At this point, the two of them actually fled to the first floor along the virtual zone! The most annoying thing about Mu Yu is that the first floor of the exit pattern has also been damaged!

    "what happened?"Long Teng and Xiao Shuai are equally puzzled.

    Just because Muling rushed in and life and death two gas tangle, they put their attention on the Muling body, the situation of the town Demon Tower he did not go to the tube for a time, the original thought, such as to solve the threat of anger and Dengbal, and then to "no fairy" to find the Ghost area son and Ghost night Ming accounts, but did not expect these two people suddenly fled out.

    Mu Yu carefully felt the pattern of the town demon tower, and the result is a very serious problem!

    After the formation of the town demon tower was affected by the anger, all the patterns became quite active, causing problems in the operation of certain patterns, resulting in cracking of the pattern, and the layer of "there is no spirit". The pattern is also affected!

    Although the white anger was later withdrawn from the formation, it was withdrawn from the formation, but the hidden dangers had been buried, and the ghosts and ghosts escaped!

    Ghost domain and Ghost Night are at the entrance of the first time, they have found cracks in the formation, and are working together to attack the gap!

    "Can we stop them?"Xiaoshuai asked.

    Mu Yu shook his head: "The town demon tower has been damaged too much at this time, and it is impossible to help us trap the two."


    Ghost domain and Ghost Night Ming once again joined forces to hit the crack in the past, and the formations trembled. If this continues, the cracks are wide enough to make it difficult for them to go out. It’s only a matter of time.

    In the movement of Mu Yu’s mind, the exit of the first floor has automatically appeared. The ghost domain and the ghost night have stopped the attack gap and left the town demon tower directly from the exit.

    "So let's just let them go?"Long Teng is not willing to say.

    "Don't let them go, they will destroy the town demon tower more seriously! Can we always go straight to the two of them to stop them? ”Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

    I have to admit that in order to deal with the problems caused by the dead, he has missed the best time to deal with the ghosts. Now that the King of the Seas is controlled by the Ghost Domain, he must do something else to let the King of the Seas get rid of control.

    It seems that only the deer boss can do it.

    "Since the deer boss has the blood of the Siren King, we first go to find the body of the deer boss."

    In the mind of Mu Yu, he searched for every layer of the town demon tower, and finally appeared the deer boss and dragon turtle on the 31st floor.

    The deer boss lying on the ground has no breath, and there is a shocking blood hole on his forehead. The whole person blinks and squints.

    Mu Yu’s mind was moved and turned and came to the deer’s boss.

    "He is dead, and even if something is estimated to have been taken away by the ghost leopard."Longteng said with regret.

    Mu Yu carefully looked at the deer boss, the body of the deer boss was cold and stiff, and died for at least two days, but Mu Yu snorted and there was something wrong.

    The body of the deer boss seems to have died in every aspect, and the wood feather is sensitive to the fluctuation of vitality. He is surprised that there is still a little vitality on the body. This vitality is extremely weak, if there is no wood feather. That strong perception is simply not available.

    "He is not dead yet!"

    Mu Yu looked at the blood hole above the forehead of the deer's boss. The shocking wound was already scarred, as if there was a strange force that gradually healed the wound.

    He pondered for a moment, and now the vitality of the deer boss began to show signs of recovery. He immediately used his own spiritual power to help the deer boss to guide the vitality.

    After an hour, the deer boss opened his eyes, his consciousness was still a little fuzzy, but suddenly he thought of something, his body pumped, and he wanted to stand up in a panic.

    "Nothing, deer boss, it is me."Mu Yu said.

    The deer boss saw the wood feather in front of him, and he was pleasantly surprised: "Is it a wooden friend?" I thought it was a ghost. ”

    He gasped weakly and reached out to touch the blood hole in his forehead.

    "are you OK?"Mu Yu lifted the deer boss and was able to suffer from this fatal injury. The deer boss must have some secrets.

    "Ugh! Ghost Leopard shot us, I have the life-saving magic weapon of the white ancestors, pretend to escape the robbery, but the dragon turtle is not so lucky. ”

    The deer boss looked down at the cold dragon turtle lying in the distance and shook his head and sighed.

    "The situation is very bad now. Qiao Xue said that you have the key to rescue the Siren King. We need to go to the ghost domain."

    Mu Yu told the deer boss the story of the Siren King. The deer boss was very excited to hear that the Kraken King was out of trouble, but when Mu Yu told him that the Siren King has become the body of the ghost domain, the deer boss was shocked!

    "How could this be? How can a ghost doorman control the King of the Siren? ”Deer boss is anxious, this trip he came for the King of the Sea King, if the King of the Sea King is controlled by the ghost door, the situation will be very bad.

    "What use is you worried about now? Even the thousands of feet of the sea have been taken away by others, really. ”Longteng shouted dissatisfied.

    Deer boss bowed his head and said, "I am sorry for the real dragon, it is useless to me."

    "Ghostmen are inherently evil. You are also bad luck when you meet them. Now the ghost gatekeeper has already controlled the Siren King. Are there any blood of the Siren King on your deer boss?"

    This is what Mu Yu wants. The Kraken King only has his own blood, so he can get rid of the control of the bloody konjac and regain his body.

    "There is yes, just…"

    "If you have it, take it out quickly."Mu Yu said.

    The deer boss smiled a bit and said: "The blood of the Kraken King is flowing on me."

    Everyone felt a little surprised when the deer boss said something.

    Mu Yu looked at the deer boss inexplicably: "You are the descendant of the Siren King?"

    The Siren King said that he was Xuanwu. Xiaoshuai thought that Xuanwu was a tortoise. Although it was denied by the Kraken King, Xuanwu was definitely not a deer.

    Deer boss shook his head and said: "No, I and the old turtle were originally a soul that guarded the double-day transmission. For this time, the white ancestor was able to rescue the King of the Siren, and he looked for two bodies to the Kraken. The blood of the king is cited, and the secret technique is used to resurrect me and the old turtle in these two bodies. As long as the Kraken King stripped the blood of me or the old turtle, he would be reborn. ”

    Mu Yu frowned, and some of the techniques of the Yao people sounded quite discomfort.

    "Do you have to store your blood in your body?"Mu Yu asked.

    "Yes, the King of the Sea King sent his blood to the transmission line of the Double Heaven before it was sealed. There was a special way to train his blood, but when the blood left the formation, it would be easy. There was a problem, so I had to rely on me and the old turtle, so that the blood could be preserved intact."Deer boss said.

    Every demon king sends out his most important things before being sealed. The inner king of the white demon king, the heart of the sand eagle demon king, the blood of the king demon king, so it is not strange. As for why the King of the Seas is to be transmitted to the Double Heaven, it is because the entire Demon Island has been blocked by the real machine, and he has no other choice.

    Silence for a long while, Mu Yu said: "So when the Siren King is resurrected, will you die?"

    When the body of the deer boss has no blood, it is equivalent to the body that consumes vitality, and his soul will float out. Without the protection of the demon family of the Double Island, the soul of the deer boss will soon lose consciousness.

    "Dedicated to the Master of the Kraken King, this is an honor for me and the old turtle."Deer boss said solemnly.

    When he said this, he did not hesitate at all. UU read www.uukanshu. Com For the deer boss, this is the mission of his trip. Obviously he has already prepared himself to sacrifice himself and is willing to exchange his life for the rebirth of the Kraken King.

    Mu Yu shook his head, and the deer boss was willing to sacrifice for the Siren King. It was indeed a loyal and demon person, and the old turtle who is not known at the moment is the same person.

    Although these two guys are sacred, they have been pitted for nearly a year in the double heavens, but their loyalty to the true dragon and the loyalty to the Siren King are enough to make Mu Yu respect. . This is a world of difference compared to the greedy and fearful death of the dragon star in order to survive.

    Mu Yu did not say much, everyone has their own beliefs, just like Mu Yu is willing to return his life to the dead wood, the deer boss is just doing what he thinks is right. I am a super beautiful woman, I want to be beautiful every day, be a refined woman, let everyone around me feel my beauty! For details, search the WeChat public number. I am a super beauty or copy the micro signal meinv92k to scan the QR code below to join quickly!

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