The No. 727 chapter confrontation and robbery period

    "Mu feather friend, you now hurriedly take me out, as long as see the sea Demon king Lord's body, he will feel my body blood, then I have the way to wake him." ”Said the eldest deer, eagerly.

    Mu Yu nodded. At this time, the demon system of the town demon tower has not lifted the entire demon island, but he can be sure that the ghost domain and the ghost night should not leave the demon island. After all, Ghost Domain and Ghost Night know that you want to find the soul to rely on the wood feathers. Before you catch the wood feathers, the ghosts will not give up easily.

    He left the floor with the deer boss and returned to the 81st floor with Joe Snow. At the same time, Mu Yu also found the other people of the Yaozu, now the wrong leaves of the dragon leaves and the crocodile Wenmao, the remaining Yao people have been an accident, swallowed by the dead.

    The Yaozu originally had a river, and it was a hippopotamus. He did not enter the town demon tower, but guarded it outside to prevent sudden situations. However, at this moment, the demon island has been blood-washed, and it is estimated that it is also fierce.

    Mu Yu also found the remaining ghosts of the distracted period, and the town demon tower was smashed everywhere, because the exit of the town demon tower had already been destroyed, so he could not find the exit.

    Mu Yu did not hesitate to kill the fish that slipped through the net. There is no need to be merciful. At the beginning, there were eleven ghost gates entering the town demon tower. Four ghost gates were killed by Mu Yu. The rest of the ghost gates were already dead, and only the ghosts and ghosts left the town demon tower. Two people.

    There are now four ghosts on the demon island. Mu Yu summoned the remaining demon people. Although there are more people than the ghosts, they are not enough to be a ghost.

    Qiao Xue disagreed with Mu Yu to commit crimes. In this case, the town demon tower can protect their safety. However, after all, the stalemate is not a solution. He can only believe that the deer boss can subdue the ghost domain and drive the ghost domain out of the body of the Kraken King. This way, relying on the restored King of the Sea King to deal with the ghost night.

    Ghost domain and ghost night are waiting at the door of the town demon tower, they do not believe that Mu Yu will be so simple to die in the horror of death.

    Mu Yu took a deep breath and agreed with other people. He finally left the town demon tower and saw the ghost domain and others waiting for him.

    "Your life is very big, and it is still alive."

    Ghost domain sneer at Muyu, who came out of the town demon tower alone. He still kills him. The appearance of Mu Yu brings him too many accidents and disrupts many of his plans. He has already been a fan of Mu Yu. It is hateful.

    "The fate of both of you is also very hard, and you haven't let the dead air swallow it."

    Mu Yu has some regrets, if he can control the dead air freely,

I have already solved these two people directly, and saved so many troubles.

    "So, are you voluntarily taking us to find the soul to return to the heart, or is it my own hands?"The ghost field is a high-profile one. In his eyes, Mu Yu can't turn a big wave, and it is impossible to escape in the hands of four of them.

    "One thing left before I went to find the soul to return to the heart."Mu Yu looked at the ghost field tightly.

    "Do you mean how to leave this demon island? Don't worry, we have a way to get out of here. ”Ghost domain said confidently.

    Mu Yu shook his head: "Not how to get out of here, but you should return the body to the original!"

    The sound of Mu Yu just fell, the deer boss has flashed out from behind his back, biting his finger, the blood is like a two thin lines in the air, and soon formed a complex Yaozu totem, and The totem that Mu Yu saw at the entrance of the Yaozu Road was exactly the same!

    This totem is a heptagon. The middle looks like a throne. The throne is like a coral reef. There are also many odd-shaped figures. In terms of the aesthetics of Xiaoshuai and Longteng, it is ugly graffiti.

    At this time, the body of the deer boss also lit up the white light. The blood vessels under his skin bulged out, and the blood flowed on it. It seemed to be boiling. The atmosphere of the deer boss suddenly became extremely majestic. It is like something that is supreme will be drilled out of his body.

    The ghost domain looked disdainfully at the look of the deer boss: "What? You also count on a demon who is only a fit period to defeat us…"

    However, his words have not finished, his face has changed dramatically, because his body began to tremble uncomfortably, and began to echo the blood of the deer boss.

    "Damn, ghost night, kill the demon!"

    The ghost domain screamed, and the body suddenly swelled with bloody ghosts and shrouded himself. He wanted to cut off his connection with the blood of the deer boss. However, the suppressed King of the Sea King was stimulated by his own blood and started. Revolt!

    "Mu Yu Xiaoyou, don't let them interrupt me!"

    Deer boss clenched his teeth and his face had a very painful look, but the bloodline totem in front was still shaking with strange light, to wake up the Siren King.

    Mu Yu’s face looked seriously at the ghost night, and there was no chance to hesitate. He must protect the deer boss from harm.

    He originally wanted to let the deer boss cast this technique in the town demon tower, but the town demon tower would isolate everything. Because the town demon tower was seriously damaged, this is even the case.

    "Everyone tries to delay the time, don't fight hard!"Mu Yu shouted.

    Qiao Xue and Long Ye and the crocodile Wen Mao both rushed out, and together with Mu Yu, greeted the ghost night.

    However, Ghost Night is the ghost doorman who was repaired during the robbery period. The breath on his body is still too strong for these four people. Ghost Night is just raising his hand. Everyone has already spit out a blood and flew out.

    At this time, the ghost leopard and the ghosts and sorrowful people also shot together, ready to kill the inconvenience.

    "You guys are dealing with ghosts and ghosts, and I am going to stop the ghosts and nights!"Mu Yu said.

    "But you–" Qiao Xue wants to help Mu Yu, but Mu Yu has gone far. At this time, the ghost chain that ghosts succumbs to her, she has to sneak away.

    "Deer boss, you are faster!"

    Mu Yu is now only a distracted period of cultivation, relying on the soul device of He Liankong to have the strength of the fit period, but in the face of the ghost night of the robbery period, he has no chance of winning.

    But the arrow has to be on the string, if he does not keep the deer boss, let the deer boss be interrupted, everything will fall short!

    Now the deer boss is at least relying on the secret technique of the Yaozu to drag the ghost domain, so that the ghost domain can not start to them, this is the best news so far.

    The fascinating world in the town demon tower was transferred to himself by Mu Yu, and he can only rely on this battle. Ghost Night saw that Mu Yu came to himself. He simply did not control Mu Yu, and he used his hands to cast a gloomy ghost and continued to move toward the deer boss!

    "Your opponent is me!"

    Mu Yu’s hands pointed to the shadows, and the formations spread around him, and the deer boss was covered in it in a blink of an eye. At the same time, the ghost claws of Ghost Night also fell to the deer boss. "It’s a glimpse of the horizon, and it’s going to catch the deer boss when you see it in the night, but it’s still a touch of it, you can’t touch it!

    "Awesome battle!"

    Ghost Night retracted his ghost claws, looked at Mu Yu with a cold eye, and his mouth showed a very ironic smile: "Do you want to stop me alone?"

    Mu Yu looked at the "Zhichitianya" of the array, this array was originally to withstand ghosts night Ming more than enough, but because at the beginning by the tower to prevent the expansion of Dengbal, was Dengbal swallowed many, at this time the power of the array has already been cut a lot of wood plume can not guarantee to withstand the ghost night Ming how many times of attack, So he can only use this array of deer in the boss body, himself facing the time of the Ghost Night Ming.

    "At least not to make your ghosts so easy!"Mu Yu a sword across the chest, pointing to the ghost night.

    "What qualification do you have to say this?"Ghost night voices just fell, suddenly appeared behind the wood feathers, the ghosts of the body rolled out, tyrannical spirits swept out.

    So fast!

    Although Mu Yu has already made preparations, the repair of the robbery period is far from his imagination. However, the town demon tower once again shines brightly, and the field of "the spirit is not immortal" is once again transferred to him.

    After the ghosts of the Ghost Night Mingdu robbery entered the field of “The Spiritless and Immortal”, it disappeared without a trace and disappeared.

    Mu Yu did not feel much happy in the field of “nothing and no fairy”, because this field has also been damaged a lot, no longer a complete field of art, and there is no way to suppress the absolute ability.

    "The power of the area of ​​the town demon tower?" It seems that everything in the town demon tower is really a ghost! ”

    Ghost night face is gloomy, only he and the ghost domain two people want to leave the town demon tower in order to avoid the devouring death, but every time a layer of exit will always have an accident, and they are like deliberate design, and finally Trapped in the field of "there is no fairy". If it is not that the pattern suddenly breaks, they can't escape!

    At this time, "there is no magic, no fairy" is shrouded in Mu Yu and Ghost Night Ming, using the power of the town demon tower to forcibly trap the ghost night. But Mu Yu feels very tricky, because Mu Yu borrows this field and he is also limited by this field.

    "It turns out that you don't have complete control over this field, and you can't completely suppress my cultivation."

    Ghost Night is close to Mu Yu step by step. The power of the field acts on him and Mu Yu. It can't make them become unrepaired, but they force both of them to force down a realm.

    Despite this, the cultivation of Ghost Night is still higher than that of Mu Yu, UU reading www. has the repair of the close-knit nine-day sky, and the wood feathers only have the repair period of the out-and-out period, and rely on the soul device of He Liankong to forcefully raise their breath to a distracting day.

    However, after the suppression of the ghost night, at least there is no horrible pressure of the robbery period.

    Xiaoshuai and Longteng both came out from Muyu and rushed out to help Joe Xue, because they would also be restricted by this field. They would leave here to help Qiao Xue to play the strongest force.

    "Is the distraction period to deal with the fit period?"There is not much panic in the ghost face, and it is fair to everyone in the rules of the field. He still has an advantage.

    Mu Yu did not say anything, the shadow sword flew out from the void pattern, he must find a way to drag the deer boss to completely wake up the Kraken King! I am a super beautiful woman, I want to be beautiful every day, be a refined woman, let everyone around me feel my beauty! For details, search the WeChat public number. I am a super beauty or copy the micro signal meinv92k to scan the QR code below to join quickly!

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