No. 728 chapter kills the meaning of awe-inspiring


    Mu Yu fell heavily and slammed into the enchantment of the field of "The Spirit is not immortal". The enchantment trembled and became more and more precarious. The corner of Mu Yu’s mouth overflowed with a trace of blood.

    There are still too many differences between the repairs, especially the wood feathers now dare not use the wood spirit, which leads to the wooden feathers can not restrain the ghost of the ghost night, which allows the ghost night to use their own ghosts unscrupulously.

    Just a fight, Mu Yu has been not hurt, but Mu Yu quickly stood up, the shadow sword whispered around him, ready to wait.

    Ghost Night Ming did not give Mu Yu a chance to breathe, and once again flashed to the side of Mu Yu, the ghost turned into a sharp ghost cone, and went to the various essentials of Mu Yu.

    Every ghost cone is covered with cuddly, these ghost cones are used to attack the soul. Once the soul is settled, I am afraid that the wood feather will not move.

    However, in the hands of Mu Yu, the lines fluttered out and accumulated in a white pattern on the chest. The white lines instantly formed a water pattern, like a mirror, and all the ghost cones were collected.

    But soon there was a crack in the water pattern. With a bang, the water pattern was broken directly, and all the ghost cones appeared again and went towards the wood feathers.

    However, at this time, the wood feathers had already flashed out, and the ghost cones were nailed into the ground, and a small hole was formed, which caused blackness.

    The tip of the wooden feather is light, and the shadow sword in the hand has already rushed out with a golden pattern. Nine split swords stabbed the ghost night from different angles. The "End of the World" array made the trajectory of the shadow sword become illusory, clearly separated by a distance, but it has already come to the front of the ghost night.

    "Humph! It is not enough for you to do this. ”

    Ghost Night Ming is not flustered for the sudden arrival of the Muyu Shadow Sword. The twins are pouring out of his body, blocking all the shadow swords, and Ghost Night has once again crossed the distance, and a palm hits the wooden feather chest. .


    Mu Yu fell back again!

    "The strength is still a lot worse."

    Mu Yu clenched his teeth, and the attack during the fit period was very difficult even if he was repaired and not resisted. Especially if Ghost Night was suppressed, he was still several times more powerful than a ghost.

    Mu Yu does not expect to be able to kill Ghost Night at this moment, he only needs to delay the time.

    Looking across the array,

At this time, the entire face of the deer boss has become flushed, and the screams of the ghost domain are still coming from time to time. Wood Yu is not sure whether the deer boss will succeed, but he must bet one. Put it!

    "It’s not a good time to distract when fighting!"Ghost Night Ming once again slammed into Mu Yu, and Mu Yu was once again bombarded in the enchantment of the field.

    "Ghost night, what are you doing! Hurry and kill the demon! ”The voice of the ghost domain anger came again.

    Ghost Night's body stopped in the air, and he snorted: "Kid, wait for you to clean up!"

    It is said that Ghost Night has already condensed a bloody red pistol, and the lance is filled with bloody smell, like the blood of thousands of people. The long gun is turned into a long rainbow, and the enchantment of the field of "there is no fairy" go with!


    The entire field of "there is no fairy" has trembled fiercely, and the power of the field has suddenly appeared a trace of disorder!


    The second shot stabbed, and a small crack appeared in the field!


    The third shot stabbed, the crack began to spread, and the entire field was about to collapse!

    "Oh, you must stop him!"

    Mu Yu struggled to stand up from the ground. This field of art has been broken, and now it is attacked by ghosts and nights, and it is almost reaching its limit. With the familiarity of Mu Yu in this field, he can be sure that the field is absolutely not the fifth of the night!


    The fourth shot has been stabbed again, and the enchantment of the field is already in jeopardy, but it is still suppressing their cultivation.

    "I said, your opponent is me!"

    Wood Yu coldly shouted, the shadow sword in his hand has changed a color, white blade, black sword pattern, a fierce suffocating tumbling from the wood feathers, covering the wood feather body.

    The feeling of cold once again swept through Mu Yu’s mind, and the smell of killing swam in his body. He felt as if he had become a god of killing and ruling the life of all things in the world. The kind of killing that overlooks all beings makes his blood begin to boil. stand up.

    The pike in the hands of Ghost Night has been stabbed again. However, this time the pike did not touch the enchantment, but was stopped by a white sword.

    "Kid, you are looking for…"Ghost Night turned his head impatiently, trying to kill Mu Yu directly, but he met the strange eyes of Mu Yu.

    He had a glimpse of his heart, and his eyes were so numb for years of murder!

    Mu Yu’s eyes are completely invisible to the eyes of a normal person. The two eyes are completely transformed into two black and white breaths. Each eye is like a black and white, and the opposite breath is spinning. The shape of the yin and yang fish.

    The smell of killing jumped on Mu Yu, as if the demon from the nine secluded hell, the whole body was contaminated with horrible blood!


    Mu Lingjian was able to easily repel the long guns of Ghost Night, and the white swords came from the pure air of the sword, and absorbed all the blood and ghosts on the pike!


    Ghost Night is incredibly looking at his bloody pike, which is like what is sucked out of the aura, lost the luster of the blood, a little force, has broken into several pieces, fell to the ground.


    The ghost night is frightened. This rifle is a cult of countless blood souls. It is warm and cultivated with the repair of his catastrophe. It has already reached an indestructible level, but it is just a strange thing by Mu Yu. When the sword touched it, it turned into a pile of scrap iron?

    "Kid, you dare to ruin my magic weapon!"

    Ghost night is resentful, but the killing smell on the wooden sword makes him feel scared. To be honest, he can have the cultivation of the robbery period, and the number of comprehensions he killed is no less than 10,000 people, but the killing atmosphere on his body is not so terrible. How many people killed the Mu Lingjian?

    "I not only ruin your magic weapon, but also kill you."Mu Yu slowly opened his mouth, his voice is like a thousand years of cold ice, each word contains a cold killing, Rao is a ghost night Ming who is infected with countless grievances also hear the heart.

    This is only the killing that can be possessed by the massacre of thousands of people, but Mu Yu is the apprentice of Jianfeng Dustwind. How could it kill so many people?

    Ghost Night does not know that Muling’s killing temperament comes from thousands of flesh-winged horns, and the flesh-winged horns are high in their own strength. They are also a ferocious and horrible creature. Their vitality is extremely tenacious and their vitality is implied. quite big.

    The vitality of a meat-winged horned horn is almost equal to the sum of the vitality of hundreds of comprehensions. When all the meat-winged horns are swallowed up by death and anger, and Muling devours the dead and angry, it is quite artificial. Countless kills!

    "Zhang mad! To die! ”

    The ghost night screamed, and the body once again swelled the ghost mist of the sky, and the ghosts were atomized as ghosts and claws, and they were caught by Mu Yu. This claw still has the power of the nine-day combination, if a mountain is easily smashed by him in front of him!

    The appearance of the wood feathers is cold, and the dead air is continuously transmitted from the Muling sword to the wood feather body. His cultivation is actually step by step, and his strength is getting heavier and heavier.

    As the ghosts of Ghost Night come to his eyes, he has two black and white breaths in his body, greet the ghosts!

    The incomparable ghost claws, after encountering the black and white breath, are like ice and snow melting, quickly withering and dissipating, as if they were directly steamed in the air, leaving no traces!

    Ghost Night has a big eyes. He never imagined that he was in a terrible blow. In front of Mu Yu, he was so unbearable. He couldn’t beat his wood feathers at the beginning. Why did he suddenly become so strong now? What happened to him?

    After the wood spirit sword absorbs the anger and the dead air, the breath attached to it is a nemesis of ghosts and evil spirits. The seemingly powerful ghost claws are not touching the spirit of Muling. It is inevitable that the law is in the form of being destroyed and being crushed!

    Mu Yu’s breath is still rising, and the dead air invades him, which can enhance his cultivation. He enjoys this process very much, and the spiritual power in the body seems to echo with the Muling Sword, and the circulation is getting faster and faster.

    Just a few breaths, the strength of Mu Yu has already reached a fit!

    "Life and death are controlled by me."The wooden feather statue is the death sentence of the ghost night, and each one hits the night of the ghost night, making the ghost night horrified.

    Ghost Night is no longer hesitant. He understands that he will continue to be trapped in this "spiritual and immortal" field. Sooner or later, he will become the soul of Mu Yu's sword. He immediately turns around and lifts his whole body and blasts to the field enchantment. On the crack!

    But just as he turned around, the wooden spirit sword was like a ghost, and it emerged from the illusion of the sky, and slashed down the arm of the ghost night!


    A broken arm wrapped in ghosts flew through the air, sprinkled with red blood, shocking!


    Ghost nights show the screams of heartbreaking, UU reading www.uukanshu. If com just cuts off one arm, it will not make him feel so painful. He can't help the pain because he feels that his arm is also cut off!

    That's right! It is the wound of the soul!

    As a ghost doorman who has been dealing with the soul all the year round, Ghost Night Ming is no longer familiar with the trauma of all these souls. This sword goes down, not only cuts off his physical arm, but also cuts off his soul arm!

    The broken arm of the soul means that his hand is completely abolished. In the future, even if you use the intermittent grass to transplant someone else's arm, it is impossible to recover as ever!


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