Chapter 729 Yin Yang Jianqi

    "How come you have such a vicious sword?"/p>

    Ghost Night Ming Fundus has been exposed the look of panic, he open a time to repair the real people are suppressed to fit bougainvillea days also forget, unexpectedly still dozen but a fit a heavy day person! /p>

    "Smuggling swordsmanship? How can you say such a thing? ”Mu Yu Lengran Road. /p>

    Ghosts kill people and smash souls, so that the soul can never be born, countless techniques are also aimed at the attack of the soul, so the law is not allowed to say that other people's swordsmanship is poisonous? /p>

    "With less than a ghost, there will be less harm in the world!"/p>

    Mu Yu’s consciousness is very clear, dead, and he can control and remember all the things. The only difference is that his emotions will be suppressed, his mood will become unpredictable, and he will only be born in his mind. And die! /p>

    The pain in the soul makes the ghost night face pale, and he forcibly suppresses his pain. This is a very difficult thing. The pain of the soul is a life-threatening death. Now that he is being suppressed, his mind is thinking that he must leave the field! /p>

    "You don't want to be too arrogant!"/p>

    Ghost Night Ming, although he broke his arm, but he raised another hand and smashed into the crack in the field enchantment. As long as he escaped from the broken "unscientific and immortal" field, he was able to resume his cultivation. Even if it is hit hard, it is enough to kill Mu Yu! /p>

    At this time, Mu Lingjian once again slashed down his only remaining arm! /p>

    This time, he has already prepared for the response, his arm is retracted in the air, and he escaped the crisis of breaking the arm again. The spiritual power has gathered on his feet and turned to the broken part of the field enchantment! /p>

    The enchantment once again burst into a shocking tremor, and the whole enchantment moved in the mountains. The atmosphere of the outside world had already come in from the cracks and spread out quickly, and the terrible suppression has gradually Disappeared, the repair of the robbery period returned to Ghost Night. /p>

    "Give me broken!"/p>

    The ghost night shouted loudly, and the whole broken and broken field was instantly broken into powder, and it was taken out of the trap, but his waist was swept by the wooden sword at the last moment, and the deep bone scar appeared on the ghost night body. . /p>

    These wounds are secondary, mainly because the wounds in the soul make the ghosts and nights feel the whole body can not stop shaking. /p>

    Only he has hurt the soul of others.

This time he finally experienced a pain called the soul. /p>

    "Kid, break my arm, this time I want you to die!"/p>

    Ghost Night Ming’s horrific pressure in the robbery period once again invaded Mu Yu, and broke away from the field of “nothing and no fairy”. Ghost night was relieved as a new life, even if he broke his arm, he could The repair of the robbery period is a slap in the face of pinching the wood feathers. /p>

    But when he put his gaze on the wooden feathers, it was the pupil's slight shrinkage, because the repair of the wooden feathers actually climbed to the nine-fold peak of the fit! /p>

    The disappearance of the field of "The Spiritless and Immortal" allowed the ghost night to return to the robbery period, but also let the strength of Mu Yu reach the fit period! /p>

    Originally relying on He Liankong’s Horcrux, he was able to lift his cultivation to the fit period. After controlling the killing power, Mu Yu’s cultivation climbed to the Jiuzhong Peak, and he was able to reach the robbery in one step. period! /p>

    While watching his breath is only in the nine-day combination, but the suffocating body is far from the usual fit nine heavens can compare! /p>

    At this moment, the ghosts and nights of the soul have been incomplete, and there is an unbearable pain. The wounds in his arms and waist are not only bloody. The strange breath of Mulingjian is specifically aimed at the ghosts of ghosts and nights, and the killing spirit invades the ghosts. In the night, let the whole person fall like a hail, and the ghosts in the body can't even move freely! /p>

    Mu Lingjian swayed from the void and was re-held in the hands of the wooden feathers. His brows were tightly locked, and the killings were swaying in his body, all over his body and every inch of the veins, so that he deeply liked it. This power. /p>

    Muling’s murder is very heavy, and Mu Yu’s killing is also very heavy. /p>

    "I kill people, don't mind more than you!"/p>

    Mu Yu opened coldly, and the sword front crossed again. The black and white swords rushed out, chasing and chasing in the air, killing the ghost night. /p>

    Ghost Night is so horrified that the two swords that Mu Yu has come out have already threatened themselves! This has never been possible in the past. Since he entered the robbery period, there is no comprehension of the fit period to enter his eyes, but now he actually smells the breath of death! /p>

    "Bastard, don't be a kid!"/p>

    Ghost Night's practice has been restrained too much, but he is a long-time master of the robbery period, his strength can not be underestimated, plus the degree of catastrophe and reaction ability are quite strong, has already made a counterattack ! /p>

    Ghosts and sorrows spread out and turned into a ghostly fog, and at this time a blood-red bead floated out of the ghost fog. This one of the beads is like an independent world. When you look closely at the bones, the blood flows into the river, as if it were a Shura world. /p>

    Bloody beads, sacred in the deep yin, is a very horrible kind of ghost, and the person who is contaminated by it will turn into a pool of blood, and the soul will be the bead. Inhale in! /p>

    When the blood came out, the whole sky became suppressed, and the sea breeze blew, mixed with the gloomy coolness. The dark clouds in the air began to gather, and soon a dark blue gimmick was formed. The mouth of the hoe was swallowed up with a black sneaky scorpion, a few hundred meters tall, and the sneaky screaming suddenly slammed toward Muyu. past! /p>

    Wherever the sneaky scorpion is, the wind is roaring, the ghosts are bursting, and there seems to be a dark crack in the air. It is the afterimage of the air that is squeezed to the extreme. /p>

    The sneaky screaming in a flash, opened the mouth of the blood, the mouth is like a dark cave, it seems that everything on the island can not escape the mouth! /p>

    On the demon island, except for the ghost domain and the deer boss, everyone has stopped. The black ghosts used by Ghost Night Ming cover the sky, and the horrible power sweeps everyone, even the ghosts and ghosts. People have also retired far away, and dare not be affected by this huge ghost! /p>

    At this time, only the thin and straight figure was left in the air, holding a black and white intertwined sword in his hand, and facing the sneaky one alone. /p>

    The yin blew the wooden feathers, and the whole man became very fierce. It was like a singular sword. The figure suddenly appeared so tall in front of the sneaky scorpio, and the heavens and the earth seemed to turn around him. /p>

    All the yin winds are no longer boasting, but around him, the surrounding leaves do not know where the countless green leaves are floating, full of vitality, but hidden endless murder! /p>

    Mu Yu moved, the sword in his hand crossed in the air, suddenly divided into nine, nine swords in the air began to evolve the nine swords of the Tianjian nine cited. /p>

    The nine swords were exquisite and overbearing. Each sword was full of swords, and the swords were scattered in the air, forming a black and white primordial yin and yang, and then chasing in front of him. /p>

    At that moment, the nine swords finally returned to one style, and then suddenly stabbed. /p>

    A sword into the wood plume in front of the yin and Yang Qi, yin and yang Qi suddenly chasing the degree of more and more quickly, the formation of a black-and-white vortex, the vortex in turn to the limit, suddenly dispersed, turned into a black and white sword, black sword with white 剑锋, white sword with black 剑锋, mutual entanglement and separation. /p>

    Hovering, but with a terrible horrible sword and murderous, directly greeted the 100-meter-long sly sly in the sky! /p>

    The entire demon island is shaking like a big earthquake. Yin and Yang Jianqi instantly tears away the 100-meter-long sneaky scorpion. The sneaky sneaky scorpion seems so vulnerable before the yin and yang two swords, and the blood scorpion is also invaded by two distinct swords. The ground blasted and turned into a crunch of the sky! /p>

    Both the yin and the yang and the swords were unrelenting, and they continued to tremble with each other and screamed at the ghost night. Ghost Night did not react at all at this moment. After he saw the yin and yang, he became the last person to stay in the world. scene. /p>

    A two-finger wound appeared on the forehead of Ghost Night. The wound did not have any blood flowing out, but it was filled with black and white yin and yang. The sword gas did not rush out from his back, but fell into his. In the body. /p>

    Ghost Night did not make any screams, he could not move the whole person, and the whole body suddenly turned into a black and white, constantly changing, and finally it was broken down, and the whole body turned into a sky. The powder was swallowed up by a black and white sword, and even the soul did not escape! /p>

    The two yin and yang swords rushed into the sky, shattering the dark clouds gathered over the demon island, the sun re-sprinkled on the demon island, and the swordsmanship hovered back to the wood spirit sword. /p>

    The killing spirit on the wooden sword once again strengthened a point! /p>

    "Ghosts are dead and dead?"/p>

    The ghost leopard who had retired from the throat swallowed and looked at it incredulously! /p>

    That is the ghost of the robbery period. It is one of the few masters of the catastrophe. The ordinary majesty is not provocative. Even in the realm of cultivation, it has a fierce name, but it is usually awe. The ghostly admirer is so dead? /p>

    Ghosts are also shocking, even if he combines the bloody konjac, it is far from the opponent of Ghost Night. At best, it will not die within seven days, but who can think that the wood feather that is lower than him can kill Dead night? /p>

    The horrible killing of the cockroaches even makes the ghosts reluctant, and he knows that he can't resist! /p>

    The only remaining two Yao people were shocked. They looked at each other and thought that today they would fall into a hard battle. However, they did not want to be repaired as a ghost that only killed the dragon. Doorman! If you don't see it with your own eyes, even if you kill them, you don't believe it! /p>

    "Is this the power of killing?"/p>

    Mu Yu has once again made a killing. He wants to continue to make an endless killing for Mu Lingjian to strengthen himself. Only then can he become stronger and can do what he wants! /p>

    The power of killing made him obsessed. He put his gaze on the demon and ghosts in the distance, and once again clenched the wood spirit in his hand, to use the ghost door to create more killing! /p>

    This time, UU reads www. Uukanshu. Com Mu Yu can be sure that even the bloody konjac, it is impossible to continue to maintain the immortal body under anger and death! /p>

    But at this moment, a feeling of powerlessness suddenly came from him. The black and white spirit in his body seemed to have been drained. The spiritual power of the whole body meridians was no longer able to maintain his breath. /p>


    Then his consciousness began to become blurred, and his body could no longer encourage a little spiritual power to come out. The whole person also fell down. /p>

    Although the power of killing is powerful, but this power is far from being able to control the power of Mu Yu, his cultivation can not support this powerful force, and the spiritual power of the body has been squandered. /p>

    However, at this time, there was only one head of the ghost who did not know when it had appeared under the wood feather. The ghost atomized a bloody red axe, with a sharp whistling sound, slamming toward the chest of Mu Yu. past! /p>

    If you don't kill Mu Yu at this time, then you will end up suffering in the future! /p>


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