Chapter 73 Old Tree

When Mu Yu just landed and his body had not stabilized, he had already seen several other poorly-eyed Yumeng Mozus, and they were obviously hostile.

"Fir, why did you bring back a human? Human beings can't come here! โ€A Yumeng demon asked, he reached out his arm and pointed the rattan to the neck of Mu Yu.

"This human being will have our ability. He will also control the trees. I suspect that he is the secret weapon of human beings. It is specially used to deal with us, so I want the old tree chief to confirm it and kill him afterwards."Said the Yumeng Mou named Shan.

Mu Yu discovered that the appearance between the Yumeng Mozu and the Yumeng Mozu is also different, such as the skin color, the skin stripes, and the long leaves on the body. Bring him here to name the cedar, Mu Yu is not wrong, the leaves of this guy are the cedar leaves.

"what? Will he also control the trees? . โ€The Muyou Mozu is unbelievable.

"Yes, I was hiding in the trees just now, and he was hiding in the trees."Sugi said.

"Go and ask the old tree to come over."The old tree in the mouth of the Muyou Mozu seems to be in an unusual position.

Mu Yu is leaning on the ground, and he doesn't know what is going on around him, but he can be sure that it is very empty, there is no tree around, there is grass on the ground, but the grass seems to be protected by what power, Mu Yu wants Try to get in but not get in.

But what is wrong, the smell that Mu Yu smells is very close, his heart is jumping faster and faster, as if there is something calling him there. This is impossible. What will call him?

"Untie him."

An old-fashioned voice came slowly and slowly. This voice seems to have passed through thousands of years. It seems so ethereal, but it is so vicissitudes. It is a feeling of incomprehensibility, which makes people feel uneasy. .


The wood on Mu Yu disappeared. He sat up and twisted his arm and struggled for a long time. This is an empty grassland, surrounded by many similar Yumeng Mozu, each Yumeng Mozu's eyes are on Mu Yu, Mu Yu was so obsessed with so many Yumeng Mozu, he Already planning how to drive off, but there are too many Yumeng Mozu, I am afraid that opening is a very difficult thing.

An old Youmont demon clan standing in front of the wood plume, Mu Yu will think he is old because this is the Mongolian demon clan has long hanging Baimei, and strange white whiskers, unlike the other Mongol devils, whose leaves were yellow, and clothed in Bodhi leaves, unlike the other dark-robed, who only covered the lower body with leaves. The whole body is crumpled, but it looks so harmonious and does not give the wood feather any discomfort.

I am afraid this is the old tree in the mouth of other Yumeng Mozu.

"I heard that you will have the ability of our Muyou Mozu?"

The long eyes of the old tree are not like the other Yumun Mozu, but they have a green mist, but pure human eyes. The weather-beaten eyes seem to see through the worldโ€™s disturbances. It seems that the old tree lived for a long time. I am afraid it is very long.

"What's so strange, don't you say our human words?"Mu Yu tried to make his ability to control the woods sparse, as if it was a simple matter.

"You are wrong, this language is not unique to humans."The old tree looked at the wood feather. "You are not a personal class, no, you are a human being, but you have the smell of our Muyou Mozu."

This old guy is also inconsistent with the fir.

"What is the breath? The smell of trees? โ€

Mu Yu still sat on the ground and looked up at the old tree. He thinks that this old tree grower is not malicious to him compared with other Muyou Momo, and the sound of the old tree is very strange, so that Mu Yu can not produce a trace of resentment.

The old tree didn't talk, suddenly stretched out his arm, and a cane was drilled in his sleeve, wrapped around the wooden feather arm, and a strange power was passed from the old tree long rattan to the wooden feather.

"What are you doing?"Mu Yu pulled the rattan on his arm and couldn't understand what the old tree was doing.

The old tree looked a little surprised, and then nodded, then said: "I understand, it turned out to be the case."

"What do you unserstand?"The old tree long loosened the wood feathers and the rattan returned to the old tree.

"I understand why you have the power of our Muyou Mozu."The old tree grows a smile.

Mu Yuโ€™s heart stunned, and this has plagued him for so many years. The old tree manager just touched himself and knew the answer.

"why?"Mu Yu eagerly asked, although having this ability does not hurt him, but it will also cause trouble for him. He always thinks that he has anything to do with the Yumeng Mozu, and the performance of this old tree leader makes him I feel that I may be really related to the Yumeng Mozu.

"You come with me!"The old tree turned and walked away.

"Hey, this old man, Yumun Mozu, you said clearly, where do you want me to go? Can't we say it here? โ€

Mu Yu shouted in the back, but the old tree captain did not stop. The other Muyou Mozu looked at him with contempt. He felt that he didnโ€™t seem to be sitting well. He quickly stood up and trotting. Steps to go up.

"You are the uncle of Youmeng, you can make it clear, what do you understand?"Mu Yu catches up with the old tree and walks by the old tree, but a branch sticks out to pull him away.

"Do not rely on the old tree to be so close!"A wooden Yumeng Mozu warned.

"No problem, he won't hurt me."The old tree looked at Mu Yu with a smile.

"Who said that I won't, you will let me go."Mu Yu said to the wooden Yumeng Mozu who tied him.

The Muyou Mozu snorted, apparently not worried about Mu Yu, but he did not violate the old tree, and finally released the wood feather.

Mu Yu patted the crumpled clothes: "You make it clear that I am not a good person. Our self-cultivation is against you, the Yumeng Mozu, although respecting the old is my traditional virtue, but the premise On a human basis, donโ€™t be too self-righteous –"

The old tree smiled and said nothing. After walking for a long while, he stopped and looked at the front. Mu Yu looked down at him, in front of a lush linden tree. This linden tree does not know how many years have grown. The canopy covers the sky and the trunk is thick. It is feared that twenty people can't surround it. Mu Yu is the first to see such a huge tree. This bodhi tree exudes a quaint atmosphere, vicissitudes of life, its exuberant vitality is never felt by Mu Yu, a unique atmosphere in its body rhythm.

Yes! Yes!

Mu Yu finally understood where the familiar breath came from after entering the forest. The linden tree in front of him was the source of breath. The temperament of this Bodhi tree is so pure at the moment, it is not a spiritual power, but a kind of thing like a vitality. Mu Yu sees it as if he saw an old friend who has been away for many years, and his heartbeat even goes with that breath. The rhythm is moving.

But Mu Yu couldn't understand why he had a familiarity with a strange linden tree. He didn't remember that he had seen the tree.

"Mu Yu, are you familiar with Bodhi?"The old tree was held behind his back and asked timidly.

"How do you know my name? How do you know what I am familiar with? โ€Mu Yu's gaze did not remove the tree. He felt what this tree meant to him. After he came here, the feeling in his heart grew stronger and stronger, and the tree was calling him.

The old tree walked over and stroked the linden tree. The other Yumeng Mozus looked at the Bodhi tree in awe. The expression was solemn and there was no slack, as if the tree was their faith, so pious.

"Humans and the Yumeng Mozu have fought for thousands of years and cannot coexist peacefully. There is an old legend, can't you listen? โ€The old tree chief deliberately sold a pass.

"I don't listen to what you will say?"Mu Yu licked his mouth.

"It is said that there will be five people in this world, saying that they are people and not people, but the pattern of humans and Yumeng will change because of the emergence of these five people. These five people are human beings, can cultivate, but have the ability of the Yumeng Mozu, and their appearance will redefine humans and the Yumeng Mozu. โ€The old tree looked at the wood feathers.

Mu Yu has never heard of this legend, the old tree will not be an old flicker?

"What I care more about is, what is redefinition?"The old tree said.

Mu Yu swears: "What definition is not defined, swear! I want to be so powerful, will I be caught by you? โ€

"I didn't expect that you would accidentally hit here, maybe you have your own will." This legend can not be verified, is not really I do not know, but your appearance let me believe that three points. โ€The old tree licked the beard.

Only three points! Even he does not believe that this old guy is really an old fool!

"If one day humans fight with the Yumun Mozu, which side do you stand on?"The old tree asked.

This old guy is confused? Is this question still asking?

"I have the answer necessary? So obvious, I am human. Which side do you say I stand? โ€Mu Yu is more and more wanting to leave here. This Bodhi tree has been calling for himself to make himself pass, but how can Mu Yu pass? What if the Bodhi tree swallows itself and doesn't spit it out? Doesn't that be the nourishment of this tree?

"Humans will not allow you to exist. UU reads because the real world of comprehension knows this legend, but those who are a bit of a year are aware of it."The old tree is still smiling.

"Do you know this legend in the realm of comprehension? Everyone knows, how can I not know? โ€Mu Yu snorted.

"The realm of comprehension you are in is not really the realm of comprehension, so you don't know it is normal. You have never thought about why your current comprehension community has the highest strength of human beings only in the Golden Age period? Have you ever heard that this mountain is the real realm of comprehension? โ€The old tree is long.

When Mu Yu was a glimpse, he did know that there was a real world outside the Moyun Mountain Range. He not only knew, but also met a hoe from the outside of the mountain, where he looked for the dust of the sword. In addition, the young man in red is also from outside the mountains.

"The Golden Age is already very good."

Having said that, Mu Yu knows that the comprehensions above the Golden Age come here to make a rain. In the past, Mu Yu had never thought about the things above the Golden Age, until the emergence of young people in red, his horrible repairs made Mu Yu understand the horror above Jin Dan.

"The Golden Age is very common in the real world of comprehension. It is a master from the Yuan Ying period. There are also squats, distractions and fits on the Yuan Ying. These repairers are the middle beams of the outside world. Pillar."

The old tree was so surprised that Mu Yu was surprised. Although Mu Yu had been able to accept Yuan Ying on Jin Dan, he even had the kind of existence that he had hoped until before his master, but these words were from the long mouth of the old tree. Saying it is another meaning. The old tree chief has been emphasizing the true comprehension, which makes Mu Yu feel puzzled.

"You don't know the desert mountain we are in. Is it actually a cage?"The old tree grows slowly to spit out these words.

"Cage?"Mu Yu frowned, what does this mean?

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