Chapter NO. 730 Rehabilitation


    Joe Snow screamed, the whole person had already flew up, blocked in front of Mu Yu, and hardly resisted the sorrowful blow. The water spirit rolled onto Mu Yu and touched the Mu Ling sword, but here At that time, the power of the killing also surged along the water spirit in the body of Qiao Xue! /p>

    The terrible power made Joe Snow's mind confuse, as if someone had stirred her body. In a moment, Joe Snow even had a strange blue light in his eyes, and his body suddenly emerged with endless killing. . /p>

    Unlike Muyu, Qiao Xue did not maintain his consciousness in this killing power. She was like losing herself. The whole person was like an iceberg beauty, standing in the air, so cold and inaccessible. /p>

    The power of this killing does not belong to Qiao Xue, so she can't save her waking in the power of this killing, just like the killing power that Mu Yu gave in the old tree captain could not keep his consciousness, Qiao Xue Also affected by the killing of Mu Yu. /p>

    "Icy ice!"/p>

    A cold drink, the air of the whole demon island is like a solidification at a certain moment, a little bit of water becomes an ice edge, the snow begins to wander, the air plummets, just like stepping into the winter from the sky, everyone feels The blood on your body is about to freeze! /p>

    Qiao Xue is full of blue light. With the power of the killing of Mu Yu, her cultivation is also rapidly rising, and countless ice crystals will immediately surround the ghosts. /p>

    Even if there are countless killings, the ghosts are threatened, and the soul of the blood emerges from him. The bombardment is on the ice crystals, tearing the ice crystals out of a mouth, and turning his head into a blood shadow. Rushing out, but his blood souls are no longer moving in the air, but they are frozen by the horrible low temperature! /p>

    Qiao Xue’s ice-filled thousand miles is too horrible. Ghosts have already taught him once, and he dare not pick up the second time! /p>

    However, the use of ice in the physical condition of Qiao Xue today will cause his body to be devastated by low temperature. Without the help of the main body of the water, the use of this ability is equivalent to hurting one thousand and hurting one hundred. The skin on her body has also begun to become ice crystals, and the whole person is gradually being eaten away by ice crystals! /p>

    These ice crystals have also been covered on the wooden feathers. The wood feathers have been hit hard, and the body's spiritual power can't flow. At this moment, it can't resist this terrible cold, and the body temperature is also falling rapidly. Life is at stake! /p>

    "Qiao Xue, you will make the wooden feathers more seriously hurt!"/p>

    Xiaoshuai has jumped over,

Its small hand ejected a thin blade like a flap, and made a thin light in the air, destroying all the ice crystals in front of it, then turning it into white light and jumping on the wooden feather. /p>

    "Don't stop me from killing!"/p>

    Qiao Xue said with no emotion, she raised her hand and smashed toward Xiaoshuai, and the cold current swirled like a knife. /p>

    This killing power belongs to Mu Yu, not Qiao Xue. After contacting this killing force, Qiao Xue will completely lose himself and cannot retain his consciousness. Her heart is only killing, there is no enemy and friends, even Xiao Shuai Never let go! /p>

    "This is not your killing power, hurry up and wake up!"/p>

    Xiaoshuai’s milk shouted with a scream of milk, and the fluffy big tail had been shaken up, and all the cold currents around him were dispelled. The sharp claws of the small claws rushed toward the water. The water was so low at the moment, but the little handsome Don't be afraid, one paw goes down, and the water spirit and the wood spirit that are tightly connected are separated! /p>

    The murderous gas suddenly disappeared like ice and snow, and was quickly absorbed into Muling, and Muling changed into a black and white flying sword. Shui Ling also regained its docile and dynamic appearance, gently floating in the air, but the breath between them still echoed, and seemed to be eager to combine again. /p>


    Qiao Xue suddenly sighed a sigh of relief. She looked at the water spirit with trepidation. The killing power that made her out of control gradually dissipated. The ice crystals in the air began to melt and disappear, and the temperature rose. /p>

    "What happened to you just now? what did I do? ”Qiao Xue’s chest was undulating, his face was panicked, and the image of the cold frost that had just been decisive was justified. /p>

    "Nothing, you accidentally touched the killing power of Mu Yu, it belongs to Mu Yu, you can't control it, it's not your business."Xiaoshuai grabbed Mu Yu’s clothes and took the wood feather out of the battlefield. /p>

    Qiao Xue followed, she was afraid after a while, although she lost consciousness, but at that moment her heart was filled with infinite killing, this feeling is still lingering in her mind. /p>

    What is the power of that? /p>

    Ghosts and ghosts and leopards dare not arbitrarily shoot again. Mu Yu suddenly killed the ghost night, this strange ability has gone far beyond their imagination, and the power of Qiao Xue is exactly the same as that of Mu Yu. Far from being able to compete with these two ghosts. /p>

    The deer boss is still competing with the ghost domain. At this time, the deer boss is like a blood man, and the blood even seeps out of the skin. But those blood did not soak his clothes, but flowed rapidly on his body, constantly blending into the totem in front of the deer boss. /p>

    The totem's light is getting stronger and stronger, and the ghost's roar is getting more and more urgent. He can't completely suppress the Siren King! /p>

    "What are you doing?" Hurry to stop them! ”/p>

    Ghost domain also noticed that Ghost Night was killed, he was too late to be shocked, because he himself was difficult to protect, the Siren King has been struggling to get out of control in his body, he was bound by the demon of the deer boss, only to Ghosts and ghosts and leopards shouted. /p>

    The ghosts and the ghosts and gobblers looked at each other. They had no choice but to rush to the scalp again and rushed toward Qiao Xue and others. They don't know the source of that power, and they are still very jealous of Joe Snow. /p>

    The dragon leaves and the crocodile Wenmao also greeted them, and they developed a powerful body, and they were killed together with two ghosts. /p>

    "Little handsome, you look after the wood feathers."/p>

    Joe Snow's toes are a little bit, and he has rejoined the battlefield. The fish and dragons are also circling in the air, fighting with two ghosts. Just missing the killing power, Qiao Xue will no longer threaten the ghosts and ghosts, and the ghosts are obviously aware of this, the offensive is getting more and more fierce, once again prevailed! /p>

    "Let me see, but also Ling Dan, Gu Yuan Dan, these are useless, how can the black and white spirit in the body be exhausted?"/p>

    Xiaoshuai looked at Mu Yu’s injury. Mu Yu’s spiritual power had already dried up. He had a steady black and white spirit, but he was drained, and Mu Yu’s cultivation has returned to the distracted nine heavens. /p>

    Mu Yu originally had a black and white spirit in the dantian chasing, and then flowed to his whole body, but at this time, Dantian’s black and white gas is like losing power, sloppily spinning slowly, unable to recover quickly. Spiritual power. /p>

    "Right, return to the original! Taling, Taling! ”Xiaoshuai tapped the body of Mu Yu. /p>

    A vaguely beautiful figure flew out of the wood feather body. She stayed in the air, but her eyes looked very confused: "Who are you?" Are you calling me? ”/p>

    After the town demon tower suffered continuous damage, her memory has become more and more blurred, even if she has seen Xiaoshuai. /p>

    "Who I am not important, the town demon tower has the power of the realm left by the mysterious son, can you use this power on Mu Yu?"Xiaoshuai said quickly. /p>

    "Will the law return to the original field? what is that? ”Taling even has forgotten this! /p>

    "How are you stupid than me! No, it’s wrong, I’m not stupid, why are you so stupid! He is your master now, you need to help him recover the missing spiritual power in the body! ”Xiaoshuai pointed at Mu Yu. /p>

    "The missing spiritual power, isn't that going to recover slowly?"Taling asked inexplicably. /p>

    "You have never forgotten this! He can't restore his spiritual power in this state, and the ability of Joe Snow to freeze his body has made his internal trauma more serious. You have to help him with his hand. ”Xiaoshuai eagerly urged the Tao. /p>

    "how should I do?"/p>

    "The law returns to the original! You are Taling, and you are sure to have some field skills in mysterious machine! ”/p>


    Taling stretched out the slender hand, and a white light appeared in his hand. The power of the field rolled out from her hand and was placed at Muyu Dantian. /p>

    Returning to the original, you can return everything to normal. There is only a small amount of power in the field that Taling has, but because the wood feather has become the owner of the town demon tower, this residual field power has played a role in Mu Yu. /p>

    The degree of black and white airflow in Muyu Dantian began to get faster. A black and white spirit finally got out of Dantian and walked in the body of Mu Yu. /p>

    Although this spiritual power is very small, but the weak breathing of Mu Yu gradually calmed down, and the meridians in his body began to be filled with black pen spirit. /p>

    Spirituality kept moving around in the wood feathers, wrapping every part of Muyu. Only after a battle with Ghost Night, his body was severely damaged. At this time, the black spiritual power constantly swallowed the place where his body was injured, and the white spiritual power gradually began to repair his damaged meridians. /p>

    Mu Yu’s body once again felt the pain of the ant pharyngeal body. Every time the black spiritual power swallowed him, he was sore. He was forced to endure in a coma, and his breath gradually recovered. /p>

    His true cultivation is actually only a distraction, and he has always relied on Hellian's soul device to reach the fit period, but the black and white spirit in the body constantly washes his meridians, black and white in Dantian. The gas is constantly expanding, and the entire Dantian has also undergone earth-shaking changes. /p>

    His dantian is no longer a pure place to accommodate spiritual power. UU reading turns into a black and white fog, just like the two pure breaths of primitive chaos. Tangle and entanglement, compete for each other, whoever does not obey, wants to suppress the other side. /p>

    Mu Yu's meridians are constantly expanding, and then he feels that his body suddenly resembles something, and a powerful and powerful force emerges from his body. /p>

    That is the strength of the fit period, he has already broken through to the fit period! /p>

    However, this force is still growing continuously, just like the tide that has been squeezed for a long time, and it will be unstoppable to release it. The whole person is like a butterfly, flying rapidly. The aura between heaven and earth also madly swept toward him. He was like a powerful whirlpool, sucking all the spiritual powers on the demon island. /p>

    The town demon tower had a strong wave of volatility and seemed to react because of the change in wood feathers. A little bit of Guanghua diffused from the town demon tower, and fell on the wooden feathers, not only the demon island, but also the aura in the sea thousands of miles away from the town demon tower, gathered together to the wood feather! /p>


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