Chapter 731 killing ghosts

    Everyone was attracted by the movement of Mu Yu, and the ghost changed his life to see Mu Yu’s moment. His face changed greatly. Mu Yu’s original skill was only to be able to compete with him by relying on the Horcrux. Break through to the fit period, then the Hormones of Helian will make him more like a duck!

    "You must die!"

    Ghosts are watching the wood feathers are still breaking through. He can no longer let Mu Yu continue to cultivate. Now the ghost night is dead, and the ghost domain is dragged by the demon boss's magic. If the wood feathers are completely recovered, then today I am afraid that the plan will end in failure!

    The strength of the ghosts is still higher than that of Qiao Xue and others. The bloody konjac makes him very scary. At this time, Qiao Xue does not have the blessing of the killing power. It is not the opponent of the ghosts, the ghosts and the ghosts. Heli forced the retreat of Qiao Xue, the crocodile Wenmao and the Dragon Leaf from the three people, and once again smashed down to Mu Yu!

    And Qiao Xue wants to stop it at this time and it is too late. The ghosts are too fast, and the ghost fog instantly covers the whole body of Mu Yu!

    Xiaoshuai shouted and rushed over, trying to resist the ghosts, but the ghosts squandered heavily, and the ghosts turned into a big hand and flew out the little handsome!

    "This time, I see who will save you!"

    Ghosts screamed at the sinister sneer, and the bloody axe appeared in the air.

    But one hand suddenly caught the bloody long axe of the ghost, so that the bloody ghost can not advance another point!

    "Ghosts are dying, and the accounts between us should be counted!"

    In the eyes of Mu Yu, there was a black and white light, and the smell of killing swept out again, shattering the rolling ghosts and rushing to the ghosts!

    The black and white intertwined wood spirit appeared in the air, and the strong murder had already locked the ghosts, this time, Mu Yu had to completely destroy the ghosts!

    Ghostly screams and screams, the ghost hand he condenses wants to block the breath of Mu Yu, but the breath is like a human being, hegemonically penetrates the ghost hand, sweeping the head of the ghost on!


    Ghosts and sorrows feel that their heads are like a mountain, the whole head is smashed, and the head is also uncontrollably flung out, slamming on the demon island, and the ground is pulled out a hundred meters wide. Deep pit!

    "How come you?"

    The ghost is horrified, and there is already a tremor in his voice.

The ghost night that thinks of the roaming period has been broken in the hands of Mu Yu, and now he even blends the bloody konjac is far from the opponent of Mu Yu!

    "Ghosts are dying, your life should be over!"

    In the hands of Mu Yu, he held the soul device of He Liankong, and the powerful soul force was continuously delivered to him. At the same time, the town demon tower shone with light from time to time, making his momentum more prosperous. The two black and white breaths are intertwined in the air, turning into two sharp swordsmanships, criss-crossing each other, and screaming at the ghosts!

    Ghosts eagerly rushed out of the big pit, and he instigated a lot of blood fog in front of him, trying to escape, but these blood fog disappeared in the moment of being hit by black and white swordsman, a little room for resistance. nothing!


    The black and white swordsman once again squatted on the head of the ghost's life, and the head of the ghost's life was actually a crack!

    The appearance of this rift has also destroyed the last confidence of the Ghost's life, to know the blood domain Demon Skull is the demon gate among the extremely vicious thing, it life only seven days, but the power is extremely formidable, itself is also impregnable existence, at that time the small handsome claws split the ghost to cherish life's skull, but let the ghost cherish life to merge together, Not even the scars left.

    This time, the cracks in the head of the ghost's life can't heal!

    "There is never an absolute defense in the world!"

    Wood feathers screamed coldly, and the black and white swordsman once again squatted on the head of the ghosts, and the ghosts succumbed to this time, there was no room for rescuing, and there was another crack on the skull!

    There is a vague black sword and a white sword in the cracks, which constantly invade the whole bone and prevent the healing of the bloody konjac.

    "How can you invade my mind? impossible! impossible! Bloody konjac is invincible! ”

    Ghosts screamed wildly, and the ghost hand wanted to force the two black and white swords to be forced out, but the two swordsmen had been hidden in his mind, rambling and shattering the brain and blood inside.

    Ghosts mourn painfully, and screams of heartbreaking, he feels that the whole head is about to explode, and the pain that is not as good as death also appears on his head.


    Ghostly life after the fusion of the bloody konjac, the entire head has only bloody blood vessels, no complete skin. At this time, two black and white swordsmen invaded into his mind, and the black and white swords kept coming out of the blood vessels on his head.

    "I can not be reconciled! what–"

    Ghostly screamed the last scream, and his eyes suddenly revealed two black and white swords. Not only that, but the seven scorpions had already had a strong sword and poured out, with a bloody brain, like a fountain blaze. Even his mouth was filled with swords, and no sound could come.

    His black and white swords swept across the face of Ghost Desire, and took away all his flesh and blood. His soul contained in the bloody konjac was also smashed by black and white swords. After a while, the entire skull has completely changed. It became a cracked black skull!

    After all, the ghosts are still dead in the sword of Mu Yu, the bloody konjac has incomparable powerful defense ability, but the killing power in the hands of Mu Yu is killing, and invades the head of the ghost, and squanders the life. destroy!

    Lost the ghosts, the host's bloody konjac rolled to the ground and became plain. It was like a black skull. There was no flesh and blood, and there were shocking cracks on it. It could be blown into a pile of bone at any time. Chips.

    The power of killing is still swaying in the air, all over the wood feathers. Mu Yu glanced coldly at the ghost leopard, let the ghost leopard fall like a hail, even the ghosts and the ghosts and nights are dead, the ghost leopard is even more likely to be the opponent of Mu Yu!

    "You should also go with the ghost night and the ghosts!"

    The sound of Mu Yu is like the singer of the nine secluded Huang Quan, who pronounced the death of the ghost leopard. Ghost Leopard did not hesitate to turn around and fled outside the demon island, but when the ghost leopard fled to the beach, he was shocked to think that he could not leave this demon island!

    Although the town demon tower has been damaged, but the powerful force of imprisonment is still spread throughout the entire demon island, the ghost leopard does not have the ghost domain of the blood domain magic soul that is not restricted by the field ability, he can not go out!

    At this time, Mu Yu's black and white swordsmanship came like a god of death, pouring directly into the ghost leopard body from the top of the ghost leopard, destroying his vitality in an instant, and the soul wants to escape is too late!


    The body of the ghost leopard fell straight down. At the moment of falling to the ground, it has been torn apart like a clay figurine. All the spiritual power in his body has disappeared, just like being sucked up by what is hard.

    The sea breeze twitched slightly, blowing the body of the ghost leopard into a pile of powder and turning it into loess.

    But the killing has not stopped!

    Mu Yu’s heart is extremely calm. He has his own consciousness and understands what he is doing. However, his inner desire for killing still has not subsided. At this moment, he seems to have no friends and friends at all, only killing!

    He turned his eyes to Qiao Xue and others!

    He knows that Qiao Xue and himself are together, and they are forced to restrain the urge to kill Qiao Xue, and instead focus on Long Ye and the crocodile Wen Mao. Long Ye and the crocodile Wen Mao once helped Long Xingyi to always frame him. He did not intend to let them go this time!

    The black and white swords are intertwined in the air, and they have already fallen from the dragon leaves and the crocodile Wenmao!

    The dragon leaves and the crocodile Wenmao have changed their faces, and they are almost scared. The wood feathers with the power of killing seem to be a god of killing. They are so powerful that they can’t afford any survival. Waiting to die!

    But Xiaoshuai has jumped back at this time. It knows that Mu Yu is caught in that force. Even if he does not lose consciousness, it leads to the whole person becoming very killing. The longer he is trapped in this force, the wood Feather is not so good!

    "Mu Yu, retired that power! You can hear what I am talking about! You can't be killed by the power of killing now, or you will become unaffected in the future. Have you forgotten to resurrect the dead wood? ”

    Xiaoshuai’s milk shouted with a scream of milk. At the same time, the shadow sword did not know where to fly from, and the two black and white swordsmanship in the air met in an instant!

    "The dead wood old man…"

    Mu Yu’s heart was touched. He remembered all the things very clearly. The emotions of the dead woods are also vivid, and they remember what the power of killing represents.

    Crack the nine-day magic circle, and merge with the sentence man, lead the whole wood Yumeng Mozu!

    However, he still can't choose to accept the power of this killing!

    The nine-day magic array in the wood feathers seems to be flashing faintly, transforming into some uncontrollable state. The nine-day magic array was originally engraved in his soul, and Mu Yu never noticed the existence of the formation.

    However, the suffocating suffocation made him feel the existence of the nine-day magic array, and the pattern of the nine-day magic array began to tremble, and those lines seemed to be annihilated…

    "Little handsome, seal this power."

    Mu Yu’s voice is calm and he knows what he is going to do.

    The shadow sword has swallowed the two white awns and fell into the hands of Mu Yu. Mu Ling gradually left the hand of Mu Yu and floated in the air.

    The shadow sword trembled, and a gentle breath instantly separated the cold killing power from Mu Yu.

    "The power of killing is terrible."

    Mu Yu finally recovered his emotions. Although the power of killing was strong, it also suppressed all his emotions. If people don't have emotions, there is only killing, which is undoubtedly a tool!

    He shook his head gently, even though he now has a fit period, there is still an indelible suffocation in his body. Muling is like a pulse, and Mu Yu can still feel the wood. The murderous spirit of the spirit.

    "You are still too reluctant to use this power now. UU reading ”

    Xiaoshuai re-blocked Muling into the shadow sword and isolated the connection with the wood feather. Only then can the wood feather be affected by the killing of Muling.

    When using the power of killing, Mu Yu actually enjoys the thrill of killing, but Mu Yu must force himself to hate it, because he knows very well that once he fully accepts this power, he is no longer himself.

    "Is there anything wrong with the nine-day magic array in your body?"Xiaoshuai asked hesitantly.

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