NO. 732 chapter of the sea Demon King was born

    Mu Yu shook his head: "Now has not broken that balance, but use several times, I am afraid the power of killing will be the balance of the five elements of my body to break." ”/p>

    Breaking the balance of the five elements is what Mu Yu has been trying to do over the past few years, but now that he realizes the horror of the killing power, he is not in a hurry, because the killing will suppress his emotions. He is worried that he will be lost in the killing. I forgot the original intention of resurrecting the dead wood. /p>

    Qiao Xue has already fallen to the side of Mu Yu, and asked with concern: "Wu Yu, are you okay?"/p>

    "I'm fine, it's you, when I was in a coma, you seem to be accidentally affected by my killing power."Mu Yu remembers this thing is not very clear, but when Mu Ling and Shui Ling are in contact, they will make them feel connected, and therefore Mu Yu vaguely knows the situation. /p>

    Joe Snow nodded and looked tangled: "I don't like that power."/p>

    That force is really terrible, and Qiao Xue is still thinking about it. /p>

    Mu Yu nodded: "In the future, Shui Ling and Mu Ling can no longer be in contact with each other. My killing power can only stay awake when I use it. You can't stay awake when using my killing power. You may need this power in the future, which means…"

    Qiao Xue nodded. "I know, that means I have to get this power, isn't it?"/p>

    Mu Yu silently said that before coming to the demon island, the old tree chief had already asked him to explain the situation. If he wanted to lead the Yumeng Mozu, he must first be recognized by the Yumeng Mozu. The most important thing is to get the belonging. Their own killing power. /p>

    Now Mu Yu has got his own killing power by swallowing countless flesh-winged horns, but Qiao Xue has not yet. If the Miyue Miyagno and the Terran fight in the future, the five of them will decide the war. Going. /p>

    "It doesn't have to be too frustrating, the boat is naturally straight to the bridge!"Xiaoshuai said at the side of his carelessness. /p>

    "I still have to find a way to help the deer boss!"/p>

    Mu Yu said that he focused his attention on the deer boss who is still bound by the ghost domain. The deer boss has tortured him very weakly. He seems to be helping the Kraken King with his own life. /p>

    "How can we help him?"Qiao Xue asked eagerly. /p>

    Mu Yu observed the situation of the deer boss.

At this time, the deer's boss was protected by the array of "small worlds", but in fact it was also necessary, because at this time, in addition to the ghost domain, the remaining ghosts have been killed by Mu Yu. /p>

    "Without our help, the King of the Seas seems to be breaking out."Mu Yu said with surprise. /p>

    At this moment, the ghost domain suddenly screamed again, it seems that there is no way to suppress the rebellion of the body of the sea monster, the whole black mist blasted open, revealing the body of the ghost domain. /p>

    After the blood of the deer boss passed the totem, the dazzling blood gradually awakened the Siren King. /p>

    After all, the Siren King was once a character who was shouldered by the real person of the mysterious machine. Even if the ghost domain relied on the twin control of the bloody konjac and the bloody demon soul, there was a counterattack. The technique of the deer boss is the professor of the white demon king. The secret technique between the demon kings is still much stronger than the ghost door. /p>

    Ghost domain angered, the flesh of the body had cracked, and the ghost fog was stripped out, and the figure gradually dried up, revealing the skeleton of the Siren King. /p>

    "Oh my body, your ghosts are really a black sheep."The sound of the Siren King echoed over the demon island, letting Mu Yu and others breathe a sigh of relief. /p>

    Ghost domain still does not give up, still desperately fighting for control of the body, but the Kraken King has taken control of the initiative, he has a powerful demon power, all the ghosts are scattered! /p>


    The soul of the ghost domain has already smashed out of the body of the Kraken King, and fell on the sky above the demon island. He looked cold and glared at the king of the sea monster. /p>

    "The Kraken King, I didn't expect you to still have a hand!"The voice of the ghost domain is extremely resentful. He has made such a long-term plan, and even at the last minute, there have been mistakes. All the things are already in the bamboo basket. /p>

    "Are you still not swearing now?"/p>

    The skeleton of the Siren King slowly walked toward the deer boss. Every time he took a step, the entire demon island would tremble, as if to welcome their return to the king, the atmosphere above the demon island began to move more and more. /p>

    "What are you doing?" Do you think this will win? ”/p>

    Ghost domain sneered, suddenly reached out and grabbed, the bloody konjac on the ground that had been cracked all over the ground was caught by him. Although the ghosts have no longer attached to the bloody konjac, but the power of the bloody konjac It seems that it has not dissipated! /p>

    The soul of the ghost domain is black, full of strange and sultry temperament. After the bloody konjac touches the ghost domain, it suddenly emits a dark light again. The ghost domain merges with the bloody konjac. Together! /p>

    Different from the ghosts, after the ghost domain and the bloody konjac merge, the momentum is even more terrifying than the ghosts. This is not only because the ghost domain itself has the strength of the robbery period, the most important thing is the ghost. The domain has become the host of the blood domain! /p>

    The combination of the bloody demon and the bloody konjac is far beyond the strength of the ghosts. At this time, the ghost domain still has only one head, but he smiles and has already risen to the sky. The field of the town demon tower can't trap him. He stretches his hand and suddenly a red figure flies away from the far side of the sea. It is another ghost door! /p>

    The ghosts and nights are not choosing to let everyone board the demon island, but leave some people outside to stand by, and guard those who would have intended to give the meat-winged horns a sacrifice. /p>

    This ghost gate was cultivated as a distraction period. When he was caught by the ghost domain, he looked a little confused and did not understand what happened. /p>

    "You are a ghost domain adult?"/p>

    After being caught by the ghost gatekeeper, after seeing the person who seized himself, it was not unexpected to think of the purpose of his trip. He glanced at the situation of the demon island below, and did not see other ghost gate companions, which made him somewhat surprised. /p>

    Ghost domain sneered: "It seems you have to make a sacrifice!"/p>

    The ghost field quickly reached the air, and the blood fog suddenly rolled out. /p>

    The ghost domain controls the bloody demon soul. After the bloody konjac is merged, the body has become very weird. The ghost gatekeeper who has been caught has not had time to ask what it means. The blood fog has gone from the ghost field. The child spread out and covered him all at once. /p>


    The ghost doorman made a scream, and then there was no sound again. His physical cultivation continued to climb, and his appearance changed and became the image of the ghost domain. /p>

    The cultivation of the ghost domain has reached the peak of the robbery period. His appearance has made the world change again and again. The ghosts are screaming, and countless grievances are screaming and screaming, watching the demon islands. people. /p>

    The skeleton of the Kraken King stopped at the side of the deer boss. The deer boss is very suffocating at this moment, but his face is quite respectful. He knows his mission. Only the blood in his body can make the Siren King reborn and defeat the ghost domain! /p>

    "The demon king, you can start to strip off the blood on my body."Deer boss said with a strong face. /p>

    The Siren King patted the shoulders of the deer boss and said with a dignified look: "It's hard for you."/p>

    "Don't die!"/p>

    The deer boss did not retreat. Even if he knew that his blood was drained, he would greet himself with death, but he was willing to pay his own life for the revitalization of the demon. /p>

    Mu Yu frowned and looked at everything without saying anything. /p>

    The blood has flowed far and wide from the wrists of the deer's boss. Like being summoned, it is like a dexterous blood line in the air, wrapping the bones of the whole body of the Kraken King. At this time, the snow of Qiao Xue is also running. The blood is integrated into the body of the Siren. /p>

    The blood of the Siren King began to flow regularly, gradually forming a strip of blood vessels, and the sea water wrapped around the blood vessels, like the skin, so that the entire skeleton of the Siren King gradually became full. /p>

    With the reshaping of the body of the Siren King, his breath has also increased and the higher, a majestic breath echoed over the entire demon island, gradually contending with the atmosphere of the ghost domain, and even more faintly over the ghost domain. /p>

    The deer boss has no face, his skin has dried up, and the whole person has become mad. However, his eyes showed a gratifying look and could become a victim of the resurrection of the Siren King. He did not regret it. /p>

    However, at this moment, a flash of light flashed off the connection between the Siren and the deer boss. /p>

    Mu Yu held the shadow sword and stood beside the deer boss. He frowned and said: "Being a person to stay in the line, this blood should be enough."/p>

    "Mu Yu Xiaoyou, this is my voluntary, please…"The deer boss was wilting but eager to say. /p>

    "The killing of today is enough."/p>

    Mu Yu calmly looked at the King of the Sea King, which turned the sea into skin. He didn't like the style of the Yaozu or the style of the ghost. The way of sacrifice made him feel uncomfortable. The deer boss was a loyal person, and Mu Yu didn't want to look at him and died. /p>

    "Mu Yu Xiaoyou, it doesn't matter if I die, but only the demon king can absorb enough blood, he can recover…"The deer boss gently waved his wrist and wanted to pump out the little blood in his body. /p>

    "Hey, this uncle has not allowed you to die yet!"Longtan slaps his tail on the shoulder of Mu Yu and pats the face of the deer boss. /p>

    Deer boss is full of respectful face: "Dragon Dragon…"

    "This blood is really enough."/p>

    The Siren King has completely turned into a refined middle-aged man, and the sea is surrounded by him, forming a blue robes that cover his body. He looked at Mu Yu and wanted to see something from the wood feathers, but Mu Yu's eyes were clear and calm, without any waves. /p>

    “It’s hard for people like you to have someone like you.”The Siren King said with appreciation. /p>

    "I hope that I will not rescue a demon king who is evil."Mu Yu took back the shadow sword and re-sit down and began to adjust the interest rate. /p>

    The Siren King was silent for a long while, revealing a gentle smile: "Do not worry! I am a scholar. I teach my people to learn the knowledge of the sea at any time, so that they can live better. ”/p>

    Mu Yu’s heart moved, and the feeling that the Kraken King gave him was indeed like a Confucian student, a Confucian student with the image of the emperor. /p>

    When the Kraken King just got out of trouble from the battle against Zee, the UU read www.uukanshu. Com The Siren King is also very polite to speak. When the holy road was stopped by Haima Taotao, Haima Taotao also said that the King of the Seas requires each ethnic group to learn the knowledge of the sea. Only in this way can they survive better. . /p>

    The Siren King has subverted Mu Yu’s view of the demon king. He always thought that the demon king was as overbearing as the white pipa. Now it seems that the pre-emptive image of Bai Yu has misunderstood Mu Yu. /p>

    "However, if I kill the intruder, I will never be soft."/p>

    The sound of the King of the Siren is serious, and the white sea has already appeared in the hands of the sea. This magic weapon has been left by the Siren King when the ghost domain is separated. /p>

    His eyes sank, and a hegemonic atmosphere rose to the sky, causing the entire demon island to tremble fiercely. Then he disappeared into the place, stepping out, standing on the sky, and staring at the ghost field in the air. /p>

    The sea is already choppy, and it seems that the king who is welcoming them returns. /p>


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