Chapter 732

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    The atmosphere of the Siren King seems to be connected with the whole demon island. There is something in the demon island that is slightly rhythmic, and the ground is also full of blue brilliance into the body of the Kraken. &1t;/p>

    The field of the town demon tower seems to be shocked by some mysterious forces, becoming unstable and will soon be broken off. &1t;/p>

    "Mu Yu Xiaoyou, you have already controlled the town demon tower?"The Siren King turned and asked. &1t;/p>

    "Yes."Wood feathers return. &1t;/p>

    In the hands of the King of the Sea King, the sea of ​​thousands of feet flashes blue brilliance, pointing directly to the ghost domain: "So unlock the imprisonment of the demon island, otherwise it will destroy this magic weapon with my strength!"&1t;/p>

    Although the Siren King has been trapped by this magic weapon for thousands of years, but he did not think about destroying this magic weapon, just let the wooden feathers close up, this is to make Mu Yu feel surprised, it is reasonable to say that anyone is being picked up by one thing. After being trapped for thousands of years, the first thing after returning is necessarily to destroy this thing. &1t;/p>

    Mu Yu’s mind was moved, and the power of the town’s demon tower was very weak at this time, and there was no way to help. He took control of the field power of the town demon tower, just a thought, the prohibition of the town demon tower covering the demon island has been completely lifted, no longer suppressing the whole demon island. &1t;/p>

    "Now it's our turn to settle accounts, ghost domain!"&1t;/p>

    The king of the Siren is awe-inspiring, standing there and raising a hand to throw a foot in the king's style emerged. The entire demon island began to tremble, like a long beggar who suddenly woke up, and the ground began to appear some deep pits, bursting into the heart of the heart from the deep pit. &1t;/p>

    Oh! &1t;/p>

    Numerous sea water suddenly spurted out from the deep pits of the demon island, and every rock of the demon island began to flip, just as some things had to climb out of the ground, then the rocks kept rolling and rushed by the sea. In the air, eighty-one rocks are arranged in an orderly manner every few tens of meters in the air. &1t;/p>

    Each rock is connected by a thin sea of ​​water that looks bland and covered with coral reefs and seagrasses. Eighty-one huge rocks are like a cage, surrounded by ghost fields. . &1t;/p>

    "Is it hard to trap me with these few bad stones? It’s too naive! ”&1t;/p>

    Ghost domain cold drink,

The figure turned into a bloody shadow and rushed toward the cracks in the stone, trying to leave the encirclement of the eighty-one stones. However, the water lines formed by the seemingly fine waters actually emitted a blue barrier. The ghost domain has blocked it back! &1t;/p>


    The ghost domain is full of anger, the bloody demon and the bloody konjac are such evil things that even the real world of the mysterious machine can't work on them, but it will be like this seemingly bland 81 stones. Stuck! &1t;/p>

    "A thing that falls one thing, does this truth not understand?" This is my territory, not where you can scatter! ”&1t;/p>

    In the hands of the King of the Sea King, the sea of ​​thousands of feet came out of the air, and it suddenly became bigger in the air. Immediately after the demon island, waves of several hundred meters were set off, covering the sky, and each wave was rotating and turned into a stock. The water dragon roll is centered on the sea of ​​thousands of feet, and the waves are raging. &1t;/p>

    The ghost face has become gloomy, and these huge waves have caused him a huge threat. He understands that this trip is already difficult to get benefits. &1t;/p>

    "The soul is coming!"&1t;/p>

    Ghost domain has planned many things for today, but his plan has been destroyed step by step. For so, he still holds the last two cards: the bloody konjac and the bloody demon! &1t;/p>

    A huge scorpion emerges from the blood of the sky. This scorpion is more than 100 meters long. The bones above and below the body are not simply human forms, but are composed of the skeletons of various monsters. There are sharp bone spurs everywhere, and huge bone claws sway down the wind. &1t;/p>

    On the occasion of the advent of the hustle and bustle, the entire sky was covered with a haze of ghosts, and the darkness of the sky seemed to fall down. The blood souls were floating around the shackles, drilling and drilling from the various gaps. &1t;/p>

    "The King of the Seas, your body is mine!"&1t;/p>

    The ghost field roared, and the cockroaches in the air stretched out their fists, punched out, landslides, and the air had already appeared in the dark cracks, as if unable to withstand such a huge power. The waves are raging under the cover of the boxing wind, and the demon island is in jeopardy in the sea, and it is possible to be smashed by this punch at any time! &1t;/p>

    "I want my body, you are not enough!"&1t;/p>

    The Kraken King stands above the demon island, and the demon island radiates a powerful blue light, forming a shield and holding the demon island tightly. Obviously, the Kraken King does not want him and the ghost domain to fight. Go to the people on the demon island, otherwise they will try their best and everyone on the demon island will be in danger. &1t;/p>

    "My Lord is ups and downs!"&1t;/p>

    The power of the field instantly covers the ghost domain and acts on everyone. Everyone feels that their body is like losing weight. It is like a lonely boat that is lonely and helpless. It drifts in the surging waves and can't completely control the direction of its actions. &1t;/p>

    In this field, they can't even control their own bodies, how can they get involved with each other? &1t;/p>

    Mu Yu was surprised to feel the power of the surrounding area, as seen in the images left by the real people of Xuanjizi. The area of ​​the Siren King can make people's actions limited. In this field, everything seems to be resigned. , no autonomy. &1t;/p>

    The huge skeleton summoned by the ghost domain was shot in the air, and countless bone spurs turned into a dense cone when the fist smashed down, and entered the field of the Siren King. &1t;/p>

    However, the ghost domain is still miscalculated. The Kraken King’s field ability is far from his imagination. When the deer boss returned the blood to the Siren King, the Siren King has recovered most of its strength. This strength has been reached. The anti-day Mahayana period is still stronger than the ghost domain! &1t;/p>

    The soul skeleton is punched in the field of the Kraken King, like lying on the cotton, everything seems to be weak. Wherever the fist went, there were countless waves in the air. These splashing waves wrapped the skeleton of the soul. The sea water was like a rope that wrapped around the soul skeleton and removed all the strength. &1t;/p>

    The cones of the bone spurs are like encountering a huge transparent water curtain in the air. All the tapers become extremely slow, the waves roll, the cones are all scattered, and they are dragged into the sea to disappear! &1t;/p>


    The ghost domain screamed in anger and wanted to control the soul skeleton away from the area of ​​the Siren King. However, the anger of the King of the Sea King has long been mixed in the waves of the sky. &1t;/p>

    The waves of several hundred meters suddenly skyrocketed to several tens of thousands of meters, and they had the power to destroy the earth and destroy the earth. &1t;/p>

    For a moment, the sky is dark and the sky collapses. Just like the end of the world, it can destroy all things in the world. The seemingly huge skeleton of the soul looks so small in front of this horrible water curtain. It has lost its position and stood there, not knowing where to go. Escape, because the waves have covered all of its retreats! &1t;/p>

    boom! &1t;/p>

    boom! &1t;/p>

    boom! &1t;/p>

    The deafening sound sounded through the clouds, and the whole sea seemed to have experienced a doomsday catastrophe. All the sea water seemed to be rolled into the sky and then filled back into the sea again. Even the earth trembled fiercely. &1t;/p>

    Even if there is a mysterious blue brilliance on the demon island, the ground is also torn into two halves by this extremely shocking earthquake. From one end of the island to the other, the whole island is divided into two! &1t;/p>

    "A terrible power!"Mu Yu’s heart is shocking! &1t;/p>

    The King of the Kraken seems to have brought the whole seawater upside down, and then dumped it down. The power of the earth-shattering slams down, even if it is a kilometer of mountains, it will be broken into pieces, let alone the soul. Skeleton! &1t;/p>

    "The water control ability of the Master of the Kraken King is too strong!"&1t;/p>

    Qiao Xue was shocked! Although she can control the water, her water control ability is so weak in front of the Kraken King, and she can't control such magnificent waters with her current cultivation. &1t;/p>

    Ghost domain was also shocked by the huge waves of the Kraken King. He resisted this horrible seawater, but at this time he had a shocking crack in his body. Then he smashed it and he took it from his own body. The body that came is also gone, leaving only the hoe that has been destroyed! &1t;/p>

    "Never come to the idea of ​​my dynasty!"&1t;/p>

    The Siren King lightly screamed, and the water dragons suddenly extended a variety of tentacles. These tentacles were composed entirely of sea water, and they were rolled from different directions to the ghost domain. The ghosts spread powerful ghosts. Fog, want to resist the attack of these tentacles. &1t;/p>

    However, the tentacles are like no one, and they have penetrated the ghost fog, and all of them have penetrated into the head of the ghost domain! &1t;/p>

    "I, I am not willing!"&1t;/p>

    The ghost domain screamed in the sky, but the seawater had poured into the skull from the crack above his head, and then his eyeballs were washed out by the sea in the skull, and the seawater was transformed into a water column from the seven spurs. ! &1t;/p>

    boom! &1t;/p>

    After the ghost field left an unwilling scream in the air, his head blew directly, and countless souls exploded from his body. The souls were all souls that were collected by the ghost domain on the island. They lost. After the suppression of the ghost domain, it has already recovered consciousness at this moment! &1t;/p>

    "what happened?"&1t;/p>

    "It is the Kraken King!"&1t;/p>

    "The Kraken King is getting out of trouble?"&1t;/p>

    These souls are in the air and look at the Siren King above the waves. The souls of the Yao people have already cheered, and the souls of the Terrans are silently watching the King of the Seas. They have guarded the sea for more than 5,000 years. After all, the demon king still broke free from the seal. &1t;/p>

    "If you don't have a mysterious machine, don't come to hit my idea."&1t;/p>

    The Kraken King waved his hand and all the waves had returned to the sea. Eighty-one rocks also fell into the demon island, as if nothing had ever been born. All the vibrations just did not affect the living people on the demon island, but the demon island has been shaken in half. &1t;/p>

    The King of the Sea Kings clasped their hands together, and the waves of the sea rolled up again and violently. They slammed from both sides of the demon island. The whole demon island once again had a huge vibration, and then the separated demon island had been re-pulled by the sea. Gathered together. &1t;/p>

    "Long live the demon king!"&1t;/p>

    All the demon people, whether they are souls or living demon people, cheered loudly and cheered for their king. &1t;/p>

    Qiao Xue is also cheering, only Mu Yu silently looked at it all, UU reading and those silent human souls, no voice. &1t;/p>

    These souls, which have been trapped for more than 5,000 years, have been guarding this demon island for the mysterious real person, guarding against the birth of the Kraken king, but now it seems that the birth of the Kraken king is a foregone conclusion. &1t;/p>

    "We are free."&1t;/p>

    She Mengfei stood in the soul and looked so conspicuous. She floated to the side of Mu Yu and took a deep look at Mu Yu. &1t;/p>

    "Freedom comes at the cost of death."Xiaoshuai said seriously. &1t;/p>

    "Yes! Freedom comes at the cost of death. ”Mu Mengfei laughed and said nothing. &1t;/p>

    Mu Yu did not say anything, he was deeply bored with death. &1t;/p>


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