No. 738 Chapter West Chu Mad

(Girls' Literature) Mu Yu is now a period of rehabilitation. In eight months, he must upgrade his cultivation to a higher level.

The matter of the immortal list was originally created to fight against the Yumeng Mozu. This time, the reason for the Battle of the Great Immortal was eight months later, because the movement of the Yumeng Mozu was more in this year. The earth has been smashed, and countless conflicts have been carried out with the self-cultivators.

Now every city has stepped up its guards, beware of the fact that the Yumeng Mozu is once again mixed into the city, causing unpredictable consequences. The self-cultivator walks alone outside. If you encounter the Yumeng Mozu, you need to find someone to destroy the Yumeng Mozu immediately.

These news alone are not enough, but Mu Yu has at least a preliminary understanding of the current form of comprehension. The Yumeng Mozu did not attack aggressively, indicating that they have not yet found a leader.

"Qiao Xue, where did your water spirit get from?"Mu Yu has never asked Qiao Xue this question. Now I think I got it after I contacted the old tree chief. Doesn't this mean that Qiao Xue has also been exposed to water?

"My grandfather gave it to me. I didn't ask much where I came from, but Shui Ling is a very useful thing."Qiao Xue shrugged his shoulder and said.

"It goes without saying that it must have been grabbed from the water!"Mu Yu said helplessly.

With the strength of the Qinglong demon king, it is more than enough to find the water and the sacred objects of the people. At that time, the water was so beautiful that there was no head, and there was no way to resist the Qinglong demon king.

Qiao Xue smiled and did not refute anything.

β€œDo you feel that there is something missing in the water?”

When Mu Yu was getting Mu Ling, Mu Ling was riddled with a lot of aura. The old tree chief told him that only killing can make up for the above holes, and only killing can fully exert the ability of Muling. .

Now Mu Yu got the power of killing and repaired Mu Ling, but it also made him very resistant.

"There is really something missing, but I can't figure out what it is, and I haven't gone too far."Qiao Xue replied truthfully.

"Like Muling, it has become incomplete because it has been stripped of the power of killing."Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

Qiao Xue was silent for a moment and said softly: "I have never killed anyone since I was a child, only killing some untamed monsters. I don't like to kill. ”

In the Yaozu, Qiao Xue's status is very high, the Yao people are very good to her, do not need to kill. And she did not touch the comprehension, so she has never really killed anyone.

Mu Yu took Qiao Xue’s hand and said, β€œDo not worry! Give me murder and water, you don't need to do it. ”

Just like when Mu Yu did not kill the meat-winged horns, the people of the Moon still died in his anger and were absorbed by Mu Ling. Shui Ling also needs the power of killing, and only then will it not be tempted by water.

Joe nodded, and the two of them were preparing to leave the inn, but this time the inn suddenly quiet down, two people stepped in from the doorway, these two people one old one less, the younger of the person that looks only more than 20 years old, but fix but reached the fitness period, and the old one Shing, looks like seventy or eighty years old, Bowing humbly around the young man, the only way out is to look like a servant to a young man.

After the old one entered the inn, the whole inn was quiet, and then the whisper began to sound.

"I really said that Cao Cao Cao Cao arrived. Isn't this the 46th-ranked Chu Mania?"

"The one next to him is his master Xi Xiandao?"

"Although the talent is good, unfortunately forget this! I heard that the Western Immortals were forced to become Chu mad servants! After repairing the skyrocketing, not only took the position of the head from the master, but also let Master become his servant, really raised a white-eyed wolf! ”

"I heard that this person was very good in the past, but since he became a dark horse on the polar list, he became inhuman. The entire Xixian faction did not dare to disobey his orders.


Many people in the crowd are whispering about it. For the four masters of the realm of cultivation, everyone recognizes his strength. As for being a person, he is not ashamed of everyone. It is unbelievable that people who forget this.

"You are going to give me two rooms."Chu mad lazy.

"Yes, yes, please wait a moment!"The West Immortal look respectfully, did not dare to have any scorn, and quickly walked toward the counter.

Chu Chuan was glanced at the entire inn, and finally came over to the empty position beside Mu Yu. Along the way, Chu madly inadvertently picked up the face of Qiao Xuena Shui Ling, a pair of eyes suddenly lit up.

"Good handsome chick."Chu stunned and said with amazement, in spite of the eyes of the people around him, his eyes swept away and smacked on Joe Snow.

Mu Yu frowned.

This is the Xixiandao people who have already walked over quickly. They took a look at the cultivation of Mu Yu and Qiao Xue. They shook their heads inadvertently, and there was a trace of worry in their eyes. He knew that his apprentice, who had changed his character, would have to I started with people.

"Hey, please sit here."Xixiandao people said quickly.

However, Chu mad did not pay attention to the West Immortals, but went straight to the table of Mu Yu's table, sitting next to him.

"This lady, in the next mad, I don't know the name of the lady?"Chu mad also directly ignored Mu Yu.

Xixiandao people quickly came over and said to Mu Yu: "The two Taoist friends, this seat, my head is on the door, do you have to go to other places first?" I will ask for this meal. ”

"I don't die, is there a copy of your voice here?"

Chu mad suddenly looked at the eyes, the body swept out of the air, hit the West Immortal, the West Immortal immediately flew out, fell heavily on the wall, and knocked the wall out of a huge hole.

Everyone secretly spit out a sip of Chu, this guy even his master is so heavy, really not afraid of being thunder!

"This lady, we don't have to pay attention to the old man who has just had a big picture. The young lady is born with a fairy, why not spend a good time with him?"Chu mad eyes reveal a kinky look.The swaying look, his eyes swept away on Joe Snow.

"Let's go!"Qiao Xue didn't want to make trouble, he got up and left the inn.

Mu Yu also stood up silently and walked outside.

But Chu mad stopped them again.

"Miss, where are you so anxious to go?"Chu madly laughed.

All the spectators shook their heads and did not dare to stop. Just now, the people of Xixiandao want to let the two people go clearly is to prevent these two people from being entangled by their own apprentices. Unfortunately, Chu mad, this person is so mad that even his master has a heavy hand, how can he let the two people go through it? What?

"Ugh! These two people are also unlucky, and they have encountered such a person. ”

"Unfortunately, this girl, a good flower will be destroyed."

Joining the hilarious spectator, shaking his head and sighing, Chu mad is a black horse on the top of the list. His strength is too high, and others are afraid to provoke. They can only confess their sympathy to both Qiao Xue and Mu Yu.

The Xixiandao people struggled to get up from the ruins. He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and his eyes were also in a state of sorrow. When a person who was originally good had returned from Qingshui City, he changed into a person, and repaired it as a rapid improvement to make the whole martial art. People have seen hope, but never expected to become moody.

Mu Yu did not go to see Chu crazy, but said to Qiao Xue calmly: "He became your first one?"

Qiao Xue hesitated for a long while, his eyes showed a little struggle, and finally he nodded his teeth.

Chu mad did not know what Mu Yu said, but he laughed: "What? Am I still your first man? That is really lucky! But you are not the first woman I played with! ”

"Master, we are here to challenge the glass sword of the Sword Valley. I don't want to make trouble, let these two insignificant people leave!"The West Immortal once again came forward and said earnestly.

Chu crazy look cold: "You can say a word more! If it is not useful to keep you, I have already killed you! ”

The West Immortal had a cold sweat on his forehead and said quickly: "Yes, yes, the subordinates are wrong."

"Give me aside, go wide!"Chu crazy cold channel.

The people of Xixiandao were pale and went to the side and squatted.

Everyone is in a state of utter disappointment. Is this Chu madness really extinct humanity, so that his master can kneel down in the eyes of the public?

Mu Yu is very annoyed in his heart. What he hates most is the person who bullies the ancestors! Like this unfaithful and unfilial guy, sin must die!

He silently walked to the front of the West Immortals and pulled the Xixiandao people directly from the ground.

"Daoyou, don't be impulsive, or leave here quickly."

The West Immortal had a horrified look at the madness, and wanted to squat again, but Mu Yu’s hand exudes a spiritual power to hold his whole body, and there is a majestic spiritual top on his knee. Lived his tendency to kneel down.

Xixiandao people looked at Mu Yu with some shock, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com Mu Yu Ming Ming seems to be only the repair of the Yuan Ying period, and his self-cultivation of a period of comprehension will be controlled by the other's spiritual power, and still can't move?

Mu Yu comfortably patted the shoulders of the West Immortals and turned to look at Chu Mania: "Let your Master give you a kneel?" Can you accept it with peace of mind? ”

Chu madly looked at the wood feathers in front of the Yuan Ying period, and the corner of his mouth showed a sneer: "Do you want to maintain this old and undead?"

Mu Yu smiled: "I just can't see the road."

"I don't die, do you tell him what is the last time you defended you?"Chu sneer.

The Xixiandao people showed a painful look. He clenched his lips and closed his eyes and trembled: "The command of the head of the adult is everything, violating, disobeying, and dying."

"You remember it! But I just didn't let you stand up! ”A killing is pervading the West Immortals.


The face of the West Immortal is already sweaty, but he can't go down.

"How do you still need me to help you?"Chu mad suddenly broke out, and his body shape flashed behind the people of Xixiandao, and smashed toward the knees of the West Immortals.


Chu's mad feet are like a squat on a solid wall, and the West Immortal's knees are actually swaying.

"There are two things, but no one has ever dared to stop me from teaching my servant!"Chu madly grasped his claws and grabbed the throat of the Western Immortals.

But a sword crossed the hand of Chu, and the Xixiandao had been taken out by Mu Yu.

"who are you? I have never heard of you. ”Chu madly looked at Mu Yu.

Mu Yu said calmly: "What? When the beast was a person, couldn’t he change the despicable animal nature? ”


Chu madness is being poked into a sore spot, his face suddenly changed!

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