No. 739 Chapter Animal is difficult to change

Everyone thinks that Mu Yu is not as good as a savage beast, but only Chu mad himself understands what Mu Yu is saying! &1t;/p>
"Can you say that again!"Chu mad eyes reveal a madness of the beast, angered by the words of Mu Yu, and his eyes even flashed a red awn that does not belong to the monster. &1t;/p>
"Birds are animals, even if they are covered with human skin, they can't change their nature."Mu Yu shook his head. &1t;/p>
"How do you know…who are you! ”Chu Fury yelled. &1t;/p>
"Kill your people!"&1t;/p>
In the eyes of Mu Yu, there was a trace of suffocating gas. He took out the Horcring of Helian, and wrapped the water spirit of Qiao Xue around the Horcrux. Shui Ling made a dazzling blue light, twitching gently in the hands of Mu Yu, seems to be looking forward to the next thing. &1t;/p>
All the spectators in the inn suspected that their ears were wrong. This repair seems to be only the Yuan Ying period of the wood feathers actually want to kill the 46th place of the celestial madness? Is this guy joking? &1t;/p>
"Isn't this kid broken?"&1t;/p>
"He really dare to talk about a Yuan Ying period! Do you know that you will die if you die? That is really a hero! ”&1t;/p>
"It's a pity that it is not good to offend someone who is offensive."&1t;/p>
The onlookers of the comprehension shook their heads and sighed. They all looked at Mu Yu like watching the dead. How much Chu madness is so powerful. Over the past year, it has been obvious to all in the realm of comprehension. They don’t think that Mu Yu can overcome the madness of Chu’s madness. &1t;/p>
"Want to kill me? Who do you think you are! ”&1t;/p>
The Chu mad body violently burst out the powerful spiritual fluctuations that belonged to the fit period. The violent spiritual power instantly tore the floor, and all the comprehensions escaped from the Chu madness, for fear of being affected. &1t;/p>
Today's celestial list has long been a thing of the past, and the celestial celestial beings are everywhere. It is impossible to enter the celestial list when it is not completed. &1t;/p>
The shopkeeper of the inn has been crying and tears. He wants to stand up and say "this shop is not allowed to fight", but the other party is a black horse Chu mad on the top of the list, where can he dare to talk? I am afraid that before I open my mouth, I will become the soul of others! &1t;/p>
"I am human, and you are not."Mu Yu raised the soul device wrapped in the water. &1t;/p>
Chu crazy face has been twisted, he screamed, his feet on the floor shocked, blasted a large pit, hands into claws, rushed to the wood feathers. &1t;/p>
His degree is very fast, so fast that the onlookers have not responded. After they see the mad figure, Chu’s hand has already left an inch from Mu Yu’s throat! &1t;/p>
Everyone shook his head and felt sorry for Mu Yu. Offended a celestial genius, Mu Yu is also paying the price he deserves. Some people even close their eyes or keep their heads out, and they can't bear to see the fact that Mu Yu is crushed. &1t;/p>
However, everyone waited for a long time, and the result was that the mad figure was still in the air. His hand did not touch the throat of Mu Yu. The time seemed to be stagnant at that moment, and only a crisp voice sounded in the inn. &1t;/p>
Tick! &1t;/p>
A drop of blood fell on the floor under the foot of the wooden feather, and the floor under the foot of the wooden feather was intact without any damage. Everyone looked at the source of the blood, and everyone suddenly stopped! &1t;/p>
I don’t know when the heart of Chu’s madness has been worn by the soul device in the hands of Mu Yu! &1t;/p>
Chu stunned his eyes, he lowered his head in disbelief, looked at the blood hole in his chest, did not understand why he was only pierced by the other side. &1t;/p>
But he will never understand, the blue water spirit has a strange suction, sucking something in his body, and the Chu mad consciousness slowly dissipates. At the time of his death, he only has time to come up with an unwillingness. The whimper, the body slowly stiffened, and the vitality passed away from him. &1t;/p>
boom! &1t;/p>
Chu mad body squatted on the ground like a dead dog, making a loud crash. This sound impact also hit everyone's heart, making people eyelids jumped. &1t;/p>
That is the 46th madness of the celestial list, after defeating many opponents arrogantly, it was so defeated in the hands of a strange man? &1t;/p>
Who is this person? &1t;/p>
A tiny invisible white mans emerged from him, and the wood feathers looked like a move. The shadow sword came out and temporarily withdrew the ban, and the woodling suddenly swallowed the white mans. &1t;/p>
Soul, Mu Yu will not give the Triple Palace any chance to grow. &1t;/p>
Spike a Chu madness is not worth mentioning to him. He used the apparatus of He Liankong to deal with ghosts and sorrows during the distraction period. Now he has entered the stage of integration, and the power of the Horcrux has made him repair almost The nine-day people fit side by side. &1t;/p>
He felt that after entering the fitness period, it was even possible to use the Horcrux to even face the ghost night of the robbery period. &1t;/p>
"Let's go!"&1t;/p>
Mu Yu solved the water spirit from the Horcruxes in a circle, and the water spirit was still as silk-like, and it was not contaminated with any blood, but it was more than an inexplicable agility. &1t;/p>
Qiao Xue took over the water, in the eyes of everyone shocked, with Mu Yu left the inn. &1t;/p>
Then, the entire inn has already blasted the pot, and Mu Yu used to play a magical array before entering the city, hiding his true face, and Qiao Xueben grew up as a demon, and did not show up in the realm of the realm. Out of them two. &1t;/p>
At this time everyone is guessing the identity of these two people, some people have already chased out, but the figure of Mu Yu and Qiao Xue has gradually disappeared into the bustling crowd, as if it was just a blink of an eye. &1t;/p>
Suffocating outside the city. &1t;/p>
Mu Yu and Qiao Xue did not fly, they walked slowly along the path outside the city of suffocation. &1t;/p>
"The man just was the person who controlled to the south?"Qiao Xue asked. &1t;/p>
Mu Yu nodded: "He used his ability to integrate the consciousness of the beast into the human body. I think the dark horses on the top of the list are made to the south. But these people can't open the magical monsters, even if they are integrated into the human race, they will still have the madness of the monsters. ”&1t;/p>
These are not people at all. They don’t have any affection, teacher or apprenticeship in their eyes. They can finally be a person, or a person on the top of the list, consciously superior, not to put other comprehensions in their eyes, let The master’s own servant’s madness is completely achievable. &1t;/p>
After all, the demon in the body of Chu mad is not to recognize the Western immortals as masters. &1t;/p>
"I thought you would not interfere with the practice of going south."Qiao Xue remembered what Mu Yu had said at the beginning. &1t;/p>
Mu Yu shook his head: "I really don't interfere with his plan. But the demon he controlled just dared to tease the girl I like, and I would not let him live. ”&1t;/p>
After a pause, Mu Yu continued: "I will not mind if I am going to kill this kind of demon."&1t;/p>
Qiao Xue suddenly turned red, and felt a relief in her heart. When Mu Yu said "I like girls," her heart was beating. &1t;/p>
"Adult, adults please stay!"&1t;/p>
The voice of the West Immortal came from behind, and Mu Yu stopped and looked at the West Immortals who were panting. &1t;/p>
"Xi Xian thanked the adults for removing a gangster from the old road. The great grace is unforgettable forever, please worship the old!"Xixiandao people sincerely want to give thanks, but Mu Yu did not let him. &1t;/p>
"You don't have to thank me, there are things I have to do."Mu Yu shook his head. &1t;/p>
Controlling those people to the south is to let them fight against the Triple Palace in the future, instead of letting them swear and destroy the normal life of others. &1t;/p>
"Adult, you don't know! What did the gangster do to us! Maybe this is just a little effort for you, but it is a reinvention for our entire sect! ”&1t;/p>
The immortal Taoist said that there was a turbid tear in the place. The excitement and resentment were mixed, and the whole person was trembling. The smell of his body became disordered, just like the resentment that had accumulated for a long time was finally released, but it was again Because I am too happy to straighten out my breath. &1t;/p>
"You are treated like this, why don't you leave quietly?"&1t;/p>
Qiao Xue walked over and took a picture of the shoulders of the West Immortals. A cold breath was introduced into the body of the Western Immortals, and his heart gradually calmed down. &1t;/p>
The Xixiandao people felt the coldness in the body, and they were flattered and quickly said: "Thank you for the fairy! I don’t know if the fairy is, if it is not to protect other people under my door, I have already broken myself, and I will be so insulted by him! Ugh! It was my master who lost his job. When I thought that he would suddenly become a temper. When he let us kneel down, my little apprentice came forward to maintain it, but he was broken by a paw. ”&1t;/p>
Xixiandao people are distressed, recalling that scene is still unforgettable. &1t;/p>
Chu madly came back from Qingshui City and suddenly it turned out to be like a person. It was a rush to advance into the celestial list. It was a thing that deserved the whole party to celebrate, but never thought of a nightmare. Came to this martial art. &1t;/p>
After the Chu madness was over the Xixiandao people, they began to become uninhabited. They looked down on other same doors. When they did not agree, they shot and wounded people. The Xixiandao people can only bear the burden of humiliation for the life of the whole martial art. They should answer their own servants, just to protect others in the sect. &1t;/p>
Mu Yu was silent for a long time. He knew that Chu mad did not kill the West Immortals. The Xixiandao people were originally the masters of the school. They knew far more things than the Chu madness. They stayed behind to collect intelligence and explain the situation of the real world. &1t;/p>
After all, Chu Mania is a possession of the demon. Where do you know so many people? He can only rely on the Western Immortals. Although he is humiliated, he does not hurt his life. It is because Chu Mad as a demon has no mind. He has only one brute force, but he still has the wildness of the demon, so he wants Be above all, and call the person who can call him. &1t;/p>
Mu Yu sighed and took out a few bottles of the fifth-order healing remedy and handed it to the Immortal Taoist: "These medicines are taken back to your apprentices!" It is a gift. UU reading ”&1t;/p>
"apologize? Adults are you laughing! You are our benefactor, and we are all grateful to the grace of the adults, and how dare to marry the adult's medicine. Today, the old road is chasing, just to thank the adults in person, no way to report, please be respected by the old. ”Xixiandao people really say it. &1t;/p>
"No, many things are not as simple as you think. Go back with these medicines!" We still have things, go first. ”&1t;/p>
Mu Yu didn't want to accept the rituals of the West Immortals. This was originally caused by the South. He did just apologize for the South. But he can't clarify this matter, he can only sin for the South in a certain way. &1t;/p>
However, he also thought that a Chu mad death, there are still thousands of tens of thousands of similar Chu mad existences in the realm of the real world, then how many innocent victims of the Western Immortals were bullied and humiliated by Chu madness? &1t;/p>
Can Mu Yu really stand by and do things that he did to the south? &1t;/p>
Mu Yu and Qiao Xue both looked at the West Immortals in a complicated mood. They met a Chu mad and killed a Chu mad, but what about other people? &1t;/p>
The figure of the two had just floated into the air, but the Western Immortals still firmly bowed in the direction of Mu Yu, and slammed three heads. &1t;/p>
Mu Yu sighed slightly, and the gift of the West Immortal was too heavy. He really couldn’t afford it. &1t;/p>
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