Chapter 741 Great Marsh

"You can call him to do anything, or let him continue to practice, get higher repairs to defeat other great immortals. Your words he will obey, you want to pass him to let your door faction rise also can, he now is equivalent to a puppet. ”Mu Yu said that he had already walked outside the temple. &1t;/p>

The perfect swept array is the most suitable solution that Mu Yu can think of. He didn't want to interfere with the plan to the south, because the things going south have indeed settled, and there is no way to change it. It is similar to the dark horse of the four sects of the cult of the real world. It still has the value of use. It occupies a place on the celestial list. The plan of Mie Palace is also very influential. &1t;/p>

As for Chu’s death, it’s just because he played Joe Snow. &1t;/p>

"Monsieur, please stay, Monsieur!" ”The Wenyang Taoist people reacted this way, and they wanted to retain a certain wood feather to express their gratitude, but Mu Yu had already lost sight of it. &1t;/p>

Wen Yang Dao trembled and looked at the gift of squatting on the ground, recalling the things that were humiliated by his apprentices in this time, and he took the courage to say: "You, there are today!" Go and admit all the elders! ”&1t;/p>

"Yes, Master!"&1t;/p>

Huai Lie stood up expressionlessly, and really admitted to the elders who had been insulted by him, and he was quite sincere, and his head was so loud. &1t;/p>

"it is true!"&1t;/p>

Wenyang Road is full of people, this is the belief of Mu Yu. There was a flying sword in his hand, and he was on the neck of Huai Li. He wanted to kill the apprentice by himself, but he hesitated. &1t;/p>

It is a pity to think of a martial art who can easily appear in a stalwart of the days of the genius, or the 30th genius on the top of the list. &1t;/p>

"When the teacher gave you a name, I hope that you can be courteous to people, but you have embarked on the opposite path. If you are a sin in the future, it is a redemption. Just when you are contributing to the rise of the martial art! ”&1t;/p>

The repaired Wenyang Taoist who only had five days of silence said quietly. &1t;/p>


Qiao Xue and Mu Yu sat on the hillside, and they were full of stars and evening winds. &1t;/p>

"I originally wanted to kill them to collect the power of killing, but although they are evil, they are not without value. I will go to the filmmakers and ghosts to give you the power to kill the spirits. ”Mu Yu said the thigh of a flame pig. &1t;/p>

At this time, he is already the 30th on the list of the most popular, but he did not let the signature of the celestial celestial being attached to his arm. As for his original celestial logo, it has long since disappeared. The exchange, the outside world still does not know what happened. &1t;/p>

"take it easy! I am not in a hurry to kill things. ”Like Xue Yu, Qiao Xue rejects that feeling. &1t;/p>

They have been in the realm of comprehension for almost a month. This month, Mu Yu has been looking for the famous dark horses on the list. Too many people have been created in the south, and almost half of them are occupied. &1t;/p>

It's also very simple about how to tell if it's a demon person. Most of these people with enchantment are violent, and they look down on their weaker comprehensions and insult the people around them. &1t;/p>

The martial art is okay, at least there are still more powerful people on the top. They don’t dare to be too arrogant, but the sects of the small martial art are very miserable. They have smashed the dark horse, and the excitement of the whole sect has not been over Not overlapping. &1t;/p>

"Unfortunately, these people do not know where to go south, otherwise I will go to explore the whereabouts of the south.


Mu Yu always wanted to find the south, to determine whether the current south is still safe and not threatened by the earth. However, according to those demon people, they have never contacted them since they controlled them, and it is precisely because of these that the demon people have no jurisdiction and are beginning to become unscrupulous. &1t;/p>

Like the original Sikongqiwen, it did not appear so mad, because at that time, the south has been controlling the Sikongqiwen, so that Sikongqiwen did not dare to make cross-border things. &1t;/p>

"How long can your gods control them? If you encounter southward in the future, is your control ability stronger or southerly? ”&1t;/p>

Qiao Xue knows that Mu Yu uses the soul of the soul to control the shackles of the south, but he is also controlled to the south, so in the future, the two will face this problem. &1t;/p>

Mu Yu shook his head: "The ability to control the south is stronger than mine. This is inevitable. They have the consciousness of the demon in the body. I can't erase it. I can only change their memory and let them become a walking dead, but To the south, there is something to wake them up."&1t;/p>

"Controlling them to the south but not taking care of them. If they are not allowed to keep their points, this will cause the attention of the Triple Palace sooner or later. At that time, Miejo is not very easy to think of the plan to the south? ”Qiao Xue is also disgusted with the actions of the demon, but he is puzzled by the things going south. &1t;/p>

Mu Yu was immersed in contemplation. He still couldn’t see the south until now. He thought that he was only a good brother to the south, and he had no contention with the world. But then Mu Yu realized that he had hidden himself too far south and deceived all people. &1t;/p>

"To the south, I took control of nearly 100,000 self-cultivators. Almost every major sect has controlled people. But not all demon people are so flying like these people, and many demon people are not on the top of the list. I think that there may be other things in the south, and he will not think about it. ”&1t;/p>

Mu Yu couldn’t figure out what to do to the south, but he couldn’t stand by and watch the demon’s mischief. He could help one, so that the comprehensions of those small sects would not have to live too miserable. &1t;/p>

The night is getting deeper, and the two of them are ready to leave for the Qinglong Dynasty tomorrow. &1t;/p>

The purpose of going to the Qinglong Dynasty is very clear, so that Longteng can get the correct cultivation method, and it is to see if several demon kings can find ways to help them save the sword shadow dust, and Mu Yu wants to know the demon kings. How do you plan to deal with the problems of the heavenly person. &1t;/p>

Early the next morning, Mu Yu and Qiao Xue began to leave, flying all the way to the west for two days. It takes two days to fly with their repairs, so how far is it here! &1t;/p>

According to Qiao Xue, the Yaozu people have migrated to the remote areas of the West since they lost to the Terran in 5,000 years. &1t;/p>

There is an uninhabited swamp, and many poisonous insects and beasts are in the meantime, and the comprehensions of the distracting period are not willing to get involved easily. &1t;/p>

In the swamp, the bushes are sturdy, the muddy water is bubbling, and some yellow poisonous cockroaches are floating above. If they fly directly, they will be poisoned. In the distance, fierce monsters screamed, and in the swamp plants, there were many sacred bones that had just died. &1t;/p>

For the things like the marshes, Mu Yu was a little scared. He could have water in the place where there were plants. However, Qiao Xue told him that if he did not follow certain specific routes, even if he flew over the entire swamp, he could not see the location of the Qinglong Dynasty. &1t;/p>

"The islands of the Qinglong Dynasty and the Siren King are the same to some extent. They can't be found by flying. They must walk with certain specific marks. You can follow me."Joe Xue jumped into a reed in the swamp and greeted the wooden feathers to keep up. &1t;/p>

The Yaozu people are very strict in protecting their territory. If they want to go to the Yaozu, they must follow the route they have set. When they first went to the demon island of the Kraken King, they experienced a lot of twists and turns. Fortunately, this time they went to the Qinglong Dynasty to have Qiao Xue as a guide, so Mu Yu did not have to worry about getting lost. &1t;/p>

"What is your Qinglong dynasty? Living in a cave? ”Mu Yu asked curiously. &1t;/p>

"It is not true, in short, you will understand."&1t;/p>

Qiao Xue leads the way in front, and the route she walks is very tortuous, and it follows the certain logo. There are many signs, including a stone, a branch, a leaf, quite strange, and there is no law. &1t;/p>

"These things look inconspicuous and can be seen everywhere in the swamp, but they have a special atmosphere, only the atmosphere that the Yaozu can recognize. I mainly rely on the leftover water to distinguish."Qiao Xue explained. &1t;/p>

Although Mu Yu is a road idiot, he will not forget if he walks once. Qiao Xue marked the markers with water beads, while Mu Yu remembered the plants and leaves on the sides of the markers, and the plants he stepped on became different. &1t;/p>

The road ahead is very tortuous, and there are also many powerful monsters in the meantime. However, after seeing Qiao Xue, these monsters only symbolically smashed and then disappeared into the swamp. &1t;/p>

According to Qiao Xue, these monsters are responsible for guarding the outer route. There are even some powerful seventh-order monsters in the swamp pool. &1t;/p>

"It is also their own qualifications to be able to become a Yaozu. It is not a powerful monster that can open the mind. But those monsters are not very intelligent, but they are still very powerful. The demon people who are not enough are not willing to go. provoke."&1t;/p>

Qiao Xue stepped on a stone and said, politely pointed out a distant seventh-order monster to say hello. It is a saber-toothed seven-star tiger. The cavities are two meters long and the breath is very powerful. It appears not because of Joe Snow, but because of the strange alien of Mu Yu. &1t;/p>

Qiao Xue and it explained that this sword-toothed seven-star tiger only retreated. &1t;/p>

“How long will it take to arrive?”&1t;/p>

Mu Yu, they walked in the swamp for nearly a day, and the sky was already dark. A large piece of black paint around them could only be seen with the light of Qiao Xueshui’s light and barely see the scene of four or five meters. &1t;/p>

"When you get to dawn, you should be able to arrive! Our Qinglong dynasty is truly a place of smog. ”Qiao Xue stopped and turned and asked, "Would we have a rest?"&1t;/p>

"Okay, rest and rest, tired and exhausted."Xiaoshuai nodded. &1t;/p>

"Tired you a big ghost! I am walking along the way, what are you tired of! ”Mu Yu did not play a good air to play the head of the handsome boy. &1t;/p>

"We are resting in front for half an hour! Anyway, there will be a huge crack in front of the crack. Under the crack, Grand Dragon has set up a certain array. It has a strong suction force and cannot cross the past or fly over. However, there will be a bridge every two hours. It is ok to walk the bridge. ”After Joe Snow went forward for about a quarter of an hour, he stopped under a tree. &1t;/p>

The moonlight in the sky can't shine into the swamp. With the brilliance of the water, the wood feathers can see the so-called crack in front. The crack is about ten meters wide and I don't know how many meters. &1t;/p>

"This crack is very similar to the burial valley."Mu Yu said thoughtfully. &1t;/p>

"I don't know. Grandpa Qinglong seriously warned us not to fall down. Everyone dared not defy. The crack is said to have spanned the entire swamp, but through this crack it is truly a step into the Qinglong Dynasty. This crack is the defense line outside our Qinglong Dynasty! There are several bridges at each of the two hours. The bridge appears only for a quarter of an hour, not long or short. ”Qiao Xue explained. &1t;/p>

"What kind of person is the Qinglong demon king?" Good to talk? ”&1t;/p>

Mu Yu remembered several demon kings he had contacted, and each demon king had different personalities. For example, the White Demon King is very embarrassed, not serious, and his face is thick like a wall; the Shaying Demon King is very cold, even if he is controlled to the south, he hides his emotions very well. In contrast, the King of the Seas is like a refined scholar, speaks politely and communicates better. &1t;/p>

Qiao Xue thought for a while and explained: "Grand Dragon Grandpa? how to say? He is very good to me. But he is a very proud person, his temper is very straight, I will tell you this! Even the nine-layered dragon star, he did not show much love. On the contrary, he valued those who were not strong dragons but who were very strong. ”&1t;/p>

"It's like me! I can't look down on the dragon, but it doesn't matter to other monsters. At least people are not snakes and dragons. ”Dragon vines interjected in the side. &1t;/p>

"You don't put gold on your face, you are just like a cockroach."Xiaoshuai laughed. &1t;/p>

"Are you looking for death?"Long Teng is furious. &1t;/p>

Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully: "So he still knows what to do."&1t;/p>

"You can say yes! However, the size of the Qinglong dynasty is not handled by Grandpa Qinglong, UU reading but the four major dragons to discuss together. I told you last time, the four dragons, the Beibin deep abyss jade, the latent black tiger dragon, the purple electric wing dragon, the magic dragon dragon. ”&1t;/p>

"Dragon Star is the demon dragon's party?"Mu Yu remembers that the body of Long Xingyi is a dragon. &1t;/p>

"Dragon Star is the son of the North Shore Abyssal Jade King. His mother is a member of the Demon Dragon Dragonfly. Therefore, the two factions are united. The Qianlin Black Tiger Dragon and the Purple Electric Flying Dragon are each independent. send. The rest is the Yaozu who does not have the blood of the dragon. In the end, the strength is the most important! If there is strength, even if there is no real dragon blood, it will be drawn by the four dragons. ”&1t;/p>

"Which faction do you belong to?"Mu Yu asked curiously. &1t;/p>

To be honest, Qiao Xue, as a person, possesses the ability of Yumeng, can live in the Yaozu for so many years, and live in harmony with the Yaozu people. I think it is incredible. &1t;/p>

"I? Of course, I belong to the liberals. The liberals are the demon people who don't have the blood of the dragon. Although they are weaker than the other four dragons, we don't need to compete with others. Anyway, the throne of the Qinglong dynasty cannot fall on us. You don't need to be intrigued all day, everyone can do it yourself. ”Qiao Xue said. &1t;/p>

Mu Yu shrugged his shoulders, think about it too. &1t;/p>

Oh! &1t;/p>

Just then, there was a strange noise in the darkness ahead. &1t;/p>…

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