No. 742 Chapter Qinglong Dynasty

        Mu Yu was alarmed and thought that it was another monster that came to look for it, but Qiao Xue stood up without saying anything: "Let's go, the bridge has appeared."&1t;/p>

        Underneath the huge crack is like a deep abyss with a big mouth and a mouthful of blood. I can't know what is underneath. Mu Yu is not afraid, anyway, the Longtan Tiger Cave has been countless, and a strange abyss need not be afraid of anything. &1t;/p>

        The bridge on the abyss crack is invisible, but Qiao Xue knows the specific orientation of the transparent bridge. She let the wood feathers follow, so there is no need to worry about falling and falling. &1t;/p>

        After embarking on a transparent bridge, Mu Yu really felt a huge suction coming from the bottom of the bridge. It seems that he would be thrown into the abyss. The strong suction is even the same as that of Mu Yu’s current fit. . &1t;/p>

        "The bridge is very narrow, only two people can stand side by side, don't go."Qiao Xue took Mu Yu’s hand and worried that Mu Yu had a problem with the bridge for the first time. &1t;/p>

        "Afraid of what, you can't bear to fall."Mu Yu smiled. &1t;/p>

        Qiao Xue squeezed the wood feathers hard and screamed: "Poor mouth."&1t;/p>

        It was also 10 meters away and soon passed the bridge. But the other end of the bridge, this time is not a swamp, but a surging river. Because it is night, only a little moonlight, the black lacquered river does not know where to go. &1t;/p>

        "This river is flowing into the abyss just now."Qiao Xue stepped on the river with a wooden feather and went away in the misty night. &1t;/p>

        "what? Shouldn't it form a waterfall? Did not hear the sound of the waterfall. ”Wood feathers sit on the water, and the water forms a bench under them. There is Joe Snow, in what rivers and streams, like playing. &1t;/p>

        "I don't know, I used to sneak it once,

But after one hour, I didn’t finish it, and then I was stopped by an enchantment. I don’t know where the river is going. ”&1t;/p>

        Qiao Xue took the wood feathers forward very quickly. For Qiao Xue, the waterway was much faster than the empty road, but Rao was so that they had gone for several hours, and the last day was already bright and not yet docked. &1t;/p>

        "How is this river so wide? Where are the banks on both sides? ”Mu Yu looked around and didn't see where the river bank was. He only knew that they were going upstream, and the water splashed underneath, but they couldn't splash them. &1t;/p>

        "This river is called the Tianhui River. The width of the river is the same as the width of the crack, so it is probably across the entire swamp!"Qiao Xue has been quite familiar with this road, and it is not surprising. &1t;/p>

        However, after they walked for another hour, the front can finally see six places, and the Tianhui River gathers from the gaps of the six places. Qiao Xue has stepped onto the shore and entered a forest. &1t;/p>

        There are many monsters in this wood, and they are all high-order. Many monsters are running towards Qiao Xue, and they are screaming at Qiao Xue. Qiao Xue patted their heads and got along with these monsters very happy. &1t;/p>

        At this moment, two demon people in the woods suddenly emerged, one of which still retains the arm, and looks very weird. &1t;/p>

        "Qiao Xue, it is you!"One of the demon people has two tentacles on their heads. It looks like an ant's tentacles. The head is a little small and looks a bit sloppy. &1t;/p>

        Then Mu Yu knows what the body of this Yaozu is, cerebellum giant ants! A kind of instinct that is inherently slow but powerful. When it was in the battle, when it was cracked, Mu Yu tried his best to direct the cerebellum giant ants to fight. &1t;/p>

        "Small flower ants and 螳You brother, is it your turn to be both of you today?"Qiao Xue greeted him. &1t;/p>

        "Yes! You – how did you bring back a human! ”The little flower ant looked at Mu Yu with vigilance and was very wary of human beings. According to Qiao Xue, the entire Qinglong Dynasty did not have a second person except her. &1t;/p>

        "Don't panic, he is the guest invited by the Master of the Siren King, should the King of the Siren King come back?"Qiao Xue asked. &1t;/p>

        "The Master of the Kraken is indeed back. He did say that there will be a Terran coming here. It seems to be you. Then let's go in! ”Xiaohua ants and Yuyou did not make it difficult for them to make a wooden feather. They nodded towards Muyu and released it. &1t;/p>

        After Qiao Xue and Mu Yu had just left, Yu You suddenly said to the little flower ant whispered: "The abyss of the abyss said that once the people come here, they need to report to him. You are waiting here, I will go. Come."&1t;/p>

        "I am afraid it is for the Dragon Star 陨 thing? This time, the dragon star has an accident, and the jade is very angry! ”The little flower ant shook his head. &1t;/p>

        Qiao Xue and Mu Yu did not know what the latter two were talking about. They had already entered the depths of the woods. After a long walk, the oncoming was an arch formed by vines. &1t;/p>

        Qiao Xue smiled and said: "Welcome to the Qinglong Dynasty!"&1t;/p>

        After that, he took the lead through the arch and disappeared behind the arch. &1t;/p>

        Wood Yu followed closely, after passing through the arch, he finally saw the true face of the Qinglong Dynasty. &1t;/p>

        What caught the eye was a steep and wide valley, about a hundred meters wide, and the valley was very narrow and led to the distance. In the middle of the valley is a slate-paved road with curved steps on either side of the road leading to the cliffs of the valley. &1t;/p>

        The height of the valley is at least four or five hundred meters. The most peculiar thing is the cliff wall of the valley. There are various wooden houses on the rock wall. It is so vacant, and I am afraid that there are no more than a thousand houses! These houses are arranged in different heights, criss-crossed, and make rational use of every space. &1t;/p>

        Each house is surrounded by wooden balconies and railings, and there are steps and turns around the houses of various heights, which can be used to walk to the ground between the valleys. &1t;/p>

        "Do you all the demon people live in the air?"&1t;/p>

        Mu Yu could not help but marvel at this towering building. All the houses were built in the mid-air of the cliffs, and the distribution between them was staggered enough to let the sun shine on every house. &1t;/p>

        "This is just the tip of the iceberg of the Qinglong Dynasty. We are not here to fly to the roof of the people. It is rude to walk the stairs, but we can fly above the road in the valley."Qiao Xue said that he would fly in midair. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu looked at the bustling Yao people on the road. There were many people who screamed loudly and seemed to be buying and selling something. There are all kinds of signboards, tea stalls, restaurants, inns and restaurants hanging outside the low-rise houses. &1t;/p>

        When Mu Yu came here, it felt as if he had come to a paradise, and the demon people actually became human and they were almost the same as human beings. Therefore, Mu Yu did not react to it for a time. This is the Qinglong Dynasty. &1t;/p>

        “The Yaozu people have been learning the habits of the Terran since they were forced to move here, so we are actually not in the same place as the Terran.”Qiao Xue explained. &1t;/p>

        When Mu Yu flew over, he clearly heard one of the screaming demon people sipping "a very bullish bone, ten Lingshi big sales, and passing by, don't miss it!"&1t;/p>

        "The Yao people are themselves monsters. What do they eat on a daily basis?"Mu Yu asked curiously. &1t;/p>

        For the Terran, there are more tastes to choose from, and any monsters can catch it for cooking one or two times. They can make food from head to toe, but the Yao people are after all, the food is what it is. ? &1t;/p>

        "The diet of the Yao people is very rich. First of all, there are ordinary poultry beasts without spirits, chickens, ducks and geese, and even cattle. Many monsters are characterized as not having the possibility to open their minds, so these monsters will also become food for everyone. However, if there is a kind of monster that can open the mind, then the monster will be listed as a banned food monster. ”&1t;/p>

        They crossed the noisy demon people below. The two demon people seemed to be arguing with some things, and they had nothing to do with them, so they didn't stay. &1t;/p>

        Qiao Xue continued: "For example, I remember that there was a delicious rock bird in the past. It is a common table food. The rock bird is just a common animal without spiritual power, but one has unintentionally opened the wisdom, and the cultivation has become The Yaozu, so now the Rockbird is listed as a banned food monster. &1t;/p>

        However, it was a matter of seven or eight years ago. Later, it seems that the rock bird demon is too weak and has not lived for ten years. In recent years, many Yao people have been calling for re-listing the rock bird as an edible monster, but above Some departments have not yet approved it. ”&1t;/p>

        Mu Yu feels that the Yao people are really a magical existence, and they can play like this. It was interesting that the rock-gotten rock bird avoided its own race and became a food on the table. &1t;/p>

        "If I want to grab a roast, I have so many tubes."Xiaoshuai usually wants to have a taste of the monsters. &1t;/p>

        "You can do it outside the real world, don't do it here! Many beasts have precedents to open the mind. Once they are now severely punished, it is possible to catch up for a few years. You want to eat something, don't just go hunting in the woods, go to the restaurant to eat, Lingshi is common here. ”Qiao Xue said seriously. &1t;/p>

        "Nothing, little mouse, what I am covering you!"Longteng said indifferently. &1t;/p>

        Qiao Xue has some headaches to discourage: "The Yaozu also has its own social system, and all regulations must be observed. Even Qinglong Grandpa has set an example!" Don't do anything with Longtan. ”&1t;/p>

        "Does that Dragon Star always want to kill me? Then, can I eat dragons? ”Longtan snorted. &1t;/p>

        "He kills you, it is a personal grievance. It is also forbidden to kill each other here. However, there are generally life and death stations here. Some of the demon people are natural enemies. It is inevitable that there will be conflicts, and there will be endless grievances that allow them to settle in life and death. ”Qiao Xue said. &1t;/p>

        They passed through a circular building floating in midair across the valley. No one was there, but the ground was stained with blood. According to Joe Snow, this is the life and death stage. &1t;/p>

        "But there seems to be no fight on the street!"Mu Yu looked down and saw two demon people on the street twirling angrily together, the spirit sweeping and sweeping away, and a group of people who could not yell loudly. &1t;/p>

        "There will be a tube city brigade to persuade."Qiao Xue said, and sure enough, the demon people who had already flew in the distance, dressed in blue, loaded the two people who were scuffled. &1t;/p>

        The society of the Yaozu people is similar to that of the human race. UU reads www.uukanshu. Com But many aspects are different. After all, the demon people are the evil spirits to open the wisdom, with the fierceness of the beast and the contradiction between the natural enemies, it is easy to have conflicts, it is forbidden to kill each other because the demon people are less, and then the killing is true. Extinct. &1t;/p>

        "This road is only coming in. The Yaozu population is not much, but there are more than 10 million people in the exhibition. The valley is only a small part. Some people live in the forest and live by the river. As for the palace, there is a palace. The general Yao people are not allowed to enter the palace at will, and there is the residence of Grandpa Qinglong. ”&1t;/p>

        Qiao Xue, they have already avoided the Yao people flying in the air, left the valley and came to a vast forest. &1t;/p>

        In the middle of the forest is a city, no different from the human city. There is only a blue palace floating in the air in the city pool. There is a majestic green dragon sculpture above the palace, as if it is going to fly, it is shocking! &1t;/p>…


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