Chapter 75 Muling

"what? Can you leave this place? ”

Mu Yu was shocked. If the Yumeng Mozu can leave this trapped Xianji, wouldn't it be true that these dead humans are in the mountains? He looked at the old tree, his eyes flashed with a slight change. If the Yumeng Mozu can leave the imprisoned Xianzu, does it mean that the humans in the mountains can also be deserted?

The old tree smiled and said: "I know what you are thinking. Just like the Umon Mozu can't leave the trapped Xianlu through the way you humans go out, the way we go out is naturally not suitable for you human beings. The people of the Moushan Mountain want to leave, they have to rely on their own creation. ”

The old tree grows up and the wind is light, but Mu Yu can’t stand it. He now knows that he is a member of the human being abandoned by the triple continent, and his mood is very bad.

If the old tree chief said that it is not false, then maybe another ten years, there will be no self-cultivation in the Moyun Mountain Range. If the aura here is exhausted and the mortal cannot survive, then the lives of these millions of people will not die in vain. ?

"You are the only person in the Mouyun Mountain Range who knows the truth. I want to love you, don't you watch the human beings die?" You can try to work hard, although human life and death have nothing to do with me, but I can give you a way.

Find the comprehension that is being used as a sacred eye. The man is in the Triple Palace, so you have to find the location of the Triple Palace. If he kills him, he can lift the entire world of heaven and earth, and this sleepy imperial prison no longer exists. ”

"Of course, the premise is that you have enough strength to kill that person, that person is too horrible, and no one is his opponent under the sun."The old tree chief added.

"You are inducing me to break the trapped Xianji this heaven and earth array? Who knows if you really find a way to leave the imprisonment? If you have not found a way to leave, then I broke this line of law, did you also let you out? ”

Mu Yu is not stupid. He can quickly think of the stakes in it. Maybe the old tree is taking his own gun.

"That is your problem. You don't believe that we can leave here is your business. It is your business to be willing to save the humans in the mountains." However, it is too early to say that these things are based on your current strength, not to mention the triple continent. Even in the Moyun Mountains, many people can kill you.

If you want to grow up smoothly, you need to become stronger, and if you want to reach the Yuan Ying period, you have to find a way to leave the Mouyun Mountain Range! In the Mouyun Mountain Range, it is not possible to reach the Yuan Ying period. ”

The old tree’s words made Mu Yu have nothing to say, what can he do? Even if he wants to break the imprisonment of the imperial prison and save the lives of millions of people, he must first step out of the Mouyun Mountain Range.

Walking out of the Moyun Mountain Range requires strength to reach the Yuan Ying period, and in the Mo Yun Mountain Range, it is impossible for Mu Yu to reach the Yuan Ying period, and it is impossible to go to the Mo Yun Mountain Range without the Yuan Ying period. cycle.

Only he knows this. If he doesn't do it, then he will die just like a few million people in ten years. Will he be willing?

Of course, Mu Yu is not reconciled! He has to get out of the Mouyun Mountain!

"I think, when you come here, you must feel that there is something calling you? The linden tree is very good for you. ”

The old tree leader turned the topic away. These things have not yet been confirmed by Mu Yu. It is no longer necessary to entangle on this issue. The old tree manager should also say that it is to choose Mu Yu. thing.

Mu Yu nodded, this old tree has lived for so long, knowing how many things, even he can guess what he thinks in his heart.

"The Bodhi tree lets you come over. It says that you are worried about being swallowed up by the Bodhi tree?"The old tree touched the bodhi tree, and some laughed and laughed.

Mu Yu opened his mouth, how can this old guy even know this!

"Don't worry, you are not the fertilizer of the linden tree."The old tree grows slightly toward the wood feathers and waved.

Mu Yu hesitated for a moment, and eventually he went over. His heart has been moving with the Bodhi tree. At this moment, the strange atmosphere has inspired his whole body.

He couldn't tell the comfort. He reached out and placed it on the Bodhi tree.

For a moment, a strange force was introduced into the wood feather body from the Bodhi tree. Every cell in the wood feather seemed to be alive, and the vitality of the vitality continued to permeate the body of Mu Yu.

His knowledge is integrated into this linden tree. He can clearly see every Muyou Momo in the forest. He can clearly feel that every plant in the forest is happy. The land grows, absorbs the rain and dew, and interprets the most sincere love for life.

He seems to be accumulating all over the body. His control of the plants is becoming more and more dexterous. He feels that he can directly control the trees without touching the trees. As long as he is willing, he can make all the trees grow one inch higher. He discovered the formation of the Muyou Mozu in the forest, the array that trapped the comprehensible and could not fly. He found that he could control these formations.

He can control these formations!

Mu Yu’s heart was moved, and the Bodhi tree did not resist. He immediately lifted all the formations. Mu Yu opened his eyes, released his hand, and he liked it at the moment he was in contact with the Bodhi tree, but he had already done something that the Muyou Mozu didn’t like to do, and at the moment the old tree was discovered, he It’s too late to stop it.

"You – hey! Your coming means that I have to explain to the elders of other Yumun Mozu. ”

The old tree sighed and sighed. The human beings who came here were the common decision of the five Yumeng Mozus. What was wrong with him? Where would the other members of the Yumeng Mozu be willing? The old tree tree does not seem to like to meet with other attributes of the Yumeng Mozu, and perhaps other attributes of the Yumeng Mozu fighting desire is very strong, and the old tree tree does not like the peace of the character!

"You made me touch the linden tree."Mu Yu spread his hands and looked very innocent.

"But it, Bodhi said that you have a deeper understanding of the ability to control wood, and it wants to send you – ah? really? ”

The old tree suddenly showed a surprised expression and looked at the Bodhi tree incredulously. He had been communicating with the Bodhi tree, and when the Bodhi tree conveyed him a message, he was stopped.

"What is true? I am here to be a guest and have a gift to send? That's great, what is it? ”Mu Yu licked his hand and felt that it was not white.

The old tree was a little unhappy. He repeatedly confirmed the information of the Bodhi tree. In the end, he could nod but nodded. "Mu Yu, you should be kind to Muling!" This is very precious for our Muyoumeng. ”

Precious wood spirit?

The old tree suddenly shook hands, and a blue ugly sword appeared in front of Muyu. The sword said that it was a sword. It felt a little insulting to the sword. The whole body was pitted and covered with holes of large and small size. It was like being wormed. From the hilt to the blade, no one was intact. There is no sword at all, and the appearance looks very fragile, as if you can break the sword with a single fold.

"Are you sure this thing is precious?"

Mu Yu turned his eyes, he thought that the old tree must at least take out some kind of golden treasure, but did not expect it to be a piece of broken wood! Where can this kind of deadwood be precious? This wood spirit is falling into the termite nest and being smashed by termites? It’s broken into this, it’s also precious!

"Old tree grower, do you really want to give Muling to this human being? This is the treasure of our Muyou Mozu! ”The Yumeng Mozu, who had never spoken before, suddenly came over and was angrily.

This words amused the wood feathers: "You wood Yumeng Mozu holding this piece of wood smashed by termites as a treasure? What do you think about it? ”

"presumptuous! Muling is the supreme thing of my family, and you are so defiled! ”The Yumeng Mozu yelled.

"Okay, what is the Bodhi tree saying?" Mu Yu, you take it out of here! ”The old tree was very reluctant to hand the wood spirit to Mu Yu, and the expression on his face was like who cut his piece of meat.

"Forget it, look at your eyes and hate to kill me, I still don't want this 'precious' thing."Mu Yu noticed the anger of other Yumeng Mozu, as if he had taken over, he immediately took him as a fertilizer.

"With this wood spirit, all the plants in the world will undergo unexpected changes under your control. The stronger your spiritual power, the higher the age of the plants. The higher the age of the plants, the higher their value. UU reading As long as you have enough spiritual power, you can even let this forest disappear in a flash."The old tree said.

"What? so smart? ”

Mu Yu was shocked. He almost refused such a good thing. Can such a huge forest disappear, is it too exaggerated? Although the premise is that his spiritual power is sufficient, and this premise is too difficult, but he can change the annual ring of any plant, which means that he can change the years of many precious elixir, which he could not do before.

Many elixir drugs are the longer the year, the better the drug effect. Doesn't it mean that as long as he has the seeds of the elixir, can he turn the elixir into a 10,000-year-old baby in a flash?

"I want it, I want it."Mu Yu quickly grabbed Mu Ling, and could not take care of the hatred of other Yumeng Mozu. It was ugly to be ugly, but it was easy to use. At this moment, Mu Yu's split sword suddenly flew out of his own, and then Mu Ling suddenly integrated into the shadow sword.

"This -" Mu Yu was not expected, how can I say no?

"Mu Ling will look for a good host. Your sword is a good product and it is taken care of by it. Muling still has many functions, how to explore it yourself! ”The old tree sighed, and the wood spirit had been collected by the wooden feathers. He wanted to go back and it was too late.

"Why are there so many holes in Mu Ling's uncle, Mu Ling?"Mu Yu thinks that he will not run in the shadow of the sword, let it stay there!

The old tree grows with a meaningful expression, saying: "Mu Ling was intact before, just because our Muyou Mozu lord disappeared, it became like this. If you don't like it, you can choose to fix those holes. ”

"How to fix it?"Mu Yu quickly asked.

"Killing, a person's life can fill a small hole."The old tree said calmly.

Mu Yu stunned.

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