Chapter 77, the Yuan Ying Xiu of the Mo Yun Mountain Range

Everyone has left, and they can't wait to report the action to the division and let the elders of the division decide. Mu Yu also said goodbye to the fat man and others, and then went to the dusty faction with the promise.

"Is you relieved the battle to save everyone?"The lingering look at the clouds in the sky, the moment has already come to the evening, the clouds in the sky are burning red.

Mu Yu nodded. "I didn't think that Ju Wen Xing would be so shameless. I actually said that he did it."

Ju Wenxing attributed all the credit to himself, but the real feathers of this thing were dumb to eat berberine, and there was no hardship to say.

Cheng Yan said with a smile: "It's a pity that you can't say it, but it's cheaper." Master let us come out as low-key as possible, I am afraid that you did it this time, I did not do it! โ€

It is said that the strength of the Golden Age is already well known, and it is impossible to keep a low profile. When he is so young and reaches the Golden Age, he is not too much to be compared to the white tide. I am afraid that many people in the comprehension will remember it.

Mu Yu hesitated for a while, he got a lot of unacceptable information in the old tree tree, he has no way to verify. He remembers that he said that they also came here from the triple continent of the outside world, but how did they pass through the Golden Mountain period?

Isn't it Master just not a Golden Age?

"Senior brother, is Master's cultivation a golden age?"Mu Yu asked.

"Master has suffered irreversible trauma in the outside world, and his cultivation is indeed the Golden Age."The answer is replied.

Mu Yu still doesn't understand: "But I heard that the Golden Age is not able to pass the barren hill where the high-order monsters are sitting in the town. How did you come in at the beginning?"

"Teacher, you have to understand one thing. Master was not an ordinary comprehension. He was very high and how powerful. At that time, I was still young and didn't care much." Even if he is so high, even if he is injured, knowledge and experience, including his magic weapon, are still there. โ€

The slogan paused and continued: "It is not so difficult to deal with the monster. I am more worried about the person you said. I don't understand how the person knows the whereabouts of Master, because no one outside knows Master. Came to the Mouyun Mountain Range."

Mu Yu had to admit that this explanation was reasonable. He suddenly thought that since the brother is also a triple-continent, he must know something.

"Brother, have you heard of the imprisonment?"

Thoughts have been pondered: "Difficult Xian prison? I seem to have heard of Master when I was very young. I can't remember what it is. What do you ask this? โ€

When the teacher came to the mountain with the Master, he was still very small, not sensible, and some memories were blurred. He also had only a little impression on the sleepy Xianji.

Mu Yuโ€™s heart is getting more and more confused, and the old treeโ€™s words make his heart messy. Although the creed does not know what the trapped Xianji is, but the words have heard the three words of the imprisoned Xianji, the old red-shirted young people have also said that the imprisonment of the imperial prison, then this heaven and earth array should not be the old tree leader Hu Hu, It really exists.

The impenetrable imperial prison has trapped a million people in the Moyun Mountains. Is their final outcome really going to perish?

The old tree chief let Mu Yu kill the people of the Sangong Palace, lift the imprisoned Xianji and save the millions of people in the Moyun Mountain Range. But can he really do it with him? What if he has the ability to control wood? A young man in red in the Yuan Ying period could not cope with it. How to fight against the self-cultivators outside the Mou Mountain Range?

"Brother, I will control the trees, you never doubt anything? Why do you seem to care less? โ€Mu Yu could not help but say.

Like Master, the rumor has long known that Mu Yu has the ability to control trees. Controlling the wood is the skill of the Yumeng Mozu, which should have been tolerated by the comprehensible. However, the promise has never said anything, never look at Mu Yu from a strange look, but to the responsibility of the master, to help Mu Yu everywhere.

"What do I have to doubt you? What is your relationship with the Yumeng Mozu? โ€Looking at the wood feathers, the face is still so calm, as if Mu Yu asked a very simple question.

He could not attract his interest.

"About my ability, you must know what, right?"Mu Yu asked.

Looking at the eyes of Mu Yu's longing, I imagined that this incident brought confusion to Mu Yu. He knew that if he didn't tell Mu Yu, maybe he would have been entangled in this matter, I am afraid it will not be good for the future.

He said slowly: "There is a legend in the realm of comprehension outside the Mou Mountain Range. There will be five people in this world, possessing human talent and possessing the ability of the Yumeng Mozu. These five people will decide the pattern of human beings and the Yumeng Mozu. Most of the comprehensions are afraid that these five people will be controlled by the Yumeng Mozu and destroy human beings. Therefore, many people are looking for these five people and want to kill them. โ€

The wood feathers are awkward, and the words of the old tree are not bad! Does this legend really exist? He clenched his lips, and many of the self-cultivators thought about their own death, but the Master and the Brothers were the exception.

"But there are also a few people who believe that these five people will stand on the human side. Master said that he believes that you will make the right choices and will teach you the right values โ€‹โ€‹so that you can be a person who can stand up to your heart. So I also choose to believe in you. โ€

The gaze of the words is so clear, he did not give up the wood feather because Mu Yu is a possible destruction of human existence. Like Master, he always believes that a person can be shaped. They don't give up the wood feathers, but teach how Mu Yu practices, how to use the dust sword, how to become a true self-cultivator, a human.

"The legend is a legend after all, we just have to do it ourselves. On the day Master took you back, he told me about Uncle and An Shu. Master always has his reason to do things. Donโ€™t let him down. โ€It is said.

"Lan Linger and Nannan know?"Mu Yu asked.

The prophecy shook his head: "The fewer people you know, the better. This ability is inherently evil. It is natural to keep it secret. If you can make the people who are close to you not notice, then outsiders will not know."

Mu Yu felt that he was contaminated with something unclean, which made him extremely uncomfortable. Although the rumor did not see him as a monster, but there is still a must in his heart.

"But you haven't kept it secret. I saw that you have been involved in the tree several times. You have been in the first few months of the introduction, and you are going to take you to the Hummer Honeycomb. You are covered with a face and then eat well. The two of them are too small to be suspicious, others will not doubt it?"

Mu Yu smiled awkwardly. He remembered that at that time, it was only when he saw that he was ravaged by the wasp. He went straight to the trees and cleared the poison. At that time, the air was so wonderful. They were prepared to laugh at Mu Yu for a month.

On the way back, it was dusk, and the sun was like blood, illuminating the land.

Suddenly, the slogan stopped and looked at the front. There was a person in front of them who stopped their way, and the setting sun reflected on that person, so true and familiar.

Mu Yu looked at Qing Mei. She didn't know when she was waiting for the way back. She wanted to get an answer. She wanted to know the thoughts of the words. The erratic eyes of these days have been bothering her.

"Brother, I am waiting for you in front."

In the same way, it was said again from the wooden feather mouth, as if they had seen them in the grove of the pines that night. He didn't know how the promise would explain to Qing Mei, and he didn't want to know.

Mu Yu suddenly found that she did not know when it was like a small three, destroying the feelings of the brothers.

Mu Yu also likes a person, but that person does not like him.


Qingsong pie, Houshan.

Here is the place where the Qingsong Taoist retreats. The door is forbidden. No one dares to swear.

Qingsong Dao people stretched their muscles and felt the majestic spiritual power in the body. He screamed in the sky, and the violent spiritual power went straight into the sky, shattering the red clouds, and the white light seemed so dazzling in the setting sun. Everyone in the Qingsong faction looked at the back mountain with horror. The horrible spiritual fluctuations made every disciple of the Qingsong faction stunned. Everyone looked at each other.

"The head is the head to break through the Yuan Ying period!"

"Itโ€™s really the head to break through the Yuan Ying period!"

An elder in the Golden Age period was thrilled and went down the mountain. After all the disciples were shocked, all of them were ecstatic, and they all fell down and bowed to the back mountain. For a time, the Qingsong faction was full of joy!

For so many years, the Mouyun Mountain has never been broken into the Yuan Ying period, but the Qingsong Dao has created history, yes! Their extremely admired head created history and became the first person to enter the Yuan Ying period!

Their heads are already gods!

The Qingsong faction is a big faction. In the past, the Qingsong Taoist people were only repaired by the Jindan period. The heads of other sects, such as Jiuhuaโ€™s Jiuhua real person, were not much better than the Qingsong Taoist. Many things in the world are agreed between Jiuhua and Qingsong.

At this moment, the Qingsong Taoist people entered the Yuan Ying period, so the real world is really only the Qingsong Taoist people, and Jiuhua real people have no right to speak in front of the Qingsong Taoist! Only shivering, all the heads meet the Qingsong Taoist, only the squatting, this is the absolute strength!

The Qingsong disciples cheered, but no one dared to go to the back hills. They all waited in the same place to wait for the head to go out, waiting for the head to personally announce this good news.

However, the Qingsong disciples did not think that their high-ranking heads, the Qingsong Taoist who had stepped into the Yuan Ying period, existed in the Moushan Mountain as a god, but now respectfully squatted in front of a young man in red !

The look is so respectful, and that kind of look will only appear on the servant's face.

If the disciples of the Qingsong School see this scene, it will certainly be difficult to accept!

Their honorable heads, the upright Yuan Yingzun, even gave a red-shirted young man a kneeling?

โ€œThank you for your master and help me break through to the Yuan Ying period.โ€The Qingsong Taoist said with respect and respect, there is no dissatisfaction with the matter of giving people a squat.

He can't produce dissatisfaction, and the effect of the slave is terrible. Once you take it, you can't defy it all your life!

When he entered the Yuan Ying period, he realized why he had never been able to break through to the Yuan Ying period before, because the spiritual power between the heavens and the earth was not enough for a person to enter the Yuan Ying period.

At this moment, even if he stepped into the Yuan Ying period with the help of young people, the young people in red are still unfathomable in front of his eyes. Like the vast sea, the Qingsong Tao people can't afford any rebellious thoughts.

"Get up!"The young people in red said faintly.

The Qingsong Taoist stood up and stood respectfully in the side, standing with his hands as if an old servant was waiting for the master's orders.

In the beginning, he became a slave to others as the servant of his own lord, and he could not bear it. But when he knew the identity of the young people in red, he realized that the so-called Qingsong head, outside the Mouyun Mountain Range, was the existence of ants.

He followed such a person and broke through to the Yuan Ying period. It is also a good thing, even if the cost of this creation is great.

"Moving the mountains, in the condition of trapping Xianji, you will not reach the Yuan Ying period in your whole life. If I didn't bring the spiritual spar from the outside, it took so many auras, and you want to be a Yuan Ying period is really delusional! โ€

The young people in red looked at the pile of waste rocks around them, piled up like mountains. It was originally a spar filled with exuberant aura. All of them were taken by the young people in red to help the Qingsong Taoist people break through. UU Read www.

"Yes, the old slave understands, thank you for your support."Qingsong Taoist said quickly.

He already knows the location of the imprisoned Xianqiang from the young people in red. He also knows that the imprisoned Xianji will destroy all human beings in a few years. If the young people in red donโ€™t find him, I am afraid he will be with other comprehensions. Like mortals, they unknowingly died in this heaven and earth.

"I help you break through the Yuan Ying period, but not for your thanks! I have one thing that you need to finish! โ€The young man in red said slowly, his eyes flashed through a red awn, as if a flame was faintly flashing.

"But by the owner!"The Qingsong Taoist kneeled down on one knee and said respectfully.

"There is something we need to deal with."

"what's up?"

"Handle the sword shadow dust!"


On the way back, Mu Yu and his friends did not speak. The expression of the word is still so calm, but Mu Yu can feel the deep sadness of the brother's calm appearance. What exactly did they end up? Mu Yu did not ask, and did not mention it.

Far away, they have already seen the face of the dusty mountain. There are still a few sparks on the mountain. At this moment, the sky is already bright. They didnโ€™t spend the night on the road, but they rushed back, because they were eager to put Yumeng. The matter of the Mozu told Master that they had driven the road overnight.

The two of them just landed and they met An Shu.

"An uncle, Master?"Mu Yu couldn't wait to ask, at this moment everyone should get up and practice. In the past, Master would take care of his vegetable garden at this time, but Mu Yu did not see Master's shadow in the vegetable garden.

An Shu frowned a little: "Isn't the head going with you?" Are you coming back, the head? โ€

Mu Yu and Cheng Yan are sinking at the same time, Master has not returned yet?

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