Chapter 774 Rules

        The repeatedly uprising on the Dragon's meeting has attracted more and more demon people here. &1t;/p>

        Each demon people have to inquire about what happened, in the clear Jade Dragon intervention after a contest, and everyone now in doubt about the black box operation problem, all the original demon people immediately quit, joined the voice of denunciation. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu and Jade Dragon Two people still in the air confrontation, Jade Dragon breath ruthless spicy, wood feather breath cold, has become the focus of all demon people! &1t;/p>

        The distant purple electric wing dragon, the Black Tiger Dragon as well as the dragon can frost three people heart also is very shocking! &1t;/p>

        According to the plan, three patriarch was originally let Jade dragon to deliberately make difficult wood plume, and in Mu Yu and seven of the competition, let the Jade Dragon God unknown to find opportunities to assist the Dragon Seven, kill off Mu plume. &1t;/p>

        However, I did not expect that the progress of the event was unexpected. Mu Yu’s shot was too fast. He simply killed the Dragon Seven, and even Yu Yulong had no chance to shoot! &1t;/p>

        The three dragon patriarchs originally wanted to pretend that they did not see it, and let Yuxilong deal with it himself, but the more troubles at the moment, the serious interference with the other trials on the Shenglongtai, so the other three dragon chiefs had to show up. &1t;/p>

        "Give me peace, what happened here?"&1t;/p>

        The sound of the black tiger dragon was as bright as the Hong Zhong, overshadowing all the noises, and the breath of the body also spread out, shocking everyone, all the dragonflies stopped, no one dared to speak out. &1t;/p>

        "His a despicable human race actually killed my dragon!"Yu Yulong said with a sullen face. &1t;/p>

        "Mu Yu Xiaoyou, why are you killing? You have to give us a murder explanation. ”Black Tiger said seriously. &1t;/p>

        "You don't understand what Dragon Seven did?"Mu Yu sneered.


        Black Tiger said seriously: "I don't know what to do with Dragon Seven, but you should give us a confession when you kill!"&1t;/p>

        Long Keshuang saw the body of Long Qi, but also angry. &1t;/p>

        Dragon Seven is a person in her family. It was a conspiracy to kill Mu Yu. Even if she couldn’t win, she would have to spend the experience of Mu Yu, so that Mu Yu was killed by Long Feiying in the next test. This dragon can also be handed over to the dragon and two dragons. &1t;/p>

        However, I never imagined that the Dragon Seven, which had been placed high hopes, had not been completely shot and was killed by Mu Yu! &1t;/p>

        "Human wood feather! You killed our Yao people, you damn it! ”Long Keshuang has stood by Yu Yulong and said with anger. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu still has a cold killing intention: "Can the referee also participate in the test? Or do you all say that you have become a fart, are you a dragon who has no shame? ”&1t;/p>


        Long Ke cream is about to be shot, but the dragon's figure has appeared beside Mu Yu, and roared: "Dog, when can you point your face?"&1t;/p>

        Long Keshuang hardly resisted and did not start. If the real dragon was started under the public, everyone would think that she was disrespectful to the real dragon. Once something happened in the real dragon, she must be the first to go black. &1t;/p>

        "The real dragon, the point on the rising dragon platform, never lived in the battle of life and death, the human family Mu Yu killed my demon people, you can not be partial."Long Ke frost Shen Sheng. &1t;/p>

        "Fold your sister! Why are you an old woman so shameless? Just now, the Dragon Seven, the miscellaneous dragon, is very clear. Regardless of life or death on the stage of life and death, only on winning or losing, are you all the demon people present as fools? ”Long Teng shouted unceremoniously. &1t;/p>

        Long Keshuang’s face was also a stagnation after hearing the snoring of Long Teng. She was indeed very old, but her appearance was very well maintained. As a woman, who would like to be pointed at the nose? &1t;/p>

        If she changed her usual, she had already killed everyone, but now it is Longtan, and even if she has thousands of anger in her heart, she can only force it down. &1t;/p>

        "The real dragon is laughing and joking. I didn't see the match before. I don't know what happened."Long Keshuang said, tightening his lips. &1t;/p>

        She thought that her goal was Longtan, and she secretly told herself that she could not be impulsive. All things were waiting for opportunities to secretly hold Longtan and say. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu converges on the power of killing. Every time he uses this power, some emotions in his brain will be swallowed up, which makes him dislike. &1t;/p>

        "If you don't know things, don't talk. As a dragon patriarch, you don't want to be savage. You want to kill people. This is the characteristic of a shrew, not the image of a dragon's patriarch. You say yes! Dragon cream? ”Mu Yu said faintly. &1t;/p>

        "you wanna die!"&1t;/p>

        The anger of Long Keshuang has already accumulated to the extreme. If it is not because of the presence of many ethnic groups today, she has long wanted to rush to kill Mu Yu! &1t;/p>

        "Mu Yu said with a smile, since Long Qi used the external force regardless of the test rule, used the dragon scale to use it, and made a promise of life and death, then the death in the hands of Mu Yu Xiaoyou is indeed self-defeating, I will be fair in this matter. fair."Black Tiger said. &1t;/p>

        "You just didn't say that Dragon Seven is doing something you don't know?" How do you know that Dragon Seven has used external forces? Or is Dragon Seven using dragon scales that you allow? ”Wood feather said profoundly. &1t;/p>

        The black tiger dragon's face changed slightly. He said that he had leaked his mouth for a moment, but he did not expect to be caught by Mu Yu. He coughed twice, and smiled: "I guess too. After all, the power here is far from being able to be made by the Dragon Seven. Wood Yu Xiaoyou should not care."&1t;/p>

        The purple electric wing pterosaur also stood up and said: "I have already found someone to inquire about the matter just now. It is indeed that the dragon seven does not measure the force and destroys the rules of the dragon. If he takes the lead in destroying the rules, then this is also a payout. The price is gone. However, the Dragon Festival is the strength of Qinglong's ancestors to test the younger generation of the Yaozu people. It is not expected to cause casualties. Therefore, I now declare that no matter who is, no external force is allowed. Once the external force is used, it will definitely be subject to Severe punishment! ”&1t;/p>

        Purple Electric Flying Pterosaur then deliberately said to Mu Yu: "Mu Yu Xiaoyou, please also observe the rules of the Dragon Festival, no need to use the power that does not belong to you."&1t;/p>

        Both Long Keshuang and Yu Yulong frowned. They deliberately did not emphasize this point, in order to allow their own people to use the dragon scales to kill the wood feathers, but the purple electric wing pterosaur now gives the rules to death. How do you use dragon scales next? &1t;/p>

        However, both of them are not skeptical, because this rule is inherent. If you ask again, then Muyu will take the opportunity to make a living, and other primitive Yao people will be dissatisfied. &1t;/p>

        "That still hopes that some people can consciously abide by the rules!"&1t;/p>

        Mu Yu faintly glanced at the jade dragon, and then left the Dragon Station with Long Teng. &1t;/p>

        "Everyone is gone! Thang Long will continue, I hope that everyone can strictly abide by the rules and be fair and just! There is also a referee who will not interfere with the test. The previous things will not be regenerated. ”Purple electric wing dragon Long Yizheng said. &1t;/p>

        After the Tenglong will continue to restore order, the four dragon patriarchs have reunited together, and Longke Frost is the first to be difficult: "Flying pterosaur, what do you mean? In the face of so many people to rule the death, then how to deal with Mu Yu? ”&1t;/p>

        "Don't rely on dragon scales, what do we have to beat the wood feathers? If you don't kill the wood feathers and let the wood feathers protect the dragons, how can we get the dragons? ”Yu Yulong also asked. &1t;/p>

        The purple electric wing pterosaur shook his head: "The two are not safe, don't you just show it?" &1t;/p>

        The power of the human family Mu Yu is comparable to the sword in his hand. Presumably this is the reason why he can rescue the two demon kings, and Yu Yulong has played against him several times. You should know his At what level is it repaired? ”&1t;/p>

        "His repair is about two days in the fit."Yu Yulong has a cold voice. He did not take advantage of the three times and five times, but he was still clear about Mu Yu’s repair. &1t;/p>

        "Long Ye was once defeated in his hand, but Long Ye said it. At that time, Mu Yu relied on the Horcrux on the demon island, so this time we forbid him to use external force, which means he can no longer use that. A strange power can't use the Horcrux. So isn’t the strength of the Dragon Flying Eagle enough to seriously hurt him? ”Purple electric flying pterosaurs smiled slightly. &1t;/p>

        "Don't my dragon seven be so white?"Long Keshuang said not to be willing. &1t;/p>

        "When we seriously injured Mu Yu at the Thang Long meeting, and then took the opportunity to kill him, when the dragon vines in the morning valley can not protect those people, then the dragon's blood will soon fall into our hands. We evenly distribute the blood of Long Teng. Isn't the real dragon blood can't compare with a dragon? ”Purple electric wing pterosaur said. &1t;/p>

        Long Keshuang snorted: "Dragon Seven is the most outstanding young man of our demon spirits. It is so dead, I can't swallow this breath!"&1t;/p>

        "If you can't swallow, you have to swallow now. Everything is waiting to kill the wood feathers. All the hatred can be reported!"Black Tiger said impatiently. &1t;/p>


        Mu Yu is adjusting, and just confronted Yu Yulong with a blow, still seems a little stubborn. Fortunately, the four dragon patriarchs did not dare to kill him blatantly because of Long Teng, otherwise he alone could not resist the four-robbery period. &1t;/p>

        Longteng sat on the side and asked: "The purple electric pterosaur has said that it can't rely on external forces. So, do I still need those arrays?"&1t;/p>

        "Keep it, if the other party is useless, if it is useful to kill him directly, you don't need to be merciful."Mu Yu said without thinking. &1t;/p>

        And the shameless dragons speak the principle of comparison, and the loss is definitely for themselves. This is not a fair test, the Dragon people are shameless to this point, Mu Yu does not want to be polite. &1t;/p>

        "Oh, let you not learn about the array, if you learn the array, you can use the array, then it is not an external force."Xiaoshuai is always sitting in the mouth of Joe Snow, always eating. &1t;/p>

        Xiaoshuai will use the array, so he is not panicked. &1t;/p>

        After a long time, the old doctor walked in and said: "The trial of the real dragon is about to begin. UU reading You are careful."&1t;/p>

        The old doctor is very worried. He doesn't know the real cultivation of Long Teng, but the strength of Long Wen Cat is very clear. Long Wen Cat has been the first to score the scoring since the four days of distraction. The strength is unquestionable. &1t;/p>

        "I know, rest assured! I won't lose to a dragon. ”Said Long Teng. &1t;/p>

        They went to the place where they tried again. This time all the original Yao people were waiting for them outside, because both Xiaoshuai and Mu Yu, both of them had amazed performance, so they are also looking forward to Longtan. &1t;/p>

        Long Teng just went out, suddenly cheering loudly, surrounded them and came to the Dragon Station, and the Longhua cat on the stage had long waited for a long time. &1t;/p>…


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