Chapter 78: The head is missing

From dawn in the morning to the setting sun, the day actually went very fast. But this day, for everyone in the Dust Mountain, it seems to be extremely long, they really understand what is called the day.

Already near dusk, there is no smoke on the dusty mountain.

Everyone did not practice, sitting on the big rock on the mountainside of the dusty mountain, looking at the sky in a daze, everyone hoped that the familiar figure would appear in the sky, then empty and wonderful will hit his shoulder, staring at him The beard complained that other people couldn’t wait to eat the food he made.

But apart from the birds, no shadows appear in the air. This daze was a whole day, and there was no wind in the middle of the mountain, and the atmosphere was somewhat depressed.

"I am going out to find!"Wood feathers couldn't sit still. He jumped out of the stone with an anxious look on his face.

"You are not allowed to go!"Lan Linger took Mu Yu, "waiting for the master and An Shu to come back."

Master should have returned a few days ago. At that time, the test was over. Master said that he would immediately return to the dust, while Mu Yu and Cheng Yan rushed to Fulong Mountain. But now they are both back, and the master has no news, which makes Mu Yu and Cheng Yan panic.

If the ordinary Master does not return, they will not worry at all. After all, Master’s cultivation will not suffer in the realm of cultivation. But at this moment, a young man in red is looking for him. The man has to squat at his feet.

The strength of young people in red is not able to resist in the Moyun Mountain. He wants to find the shadow of the sword, and the shadow of the sword is the master. Master has disappeared for so many days without knowing it. How can he not worry?

"Master and An Shu should be coming back soon, let's not worry."Out of the channel, he said in his mouth, in fact, he also wants to go out and find someone.

Waiting is painful, no one wants to wait.

Everyone in the red-shirted youth looking for the shadow of the sword and shadow has already known that everyone except the Lan Linger is surprised. The strength of the individual was indifferent to the mountains. No one could resist. When they heard that the Qingsong Taoists were crouching at the feet of young people, they were also shocked.

"Miaomiao, Master won't have anything, right?"Sitting on the ground empty, holding branches on the ground, but looking at the sky.

"Ok! Master is so powerful, how can it happen? ”Miao Miao did not go out of the air, they did not go around, but they sat honestly. There is a powerful person who may have taken away Master. They like to stick to Master every day. If Master has an accident, where will they be happy?

"If the young people in red seized Master, how would he know Master?"Mu Yu thought about the possibility of the least willing to see.

Master never used to say that he would go out without saying a word, and he would not disappear for so many days without any reason. When everything hits together, he knew that young people in red may already know that the wind is dusty. .

Mu Yu had some self-blame, and he and the promise should be accompanied by Master on the same day. However, Master himself is also a cultivation of the Golden Age. If the young man in red has already determined that Master is a sword and dust, can they compete with the young people in red with the help of the three of them?

He doesn't know, even if you try it!

"Master is back!"The tip of the eye jumped up.

Everyone quickly stood up and looked at the shadow of the sky in the sky, and finally fell, everyone was surrounded.

"is there any news?"Mu Yu asked eagerly.

The expression was a little tired, and he shook his head: "I went to the Qingsong faction and quietly inquired. Master is not there, and the school does not have the shadow of Master. But I got a bad news. ”

"It’s bad enough that Master is gone. What better thing?"Mu Yu re-sit back to the stone.

"The Qingsong Taoists have already entered the realm of the Yuan Ying period. They will hold a celebration ceremony after a month of Qingsong. The invitation has been sent to all the sects, and they have to discuss how to annihilate the Fulong Mountain Yumeng Mozu.

Said the words.

Has the Qingsong Taoist people already reached the Yuan Ying period?

In addition to Mu Yu, others were shocked again. The Yuan Ying period has always been a legendary existence for them, and no one has ever seen it or thought about it. If you don’t already know that the young people in red are the nurses of the Yuan Ying, and they may have taken away the Master, they may not believe it.

"The other sects lost so much in Fulongshan this time, will they be willing to participate?"Lan Linger asked.

"The request for the strong infants of the Yuan Ying period, you must participate if you do not participate!" The heads of every martial art have to fight in front of the Qingsong Taoist people. They used to be ceremonial and thoughtful. After all, everyone is doing the Golden Dan period. Now I am afraid that the Qingsong Taoist people will let all the sects of the sects fall down! Who dares to complain? ”Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

Qingsong Taoist is not terrible, terrible is the red young man behind the Qingsong Taoist!

What is the purpose of the young people in red clothes to help the Qingsong Taoist people break through the Yuan Ying period? Even if he wants to find the sword shadow dust through the Qingsong Taoist people, can the Qingsong Taoist in the Jindan period and the Qingsong Taoist in the Yuan Ying period differ from him?

This is a question that Mu Yu has been thinking about and the most unreasonable place. The old tree chief told him that the spiritual power of the trapped Xianji was scattered. It was not enough for a Jindan period practitioner to break through to the Yuan Ying period. If the young people in red want to help the Qingsong Taoist people break through the Yuan Ying period, they will inevitably pay some major The price, are these costs really worth it?

"What about our martial art? Want to participate? ”Asked south.

One month later, it was a celebration ceremony. The people of Qingsong wanted to let all the people in the world worship him as God. Do they dare not participate?

"Wait for Uncle to come back and make a decision. I went to the Qingsong faction and only inquired in secret. Actually, I couldn’t find out anything-"

The words did not go on, everyone knows in their hearts, although the promise has quietly went to the Qingsong faction to find out that the heads of all the sects have returned a few days ago. But if the young people in red are secretly starting to attack, where do they find out?

Perhaps at this moment, Master is in a dungeon of the Qingsong faction, the Qingsong faction is so big, and there are two Yuan Ying period defenders guarding. How can they find people?

"I went to practice."Mu Yu suddenly stood up and flew up the mountain without looking back.

Everyone was horrified at the wood feathers that suddenly left, and then sighed heavily. If Master is in the Qingsong faction, can they go to the Qingsong Pine to save people with their current strength?

Enemy, like the vast waves of the sea, how can they resist like a lonely boat under a huge wave?

Strength! Only strength is the most important thing.

For a few days, there was no news of the wind and dust, and the dusty mountain lost the joyful laughter of the past. An uncle came back every day, then left, he did not give up looking for the head. The prophecy also followed, and everyone else calmed down and practiced. They were too low to help.

These days, the rumors took some news, because the Qingsong Taoist broke through the Yuan Ying period, and the entire comprehension community has already exploded. This unprecedented event has made everyone have to pay attention to it. Even mortals who do not know how to cultivate know that the Qingsong Taoist people have become the living gods.

Mu Yu was sleepless and cultivated on the cliffs, but his cultivation did not improve. In fact, he could not deceive himself. The practice of refining the dust is the heart, and he simply can’t stop. He can't help but think about Master's current situation. He is very anxious. His swordsmanship is not so volatile and chaotic.

What if he has a strong talent? Even if he is the so-called person around the world war situation? His strength is still so weak that anyone can kill him, even Master can't protect him.

Two of the Shadow Sword in the air apart, the wooden feather body flashing between, has been converted into two people, a person holding a shadow, the foot shadow evolution, two figures have been interwoven together, sword light, sword gas vertical and horizontal, the aura of the sky as lost control general, hit scattered, will fallout cliff on the old Banyan Leaf rolled up, blown away, into smithereens.


A red flying sword hit, and the red light violently rose, and the one of the wooden feathers was crushed. The red flying sword was as soft and flowing as the flowing water, and the figure of the wooden feather was beaten back. .

"I want to fight one."

Lan Linger fell lightly in front of Mu Yu. The sword in her hand jerked, and the red awns were full of enthusiasm. The road was full of sparkling swords, and the soft belt was just right. Her sword, named Qingbing, was supposed to be a sleek sword, but in the hands of Lan Linger, it was like a flame.

Mu Yu does not speak, the blue color has been turned into a shadow of the sky, and went to Lan Linger.


Lan Linger's sunny ice swords skyrocketed, the swords are blooming, like a fire lotus, and a sword, nine shadows, shaking the violent spiritual ripples in the air, shattering the swords of the sky, and wood The feathers turned and the sword in his hand had already stabbed Lan Linger.

Lan Linger's body is slanted, the tip of the sword is lightly turned, the streamer is unloaded, and the sword is constantly flowing. The sword is soft and soft, and sometimes it is like a cold gold iron, sharp and overbearing, sometimes like cotton. Let others' swords always fail to do their best.

Master said that UU reads www.uukanshu. Com is dusty, the swords that different people practice are not the same. What is your heart, how is your sword?

Looking at Lan Linger's tight brow, Mu Yu suddenly realized that in this mountain, he was disturbed by more than one person. Everyone cares about Master's safety. If everyone is in an impetuous manner, who can make the most correct judgment?

Master said that it is the heart to repair the immortality, and the spirit of the sword is calm.

Mu Yu took a deep breath, his heart slowly stabilized, and the shadow no longer vibrated.

A person, a sword, a heart, and a complicated sword can sometimes be simple.

The faint blue light gradually permeates the blade, like a lush vegetation, with a touch of sigh of breath, and the sword is soaring. In the hands of Lan Linger, the flying sword was interwoven into a red awn on the chest, and the red awns wrapped her in between, blocking the sword shadow of Mu Yu. However, the shadow of Mu Yu’s sword is like the grass that the spring breeze smashed, and the vitality continues to come, breaking the red awn of Lan Linger, and the heavy sword shadow falls to Lan Linger.

Lan Linger's pace is full of enthusiasm, and it has already risen from the ground. The sword of Mu Yu blasts on the ground, the smoke is full of sky, and the gravel beats.

The two men's body shape opened, and then rushed to each other in unison, the spiritual force burst open with the two people, sweeping open, the sound of whistling on the falling cliffs.

The smoke and dust scattered, Lan Linger's right arm slightly curved, the sword in his hand was only one inch into the chest of the wooden feather, and the sword of the wooden feather was placed on the neck of Lan Linger.

"I am really worried about Master."

Lan Linger suddenly threw away the Qingbing Sword and threw it into the arms of Mu Yu. The tears could no longer stop, pouring out and soaking the clothes of Mu Yu.

The shadow of Mu Yu’s hand has disappeared, and he clings to Lan Linger. The beloved girl cries in her arms, but he can't do anything. He wants to cry, but he knows that he can't cry. There is always someone who needs to be strong.

Her heart is chaotic and his heart is calm.

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