The No. 787 chapter of eternal life.

    "Yes, the big dragon sounds like a fight against Tsing Lung, I do not respect, we have to respect the elders is not?" ”Dragon Demon Wang Yi the appearance of an expert.

    The phoenix demon king and the white scorpion demon king sneered in the "squatting" there, and the slap of the Qinglong demon king patted the past again and made them quiet.

    "Why should I respect you?"Longtan frowned and asked. He is a proud guy, and he hasn’t turned his head to anyone, even if he doesn’t do the same with himself.

    The Qinglong demon king was stunned and immediately laughed: "Good! I just like your arrogant and unattractive attitude. We should have such a noble spirit as the unique dragon in the world! ”

    Qinglong demon king nodded with appreciation and decided to ease the atmosphere first.

    However, Long Teng did not eat this set at all, but scornfully said: "The noble dragon will not do your kind of thing, at least I will never go to so many monsters with so many monsters, you This kind of thing can be done, I can't look down."

    The phoenix demon king and the white scorpion demon king began to laugh again, and the Qinglong demon king could not wait to shoot the two catastrophic bastards.

    The Qinglong demon king snorted with a beard and said in a low voice: "You misunderstood, how can I combine with ordinary monsters?" I think that my partner should be one of the strongest beings in the world, so strictly speaking, my descendants are not my own hands, but –"

    The Qinglong demon king said that he suddenly did not say anything here, his face was a little embarrassed, like what is hard to say.

    "Don't you make so many annoying dragons? What did you do? ”Longteng asked inexplicably.

    Qinglong demon king coughed twice, like a child, shouting: "This is it! This is not a good explanation, we will not explain it, okay? ”

    "Why not explain?"Longtan asked more curiously.

    The white demon king and the phoenix demon king have been laughing at the side, and they are obviously aware of the inside.

    The white demon king laughed and said: "In fact, the younger brother of Qinglong is to cultivate the offspring by raising the scorpion, and to hand over the cockroaches to other monsters, let them go to the little dragons themselves. He did not personally go into battle, understand?"

    "I know that I know that in the unfortunate war in Panmen, Pan Yinlian mentioned that raising a donkey is…"Xiaoshuai raised his hand and wanted to answer.

    However, Mu Yu promptly held Xiao Shuai’s mouth and told him not to finish his words.

    "What does it mean to raise a donkey?"The dragon vine is really white with a piece of paper.

    "In short, children are not suitable, cough! Come, Xiaoqinglong, show me your body. ”The Qinglong demon king took the dragon vine and extended his hand to pinch the whole body of the dragon.

    "Are you sick! What are you doing? ”Long Teng Road.

    Tsing Lung Demon King is a supreme proud of the Demon King was scolded without temper, can only hehe hollow laugh two sound, solemnly said: "I see your bones surprised, the body still retains a strong wood vitality, presumably often absorb that wood feather little friend of the spiritual power, this thing done very well, because Longto, the body or plant, So we need the wood essence to warm up. You are not disturbed by other things. Now it is still a piece of jade, I can help you to sculpt and let you grow up quickly. ”

    The Qinglong demon king is very pampered by Long Teng. After all, there are only two species that are so proud of the real dragon. So far, there are only two in the world. The Qinglong demon king is very happy. He always wants to be close to the dragon rattan. Unfortunately, Longtan is hard and soft. Eat, there is no intention to give the face of the Qinglong demon king.

    "You will be with me in the future. I want to teach as a one-stop real cultivation method. Otherwise, with your current progress, I am afraid that I will not be able to reach the robbery period in a hundred years."The Qinglong demon king solemnly said.

    "I don't want to be with you."Long Teng said without thinking, left the Qinglong demon king and returned to Mu Yu. "I prefer to play with Mu Yu and the little mouse everywhere."

    "Before you have no strength, it is dangerous outside!"Qinglong demon king said seriously.

    "I haven't lived so well for so many years, I don't live well?"Long Teng said disdainfully.

    The dragon vine followed the wood feather, they encountered a lot of danger, but they all resolved in a shocking way.

    The Qinglong demon king was speechless. He looked at Mu Yu and realized that only Mu Yu could speak the dragon vine. He then turned the topic away and smiled softly. "So many years, thanks to Mu Yu Xiaoyou, Xiao Xiaolong . Mu Yu Xiaoyou, I heard that you can solve the plague poison, I did not expect that I have studied for thousands of years, can not delve into the detoxification method, but let the wooden feather friends to unlock. ”

    Mu Yu responded politely: "There is a specialization in the industry, and my ability is sure to know the demon king."

    Qinglong demon king nodded: "I know your identity, you are the same as Qiao Xue, the host of Yu Mengling, your control of wood is really good! This time helped us the Yaozu, I will thank you very much. ”

    "Oh, hypocrisy, just a rude and unforgiving look!"Longtan snarled in the side.

    The Qinglong demon king pretended not to hear what Long Teng said.

    Mu Yu is not coming to the Qinglong demon king and the other side of the set, he directly cut into the topic and asked: "I heard that several demon kings went to the forever ban, I wonder if there is a sinister spirit?"

    The dead wood old man once said to Mu Yu, the eternal forbidden land is a place without night, and the extremely mysterious spirit is the thing that specifically restrains the meat-winged horns, the Qinglong demon king and others are inevitable and flesh-winged. The horns are related.

    "You know even the forbidden land and the mysterious spirits, it is really unexpected!"The Qinglong demon king was a little surprised, and then he thought that the master of Mu Yu was a sword and dust, and he was relieved.

    The Qinglong demon king looked thoughtfully for a moment, and seemed to be thinking about how to answer Mu Yu. He continued to say: "About the fact that the moon is destroyed, we can barely solve the peep of the heavenly lord. The danger is temporarily lifted."

    "Resolved the peep of the heavenly lover? What does it mean? ”Mu Yu asked inexplicably.

    Regarding the existence of the Heavenly Man, Mu Yu always felt that this was a very abstract thing. Since the meat-winged horns that were sent to the Three Heavens were wiped out, it should be brought to the attention of the heavenly person, if it can be so easy. To solve this problem, why did you still have to work hard to detain the meat-winged horns?

    "Someone once again used powerful means to survive the voyeur of the heavenly person, and we only know it."The white demon king interjected in the side.

    Mu Yu’s heart is moving. If anyone has such a powerful means to survive the heavens, then he will only think of the shadow of the sword!

    Has the Master escaped from the Triple Palace?

    The King of the Sea King looks out the expectation of Mu Yu, and then he said: "It’s not the sword shadow dust, but the phantom rain. When the sword shadow dust left a hand, let the phantom rain use in this situation. Another way, but this method can only last for a few years, and it won't last long, so we have to find another way."

    The heart of Mu Yu fell.

    "Phantom rain?"

    For the phantom rain, this person has not officially seen him with him yet, but the strength of the phantom rain is almost the same as that of the master of Mu Yu. It is not surprising that this can be done.

    "Do not worry, the sword shadow dust can't go wrong, the world can't live without him. The incumbent of the Mie Palace, the white house, is short-sighted and dares to do so. We will find him to settle accounts. ”Qinglong demon king said.

    "Thank you."Mu Yu out of the channel.

    Being able to get such a promise makes Mu Yu feel at ease, and the Three Palaces will not be removed in a day. This is not the case.

    "You saved my two brothers, and I will naturally help you. But we still need you to do one thing. This is a crucial thing and the key to the decision to continue to develop. ”Qinglong demon king said cautiously.

    "what's up?"

    “Look for three eternal people!”

    "The eternal life? Are you not? ”Mu Yu frowned.

    Several demon kings looked at each other and exchanged a look. Finally, the Qinglong demon king made up his mind and said: "Because you and Qiao Xue are both eternal people, I will not be jealous of you in this matter… ”

    "Wait, you said that I and Joe Snow are also eternal people?"

    Mu Yu was really shocked. He always thought that the eternal life had only the top ten demon kings and the few human races, but the Qinglong demon king suddenly said that he and Qiao Xue were also eternal people, which shocked him.

    "Grand Dragon, what are you talking about?"Qiao Xue was also surprised, she never knew about it.

    “Does the body of eternal life not require the perfect balance of the five elements in the body?”Mu Yu continued to ask. Both he and Qiao Xue have achieved the ultimate single attribute in the body, and they are not even balanced.

    The Qinglong demon king shook his head: "The body of your human race and our demon people really need to achieve perfect balance of the five elements in the body, but Yumeng does not need to use it. You need to reach a very extreme attribute in the body. Whether the wind has told you that the five Eumundine Lords are also immortal."

    This point Mu Yu knows that when Feng Hau Chen once told Mu Yu some truths, Feng Haochen forcibly opened the reincarnation channel, sent five Yumeng into the reincarnation, and then attached them to the five people, resulting in them five. The baby who was supposed to die with a shot survived.

    This is not only that he and Qiao Xue, Cheng Yan, Luo Wei and the three people in the south are eternal people?

    "You think it's right. Your three brothers are also eternal people. Qiao Xue and I have said it. The reason why I have always protected Joe Snow is because she will also bear the responsibility of the eternal life. ”When the Qinglong demon king said this, his expression became very serious.

    “The responsibilities of the eternal life? what is that? ”

    Mu Yu is more and more ridiculous. They have the existence of the Lord of Umming in the five bodies, so they can become eternal people, and Mu Yu never considered this before.

    Qinglong demon king said with a dignified face: "A world needs to maintain balance, which is determined by many factors. Once many things are broken, the world will collapse. For example, the anger of the grass and the imbalance of death can have serious consequences. I think you are familiar with this. If the eternal life of the triple heaven does not reach nine people, then the balance of the world will be destroyed! ”

    "Nine people? Does the world need nine eternal people? ”

    So far, Mu Yu knows the eternal life, there are sword shadow dust, evil spirits, phantom rain, five Yumeng spirits or they are five people themselves, the top ten demon king, this has eighteen It is.

    "What are you worried about? Nine are definitely more than enough! ”Mu Yu Road.

    The Qinglong demon king shook his head: "You are wrong. The true eternal life must be balanced by the five elements, which is consistent with the world, so in fact, you can only count one of the five." The sword shadow dust and the phantom rain and the evil shadow are not old people who belong to this world. Only five of our top ten demon kings belong to the triple heaven, and the white ones are the eternal people of the double heaven. ”

    For the sword shadow dust, the phantom rain and the evil spirits are not the people of this world, Mu Yu is not surprised, he knows that Master is a very mysterious person, and there are any secrets that can be accepted by Master. .

    "This world has never been as simple as you think. The eternal life is not as beautiful as you think. The world is composed of five elements, whether it is the human race, the Demon clan or the Youmont Demon clan, are part of the five elements, and nine eternal beings must exist, because we have a kind of invisible feel power, is the source of the five elements balance, once less one, the balance of the world will be broken, and a small grass is the same reason. ”

    "It is too strange that this power exists on you. Have you finished playing in the event of a squat? ”Dragon can't help but say.

    Qinglong demon king nodded and continued: "Strictly speaking, this power to maintain the balance of the world is only to treat the perfect body of our five elements as the host. When we die, this power will find other hosts. This force will treat every eternal person as a host. UU reading saves this power as much as possible, but at least there are nine hosts. If there are no nine hosts, then this power It will gradually die out and the triple sky will collapse. ”

    "So if we don't die, the world will not die. No matter where we are, it doesn't matter. It probably means this." The white demon king interjected.

    As the eternal life of the double heaven, he ran to the triple heaven, but the double heaven still did not collapse, it is very telling the problem.

    The Qinglong demon king said: "The eternal life does not mean that it will not die, but will survive forever in the absence of disasters. If it is fatally wounded, it will still die! The three-day eternal life is actually less than nine thousand years ago, and the three of them are from other worlds, in order to protect the world from collapsing. ”

    "how come? Can the eternal life of other worlds be the key to guarding the balance of this world? Why aren't they old monkeys? ”Mu Yu is puzzled.

    The Qinglong demon king looked at Mu Yu with deep meaning: "This force will know people who belong to its own world, so other people in the world who are eternal can't get recognition of this power, but the sword shadow dust can definitely do it. of. As for how he did it, you still don't understand it yet? ”

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