Chapter 788 Difficult Xianji and the Dragon Quest

    "It’s a sleepy fairy!"

    Mu Yu suddenly shocked, he understood!

    He always felt that the existence of the imprisoned Xianji was superfluous. With Master’s cultivation, he was able to find the teeth with his horns and horns. Why do you need to sacrifice your own cultivation to trap the Yumeng Mozu? ? This is simply an extra move!

    That is to say, the existence of the trapped Xianji is not for the Yumeng Mozu, but to make yourself a part of the world!

    Qinglong demon king nodded and nodded. "Yes, the sword shadow dust is a very powerful and terrible person. He can hold on to the invasion of the heavenly person, can open the reincarnation, and can hold many heavenly rules, so he has a way. Turning yourself into a part of this world is the key to guarding the world."

    "Sleepy Xian? Isn't that used to trap the Yumeng Mozu? ”Longteng still doesn't quite understand.

    "The trapped Yumeng Mozu is only used at random. The real role of the imprisoned Xianju is to transform the sword shadow dust into the eternal life of this world!" This array is to compete with the heavens and the earth, so he needs to integrate himself into the world. Difficult Xianji existed for more than 5,000 years. It has been consuming the repair of the sword shadow dust. Until more than 20 years ago, his cultivation was no longer able to maintain the imprisonment, so he looked for the other four arrays. Come to help him. ”

    Dead wood is evergreen, phantom rain, evil is not old, and white world!

    Mu Yu clenched his fist: "Bai Jie wants to replace my Master as the eternal life of this world. Did Master not notice this?"

    The Qinglong demon king said: "The Mie Palace is the place where the world's soul reincarnation is in charge. The Mie Palace has been carried out for the protection of the world for thousands of years, but in recent decades, the scum of the White World has emerged. At this point, the sword shadow dust was always falling because of the repair, so I did not go to guard against the white world, but the result was that the wolf was involved. ”

    “Does the evil and the phantom rain become the eternal life of this world?”Mu Yu temporarily suppressed the hatred against the white world.

    "They are not, they just come here to assist the sword and dust, not the guardian of this world. Evil is not old and I am an old acquaintance. He is usually where the sword and the dust go. Where is he going? For him, the destruction of the world is no big deal. It is destroyed by his ability, and he can go to another world. . ”

    Qinglong demon king mentioned the evil is not old is also a sigh.

    Mu Yu knows the evil character of the evil, the guy of this evil door does whatever he wants, and he relies on his own mind, especially the sixth finger, which is very strange and can degenerate anything.

    It is estimated that the world was not evil for the world.

The sword shadow dust wind cut off the six evils that are evil and not old. Therefore, the evil spirits have always been clamoring to kill the sword shadow dust.

    However, this guy is also a very real person. He is squatting on his mouth, but he has never touched the sword and dust. He even relied on his help to lay the nine-day magic array.

    "But now that the sleepy fairy has disappeared, does that mean that my master is no longer the key person to guard the world?"

    Mu Yu suddenly thought of this.

    "Yes, more than 5,000 years ago, there were only eight eternal people in the triple heaven, so the sword shadow dust wind used the sleepy fairy to pass through the heavens and sacrificed himself to protect the world, but after the sleepy fairy disappeared, he It’s no more than heaven. However, the balance of the world is still not destroyed, which means that the world has born the ninth eternal life, replacing the sword shadow. ”

    "So what are the nine immortal people?"

    Mu Yu tried to suppress the shock in his heart. When he wanted to save Master, he had to figure out everything.

    Everyone who lives in eternal life has the ability to destroy the earth, whether it is the five Eugene spirits, the top ten demon kings, or the swords and dusts from other worlds. If there is no restriction, then it is enough. Destroy a world.

    So in the end, whoever eternal life needs to figure out.

    "White, they are the guardians of the Double Heaven, and I, Feng Feng, Yu Jiang, Hai Dongqing and Tiangan, you may not know, we are still looking for his seal. Then the five of you are counted as one person, and the creases of your human race, and the real people who are against the real people. The last new one that replaces your master's eternal life is not clear. ”Qinglong demon king explained.

    "Wait, do you say that you are against real people?" Is it true that the real person is the eternal life? ”

    Mu Yu feels that there are too many secrets known today. It is unbelievable at one time. He is going to find a real person against the thunder, and to return to the soul!

    "how? Do you know the real person? ”Qinglong demon king asked strangely.

    "No, just listen to what my father mentioned. Demon King, can you introduce me to the two eternal people, the keloid and the anti-Thunder? ”Mu Yu asked.

    "I don't know the two people specifically. Although their cultivation is far less than the dust of the sword, it is also very powerful enough to protect themselves. As for the last eternal person who does not know when he was born, you must find him. Other eternal people know their duties, but this person does not know. So you need to find him and tell him the truth of the matter. If he is not high enough, then you need to protect him. If he is already strong, it is naturally the best. ”Qinglong demon king said.

    Mu Yu frowned: "Why me?"

    He has a lot of things to do, and many things have not been done, but he has to deal with all the troubles.

    "Not only you, we will also look for it. It’s just that we have initially determined that the eternal life comes from the human race, and you have an advantage over us in this respect. ”Qinglong demon king said.

    "Will the ninth person be the white world of the Triple Palace?"Mu Yu asked with a grin.

    The purpose of the white world is to capture the eternal life of the sword shadow dust. Now he has trapped the master of Mu Yu, although Mu Yu is not willing to admit, but some things can not be avoided.

    The Qinglong demon king shook his head: "No, the sword shadow dust wind is not the person of this world. It has lost the concealment of the imprisoned fairy. His eternal life cannot be recognized by the power of this world, so even the white world gets His eternal life does not belong to this world, but will only give the White World eternal life."

    Mu Yu tightened his lips and gave the white world eternal life? dream! He will definitely level the Triple Palace!

    "The three continents of the three continents, the vast territory, how can I find out?"

    Mu Yu feels that this is too ethereal, and even if he is lucky, he will not be able to grab an eternal life wherever he goes.

    How can you find someone who is eternal without knowing any characteristics?

    Qinglong demon king indulged for a moment and said: "I heard that you are a very powerful strategist, then you should have a dragon squad?"

    "Looking for the dragon array needs to be quoted. It is impossible to find him without the things on that person."

    Mu Yu is no stranger to the dragon hunter. When they were in the dusty mountain, they used the dragon hunter to find the whereabouts of Master. Unfortunately, Master had the means to shield the tracking of this array.

    In fact, it is not only the wind and dust, but even the wood feathers have a way to prevent the dragons from tracking themselves. If the array is strong, it can be done.

    Qinglong demon king smiled: "I am inventing the dragon array."

    Mu Yu was shocked: "You invented?"

    Qinglong demon king nodded: "You should also want to hear the name. I invented it a long time ago. I originally intended to find the second real dragon, but it didn't succeed. Finally, let the sword shadow dust help improve, but it was He was transformed into something to look for."

    Mu Yu is stunned, the origin of the dragon array was actually invented to find the real dragon? The name still felt quite tall at the beginning, and now I think it is straightforward!

    Looking for dragons, looking for dragons, and looking for real dragons are really non-exclusive.

    The base of the dragon-seeking array is the five treasures of the Yumeng Mozu, Wannian Qingmu, Xuanhai Chen Bing, Guling from the fire, Tianwai Iron and Iron, Shenyan Frozen Soil.

    These five things are very precious and represent the five pure attributes of the world. Because everything in the world consists of five elements, it is most appropriate to use these five kinds of bases to find things.

    The Qinglong Demon King has been trying to find Longtan with the Dragon Quest, but it has not been successful, because the Dragon Array also has a search range.

    "I don't understand a bit. I remember that your dragon is a once-in-a-century. The conditions of the dragon are very strict. At the moment you turn the dragon, you must have a dragon vine to grow, and you will turn the dragon after 10,000 years. Then you can accurately calculate the transformation time of the next dragon. When Longtan is born, you will know it. Why didn't you use the dragon array to find him? ”

    At that time, the Dragon of the Dragon was soaring in the realm of comprehension, UU reading If the Qinglong demon king went to the realm of cultivation, he would know that Longtan was right next to Muyu.

    Qinglong demon king shook his head helplessly: "I tried, but did not find it. Now I understand why, you were with Evergreen Evergreen, his array was much better than me. I couldn’t see the whereabouts of Xiao Qinglong, and the Mie Palace has been staring at me, so I dare not let the Miegong Know what I am looking for. ”

    Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully, presumably in order to avoid someone looking for trouble, so the dead wood old man directly used the array to cover up the tracking of the dragon.

    "Now the Mie Palace is still monitoring our demon people. Once we leave this wild swamp, our whereabouts will be detected by the Mie. But he doesn't seem to be able to monitor you, so it's best to look for it. As for the array, the perfect balance of the five elements can be cited, because the same type of people are looking for, the search range of the dragon array is limited, so you run a few places. ”

    "The perfect five-line balance body? Who are you guys who lend me to use? ”

    Mu Yu brows slightly raised, he is not a five-line balance body, only five people add up, so he can not be cited, then you need the real five-line balance of the body to lead.

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