Chapter 789 Gift of the demon king

    "Don't worry, I'm ready, we put the scent in this dragon scale, you can use it as an array." ”
      The Qinglong demon king waved his hand, and a piece of blue scale flew toward the wooden feather and floated in front of the wooden feather.
      This piece of blue dragon scales is soaking, and it seems to have a strong spiritual power to seal it. It looks heavy and quite weighty.
      Mu Yu did not question anything and took it away.
      "Since you can use this dragon scale to find someone who will live forever, why have you not found other demon kings? The demon king is also a eternal life, isn't it? ”Mu Yu asked again.
      The Qinglong demon king explained: "Because our eternal life can't go wrong, the sword shadow dust wind seals us. But he knows that we will go to find the demon king. In order to prevent accidents, the sword shadow dust wind has already considered this point when it first sealed the demon king. The formation will not let us find it. However, when the seal is about to weaken, we can find it through the search for the dragon array. It was the way to find the phoenix and the white pheasant. ”
      The white demon king said: "I will not forgive your master and the phantom rain, which made me boring for five thousand years!"
      "I didn't die, you are lucky, still dare to complain?"Mu Yu took a look at the white demon king.
      "They save me is one thing, it is also a matter of me. I can't find them trouble, but it's okay to find you out!" What kind of father debt pays, the teacher debt is paid! ”The white demon king smiled reluctantly.
      "I have never seen such a brazen man!"
      Mu Yu simply wants to give this shameless bastard a violent temper. No wonder this guy always can't go with himself. It turned out to be this!
      "In any case, you want to marry Joe Snow. I will not call my father-in-law in the future. I will not let you be better."The white demon king cocked his legs and smugly said.
      Qiao Xue shook his head helplessly, and Mu Yu was always pondering that he had the strength to pull out the shameless hair.
      The dragon dragon demon king said: "Yes, given that your current responsibility is great, and the Triple Palace may be jealous of you, we have discussed a few things, and prepared four gifts for you, something that will save you life. It is also considered as a reward for your protection of the dragon."
      "Reward? I don't need a reward. ”
      Mu Yu snorted without hesitation, and he protected Longtan not for any reward.
      The white demon king said: "Yeah, little bastard, seeing you this attitude is owed, how many people want to get the domain ability of our several great demon kings, you are good, dare to be so disgusted!"
      "Field capabilities?"
      Mu Yu Mind a move, domain ability but the Mahayana period of practitioners can have, each kind of domain ability is very contrary to the day, such as the dead father's "No Life", the thunder of real people "broken thunder Dust", the mysterious son of the "million FA", there are not well-known power of "no fairy", his own "life and Death blink" will not say, The sea Demon King's "My Lord ups and downs" …
      Every field has its own characteristics, but it is quite powerful. In the past, when the dead wood was evergreen and went to the ghost gate to snatch away the "crossing the soul to the heart", in order not to expose his identity, it relied on the "breaking thunder and dust" of the real people. The power still marveled Mu Yu.
      "When I said nothing, I received this gift."
      When it comes to domain capabilities, Mu Yu is not necessarily polite.
      The white demon king screamed: "You really change your face and become a thief!"
      The phoenix demon king waved his hand, and a beautiful red-and-gold-colored tail scorpion appeared in front of Mu Yu. This tail scorpion seemed to make the emptiness of the flame, but it quickly disappeared.
      "My field, the fire of Nirvana, in my field, no one can beat you!"Yan Feng demon king said with pride.
      "refuses to die?"
      Mu Yu was amazed, this ability is similar to the original "Destiny Bone Emperor Dan", but the Tianming Bone Emperor Dan can only withstand the attack of distraction, far less than the "Bathfire Nirvana" of the phoenix demon king!
      "But it depends on the situation of the opponent. If it is the white world of the Miegong, probably you can only insist on a few breathless deaths. If you are in the usual Mahayana period, you can guarantee that you will have an undead body for half an hour!"Feng Feng demon reminded.
      "Thank you for your phoenix demon!"Mu Yu is very valued for this piece of tail owl, and the existence of immortality is really powerful.
      There is a blue blisters in the hands of the King of the Siren. The waves are turbulent, like a whole ocean. The space around the blue blisters seems to be very heavy, but it is quite light and beautiful.
      "My domain ability, the last time you saw it, my master is ups and downs. In my field, the power of the waves will make the opponent feel like being in the waves, unable to control your body easily, and the attack will be limited. Unless you encounter the master of mysterious machine, don't worry that my field will be broken. The time limit is an hour. ”Said the King of the Sea King.
      At the beginning, the "My Lord's Ups and Downs" field of the Kraken King was firmly restrained by the mysterious son of the mysterious machine. The "family return to the original" of Xuanjizi's real person made the field of the Siren King invalid. Despite this, Mu Yu also feels that this field should not be underestimated, and it is more than enough to protect him.
      The Qinglong demon king once again took out a golden dragon scale, and the dragon scales came out. The entire palace was shrouded in a magnificent majestic atmosphere. It was like a mountain, so people could not breathe, even the wood feathers were The stock sentiment was shocked.
      "Only I am alone, my field, in my field, only I am supreme, others will be suppressed by me, unable to exert real strength, but only I am not affected, I am the master of the whole field."The Qinglong demon king said proudly.
      Mu Yu was amazed. This dragon scale was so terrible when it appeared. If it is fully exerted, he can be sure that the person who is covered by the field of the Qinglong demon king will be greatly reduced in strength, and the user will not Affected, this is a terrible domain capability.
      Compared with the original "nothing, no fairy", everyone loses their cultivation. The field of "only I am alone" is to suppress others and not be affected by themselves. This ability is even better!
      Mu Yu accepted the dragon scale and solemnly handed it to him: "Thank you for the demon king gift!"
      The white demon king smiled: "Little bastard, hurry to call a father-in-law, I will give you the ability to seal up my domain."
      Mu Yu directly ignored the White Demon King and said to other demon kings: "The younger generation once again thanked the three demon kings for giving gifts."
      The white scorpion demon king’s brain has a blue vein, and he said: “Little bastard, there are four demon kings here!”
   The white scorpion demon king reluctantly pulled three white hairs from the back of the head and threw them to Mu Yu: "Little bastard, this is my field, breaking the star river. In my field, your strength will become extremely powerful. What a mountain hill is directly smashed into slag."
      When the white demon king just came out of the seal, there was no repair at that time, but the mountain was blown with a punch. His strength was amazing, and his field ability was naturally related to strength.
      Mu Yu stared at the white hair on his body and said: "The old monkey, we are all so familiar, you are so much.Mao, give me a few more! ”
      "Pull your hammer! Do you know how much damage is the ability to seal up your field? Are you a chicken feather? Asshole, if you don’t look at Qiao Xue’s share, I’m sure you will kill you. I can’t help but smash you into slag. I really admire myself! ”The white scorpion demon is so irritated.
      Yan Feng demon king shouted at the side: "Old white, you just said that pulling chicken feathers is not insinuating me?"
      The white demon king smiled and said: "How come? I am just making a metaphor. ”
      "Next time let me hear the metaphor of saying chicken in front of me, I can't spare you!"The phoenix demon king snorted.
      The white demon king whispered: "I didn't say that you were like a turkey last time. As for being so careful."
      Mu Yu resisted laughing, and the white demon king actually dared to compare the temperament of the temperament of the phoenix demon king to a turkey, and the phoenix demon king did not drive the white demon king out of the morning valley.
      "Then why don't you prepare a few hairs for Joe Snow?"Mu Yu pointed to the side of Qiao Xue said, if Joe Snow has these areas, the last time I went to the demon island, there is not much trouble.
      The White Demon King snorted: "Do you think I don't want to?" I want to use the ability of others to repair, at least in the robbery period, so it is useless to give Qiao Xue. When Joe Snow is repaired in the future, I will naturally prepare for her, and I don’t need to bother you! ”
      Mu Yu remembered one thing. When I returned to the past, I was lucky enough to take a flag to help the ghost masters thirty-four years ago. But at that time, it was only a ghost to give this flag to the ghost owner. No wonder. Ghosts have never been used to deal with him, because he himself can not play the power of the flag.
      If Mu Yu wants to use the skills of these four fields, he can only use his killing power to cultivate himself to be forced to ascend.
      The White Demon King once again said: "But I can warn you that UU reading These archived field capabilities are one-off, so if you run out of it, you can save points. My field can let you use an hour or so, you can thank me. ”
      "I know, thank you old monkey!"Mu Yu nodded.
      The white demon king’s mouth was pumping and he rolled his eyes: “It’s rude!”
      However, it is also a word of gratitude. He does not care about the character of the white demon king.
      Qinglong demon king said seriously: "Mu Yu, we four people give you this gift, I hope you can find the ninth eternal life as soon as possible. If our demon king leaves here, they will be spy on the Triple Palace, but you are different. I heard that you have a battle called "Blood Protection" to avoid the Triple Palace, so I will give this responsibility to you. Don't let us down! ”
      Mu Yu solemnly said: "Yes, I understand."
      "And one more thing."
      "Please tell the demon king."Mu Yu has become accustomed to troubles, not too many pieces. ) !!

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