79th Chapter Celebration

Feng Haochen has been missing for more than a month, and the invitation of the Qingsong faction has been delivered to the Dust Mountain. Today, the Qingsong Taoist people celebrated the achievement of Yuan Ying’s real body. They insisted that they go to the Qingsong faction alone, and others stayed in the dusty school. Master is not there, and if they are uncle, they dare not listen.

But Mu Yu is not so peaceful. After the words are gone, Mu Yu’s uncle is not paying attention and has slipped out.

He also wants to go to the Qingsong faction. He is familiar with the terrain of the Qingsong faction. Maybe he can find the whereabouts of Master in secret.

In the past month, his cultivation has finally reached the five-day foundation of the foundation. Although it is extremely fast, he has no chance of happiness compared to the strength of the enemy.

The promise is that the Jindan period is repaired, his speed is relatively fast, and Mu Yu spends a lot of time. When Mu Yu rushes to the Qingsong faction, the celebration has begun.

Mu Yu quietly groped between the trees, standing in the tallest trees and looking at the square of the Pines.

The Qingsong faction built a magnificent high platform, which is carved with dragons and dragons. On the high platform, the chief elders of the four Jindan period of the Qingsong faction are divided into four corners of the high platform. Each elder is already a sly year, white-haired, dressed in white robe, fairy-skinned, and spirited. Standing on the high platform, looking suspiciously at the people in all directions.

These four elders are the middle-ranking and high-powered people of the Qingsong School. They are all cultivated in Jindan Eight Heavens, and they are not lost to the heads of other small sects. The age is very high, the generation is extremely high, and there are two uncles of Qingsong Dao, named Qingyuan and Sapphire.

Qingyuan and Sapphire were originally the elders of the Qinghu faction, and the Qinghu faction was the sect of the Qingsong Taoists who had entered since childhood. It is reported that the reason why the Qingsong Taoist people will leave the Qinghu faction is because the master of the Qingsong Taoist gave the position of the Qinghu faction to his talented son, but he did not want to give the Qingsong Taoist.

The Qingsong Taoist did not see the hope of the Qinghu faction, and the new head smashed his talent and persecuted him everywhere. Therefore, the Qingsong Taoists broke away from the Qinghu faction and established the Qingsong School.

When the Qingsong Taoist people left the sect, they were self-reliant. The two elders were chosen to go to the Qingsong Taoist and became one of the chief elders of the Qingsong. The Qinghu faction finally destroyed the ancestral foundation of the ancestors under the incompetence of the new head. Finally, it turned to the Qingsong Taoist people. The Qinghu faction was merged into the Qingsong faction, and there was no Qinghu faction in the comprehension world.

The other two are also famous figures in the realm of comprehension. Both of them are scattered, named Guanchang and the world. They used to cultivate themselves to be powerful, to dominate the party, to make trouble everywhere, so that all the factions have a headache, but they don’t want to lose both. In the hands of Qingsong Taoist, he became the chief elder of the Qingsong School.

These four people are usually rehabilitated in the Qingshan School, and they have never been involved in the world. They did not expect that today they are all on the high platform, which makes people look down!

The audience was the one who came to congratulate other sects. They were the heads of the major sects and the elders. Everyone did not dare to speak loudly. Standing in the same place, they were also full of solemnity. What is the legendary Qingsong Taoist in the Yuan Ying period? This is a question for everyone. Everyone wants to see the beauty of the Qingsong Taoist people.

The rest are the young and small disciples of the Qingsong group led by Bailang. Everyone can't conceal their pride in their faces. Their ancestors have become admired by thousands of people. How can they be unhappy with their disciples?

Xiaohu is also standing in the crowd. Since he lost to Mu Yu, he has been very reluctant. However, there is no downturn at this moment. After all, he is the apprentice of the Qingsong Taoist. Today is the day of his master's celebration. He will bring his spirit anyway.

The Qingsong Dao people stood at the peak of the cultivation of the Moyun Mountain. They used to be on the same level as other heads. However, nowadays, the Qingsong Taoist has entered a higher realm. His status is not the same as that of the past. Everyone is speculating that the Qingsong Taoists have become the only ones in the Mouyun Mountain Range. What will be the status of other sects?

I am afraid that the realm of comprehension will change!

A majestic breath suddenly filled everyone,

Just like a boulder pressed against everyone's chest, this horrible atmosphere made all the elders of the sects breathless, and they all looked around in horror. They didn't know where this breath came from.

A white light splits from the air, and the dazzling light illuminates everyone under the high platform, making it impossible to open your eyes.

"Welcome to the head!"

On the high platform, four white-haired old men squatted on the ground, their heads squatting on the ground, their hands raised high, their palms facing the sky, their voices loud, and they spread out with spiritual power and spread throughout the Qingsong school. Even if Qingyuan and Sapphire are the uncles of the Qingsong Taoist, they are over 100 years old, but they are willing to fall to the ground and wait for their teachers to appear.

A figure appeared in the distance, he just took a step, the sky was fluctuating, and the eyes had already come to Gaotai. The hand stood in the middle of the four elders, standing proudly, like a benchmark, people dare not look at it.

The endless pressure is overwhelming in everyone's mind. All the disciples of the Qingsong school have already collapsed, and the elders of other sects can no longer stand under the courage of the spiritual power, and they have smashed down!

All the martial art heads of the comprehension community were forced to squat!

This scene is extremely spectacular, no one dares to look up at the godly old man above. Qingsong Taoist people stand there, as if they are self-contained, and they can determine the life of everyone. In front of him, the elders of other sects have no room for resistance.

This is the repairer of the Yuan Ying period!

Mu Yu looked at the tall pines in the trees, and his heart was extremely shocking. Everyone was kneeling in front of the Qingsong Taoist people. And this is what the Qingsong Tao people intend to do. Is the Qingsong Taoist going to reshuffle the real world?

"Get up!"

The Qingsong Dao people waved their sleeves. If they didn't have the king of God, they didn't have a big voice, but they were clearly introduced into everyone's ears, which made people feel guilty. The heads of other sects and the elders dared to stand up. They found that their backs had been soaked in sweat and sweat on their foreheads.

All the heads are squatting, and the cultivation of the Mouyama Mountains really only has the Qingsong faction?

"There are two heads that are not everywhere, are you not giving me face?"The Qingsong Taoist eyes glanced at everyone and then slowly said.

"My Master has been retiring for many days, and I also asked Qingsong's predecessors to forgive."Rumors of the arch.

The Qingsong Taoist looked at the words and then nodded slightly: "The wind and the dust brothers have always been uncontested. It is understandable that he does not come." So why is Jiuhua Reality not present? ”

The Qingsong Taoist even underestimated the fact that the head of the dusty faction did not come, which made Mu Yu determined that the Qingsong Taoist people already knew that Feng Haochen could not come at all. Otherwise, how could he easily let go of the dusty party and pursue the Jiuhua? What did you send your head?

The Jiuhua School is second only to the existence of the Qingsong School. Jiuhua’s real life is also a golden day and a golden sky. It has only been slightly better than the Qingsong Taoist.

Nowadays, the Qingsong Taoist has become the repairer of the Yuan Ying period. Jiuhua is not present. Isn’t it a grievance in the heart, and is not willing to bow down in front of the Qingsong Taoist, so he avoids it?

"Returning to Qingsong's predecessors, the family has something to delay, and will come to the meeting to celebrate the achievements of Qingsong's predecessors."

Ju Wenxing stood up, his expression was calm, and there was no fear of other people's imagination, which is puzzling. The Qingsong Taoist accomplishment of the Yuan Ying is a major event in the realm of cultivation. The dusty faction is a poor and smoldering martial art. The wind and the dust are not coming to everyone. They will not be placed on the mind. After all, the Qingsong Taoist people want to destroy the dusty faction.

However, Jiuhua’s real people dare not come. This is not to put Qingsong Taoist in their eyes, and Ju Wenxing’s performance is so calm, it is even more amazing!

"Then I will be able to entertain him later."

Qingsong Taoist people look at everyone in the audience. This is strength, strong strength, everyone has to kneel at their feet. His mouth twitched slightly, even though he was infinitely beautiful today, and he was worshipped by thousands of people, but in the dark, he was only a servant of a young man in red, a beggar.

But the young people in red are not willing to let the outside world know his existence, so all these honors are attributed to the Qingsong Taoist.

"Getting the strength that you have always dreamed of has become the supreme existence of the Mou Mountain Range. Isn't that what I am pursuing?"The Qingsong Taoist has accepted the identity of his young slaves in red. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

What if you humble your knees in front of that person? If you want to get the price you have to pay, you can still call for it in the realm of comprehension!

"The head, the sapphire has something to play."Sapphire respectfully stepped forward and shouted on one knee.

The Qingsong Taoist looked at the sapphire faintly, and then slowly said: "You four don't have to be polite, and all four of you are my predecessors. I followed the achievements of the Qingsong faction. I have already achieved the body of Yuan Ying, and naturally will help you break through the existing defects, let you cultivate to a higher level, and better serve the Qingsong. Sapphire, you are still my uncle, you don’t have to salute, there is something to say directly. ”

"Yes, thank you for your grace."Sapphire is overjoyed, and the four of them have been trapped in Jindan’s Eight Heavens for decades. They thought that they could only be at this level for a lifetime, but the Qingsong Taoists are now no longer the same, and may really help them step into Jindan’s nine heavens.

Sapphire quickly stood up and said: "The head, now all the sects are here, the head is both Yuan Yingzun, why not let all the sects belong to the Qingsong faction, establish the Qingsong great cause, end the sects of the various sects, The majesty of the head, ordering the world is an inevitable trend, they dare not!"

The Qingsong Taoist nodded. He had already had this ambition, and he had become the emperor of the emperor. It was the goal of his lifelong struggle. Once because the strength is only the Golden Age, it is impossible to surrender to other sects. Therefore, everything must be discussed with other sects. Although he has absolute right to speak, it is still awkward.

Nowadays, he is not the same as before. As long as he is unified in the realm of cultivation, he no longer needs to intervene. Every sentence is a command for other sects. This is what he wants!

The realm of comprehension requires a revolution.

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