Chapter 790 Tianheng and 9 Days

  Mu Yu looked slightly and looked at the dragon on the shoulder. He said: "I can't do this, and if Longtan is willing to stay, he will see his own wishes."
  Longtan slammed his head on his shoulder and said simply: "I don't like it here."
  Qinglong demon king looked at Longtan with some headaches and patiently said: "Although the wooden property of Mu Yu makes you comfortable, but you are not sure about your identity now, you have great potential, if It’s useless to not play it out."
  Long Teng snorted: "Looking at a group of dragons will make me upset."
  Qinglong demon king is helpless and continues to say: "Do you know how I became a perfect five-line body?" Our dragon is a noble species in the world. It is rare and rare. Although the body is a plant, I am not a wood attribute. Now you need to transform your own body. ”
  "Transformation ontology? Can this thing still be transformed? ”
  Mu Yu was very curious, and he felt it carefully, found sitting on the upper throne of the Dragon Demon King on the air is really different from the dragon and Rattan, at first he thought it was because the Dragon Demon King is too strong, cover up their own breath, and now realize that the Dragon Demon King's body has not been pure long cane this kind of plant.
  "Then you said that I can also transform into the body of eternal life?"Longtan said curiously.
  The Qinglong demon king hesitated a moment and said: "This is not necessarily, it can only be said to be a chance. After I transformed the ontology, it was also a coincidence that became the perfect five-line body. But you can rest assured that I have a lot of experience in transforming the ontology, at least 40% of the grasp makes you become the body of eternal life! ”
  "But I still don't want to stay."Longtan simply shook his head.
  Qinglong demon king looked at Longtan with some headaches and turned to Muyu: "Mu Yu, you can help me persuade him!" It is very difficult to become a five-line body. Without my help, he may not be successful. ”
  "You can be alone, why can't I?"Long Teng said disdainfully.
  The Qinglong demon king is very patient with Long Teng. If he does not give him any face, he has already turned his face.
  Mu Yu pondered for a long time, said: "Dragon, you stay with him to practice better, he knows how to make you cultivate faster, I don't know your situation, can't help you practice."
  Longtan, this guy usually stays on Mu Yu and sleeps late. He accidentally comes out and makes two sounds. In addition, he does not see what strength he has. But Mu Yu knows that the dragon is a very powerful species, and that Longtan is by his side is equivalent to wasting the dragon's potential.
  But Long Teng is still reluctant: "You have a blood all day, people want my blood, I don't want to sleep, they are all stared at, look at the shameless means of the four dragons, don't tell me your dynasty only The four miscellaneous dragons want to be bad for me!"
  This is indeed a problem. Mu Yu confessed to the Qinglong demon king: "The demon king, Long Teng has been in trouble since it was known by your demon people. You still need to give me a reason to be convinced."
  The Qinglong demon king solemnly said: "This does not have to worry, I can guarantee that no one in the Qinglong Dynasty will dare to start with Xiaoqinglong."
  "This commitment is not enough. From the actions of the four dragon patriarchs such as Yulong, they can know that they are not even let go of the demon people in the morning valley. They are ruthless and unscrupulous. If you say something, they show that they are unassuming, and they are not in the dark. I think if I came out with another dragon in the robbery period, I seized the dragon vine, refining his blood and becoming a real dragon. At that time, would you not pursue this matter and pay attention? On the dragon that is unscrupulous? ”
  The fear of Mu Yu is not unreasonable. The most wanted of the Qinglong demon king is only a real dragon to inherit his clothes. It is not stipulated how this real dragon came. If Longtan stays here and is killed and deprived of blood, thus creating another real dragon, then the Qinglong demon king will certainly not pursue the perpetrators.
  In particular, those dragons are, in a sense, the descendants of the Qinglong demon king, and have their own blood relationship.
  Qinglong demon king looked awe-inspiring, and then said: "I will not let this happen, Xiaoqinglong is a pure dragon, after all, I still care more about this. I will guarantee that he will not let me leave my sight before Xiao Qinglong has not reached the robbery period! ”
  "Then I am not under house arrest?"Longteng said dissatisfied.
  "Okay, this is already the best result. You are trying to hurry up and improve. When you get into the robbery period, you can be alone."Mu Yu said.
  After all, those hybrid dragons are stronger than the original Yao people, and they are the pillars of the Qinglong dynasty. Therefore, it is impossible for the Qinglong demon king to erase all the dragons, but the promise of the Qinglong demon king can at least guarantee the safety of the dragon. Those miscellaneous dragons did not dare to start blindly on Long Teng.
  "Great, don't worry! He cares about you so much now. If you are unhappy, pull him a few beards and play, and you can also learn a lesson of the miscellaneous dragons. Isn't that good? ”Xiaoshuai laughed.
  "OK then! I went to see if his beard was pulled down. ”
  Long Teng muttered two sentences and reluctantly agreed. Then I really swayed up and went up to grab the beard of the Qinglong demon king.
  Qinglong demon king looked at Xiaoqinglong's movements with a headache. His eyes were full of pets. The beard gave him a sigh. Although there was a loss of image, there were no other people here, but he was willing, as long as Xiaoqinglong left anything to say.
  "Little baby, you have only been a dragon for a few years now, too small, I will not let you have an accident."Qinglong demon king joyfully reached out and touched the head of Longteng, and Longtan snorted proudly.
  The Qinglong demon king is relieved, and it is best for Long Teng to take the initiative to stay, otherwise he will definitely use tough means. He did not care to find Xiaoqinglong for so many years and went outside to run around, not to mention that Mu Yu’s heavy responsibility now is very great, and he will encounter all kinds of troubles. Xiaoqinglong is not safe with Mu Yu.
  Then the Qinglong demon king thought of something, said: "Mu Yu, must find the ninth eternal life before the Mie Palace!"
  “The Mie Palace still wants to find someone who will live forever? Who else wants to get eternal life besides the White World accident? ”
  Mu Yu’s heart was annoyed, and Master’s accident caused Mu Yu to hate the Three Palaces. Master did not collapse for the Three Heavens, set up a sleepy fairy to pass through the heavens and become the eternal life of this world, but the white world’s wolf dog I didn’t care about the big picture at all, and I was so mad!
  The Dragon Demon King smoothed out the bearded beard which was dragged by the long vine, and said, "The power that I have talked with you about maintaining the balance of the world, this force is called the force of the day, it is the body of the immortal people as the host, but also the world's most powerful force, if you can control the force of the day, then even the triple house is irresistible Do you understand? ”
  "That means that you can defeat the Triple Palace by controlling the power of Tianheng?"
  Mu Yu was slightly shocked, but he felt strange because he never knew that there was the power of Tianheng in his body, so don't talk about how to control it.
  The Qinglong demon king saw the thought of Mu Yu and said: "Tian Heng's power is too strong, so it just takes us as a host and will not be controlled by us. When you are repaired to the Mahayana period and begin to communicate with the laws of heaven and earth, you will feel the power of heaven in the eternal life. ”
  "Then you just said that if you control the power of Tianheng, what does it mean?"Mu Yu asked.
  The Qinglong demon king showed a mysterious look. He took the teacup on the side and gently slammed it. He continued: "A person can't control it, but at least nine people who live forever have a way to use this. power. At the beginning, Jianfeng Shadow Wind told me that a battle method, called 'Nine Days of Deflation', with nine eternal people as the base, can rely on this array to temporarily control the power of Tianheng. ”
  Longteng and Xiaoshuai both froze in the eyebrows, Xiaoshuai laughed and encouraged Longtan to go to the dragon’s beard, and Longtan didn’t do much. The Qinglong demon king couldn’t help but hold the dragon and protect himself. The poor beard, then continued:
“The Mie Palace is a very powerful and ancient existence, rich in heritage, and the age of existence is far older than me, even if I am not sure to break into the Mie Palace, UU reading www. wants to deal with the Mie Palace, as long as it finds the nine eternal people of the Triple Heaven, using the nine-day counter-array method to control the power of Tianheng, this is the only way I can think of being able to cope with the Triple Palace.”
  "Is the white world aware of this?"Mu Yu asked.
  "The power of Tianheng can only be understood by those who are eternal. The white world is not an eternal life. He cannot know the power. But what action he has now is still unclear. If he occupies your Master's eternal life, you may realize the existence of Tianheng's power. In short, you have to find the ninth eternal life before he realizes that Tianheng’s power is strong enough to threaten the status of the Triple Palace, and that’s it. ”Qinglong demon king said.
  Mu Yu took a deep breath, although he did not want to think that Master had an accident, but he had to admit that the words of the Qinglong demon king were correct.
  At present, the position and specific strength of the Mie Palace is a mystery. The people in the Mie Palace have the entire comprehension. They want to fight against the Mie Palace and mean to be the enemy of the entire comprehension. Mu Yu can now rely on only the Qinglong Yaowang and others. Since the eternal life is the key to defeating the Triple Palace, he must find the ninth unknown eternal talent line before the Triple Palace.
  "Reverse real people and creases, they will understand these things, we will go to the seal of Tiangan as soon as possible, you must find the ninth eternal life as soon as possible, tell him all the truth. Also, you have to tell this to your three brothers, because you four and Joe Snow are only an eternal person. Whether you can defeat the Triple Palace, the most important thing is whether you can complete your mission. ”Qinglong demon king road.
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