Chapter 791 leaves the Yaozu

    The life in Chennai Valley is very quiet. The Yao people here are very easygoing. Even if they are not in the same grade, they can mix and drink.
      "When are you going to leave?" ”
      Choshe hand on the railing of his house corridor, today she wears a water blue skirt, waterfall-like hair on the shoulder, as if just out of the bath hibiscus, soft and beautiful.
      Mu Yu slowly woke up from the cultivation, looked at Qiao Xue, and smiled: "Go away tomorrow."
      “Can't you stay for a few more days?”
      There was a lost look on Qiao Xue’s face, and the watery eyes were filled with disappointment.
      Mu Yu was silent for a long while and shook his head. "I have a lot to do."
      In fact, he only has to do two things: to find the ninth eternal life, to gather the power of Tianheng to deal with the Triple Palace; to find the real person against the thunder, to get the soul to resurrect the dead wood old man.
      But this is two simple things, but it is so far away. He doesn't even know how to do it.
      He must return to the realm of comprehension, look for opportunities from the realm of comprehension, step by step.
      Qiao Xue couldn't leave the Yaozu because the four demon kings would not let her go. Her current cultivation is still too low, and the outside water is still looking for her, and she is likely to be found by the waters of the Momo.
      Once the water Yumeng Mozu forced the killing power of Xuan Ming to Qiao Xue, then Qiao Xue is likely to have an accident.
      "In the next three or four months, the selection of the nine Xuan Xian should be carried out. Do you go to participate?"Qiao Xue asked.
      The killing in the eyes of Mu Yu did not flash, and then said: "I will find a way to destroy the plan of the Triple Palace."
      If Mu Yu couldn’t find the eternal life before the election of the nine Xuan Xian in the Triple Palace, then he would go to the final battle of this great fairy, occupying a quota. He would like to see what the Sangong Palace is going to do. Let these nine Xuan Xian lead all comprehensions to fight with the Yumeng Mozu.
      "You have to be careful, I will try to improve myself and I will not drag you down in the future."Qiao Xue said seriously.
      Mu Yu smiled and nodded.
      Qiao Xue liked to make up his mind and said: "You start to cultivate!"
      "No, I will leave tomorrow, and cultivation is not in a hurry."Mu Yu smiled.
      However, Qiao Xue’s cheeks were blushing and biting the beard: “You must practice.”
      "Ok?"Mu Yu looked at Qiao Xue inexplicably, and did not understand why Qiao Xue’s attitude became so persistent.
      "Because I have to practice."Qiao Xue opened the door and went in.
      Mu Yu stunned for a moment, what he thought of, surprised: "But you are not unwilling?"
      "I am going to practice."Joe Snow’s voice came from the room.
      Mu Yu touched his chin and thought that the girl was a strange species, always unpredictable.
      In the air blue house, a blue spiritual power gradually covers the sky, and at the same time, a blue atmosphere echoes over the house, just like what it is for, and so naturally, Everything seems to be a matter of course.
      On another house in the morning valley, the phoenix demon king and the white scorpion demon king are looking out on the fence. The white demon king stared at Qiao Xue’s house with interest, and his mouth smirked: "Young is so good!" Always so energetic, I didn't have this feeling of harmony when I went to the evil world of hell! ”
      The white demon king stared at the house intently, but the phoenix demon king next to him gave the white demon king a slap.
      "Smelly woman, which one is wrong with you?"The white demon king said.
      The phoenix demon king waved his hand in a leisurely manner, and made a red light from the Vulcan cover to cover Qiao Xue’s house. He snorted: “Where is your eye? You know the secret of Qiao Xue, you are not a demon! ”
      "I just want to see how young people are now ignoring the fire. I also mixed my experience. After all, after more than 5,000 years, the society has improved. We have to keep up with the times and fall behind." Was ridiculed by young people."
      The white demon king snorted and took his gaze back. Then he looked at the handsome man sitting on the table eating chicken legs and asked, "Little doll, what are you doing here?"
      Xiaoshuai’s mouth was stuffed with meat, and his mouth was unclear. “I don’t know. Just now, Qiao Xue said that you have prepared a lot of delicious food for me, so I am here.”
      The white demon king walked over and licked Xiao Shuai’s hair and said with pity: "You silly boy, I was not fooled by Qiao Xue." Forget it, look at you so cute, uncle will take you to eat delicious! You can also go to a fun place and go! ”
      The phoenix demon king smashed the white scorpion demon king: "Old white, if you dare to bring this child to a place that is not suitable for children, I interrupt your leg!"
      "You're jealous?"
      "I am eating you a watermelon Taro! Get out of the old lady! ”

The moonlight is light, and the children are shivering, and the morning valley is shrouded in a faint glow. This night has been very slow, but it seems to be so fast, warm and natural, and people are nostalgic.
      When the first rays of the morning sun tore the darkness and illuminate the western land, the morning valley is once again bustling.
      Because of the relationship between the four dragon patriarchs, they let the Thang Long be suspended for two days, and today, under the command of the Qinglong demon king, the Thang Long will continue. This time, the Qinglong demon king personally supervised, and the Tenglong Club’s test style was much more positive.
      Now that the four dragon patriarchs have an accident, everyone knows that the Qinglong demon king is resolutely telling all the demon people to take the precautions in the future. No one can do anything similar, otherwise they will not be punished.
      The feelings of the dragon people are somewhat low. They know that the Qinglong demon king has been angered this time, and they no longer dare to look for various excuses to use external forces at the Thanglong meeting.
      The original Yaozu people felt like they had ushered in a spring. They knew that the Qinglong demon king’s practice this time was undoubtedly carrying out reforms, so that those pseudo-dragons could no longer have the confidence to glory. This time, the Qinglong Dynasty may really have to carry out a A thorough exchange of blood!
      The Tenglong meeting was full of people, but the talented child and the human family Mu Yu of Chennao Valley retired. Many of the Yao people still felt a little regretful. After all, the impression that Xiaoshuai left on everyone was profound.
      In order to maintain the fairness of the Tsing Lung Dragon Club, the Qinglong Demon King will start the competition again. Those who have already been eliminated can once again come back again and again, which makes many Yao people happy.
      The end of the Tiantian River of the Yaozu is a big crack that is bottomless, and I don’t know where to go. No one can fly directly through this big crack. There are some bridges on it, only visible at a certain time.
      At this time, Qiao Xue and Mu Yu are here, waiting for the appearance of the bridge.
      Dragon and White Dragon are also there.
      "I have already told you the whereabouts of Haidongqing. What are you doing with you?"Mu Yu looked at the white demon king with disgust.
      The White Demon King snorted: "I am here to warn you. You should not blame yourself outside. I was clear about what you were doing yesterday. If I let you know that you are half-hearted, I can't kill you!"
      "none of your business! I haven't found your account yet. Where did you take Xiaoshuai yesterday? Are you cramping your brain? ”Mu Yu shouted unceremoniously.
      In the morning, Xiaoshuai came back and happily told Mu Yu that he went to a place where a lot of female demon people, where the banshee hugged the white demon king, and said that place and the description of "West Gate unfortunately Pan Yinlian" The place is a bit like.
      Mu Yu’s face was green at the time, and he couldn’t wait for the old and unremarkable hair of the white demon king!
      The white demon king squinted his eyes to the sky: "I just think that this little baby is too poor to be supported by you every time, so let him go to see the world."
      Then the white demon king looked like something, hate iron and said: "It’s a pity that this little doll disappoints me too much. His attention is all on the top of the food, and people are asked to eat the food of the Liulou. Now! Where is the Liulou where is the place to eat? ”
      Qiao Xue laughed and screamed, and she said helplessly: "Hey, he is still young, you don't."
      "Before the baby left, I asked the proprietress of Liulou to say that the things here are really delicious. Next time you come, you didn't see the look of the owner of the Liulou, just like seeing the gods!"The white demon king stunned Xiao Shuai.
      Mu Yu couldn't help but laugh. Xiao Shuai's interest was only to eat and play. Although he saw Ximen unfortunately the messy book, he still felt that eating was the most important thing.
      "Less nonsense, mixed kid, my house niece, this good cabbage let the pig arch, I will not talk about this matter. However, I am here to warn you that you should find the south and let him return the heart of Haidongqing, otherwise I will not be able to spare him! ”The white demon king threatens.
      Mu Yu disapproved, said: "Old monkey, do you have a little culture, I and Joe Snow are lovebirds, what Chinese cabbage, your metaphor is so owed, no wonder the phoenix demon king always wants to marry you, deserve it. !"
      The white demon king snorted.
      Xiao Shuai and Long Fuji are talking there.
      "Oh, I am not here, others are bullying you, I can't help you out, you have to be careful."Xiaoshuai still holds an apple in his arms.
      Long Tengdao: "Little mouse, when did you help me out?" Less nonsense, next time I see you, I will definitely find you looking for your teeth! ”
      "Pull it down! You can't win me forever! Haha! ”Xiaoshuai licked Apple.
      The transparent bridge at the end of the Tongtian River has reappeared. UU reads Qiao Xue looks at Mu Yu and has already reached the bridge. He whispered: "Be careful."
      Mu Yu nodded: "I know, go back!"
      "Do not worry! Sister Joe Snow, I will help you look at Mu Yu and prevent him from screaming outside. ”Xiaoshuai said with a smile on the shoulder of Mu Yu.
      Mu Yu smashed Xiaoshuai: "Just you have more words!"
      Mu Yu has crossed the transparent bridge and headed for the swamp. When Mu Yu came, he had already made some marks with trees. These marks were enough to make him leave smoothly.
      Longteng tightened his lips and found that no one was squashing in the future, and his heart was still empty.
      "Go! Go back to the Dragon Festival! ”
      The white demon king turned around and left.
      Qiao Xue looked at the back of Mu Yu disappeared into the distance, which suddenly followed the footsteps of the White Demon King. )!!

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