Chapter 792 seeks dragon array and shocked leopard

    The land of the Yaozu is located in the westernmost part of the triple continent. The land of the Yaozu is very broad. When the wooden feather returns to the triple continent according to the good mark, it is already the sun.
      Mu Yu stayed in the Yaozu for nearly two months. It’s hard to say what happened in the two months of the real world. The best way to find out the situation in the realm of cultivation is to go to the big city pool. The comprehensions in the city pool come and go, and discuss various new things in the realm of cultivation.
      However, because this place in the west is too desolate, Muyu flew to the east for nearly a thousand miles and did not see the traces of the Terran. It seems that the sky is going to be dark, so I can only rest for a night in the forest.
      Mu Yu makes Xiaoshuai look like a human being, because nowadays he is following a little beast and many people know it, so let Xiaoshuai become a person, so that it will not be easily perceived by others.
      Mu Yu replied with a breath, took back the spiritual power of the body, and consolidated it in the triple heaven. In the current situation, he should not be far from the quadruple.
      I want to know that after he practiced with Qiao Xue a month ago, he has entered the two-day combination. Yesterday may be the reason why you are willing to do so, so I made a move again.
      "Unfortunately, Joe Snow is too reserved. Otherwise, if we both practice together, how fast it will be improved!"Mu Yu said with some regrets.
      That's what he said, but he also knows that the more he goes backwards, the less effective the two people will work together. However, the speed of this cultivation has already made Mu Yu quite satisfied, and he will not expect anything.
      "In any case, at night, idle is also idle. It is better to try to see if you can use the dragons in this neighborhood."Xiao Shuai is bored and advised.
      Mu Yu pondered for a moment and nodded.
      Looking for the array of dragon arrays, he did not reserve before, most of them were given by the Qinglong demon king, but according to the estimation of Mu Yu, the five treasures given by the Qinglong demon king may only be able to use the spirit three times. Do it all.
      The wood feather body has the chaos of yin and yang. When you use other arrays, you don't need to worry about the exhaustion of the base. However, because the dragon seeker is looking for an eternal life, you must use the five elements of the array to find. Therefore chaotic yin and yang can not replace all this.
      The method of finding the dragon array under the cloth is not unfamiliar. When I first found the old, I used to arrange it in the dusty mountain. Many of the old-fashioned arrays were obtained from some broken ancient books. The dragon-seeking array was invented by the Qinglong demon king thousands of years ago. This array of methods has long been circulated and recorded in the ancestors.
      Tianwai Iron, Wannianqingmu, Xuanhai Chenbing, Guling from the fire, Shenyan frozen soil.
      The five bases have been placed in a specific orientation. Nowadays, when depicting the formations, it is not as difficult as it was when it was in the dusty mountains. This method is not too difficult, and it takes only half an hour for the wood feathers. It has already been laid out for the time.
      "How big is the search range you are looking for?"Xiaoshuai curiously asked for the pattern.
      The wood feather roughly estimates, replied: "The search scope of the long range is in fact a large part of the relationship with the matrix, search scope This is not easy to say, if I search in all directions for the center of the search, it is about 20,000 or so, if only to search in one direction, at least 40,000. ”
      Because his current location is only about 10,000 miles away from the boundaries of the Western Yaozu, it is not necessary to search according to the square. He intends to search only in a single direction. The best way is to search east.
      The dragon scales that the Qinglong demon king gave to the array were placed in the dragon search array. This time, it was naturally cited by Mu Yu.
      With the repair of Mu Yu, when a line is not as dangerous as An Un.
      Xiaoshuai looked at the wood feathers outside, and Mu Yu had already started the dragon search.
      The five bases began to bloom in color, and the ground patterns began to flow gradually. The wooden badminton plate sits in the dragon-seeking array, the dragon scales float on the chest, and the formations gather on the dragon scales. Then a purple light shines in his eyes, which rises up and shatters the clouds above. The land is not in the sky.
      These radiances will not be seen by outsiders. Everything can only be known by people who are close to the dragon or the dragon.
      The consciousness of Mu Yu seems to be three-dimensional. He feels like he is walking in the mountains and rivers, watching all things evolve in them.
      There are countless resentments in this world. These grievances are the souls left after death. They have lost their sense of autonomy, but they still have strong obsessions in their hearts, so they have been floating and have not entered reincarnation.
      At this time, I saw the conscious wood feathers appearing, and immediately furiously flocked to Mu Yu, trying to compete for the body of Mu Yu.
      But Mu Yu is not afraid of these grievances. Even if he is conscious, he is much stronger than these grievances. He glimpsed a glimpse, a arrogant atmosphere wrapped his consciousness, scared all the grievances and fled.
      "Where is the eternal life, where will it be?"
      Mu Yu’s consciousness drifted eastward, and the speed was very fast. Not only did you see the grievances around, but you could also see the outlines of the mountains and rivers. It was only when Mu Yu searched in one direction and did not see any city.
      The scales of the dragon are wrapped in the breath of eternal life, so if you can encounter a similar eternal breath in the scope of the search, then the dragon scale will react and go to the past with the consciousness of wood feather.
      In the perception of Muyu consciousness, he can detect some vulgar figure comprehensions. For example, there are more than a dozen self-cultivators in a few hundred miles away from him. They are scattered and do not know what to do.
      These comprehensions have no specific form. They are composed of five kinds of light, but these five kinds of light that symbolize the attributes of the five elements do not reach a perfect balance. There will always be some kind of light that is slightly dim. Does not match the smell of dragon scales.
      The light of the eternal life must be five rays of light, and no one property is inherently inadequate.
      Mu Yu searched for two whole hours, and searched the place four thousand miles away from the east, and still found nothing.
      "It's a needle in a haystack."
      Mu Yu reluctantly retracted his own array of skills, he did not expect to be able to search for the first time, this time is also to familiarize yourself with the power of the dragon array. Although he knows how to find the dragon array, he has never tried this array before.
      At present, Mu Yu is not very familiar with this eternal person who does not know when it will appear. If his strength is very strong, he can avoid the tracking of the dragon array, then Mu Yu is looking for the entire triple continent with the search for dragons. Also useless.
      Looking at the base again, the spiritual power of the base has been almost exhausted.
      "This is not the case. I have to find a way to create a huge dragon-seeking array and expand the scope of the search."
      Mu Yu remembered the Yumeng Mozu transmission array that was encountered in the Mouyun Mountain Range. At that time, the Yumeng Mozu's transmission array also used these five things to make the base. They are not making dragon seekers, and the patterns are not the same, but those reserves are very large, enough wood feathers to transform them into another dragon search.
      Xiaoshuai squatted on the side of the tail: "It's so boring!" Suddenly I found that there was no amnesty, and I was no one. ”
      "No way, he has to upgrade his strength, and we have to do too much, and then find some things to find him."
      Mu Yu carefully calculated his own plan, looking for the real thing to get the soul of the thunder is the most important thing, to resurrect the dead wood and save the master, these two things can not be delayed.
      At least he still stubbornly believes that Master is still alive.
      The Yumeng Mozu’s current trend of wood feathers is not very clear, and his three brothers now know how the wood feathers are. And the next big list released by the Mie Palace has already begun to finish, which means that Mu Yu must go to chase the best.
      "At that time, I should be able to see them, I hope they have not been found by the Yumeng Mozu."
      Mu Yu thinks about the current situation. The problem of the meat-winged horns does not need to be worried for the time being. His real goal is the ethnic war that the Triple Palace deliberately caused. For this war, several of them are the key.
      Mu Yu didn't want to participate in this war. He just wanted to do what he was going to do to see if he could persuade Muyou and let the Muyou people not participate. Southward wants to resolve this war in his own way. He insists that he wants to protect the comprehensible. Luo Yu’s intention is not clear.
      No matter who you are, it is not a simple matter to accomplish your purpose.
      The sky gradually lit up, and the useless work of one night made Mu Yu feel a little tired.
      "Hungry, let's kill a few monsters to eat?"Xiaoshuai touched his stomach and shouted.
      As soon as Mu Yu raised his hand, he put all the foundations together, and Xiaoshuai went to the shoulder of Mu Yu. The two walked deep into the woods.
      This forest has a lot of high-level monsters, and Xiaoshuai is now more and more picky about the taste. It wants to eat the sixth-order shocked leopard today.
      "The waist of the scared leopard is very delicious."Xiaoshuai kept making suggestions on the shoulders of Mu Yu.
      "You have to be talented!"
      Mu Yu jumped on the branch and touched the trees. The trees within a hundred miles were called his eyes, and he gave back the scene of the monsters in the woods.
      "No leopard, iron bear can be."Xiaoshuai wiped his mouth and said.
      "You are lucky, you really found a shocked leopard, but it seems to be hurt."Mu Yu said with surprise.
      In his perception, a stunned leopard with blood on one leg just broke into the range of trees he could control, and was now fleeing southeast.
      "Through it is not injured, you must die if you are not injured. Hurry and get it."Xiaoshuai urged.
      Wood Yu did not think much, and once turned, he disappeared into the trees and quickly moved toward the direction of the shocked leopard.
      The stunned leopard is the king of the sixth-order monsters, and their speed is astonishing. It is impossible for the acquaintances of the ordinary distraction to keep up with the speed of the stunned leopard unless there are some special magic weapons or It is possible to catch it if you hit it first.
      Through the information returned by the trees, Mu Yu saw the purple blood flowing on the leg of the leopard, but the speed was still as fast as it was, running fast in the woods, just like a shock, and the name is equal.
      However, it ran faster and finally met the nemesis. Wood feathers only caught up with the shocked leopard in the blink of an eye, and the slap directly shot the stunned leopard, and there was no breath in an instant.
      “Great, cook and cook!”
      Xiaoshuai started to take out the cookware and popped his small claws, ready to dissect the scared leopard.
      The fur of the sixth-order stunned leopard is quite precious, soft and light but hard and can withstand the blow of distraction.
      The bones on the body are the materials of the magical refining magic weapon, especially its blood, which is the component of refining many high-ranking medicinal herbs. It can be said that all of them are treasures.
      The speed and combat power of this kind of monster are very powerful. The ordinary distraction comprehension is not necessarily able to kill it. The main reason is that the speed is too fast to catch up. It is only because of the wood feathers in the fit period, so it can only be considered bad luck.
      "A big demon spirit, I like to eat the demon spirit of the sixth-order monster."
      Xiaoshuai used his claws to dig a palm-sized white demon spirit from the belly of the scared leopard. It contained great spiritual power, but it was the demon power of the sixth-order shocked leopard.
      This kind of thing is very precious, especially the demon spirit of the sixth-order monsters, and if you sell it, you can sell a good price. Many people will even kill a sixth-order demon spirit. .
      Not only the demon spirit, but also the sale of the entire Jinghong leopard is a lot of money, but unfortunately Mu Yu is usually not familiar with the market price of the monster. He doesn't use money very often, and he is not very short of money. The reason for "having money to travel all over the world" does not apply to him.
      In the past 100,000 mountains in the Moyun Mountain Range, Xiaoshuai struggled with the sixth-order monsters in order to eat. These monsters are all eaten by the young devil, the parts that can be eaten are eaten, and the rest are discarded directly.
      "Hurry to cook! After eating, UU reads We have to leave here to find a city to inquire about the news. ”
      He can't help with cooking. Xiaoshuai likes to cook for himself. Let him go to work. Mu Yu waits for it to eat. After all, Jinghong Leopard is arrested. His mission has been completed.
      Mu Yu lay leisurely on the branches, and a few leaves in front of him danced in front of him, and he was put into various shapes.
      At the beginning, Yu Pei, who symbolizes the innate discipleship in the ancestor, is in the hands of Mu Yu. He often looks at Yu Pei’s fixed soul array from time to time to see if there is a problem with the fixed soul array, and whether it should be re-drawn.
      However, when the first day of the road was very thoughtful, this piece of jade contains a strong spiritual power. According to Mu Yu’s estimation, this piece of jade is no longer a problem of maintaining a certain soul for a year.
      "Daddy, I will definitely raise you up, and Master, you must wait for me!"Mu Yu said firmly.
      Xiaoshuai took a bite of the demon, and then began to cut the leopard, but at this moment, suddenly a scream came from the forest:

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