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Chapter 793 does not know the goods?

    A middle-aged monk and a girl in her twenties suddenly rushed out of the woods and suddenly stayed in the open space cleared by the wood feathers. At this time, Xiaoshuai was ready to bite the second demon spirit.
      "Ok? What did you find first? ”
      Mu Yu turned over and sat up, looking at the two people in front of the tree in surprise. The older man looked like he was in his forties, his face was pale, his body was thin, his arm was covered with white cloth, his blood stained with white cloth, and he looked hurt.
      As for the angry girl, she was dressed in a pale green floral skirt. She was tall and tall. The long horse tail seemed to be still in the air because of her anger. It looked very pure, and now she was crouching at the wood. Feather and the little handsome who bites the demon in the open space.
      The cultivation of these two men is not high, and the man’s pretense is probably a sublime retreat, and the girl’s breath is slightly weaker, only the repairs around the embarrassing period.
      "Yes! This shocked leopard is our way to kill, and it is necessary to catch it, but you have snatched it! ”The girl is very upset.
      "Thinking, not rude."
      The middle-aged man came out of the channel. He looked at the wood feathers with some doubts. The wood feathers were restrained at this time, and they could not see the depth of cultivation. But it is so simple to be able to kill a sixth-order shocked leopard.
      "Hey, we chased this stunned leopard for two days and two nights, and it hurts its legs. It hurts you, but now it was taken away by this unidentified person. It’s too much. ! The little child is still eating the demon! Illness! ”The girl, who is called Si Yu, said with a sigh.
      Xiaoshuai blinked his eyes: "Are you chasing this scared leopard?" But it is too difficult to kill it with your repairs? ”
      "This is not the reason you took it away!"The girl shouted.
      "Thinking, don't be impulsive. The two young friends, in the next is the Xuan Zhengtang of the Burning Party. This is the little girl Xuan Siwei. We two have indeed chased this shocked leopard for two days. Are the two young friends personally solving this shocking leopard? ? ”
      Xuan Zhengtang was not as savage as his daughter. He glanced around and saw if there were any other people in the forest.
      In his view, the Leopard is a very powerful monster in the sixth-order monster. Rao is a distracted one who has suffered a lot of repairs. The wood feathers in front of him are young, although they can’t be seen as repairs. The depth of the pan, but it is not possible to hunt this scared leopard alone.
      As for the little child who licked the precious demon as a fruit on the ground, he was even more surprised. It’s not that Xiaoshuai is so powerful, but because Xiaoshuai has not been repaired and fluctuated, but he has come to the forest of this high-order monsters. It must be a big one. Maybe there are some powerful masters hidden around here. .
      "Burning the sea? Have not heard. Here are the two of us, who else can kill it besides us? ”Xiaoshuai asked strangely.
      "You killed? Don't talk big! How can you both kill the sixth-order stunned leopard? ”Xuan Si said.
      Xiaoshuai was not interested in explaining anything. He took another bite of the demon and chewed it: "Love does not believe."
      He continued to pull the belly of the scared leopard and pulled out the two waists. He had to make a fried waist. A distraction period and a period of comprehension could not affect his eating.
      Xuan Siwei looked at the rude tactics of Xiaoshuai, and cut the fur of the scared leopard casually, and suddenly felt distressed. The fur was the best material for the protective clothing, so it was destroyed and torn.
      "Little brother, don't destroy the fur of the scared leopard!"Xuan Siyu screamed anxiously.
      Xuan Zhengtang looked at Xiaoshuai's skillful approach but was shocked because he saw Xiaoshuai completely tearing the fur of the scared leopard with his hands. He did not rely on other tools at all. How is this possible?
      Even if he had a distracted period of cultivation, it took a lot of effort to break a small mouth on the leg of Jinghong Leopard. How did the little boy do it?
      Are these two men the geniuses of the eight gates?
      In a flash, Xuan Zhengtang had already thought of many possibilities. He quickly said: "The two are bothered. Since this shocked leopard is killed by two, then we will not interfere, and leave!"
      "Hey, what are we going to do with the shocking leopard that we have worked hard to chase?" Don't forget, you are still hurt for it! ”Xuan Si looked at Xuan Zhengtang inexplicably.
      "Leave here and say!"Xuan Zhengtang gave her daughter a look and gestured to her not to speak.
      "You wait."Mu Yu out of the channel.
      "This little friend, we are shocked, we don't want to get contaminated, we are offended, please don't mind."
      Xuan Zhengtang watched the wood feather sitting on the branch vigilantly, was able to kill the scared leopard, and naturally killed them. Xuan Zhengtang did not know who Mu Yu was.
      Mu Yu said without saying: "Nothing, this shocked leopard you want to take it! As long as we have two waists and demon spirits, oh yes, there may be its thigh meat, and the rest will be yours. ”
      Although it is feared that the repair of these two people is that it will not be able to kill the stunned leopard for another ten days and ten nights, but for Mu Yu, the fur of the stunned leopard body is precious again. It’s no use, they’re killing the scared leopard. It’s just that Xiaoshuai wants to eat a fried loin.
      "what? Do you want to give us the shocked leopard? ”
      Xuan Zhengtang was shocked. He thought he had got it wrong. The stunned leopard scorpion is a treasure, and there are no problems in selling hundreds of thousands of linguistic stones. The ordinary distraction comprehension can meet the horror of the leopard, and it is not necessarily able to catch it. Originally, Xuan Zhengtang thought that he was empty-handed. Return, who can think of Mu Yu is willing to give up the killing leopard?
      "Yeah, that's right! Anyway, other parts are not good. ”
      Xiaoshuai quickly crossed a flash of light, cut the four legs gracefully, and then gently slammed the huge stunned leopard and threw them at Xuan Zhengtang. "These are yours."
      Xuan Zhengtang looked at Xiao Xun's swift and incomparable movements, and his heart was shocked to the limit! With his eyesight, he did not find out how Xiaoshuai had cut off the limbs of the leopard, which was impossible for him to do so without any spare effort.
      "eat? Are you killing the leopard for eating? ”
      Xuan Si opened his mouth and suddenly felt a little funny. He could not help but ask: "Do you know what the skin of the scared leopard can do?"
      "Take it what it does, it's not good anyway."
      Xiaoshuai did not care to set up firewood to start cooking, Dan Flint made a flame of smashing, and various spices have appeared around Xiaoshuai, Xiaoshuai still likes to know where to get a white high hat to wear, It looks like an experienced chef.
      "You two are not fools? Jinghong Leopard is…"Xuan Si couldn’t help but say.
      "Thinking, not allowed to be so rude!"
      Xuan Zhengtang quickly sipped the woman who stopped her mouth, and then lost her smile: "The little girl is offended and not blame, since the two young friends are willing to cut love, then thank you for the two gifts!"
      Xuan Zhengtang is very polite from beginning to end, and puts his posture very low, because he has already determined that the two very young people, Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai, are very famous and can't afford to be offended.
      "Don't be thankful, we still know the value of a sixth-order stunned leopard, but this level of monsters actually sees us more, it is not strange. Since the two of you have been chasing this for so long, it is fine for you. ”
      In fact, Mu Yu is mainly because Xuan Zhengtang does not have such an aggressive attitude, which makes people feel good. Although this girl who looks a little older than herself is very vocal, her humility is still making Mu Yu decide to be shocked. The red leopard gave them back.
      Originally, they caught this kind of thing for eating. They have seen a lot of the seven-order monsters. If they want to grab the money, they will not be embarrassed.
      "Thank you for the two."Xuan Zhengtang breathed a sigh of relief and felt his injured arm, thinking that he was still not injured.
      Xuan Siyu suspiciously looked at the wooden feathers sitting in the treetops and the little handsome who was cooking on the ground, quickly put away the scared leopard, for fear that they both suddenly repented.
      "Hey, look at the way they don't know the goods, we are not greedy and cheap people, just buy them with Lingshi!"Xuan Sizhen said that although he spoke straight, he still said to his father.
      Xuan Zhengtang nodded: "That line, think, you give them all the spirits on us!"
      Xuan Siyu groped for a moment and said: "Hey, you two, although you are lucky enough to kill the shocked leopard, but since you are willing to give us the shocked leopard, then we will pay you 120,000 Lingshi, this is already all our spirits, let alone we love greed and cheap!"
      The price of a shocked leopard in the market is at least 500,000 Lingshi, but because it has been cut off by the younger brothers and the demon spirit, it can only sell about 300,000. And Xuan Zhengtang, they used all the Lingshi 120,000 to buy, no loss.
      Mu Yu was dumbfounded. He had no idea about Lingshi. He had never lost money since he knew that they were hidden rich second generation. Anyway, he had no money to sell some Dan. Medicine and the like.
      It’s really impossible to go to the Danding School, to extort a sum of money from the old man of the Shouge, or to return to the ancestor. Zhuge Xiaosheng can send all the Lingshi to the hands of Mu Yu in one sentence, UU reading www .uukanshu. Com is the door of the door, how can you lack money?
      The number of Lingshi can count the hand cramps, where will you care about the 12 million Lingshi in this area?
      "You are very real, so very good."
      Mu Yu did not refuse, and waved all the Lingshi into it. There is nothing good about this kind of thing. After all, it is also a good intention of others. Besides, it is also a shocking leopard that is also hunted by himself. There is no need to be a good person.
      "Of course we are real, right, I don't know what your name is!"Xuan Si asked with a mouth open.
      first name?
      Now the word "Mu Yu" in the realm of comprehension is too eye-catching. In order to avoid trouble, it is necessary to disguise the identity. The nicknames have been used again. What kind of hurricane, Fengmu, take a small name So troublesome?
      "My name is Yu Feng."Mu Yu thought about it and replied.
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