Chapter 794 Halfway Robbery

    "Rain wind? How did your mother give you such a strange name? Are you born in the rain? ”Xuan Siwei asked strangely.
      "I was born in the storm?" No, I am a feather floating in the wind. ”
      Mu Yu quickly realized that Xuan Si’s misunderstanding had been explained. He feels that he is indeed like a feather in the wind, and he has no place to go, drifting with the wind.
      Xuan Siyi nodded thoughtfully and said: "This way! I think you are quite real, good! If we sell this scared leopard in the future, if you can meet you again, you will be compensated again! ”
      Mu Yu smiled, he is not short of money.
      Xuan Zhengtang and Xuan Si's father and daughter began to deal with the body of Jinghong Leopard, but at this moment, Mu Yu suddenly frowned and turned his head to the depths of the woods.
      "what happened?"Xuan Sizhen just happened to see what Mu Yu was looking at, and asked curiously.
      "This forest is not only the two of you coming in, it seems that there are three more people coming here."Mu Yu said casually.
      "three people? Is it the public Xuan they – "Xuan Si's face changed slightly.
      Xuan Zhengtang also looked serious: "Thinking, let's get out of here!"
      "Hey, Xiao Yan, where are you so anxious to leave?"
      During the conversation, three people have already come out from the depths of the woods. The head is a man who looks like a 30-year-old man with a dark complex face, a sinister eye, a tooth burst, and a squat on his chin.
      To tell the truth, this person looks ugly, but he is really sorry for passers-by, but his cultivation is not low, but also has the strength of distraction.
      The man followed the two middle-aged people, the atmosphere was soaked, and the cultivation was also a distraction, and it was comparable to Xuan Zhengtang.
      “Public Xuan, how did you find us?”Xuan Siyu looked at the public Xuan in disgust, and seemed very disgusted with this man.
      "Haha! Naturally, we also came to chase this scared leopard. We have hit this shocked leopard. I didn't expect it to be profited by your fishermen! ”Public Xuan touched his chin and looked at Xuan Siwei with a sinister look.
      "You are shameless! This shocked leopard clearly has nothing to do with you! ”Xuan Si angered and replied.
      "It doesn't matter if you can decide. Today, this is a shocking leopard. We have to fix it!"
      The public Xuan Guang looked fiercely at the stunned leopard lying on the ground. The shocking leopard was of great value and was able to auction a very high price. It is impossible for them to kill. Now seeing a shocked leopard, the public Xuan will be born with greed, want to take it for himself!
      "Public Xuan, this is what we get first, don't deceive too much!"Xuan Zhengtang shouted.
      The public gaze swept over the arms of Xuan Zhengtang, where there was still red blood, and it seemed that it was not so easy to heal after being injured by the leopard.
      The greedy look in his eyes was unobtrusively revealed. Xuan Zhengtang had a divisive rehearsal. He would have been jealous of one or two points in the first fight, but today he is also surrounded by two The people, plus Xuan Zhengtang, who are now seriously injured, are not their opponents at all.
      As for the child who is cooking next to him and the wooden feather that yawns on the treetop, he is not in the eye, just as the countryman who has never seen the world ignores it.
      "Deceive too much? so what? My astrology house is not afraid of burning the sea faction. If you know each other, you will leave the scared leopard to me and then roll it for me, otherwise I will kill you! ”Public Xuanyuan said.
      "If you are a man of the Astrology House, if you dare to start the burning of our sea, you will regret it!"Xuan Zhengtang does not seem to be afraid of the other party's forces. From his tone, the Burning Party is more powerful than the Astrology House.
      But public Xuan laughed happily: "Xuan Zhengtang, I am afraid you are still not clear? Our Astrology House is now attached to the Star Gate. Even if I kill you here, the head of your burning party can only swallow! ”
      Said that the public Xuan took out a token, it is a token of the Star Gate!
      "Star Gate? You actually turned to the Star Gate? ”
      Xuan Zhengtang was shocked. Tianxingmen was one of the eight gates. His means of passing through the sky, his strength was extraordinary, and he could climb a relationship with the Star Gate. That was all the things that the small gates could not ask for!
      "Yes, when it comes to this, I am changing my mind now! Xiao Yan, I am always in love with you, but you always don't want to see me. Now I am a star-studded person. I am not in a good position. Should you follow me? ”
      Public Xuan a pair of kinky.Swaying, his eyes glanced at Xuan Siwei, and he slammed somewhere.
      "Public Xuan, you are less daydreaming! Don't scatter your urine and take care of yourself. You can't even count the running dogs of the Star Gate. You are still pretentious. What's so great? ”Xuan Si screamed.
      "If you don't, then I will force you to come from me!" The two elders helped me to catch Xuan Zhengtang. As for Xiao Yan, I will do it myself. ”Public Xuanyuan smiled.
      "Yes! Little Lord! ”
      The two middle-aged people behind the public Xuan revered with a sigh of relief, then flew up and went straight to Xuan Zhengtang!
      "Thinking, I dragged them, you left here, you are not their opponent!"
      Xuan Zhengtang pushed his daughter and greeted him and wanted to give his daughter a chance to live.
      "Hey, I won't leave alone, we fight with them!"
      Xuan Siyu has already sacrificed Feijian. Jianguang crossed between the treetops, rolled up a fallen leaf, and the swordsman was criss-crossed and swayed toward the public.
      Xuan Zhengtang’s arm was injured, and at the same time, the two comprehensions of the distraction period could not resist a round, but just flew out.

Xuan Siyu exclaimed, but the hands of the public Xuan have already bypassed the flying sword of Xuan Siwei, and seized the throat of Xuan Siwei.
      "Caring for yourself first!"
      The public Xuan's repair is much higher than Xuan Siyi. He easily subdued Xuan Siyu, and closed his eyes. He twitched his nose and sniffed at Xuan Si's body, revealing a perverted look of intoxication. A sinister fire poured out from the body, and he couldn’t wait to drag Xuan Siyu into a place where no one was going to do something.
      However, at this moment, the indifferent sound sounded.
      "What I hate most is the person at the Star Gate."
      A big hand suddenly volleyed out, and a slap in the face of the public Xuan, the public Xuan eyes can not find the Venus in the north, and Xuan Siyi was also hand-drawn by another one, and landed firmly on the ground.
      In the distance, there were two sounds, and then the two elders of the Astrology House were also flying high out of the ground, falling on the ground and motionless, life and death are unknown!
      Mu Yu looked coldly at the three people like the mourning dog lying on the ground of the Astrology House. He did not show his mercy.
      "You, how dare you hit me?"Public Xuan was furious.
      When I saw Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai, I saw that there was no spiritual fluctuation in them. I thought that it was just a country bus, and I was able to clean up the Xuan Zhengtang and the women and then kill them, but I didn’t expect to see them!
      This is the big water rushing to the Dragon King Temple, where would it be as simple as the country?
      But public Xuan said with resentment: "You dare to do it to us, you will offend the Star Gate, are you impatient?" Our Astrology House is now the Star Gate…"
      "It's the mess of the Star Gate, I know."
      A black and white sword swept out and cut through the throats of three people. The public Xuanyuan licked his neck and widened his eyes. He thought he would report the name of the Star Gate. Others would be jealous of them, but ten thousand I didn’t expect the young man in front of him to kill them directly and simply!
      He didn't understand when he died. Why is this happening?
      The white soul power flashed without it, and it was hidden in the shadow sword of Mu Yu, and the vitality gradually passed away from the three.
      Mu Yu’s heart flashed a sigh of relief, and the power of killing seemed to flow in his body.
      He fixed his mind and frowned slightly. Although he killed the person associated with the Star Gate, he would not feel any guilt, but he now seems to like the feeling of killing.
      Since he has used the power of killing several times in the demon, he feels that he seems to have something more in his body.
      "Hey, open the meal!"
      Xiaoshuai was holding a shovel in the pot and mixing it. During the whole process, he didn't even lift his eyelids, or he was dedicated to his own meal.
      Mu Yu returned to the gods, glanced at the bodies of the three people indifferently, and then walked over to the young handsome and began to taste the craftsmanship of Xiaoshuai.
      The Xuan Zhengtang and Xuan Siyi fathers and daughters on the side have already been shocked!
      Just casually shot, actually killed three comprehensions of the distraction period!
      What is the young man in front of him?
      For a long time, Xuan Zhengtang climbed up from the ground and looked at Mu Yu with a shock. He said: "Thank you, thank you Yufeng Gongzi for helping."
      "Well, you have to leave!"Wood feather head did not lift said.
      He didn't really want to intervene at random, but the three words of the Star Gate made him resentful like the Mie Palace, and Xuan Zhengtang's two women were still upright, so they helped.
      "You, are you the comprehension of the fit period?"Xuan Siwei asked shockally.
      She suddenly remembered that she had reprimanded the plume in front of her eyes and snatched their horror. The UU reading now think about it for a while!
      Xiaoshuai did not care to eat chopsticks and had a good time. Mu Yu didn't want to explain too much. He just waved his hand at Xuan Zhengtang's father and daughter, indicating that they had to leave here.
      Xuan Zhengtang looked at Mu Yu with a heart, and quickly pulled his hand, and at the same time, he said to Mu Yu: "Thank you for helping the adults, please forgive me for the offense!"
      Xuan Siyi still wants to ask some other questions, but Xuan Zhengtang gave her a look. People clearly don't like to be disturbed, so it would be really bad to ask if they bothered each other.
      They hurried back, and Xuan Siyu kept looking back at Mu Yu. If she didn't see it, she would believe that such a young person would have such a strong strength.
      "and many more."Mu Yu suddenly said.
      Xuan Zhengtang’s father and daughter were shocked. When they saw that Mu Yu had no mercy to kill the three people in the Astrology House, he was shocked. Could it be that the son in front of him would kill them? )!!

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