Chapter 797 驭兽斋

    In accordance with the direction of Xuan Zhengtang, Mu Yu took them two quickly to Dongsha City. In order to speed up the pace of advancement, Mu Yu was flying with Xuan Zhengtang's father and daughter along the way.
      Dongsha away from the woods they encounter is still a considerable distance, because the east of the mountains near the Youmont Demon clan haunt, so Xuan Zhengdong in order to catch the Youmont Demon clan, just run to a very far place to kill Demon Beast.
      At the speed of Mu Yu, it took about half a day to fly.
      Far from seeing a quaint city standing outside a rolling mountain range, this city is quite large, it is one of the famous cities in the realm of comprehension. From time to time in the city, there are some comprehensions flying around, what is being patrolled, and there are long queues at the gates of the city.
      Xuan Zhengdong explained: "East sand is now closely guarded, there are countless Youmont in the mountains nearby, because the terrain is very difficult, for the Youmont easy to defend, eight doors of the eight gates agreed, decided to ban the real people to go to the mountain, now in and out of the East sand need to pass through the gate, The people above are the guards of the city, specially used to monitor the movement around the city. ”
      On the way to the Xuan Zhengdong, he had told him all about everything he knew, including the current situation in the Sanchong mainland, and the Youmont of the various panic problems caused by the demons, there are eight of the owners although not in the East sand, but they sent their own outstanding disciples and elders to help this city.
      One hundred miles north of Dongsha City is the Dongsha Mountain Range. In the past, there were many monsters, and many comprehensions went to the mountains to hunt the monsters. But I don't know when, there are countless Yumeng demons in the mountains. These Yumeng Mozus are looking for something in this mountain range, and occasionally leave the mountain range and clash with the passing comprehensions.
      When the Umon Mozu does not use the ability of the five elements, there is no difference between their appearance and the human race. Therefore, once they wear human clothes, it is sometimes difficult for the comprehensible to distinguish between true and false, and they can only rely on the guardianship of the city. To distinguish.
      However, in fact, the Yumeng Mozu and the Terran will be exposed when they are in conflict. They only need to use the ability to control the Five Elements, and they will become the appearance of Yumeng. Therefore, when distinguishing Yumeng and the Terran, they only need to make the most The basic exercises can be tested.
      "You just said that the Umon Mozu is looking for something? What is it? ”Mu Yu asked.
      Xuan Zhengtang shook his head: "We don't know, the comprehensible does not know. But everyone is saying that they are looking for the five people. It is the prophecy that has been circulated in the realm of comprehension. Five people with the ability of the Yumeng Mozu will dominate the direction of this war. I don’t know if it is true or false. ”
      Mu Yu silently said, Xuan Zhengtang, where would you know that one of the five people was in front of him?
      "Do you believe this rumor?"Xiaoshuai asked a yawn on the wooden leg.
      Xuan Zhengtang and Xuan Siwei both looked at each other and then shook their heads: "In fact, we are not convinced, because many people think that the war leading the war should be the palace of the Triple Palace and the last nine poles. The decision is made by Xian, not by five people."
      "Hey, Mie Palace and the Immortal?"Xiaoshuai grinned disdainfully.
      "Your words may be correct."
      Mu Yu does not refute Xuan Zhengtang's words. Now the comprehension still believes that the Triple Palace will lead everyone to defeat the Yumeng Mozu. They are not aware of the dark side of the Sangong Palace, so they do not know that it is justifiable.
      However, Mu Yu is thinking about other things, because he knows that the Yumeng Mozu can not be found here to find them, it should be looking for other things. It is impossible for five of them to have such a place. Even Mu Yu himself decided to come here by chance. The Yumeng Mozu may be gathered here for another purpose.
      Soon they came to Dongsha City, and the guards of the gatekeepers all had the strength of the flood season. These were the disciples sent by the eight gates, which were specially used to guard the city. On the upper part of the city gate, there is also a fit-time old man sitting in the town. His eyes have been swept away in the comprehension of the people who come and go, vigilantly guarding the Yumeng Mozu to mix in.
      The gate of the city is covered by a golden pattern. Everyone enters the city to cross this pattern. At the same time, they must display their own techniques in the formation. Once the Yumeng Mozu appears in the formation, then The pattern will immediately become trapped and trapped.
      The comprehensions went into the formations one by one in an orderly manner, and Xuan Zhengtang took the wooden feathers to the end of the team. About 30 comprehensions are preparing to enter Dongsha City in front, and some people come from time to time.
      The inspection process will not be delayed for a long time. It only needs to send a spiritual attack to the front, so it will soon turn to the wood feather.
      When entering the pattern, Mu Yu just waved his hand at random, and the blue spirit spurred out. There was no reaction in the pattern. After all, this level of streak was simply unable to get him.
      After entering Dongsha City, it was found to be a very prosperous city.
      According to Xuan Zhengtang, although the Yumeng Mozu is often seen here, Dongsha City is a famous trading center in the triple continent, so the comprehens who come here are still in a constant stream.
      "Uncle Xuan, where do you usually sell hunting monsters?"Mu Yu asked.
      "It is a beast, they will be fair valuation of the received monsters, and then according to the size and integrity of the monsters to buy at a certain price, the price of the sixth-order monster can sell a very high price."Xuan Zhengtang replied.
      Different parts of the demon Beast have different uses, like some demon Beast's bones are used to refine the magic weapon, this to sell to the mixer pavilion, the heart blood is used for the medicine, this nature to sell to the Dan Ding Group of paraquat, some edible can be healthy bones of the Demon Beast will be sold to the restaurant, As for the demon spirit, this precious thing is popular wherever it is sold.
      Xuan Zhengtang is the person of this city. According to him, they burned a piece of land here, specifically what they did, but Xuan Zhengtang knew the city.
      After walking two steps along the street, you can see a magnificent storefront on the corner of the street, red brick and green tiles, and a statue of a dragon next to it, watching the outsiders with great brilliance.
      However, this dragon is far worse than the Dragon Dragon and Dragon Boat. Obviously this is only the dragon that the self-cultivator himself imagined. It is five points less domineering and seven points of dignity than the real dragon.
      "Fortunately, I didn't come, or it must be madly spit."Xiaoshuai said with a smile.
      Mu Yu did not care, under the guidance of Xuan Zhengtang, entered the beast.
      The beasts are coming and going, everyone has their own things to do, no one cares about Mu Yu and his party. In order to avoid unnecessary troubles, Mu Yu exerted an easy-to-fit array on his face. This array was ineffective under the deliberate display of Mu Yu, and was ineffective for Xuan Zhengtang and Xuan Si, but others looked at Mu Yu. At the time, it was another bland appearance.
      The hall of the beast is very spacious. There is a round counter in the center of the hall. There are dozens of folks sitting in the counter, which are specially designed for the comprehension of the beasts who come to deal with the beasts.
      At this time, the counter was surrounded by comprehensions, they have been asking about the sale price of the monster. Mu Yu even heard a guy shouting at the big door and shouting at an old woman who looked a little bit behind her back: "We don't accept the fifth-order drug lord here. This kind of thing has no use other than making drugs. Even the demon spirit is full. Poison, useless!"
      But the old woman didn't seem to hear it, her face was a little annoyed, and with some ugly words, the guy didn't dare to repay it. After all, the man only had the repair of the Golden Age, and the old woman had a period of repair.
      Xuan Zhengtang did not go to the counter to ask the buddy, he knew the rules and transactions here. He leads the way and leads the wooden feathers to the other side of the hall. Mu Yu discovered that there was a small compartment around the hall. There were special buddies waiting at the door of the cubicle. The number of people waiting in front of each compartment was different.
      Xiaoshuai didn't know where to take a reel, and was reading it there.
      "Little handsome, what are you looking at?"Mu Yu looked over curiously.
      "I am looking at the menu!"Xiaoshuai touched his chin.
      Wood Yu came to the word on the scroll and found that the scrolls recorded the reference price of various monsters and some simple identification methods. There are many monsters that look similar, but they are completely different. The scrolls are clearly marked and will tell you how to tell.
      "correct! The menu, you see this dense record is the variety of the monster! I am looking at the monsters I have not eaten. Next time we will catch them. ”Xiaoshuai said happily. He has already seen the "food-type monsters overview", which is being viewed line by line with small fingers.
      Mu Yu shook his head helplessly, and the "Wolf of the Beast" scroll, which was used by the beasts to guide the guests, was said to be a menu by Xiaoshuai, and the imagination of eating goods was also rich.
      "The size of the beasts in each compartment is different. There are special people in the appraisal. After all, the monsters that we have caught are rarely alive, and they are all killed and sold. Some monsters will have some changes after they die, and it is easy to make mistakes. When we came a while ago, we heard that a buddy of the beast zhaizhai took the second-order giant eye as a sixth-order copper-eye snake, and lost hundreds of thousands! ”Xuan Zhengtang said.
      "That guy is really bad luck."Mu Yu smiled slightly.
      The second-order monsters are worth more than a dozen pieces of Lingshi, and the sixth-order monsters are worth 500,000 Lingshi. I am afraid that the beasts will die!
      "Yes! The buddy heard that it was frightened, and later did not know what happened. However, it is no wonder that the second-order giant eyelids and the sixth-order copper-eye snakes can't tell the truth after they die. It is normal for the inexperienced guy to make mistakes. Therefore, the beast has begun to re-create a lot of new regulations for a while, and now it is very troublesome to trade. It is said that the beasts of the fifth or higher are to be identified by the beasts of the distracting period. ”Xuan Siyi opened the door.
      Apprentice, this is a profession in the realm of the realm, specifically used to identify the species of the beast. The general beastmasters are said to be disciples from Dihuangmen. The beasts themselves are also the industry of the Dihuangmen. Their familiarity with the monsters is second to none and the most authoritative.
      Mu Yu glanced at the compartments, and the outside of each compartment was written with a sacred beast. For example, the fourth-order monster was written in the compartment in front of it, which means that the compartment is dedicated to the fourth-order monster. Transaction.
      There are no more than 30 compartments in the entire hall, of which there are ten compartments in the first to third-order monsters, nine compartments in the fourth-order monsters, and eight in the compartments of the fifth-order monsters. There are two compartments in the monster, and there is only one compartment in the seventh-order monster.
      The first-to-third-order monsters have the largest number of trading compartments, followed by the fourth-order monsters. The fifth-order monsters have only a few three or four people in the compartment, as for the sixth-order monsters and the seventh-order monsters. There are no comprehensions waiting at the door of the beast.
      Obviously most of the trades here are low-level monsters, and the monsters of the sixth and above are too difficult to hunt, especially the seventh-order monsters. The seventh-order monsters are deep in the woods, extremely difficult to hunt, in general. The comprehension period does not dare to go too far, because if you disturb the other seven-order monsters, even if it is a fit period, it is difficult to retreat.
      After all, not everyone has Mu Yu, the ability to "play the dead and fight, and not to die, and drill the trees." Of course, Mu Yu solves those monsters without any effort, and he can’t pick up his current strength. Wicked beast.
      "Yu Fenggongzi, you have hunted two seven-order monsters, in fact, you can count as a guest of the beasts. After all, the seventh-order monsters are actually very rare. Many seventh-order monsters are even trues of the comprehension period. I dare not go to the idea."
      Xuan Zhengtang said that he would bring Mu Yu to the trading compartment of the seventh-order monster. The trading compartment of the seventh-order monster was not even a buddy. Just when they were preparing to push the door of the compartment, a figure suddenly disappeared. Going down the stairs, he replied: "Hey, stand! Several of you are not allowed to go in! ”
      Mu Yu turned and looked at the people who called them. This is a man who looks proud and looks proud. He looks like he is in his thirties. He is also dressed in a five-day-old, dressed in a blue suit, with a goshawk on his chest. The goshawk is flying high and flying. This is the logo of the disciples of the Emperor, and most people in the realm of understanding know.
      Xuan Zhengtang saw the goshawk pattern on the man's chest. UU read a book. His face showed a polite smile: "This son, we are coming to the beast."Transaction. ”
      "I know that you are coming to the monster.Trading, the trading compartments of the fourth and fifth stage monsters are over there. ”The young people said impatiently.
      Xuan Siyu stood up and said: "We are here to carry out the seventh-order monster.Trading! ”
      "You are coming to trade the seventh-order monster?"
      The man disdainfully looked at Xuan Siwei, Xuan Siyi only had a period of cultivation, and Xuan Zhengtang had the strength to be a part of the sky. As for the behind Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai looked like a man who had not been cultivated, he laughed. One voice: "Only you can also hunted the seventh-order monster? Hurry and go! Don't come to me! Humph! ”
      Seven-order monsters, the general fit period can not guarantee that they can hunted, let alone these few people who look like a countryman!
      The man’s eyes on Xuan Zhengtang and others are full of ridicule.
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