No. 801 Chapter Fire

People who are ordinary comprehensions are not the seventh-order monsters. I am afraid that it takes a lot of effort to catch a sixth-order monster. Every monster that is hunted must be carefully saved. If you can, you can’t wait for one. Animal hair does not want to fall.

But these monsters are only used to eat in Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai's hands?

Xuan Zhengtang swallowed, it was really more human than the dead!

"If our Xuan Beast Square can be compared with the beast, then it is not necessary to buy the medicine to save my mother."Xuan Siyu looked faintly.

Mu Yu pondered for a moment, anyway, it was the fate, Xuan Zhengtang is a good person, Mu Yu decided to help the father and daughter.

"go! Go to your Xuan Beast Square. ”

Xuan Zhengtang was shocked: "The son, our Xuan Beast Square can have no funds to acquire your sixth-order seventh-order monster!"

"It doesn't matter, just when I buy shares!" I will ask you first, how do you deal with these monsters after you have acquired the monsters? ”Mu Yu asked.

Xuan Zhengtang honestly replied: "We are doing small business. The general fourth-order monsters have only a few thousand Lingshi trading accounts. Most of the low-level monsters are processed, but they are useless but can eat. The beast is sold to the restaurant, which can be sold to the Ding Ding pie as the dirty blood of the herbs, and sold to the refining cabinet. Each kind of monster is dismembered and sold separately. According to the different grades of the monsters, the processing time is not the same. The sixth-order monsters may take several days. ”

"It doesn't matter, don't rush to pay me the Lingshi. After the monsters are disposed of, it is not too late to pay me."

Mu Yu has never had any idea about Lingshi. He has never lacked Lingshi flowers, and he has money to be more willful.

Xuan Zhengtang is overjoyed: "You son, are you really willing to give this business to us?"

"I will never give it to the beasts anyway!"Mu Yu smiled a little, "Seven-order monster, this thing will definitely be stared at by many people, nothing! There are fly mosquitoes, I will help you shoot death. ”

Mu Yu glanced at the comprehensions who were still following the seventh-order demon spirit on him, and strode forward.


The Xuan Beast Square is far less than the beast.

The storefront of the beasts is very luxurious, people come and go, there are dozens of folks, and the comprehensible people who go to trade are in a constant stream, but in the side of the Xuanbeifang, the store is shabby, there is only one buddy inside. The door is a bird.

When Mu Yu arrived at the Xuan Beast Square, a comprehension person just came out of the store. His expression was very dissatisfied. It seemed that the business was not made.

"Chishan, we are back, and we will come out to welcome you!"Xuan Siyi took the lead and walked into the store and shouted.

"Master, sister, are you back?"The young man named Chishan saw Xuan Zhengtang and Xuan Sizhen greeted him.

Chishan looks two or three years older than Muyu. He grows very honest and thick, his eyes are big and his eyes are wide, and he laughs like a spring breeze.

When he saw Xuan Zhengtang riding a three-year-old urchin on his neck, he also stunned. He didn’t understand why his master’s master of a distracted period would let a urchin who didn’t seem to have any repairs ride on his neck. .

"Chishan, hurry to see tea, this is the plume, is our guest, you can be slowed down!"Xuan Zhengtang said seriously.

"okay! Please come in! ”Chishan couldn't help but see Mu Yu's eyes. He quickly invited the wooden feathers to come in, and then went to the back to pour the tea.

After returning, Chishan was surprised to find that his master was very respectful to Mu Yu. He was puzzled. Because Mu Yu seems to have only repaired during the expiration period, even if it is expensive for the guests, he will be repaired by his master. I don't need such humility, what is going on here?

"Introduction, this is the inferior Xuan Chishan, it is my half son. Chishan, this is the handsome man, is the guest of our Xuanbeifang, to be a good waiter, understand? ”Xuan Zhengtang said seriously.

"Yes, Master! Chishan has seen Yufengzi! ”In the heart of Chishan, only Mu Yu may be a disciple of a certain gate.

So I didn't think much.

"Well, don't be restrained, I don't like so much courtesy, little handsome, come over!"Mu Yu sat in the chair, Xiao Shuai also rode on the neck of Xuan Zheng Tang did not come down, Xuan Zhengtang and Xuan Siyu are also standing respectfully, the atmosphere is a bit weird.

Xiaoshuai jumped from the neck of Xuan Zhengtang to the thigh of Mu Yu, kicked his little ankle happily, and said, "Uncle, are you delicious here?"

"Yes, yes."Chishan's hands and feet are very arrogant, and soon there are some monsters from the back end of the barbecue to Xiaoshuai, Xiaoshuai happy on the wooden feather thighs.

Xuan Zhengtang turned and asked about Chishan: "I just saw that the guest seemed very dissatisfied. Have you ever lost this business again?"

Chishan said with distress: "Master, the guest just came to sell the third-order red phosphorus, the market price of red phosphorus is three thousand Lingshi, I have already opened three thousand and one hundred spirits, he said the beast At the end of the year, the red phosphorus family sold 3,500 people, so…"

"So he is now ready to go to the beast?"Mu Yu asked.

"Yes! I really don't want to do this single business, but if we do, we will lose money. In fact, we also know that the price of the beast is also clear. The third-order red phosphorus is only three thousand Lingshi. We only buy the third-order and fourth-order monsters, so the purchase price is still higher than that of the beast, although the profit is small. But you can get some business from the beast. ”Chishan explained.

If the purchase price is the same as or lower than that of the beast, then the business of the Xuanbeifang can't be done at all. They only have higher bids to attract some customers.

"Then we are not here for a few days, have you done a few business?"Xuan Zhengtang did not blame Chishan, the price of the beasts has always been higher, because they have money, but the Xuan Beast Square will not work.

Chishan hesitated for a moment, swallowed and said: "Two, two single, a single third-order monster, a single fourth-order monster."

“I have done two business in more than ten days?”Xuan Zhengtang frowned.

Chishan bitterly said: "Master, we are now shy in the bag, you know, in order to curb the flames of the singer, we have secretly taken some of the stone in the store to buy the ice stone. And the offerings that should have been handed over to Zongmen last month are still owed, and soon the date of the offer of this month is coming again. We really don't have any extravagance to buy those monsters of better quality. ”

Xuan Zhengtang sighed heavily, and there were things that could not be done even if he had the distraction.

"Icestone? What is the price of the ice stone? ”Mu Yu asked.

The ice stone is a kind of stone that can make a cold, even if it is exposed to the sun. In the past, when studying the formation method, Mu Yu was also exposed to the ice stone, which can be used as a base for some low-temperature array method, but there is no wood feather.

"A fist-sized piece of icestone is worth a million stones. It can only be used for two days or so to suppress the flames of the lady."Said Chishan.

Because of the low temperature, the ice stone can alleviate the pain caused by the burning of the fire, and can also slow down the burning speed of the flame. It is a temporary solution to the problem of being hurt by the heavens, but this method is only a temporary solution. To completely remove the fire of the fire, you can only use Taishi Zitiandan.

The wife of Xuan Zhengtang has been attacked by the fire of Yumeng for a month. Xuan Zhengtang used the ice stone to relieve his wife’s injury from the beginning. Up to now, the purchase of the icestone has cost nearly fifteen. Ten thousand, it will not work in this way.

"Right, uncle, can you take me to see your wife's situation? Let me see how the fire Yumeng burns the comprehension. ”Mu Yu came here to inquire about the movement of Yumeng. Naturally, I must first understand how Fire Yumeng hurts people.

"Of course, please, please!" Chishan, you are here to see the store. ”Xuan Zhengtang quickly took Mu Yu to the backyard and soon came outside a room.

"Mother, we are back."Xuan Siyu eagerly pushed the door open and went in. Xuan Zhengtang also walked in with the wooden feathers.

"Thinking, are you back?"Lying in bed is a lady who looks pale but still looks beautiful. She looks at her eyes full of love, then she sees Xuan Zhengtang and said softly: "Zhengtang, have you gone out this time?" This son is…"

"Mother, this is a plump, it is our benefactor. When we hunted the Leopard, we almost got an accident, thanks to the help of the Yufeng. ”Xuan Siyu introduced Mu Yu to her mother.

"The son, this is my wife, Yan Hanyu."Xuan Zhengtang said.

"Thank you for the plume."Mrs. Xuan’s kindness greeted her, and then she asked with concern: “Thinking, you hunted the leopard and almost went wrong. The leopard is a sixth-order monster that is extremely fast. How can you find it? Are you injured? ”

"Mom, I am fine, he hurt his arm."Xuan Siyu replied.

"Chengtang, are you injured?"Mrs. Xuan sat up with her daughter's help and looked at Xuan Zhengtang's arm with pity.

"I'm fine, Yufeng has stopped me from blood."Xuan Zhengtang sat next to Mrs. Xuan and forced a smile.

"That's really a good thank you to Yufeng."Mrs. Xuan said gratefully.

"I don't get in the way, Mrs. Xuan, let me see the fire of your fire."Mu Yu said.

He never knew what it was like to be ignited by the flames.

Xuan Zhengtang comfortably gestured to his wife. Xuan’s wife extended her right hand. She held a piece of ice stone in her hand, and the ice stone was burning all the time, and the flame wrapped the ice stone.

Mu Yu walked over and carefully examined the flames of Xuan’s palm. The flame was pale and fluttering in the palm of the Annunciation. At this time, the spiritual power of the wife of the prophet was continuously sent to the palm of the hand to fuel the flame. If you don't do this, the flame will burn to the skin and flesh, and finally a person will burn into ashes.

The spiritual power of a person is always limited. The reason why Xuan’s wife can persist is because Xuan Zhengtang purchased the fifth-order medicinal medicine “returning the spirit” to supplement the spiritual power of Xuan’s wife.

But the price of the five-order Dan Pill is also very expensive, a panacea are nearly 20,000 Lingshi, Xuanf to fix only out of the body, in accordance with the burning speed of the palm flame, probably her psychic power enough to burn three days, it means three days after the loss of the psychic, Xuan Zhengdong in order to save his wife's life, It takes hundreds of thousands of to be a good one.

Xuan Zhengtang is just an elder who manages business outside the small martial art. The martial art has the rules of the martial art. Most of the money earned by the Xuan Beast Square is handed over to the martial art, so he is not rich, but this time Mrs. Xuan’s suppression of the fire of the sky, Xuan Zhengtang is already shy.

Mu Yu reached out and handed over his spiritual power, but he found that he could not extinguish the pale flame. Not only that, but the spiritual power of his own past also became the fuel of the flame.

The flame created by Tianmen Youmen is called the skyfire, and the skyfire burns with spiritual power. In addition to fighting with its own spiritual power, the spiritual power of others will become the fuel of the flame, even if it is much higher than the repair. The fit period also does not help the ignited self-cultivator to release the flame.

This kind of flame is too overbearing.

"Little handsome, is there any way to remove these fires?"Mu Yu tried it and found that there was no way. This kind of thing, neither the dead wood nor the master, taught Mu Yu.

"Brother, you have to call me a handsome younger brother in front of outsiders."Xiaoshuai is full of mouthfuls of oil, still not forgetting narcissism.

"Well, UU reading handsome brother, is there any way to solve these flames?"Mu Yu resisted the urge to shoot the young handsome.

"I think, Qiao Xue and Luo Wei should be able to solve."

"What is the difference between answering this question and not answering it?"

Mu Yu didn't have a good look at Xiao Shuai, Qiao Xue was able to control the water, Luo Wei was able to control the fire, they naturally have a way to deal with these fires, and Mu Yu can control the wood, can only give the flame as fuel.

"Being contaminated by this kind of flame, even if you cut off this palm, it will not help, it will continue to burn at the break, but you can think about the principle of burning fire, then think about the principle of fire extinguishing of Taishi Zitiandan, there should be The way."Xiaoshuai said.

"But where do I know?"

Mushi is not strictly an alchemy teacher. His alchemy technique is really the level of Ding Ding, but he is very sensitive to herbs. But against the skyfire, the herbs seem to have lost their effectiveness.

Dan Ding's Taishi Zitiandan definitely has some special formulas, not made of herbs, but made up of some precious minerals, but the specific formula of wood feathers is not very clear.

"Then I can't do anything."Xiaoshuai said.

Although Xuan Zhengtang had no hope for Mu Yu, he couldn’t help feeling sad at this time.

Mrs. Xuan extended another hand and gently held Xuan Zhengtang’s hand and said, “I’m blaming me for dragging you…”

"Don't say that, it's just selling the iron to the cows and making the horses. I will definitely cure you!"Xuan Zhengtang said firmly.

Mu Yu's heart fretts, Xuan Zhengtang is very good for his wife, but unfortunately there is no such thing as Xuan Zhengtang.

He couldn't help but start thinking about one thing. If the Yumeng Mozu and the Terran fight in the future, then if the comprehension is ignited by the skyfire, where can you get so many sixth-order medicinal herbs, Taishi Zitiandan?

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