Chapter 802 Monocha

Regarding how to deal with the skyfire, there is no mention at all on the jade of the Mie Palace.
  For Mie Palace, the comprehensions can be used to generate soul power after being killed by the Yumeng Mozu. This is the purpose of their war. If there are large quantities of Taishi Zitiandan, the casualties will be reduced a lot. Therefore, the Mie Palace will only present the jade slips of the Yumeng Mozu, but will not make some specific things clear.
  However, Mu Yu will definitely find a way to figure out how to deal with the skyfire. He wonders when he needs to go to the Danding School and take the prescription of Taishi Zitiandan to study it carefully. Why is Taishi Zitiandan able to extinguish? Skyfire is such a thing.
  "Reassured, I still have some spirits here, you can use it first!"Mu Yu took out a bottle and handed it to Xuan Zheng Tang.
  Xuan Zhengtang was shocked: "Returning, still spiritual? How can you have so much? You, are you really willing to give us this fifth-order remedy? ”
  Mu Yu said carelessly: "Get it! Anyway, the fifth-order Lingling Dan is not very useful to me now. ”
  The fifth-order lingering can quickly replenish the lost spiritual power. This kind of medicinal medicine is very useful for the comprehensions in the sputum period and the sputum period, because a sacred spirit can supplement the spent spiritual power. The spiritual effects of supplementation during the distraction phase and the fit phase are less obvious, but sometimes there are some uses.
  Xuan Zhengtang opened the medicine bottle and saw that there were more than 20 of them still in the spirit. It was also a shock. One is still 20,000, and more than 20 are nearly half a million Lingshi!
  "The son, but these are still awesome…"Xuan Zhengtang said with both hands shaking.
  "Not enough? Not enough I still have. ”Mu Yu said that he took another bottle.
  The Xuan Zhengtang family was shocked!
  What is the sacredness of this son? How can the medicinal medicine be taken like a money?
  Is it a disciple of Dan Ding?
  However, the disciples of the Danding School are very weak. It is impossible to kill the monsters in the deep forests alone. Not to mention that the disciples of the Danding School are generally not high, and they can reach the distraction period. It’s day! And the son in front of me is the repair of the fit period!
  Xuan Zhengtang did not dare to greedy, said hurriedly: "No, no, you misunderstood the son, but this thing is too precious, really dare not…"
  "I just watched your father and daughter pleasing to the eye and raising their hands."
  Mu Yu put away the bottle of Ling Dan. When he was in the Dan Ding faction, he extorted a large amount of medicinal herbs for the sake of the old man and the Yundan Taoist. The conditions are five-order medicinal herbs, one hundred and five medicinal herbs, fifty six-order medicinal herbs, and twenty seven-order medicinal herbs.
  He extorted six alchemists, and there were more than 600 fifth-order medicinal herbs, most of which were still lingering, and they are not used until now.
  "The great grace of the son, there is nothing to report under, please accept the next worship!"Xuan Zhengtang is grateful and will be a big gift, but Mu Yu will not let him kneel.
  "Free! You have to deal with the sixth-order monsters, and then go buy a Taishi Zitiandan, let me see how this medicinal drug works. ”Mu Yu waved his hand.
  "Yes, son!"
  Xuan Zhengtang’s heart was also secretly glad that he could meet Muyu in the woods that day. He was glad that he kept his own right footline and did not provoke Mu Yu. Otherwise, where would there be such a blessing today?
  Xuan Siyu was even more excited. After a long while, he asked: "You son, are you a disciple of Dan Ding?"
  Mu Yu touched his chin and said, "No, I was only married to a Danding alchemy teacher. He gave me some medicine."
  "What is the relationship with the alchemy?"
  Xuan Zhengtang was once again shocked. He was able to give a fifth-order medicinal medicine, at least indicating that the alchemy teacher was a fifth-order alchemy teacher. The fifth-order alchemy teacher was a great god in the realm of comprehension, that is, his comprehension of the distraction period met. The fifth-order alchemy teacher of the period must be polite for nine points!
  If you can let these self-cultivators of the small martial art know a fifth-order alchemy teacher, then it is really a must.
  In fact, if Xuan Zhengtang knows that Mu Yu’s head of Dan Ding is blackmailed once, he will be scared to know what to do!
  "The origin of this son is too mysterious. Fortunately, he did not offend him at the beginning, nor did he ever think about taking advantage of him from him. Otherwise-"
Xuan Zhengtang’s thoughts turned sharply, and it’s fortunate to think about it. He knows that as long as he follows his own principles, he will definitely have a good report. Although Xuan Zhengtang was very short of money, and his wife was deeply afflicted by the fire, he still told himself to be a person who was upright and upright. Fortunately, he was not blinded by Lingshi.
  At this moment, Chishan suddenly rushed in from the front of the store, the face was anxious.
  "Not good, Master, there are two customers outside, they seem to be making trouble."
  "make trouble? what happened? ”Xuan Zhengtang frowned.
  Chishan said eagerly: "There are two customers who came to our store with a fourth-order monster, and they insisted that it was a fifth-order flame tiger. I told him that he was mistaken, but he was furious and said he was going to smash. Our store. Master, the two customers are comprehension people who are distracted. I can't help but talk to the shopkeeper to see it. ”
  "There are so many whirlwinds and flames, how can you admit mistakes?"
  Xuan Zhengtang’s heart is vaguely felt a little uncomfortable. Although the Flame Tiger and the Whirlwind Tiger don’t seem to be much, but many people know that it is impossible to have someone make this mistake. I am afraid that today’s business is very embarrassing!
  Mu Yu said: "Don't think about it, it is trouble to find the door."
  The money is not exposed, Mu Yu reveals the seventh-order demon spirit in the beast, and it must have been targeted.
  "The son, then let me go out and send them away!"Xuan Zhengtang said.
  "I will go with you."
  Mu Yu also went out and walked through the yard with Xuan Zhengtang and came to the store. At this time, the store is not just a simple matter of two distraction periods. At least seven or eight self-cultivators are gathered, and there are four distracted people. There is even a middle-aged one who has been repaired for the sake of distraction. Man!
  Xuan Zhengtang saw that there were so many guests in the store, and my heart was also surprised. These comprehensible comprehensions seemed to be well prepared.
  "Everyone, in the Xuan Zhengtang of the showcase of the Xuan Beast Square, I heard that several people want to sell the fifth-order flame tiger. I wonder if I can use it to look at it?"Xuan Zhengtang saw that Mu Yu was behind him, and his heart was a little more emboldened, politely said.
  "Speaking the treasurer? It's just right! The guys in your store don’t know Taishan, but dare to say that my fifth-order monster beast is a fourth-order monster, and your shopkeeper must have a higher vision, but don’t look away! ”
  The one who spoke was a cold-eyed one-eyed man, and one of the left eyes was covered with a claw mark, like a monster.
  When Xuan Zhengtang saw the one-eyed man, he was also jealous. He recognized the one-eyed man, and then he handed it to the hand: "The single-headed snake friend can come to the store, it is an honor for our mysterious beast!"
  In the realm of comprehension, there is a kind of hunting hunter that specializes in hunting monsters. They hunted and killed the beasts to make a living. This one-eyed man is a fierce name among the hunters. There are countless monsters in his hands, and they are called "single-headed snakes."
  The monocha has a hunting demon organization called "One Eye Help", which manages hundreds of hunters. The single-headed snake and the beast-like zombie have a cooperative relationship. The beasts that he has collected and hunted are directly sold to the beasts after processing, and the price is fair.
  But today, the monsters are taken to the Xuan Beast Square to sell, and everyone with a clear eye knows what they are doing.
  "Less nonsense, we are alone and sincerely come to do business with your Xuan Beast Square, you have to polish your eyes!"The solitary snake sneered.
  At this time, on the huge stone platform used to identify the monsters, there is a bloody monster. This is a tiger demon with a length of ten meters. The body is burly and majestic, and the fur is bright red. It looks like a fire. . But the whole body was bloody and lost one eye.
  This is the habit of a single-headed snake. Every hunted to a monster will destroy the left eye of the monster. It is said that in order to avenge a former purple cloud snake licking his left eye, even some monsters He can't care if his eyes can be sold for a big price. UU reading
Xuan Zhengtang smiled and said: "The one-eyed snake friend is not safe, and is allowed to identify it."
  The fifth-order flame tiger and the fourth-order whirlwind tiger actually look similar, and the names are similar. If it is not an experienced beastmaster, it is difficult to tell the difference between the dead flame tiger and the whirlwind tiger.
  The living flame tiger and the whirlwind tiger are naturally well recognized, and the difference in strength is there. It is difficult to make the monsters die, then they cannot show their strength.
  There are two points in distinguishing the skills of the dead Flame Tiger and the Whirlwind Tiger. One point is that according to the demon spirit, the demon spirit can't do the fake. The second point is that according to the fur of the demon corpse, there is a vortex in the fourth-order whirlwind tiger's abdomen. The shape of the markings is like a whirlwind, hence the name whirlwind tiger.
  In the hands of Xuan Zhengtang, the spiritual power crossed the tiger body on the stone platform, and soon the demon spirit was not included.
  This is not surprising, many people hunted the monster will sell the demon spirit and the monster separately, so no demon spirit is normal. Last time, the beast was the second-order monster, and when the sixth-order monster was purchased, one of the reasons for being able to pass the customs was that the second-order monster had no demon, but the person who sold it lied to be taken away.
  Xuan Zhengtang waved his hand again and picked up a huge spiritual force to turn the tiger's body over. His eyes fell on the abdomen of the tiger's body. But at this time, the abdomen of the tiger's body was bloody and fuzzy, like being hurt by some weapon weapon. The markings have long since disappeared.
  "how about it? Xuan treasurer, I am only a genuine fifth-order monster beast, the market price is about 25,000 spirits, you can not make a mistake. ”The solitary snake smiled proudly.

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