Chapter 804 The Squeezed Man

The next day, when Mu Yu walked out of the door, he bumped into Xuan Siyu in the yard. &1t;/p>
Xuan Sizhen is wearing a pink dress today and looks mature and charming. She is a few years older than Mu Yu, and she is also a member of the extremely popular list. It is only very close to the ranking. Xuan Zhengtang does not want her to fight against other great fairies. &1t;/p>
"The son, you are awake."Xuan Sizhen just came out of her mother's room, and the look of Mu Yu on her face was a bit strange, and she looked very cautious. &1t;/p>
"Your mother is okay?"Mu Yu asked casually. &1t;/p>
Xuan Sihao nodded: "Thank you for the concern of the son, my mother is much better, thanks to the son of the son, or we may not know when to buy enough money for Taishi Zitiandan."&1t;/p>
Itโ€™s already 20,000, and itโ€™s 20,000 in two days. Without the help of Mu Yu, 5 million donโ€™t know when itโ€™s a head. &1t;/p>
Mu Yu smiled, did not say anything, sitting on the stone chair, eyes staring at a weeping willow on the side, the weeping willows just bloomed young leaves, full of vitality, there are still morning dew on the leaves, there is a spider In the netting, there is a small fly on the spider web that is struggling. &1t;/p>
These were originally thriving life, but now they seem to have changed their taste in the eyes of Muyu. &1t;/p>
What does life mean? &1t;/p>
He thought about it for one night last night and didn't want to understand it. &1t;/p>
Xuan Siyu secretly looked at Mu Yu. When Mu Yu killed her yesterday, she was also on the scene. The horrible killing of Mu Yu is still fresh in her memory. She has never seen anyone who has a strong sense of killing, as if to bathe the blood of the demon, people can avoid it. &1t;/p>
However, she also felt that this "feather" son is not like a murderer. &1t;/p>
"Big sister, why are you peek at my brother?"Xiaoshuai squinted out of the room and yawned. &1t;/p>
Xuan Si's face was red, and he quickly conceded: "No, no, I didn't peek."&1t;/p>
"Are you thinking about who I am?"&1t;/p>
Mu Yu saw the thoughts of Xuan Siwei. No matter who saw the horrible killing, he would doubt his nature. Xuan Si was no exception. &1t;/p>
Xuan Siyu hesitated for a while and said: "The son, although I don't know what you have in the past, but what I want to say is that you killed the one-headed snake yesterday." The solitary snake has no evil, and it has a cooperative relationship with the beasts of the emperor's gate. It is always difficult to kill other hunters. If you kill him, it will be harmed for the people. โ€&1t;/p>
"Ok."Mu Yu said carelessly. &1t;/p>
He knows that this is a consolation. He has to figure out for himself about killing: What kind of person do you want to be? &1t;/p>
Xuan Siyu continued: "In any case, the son is our savior. If there is anything in the son, we will definitely do it for the son."&1t;/p>
Mu Yu looked around and asked, "What about Uncle Xuan?"&1t;/p>
"I was dealing with the monsters that the sons hunted last night, and I haven't finished it yet. The son does not know, because the sixth and seventh-order monsters are very precious. Each kind of monster body has different functions in different parts of the body. It needs to be carefully sold separately, so it takes at least one day to process a sixth-order monster. . It may take ten days for the monsters of the sons to finish processing. โ€Xuan Siyu said. &1t;/p>
When they hunted the monsters in the forest that day, they only handled it briefly. After bringing the monsters back, they still need to deal with the anatomical dismemberment. The fur, bones and blood have different effects, so the process is very complicated. . &1t;/p>
"For ten days, plus contact with the seller, it took too long. This way, I can't make money to buy Taishi Zitiandan. Why don't you recruit a few guys? You are the people of the Burning Party. There should be many disciples. โ€Mu Yu asked curiously. &1t;/p>
The staff of Xuanyuanfang only has a family of three Xuan Zhengtang plus an apprentice. It is really too little. Although the Burning Party has not matched the eight-door, but the comprehensible person who has the fit period is sitting in the middle of the town, it is considered to be a medium-sized martial art. It should not be so lacking in manpower. &1t;/p>
Xuan Siyu said with distress: "I don't really care. In fact, because of my integrity, I was excluded by other elders of the martial art. A few years ago, I couldn't stand the intrigue between the elders all day, so I applied to the head. An industry, brought us here."&1t;/p>
It is impossible for an honest person to want to be alone in the sect of the intrigue. It will definitely be squeezed out by other people. This is understandable. &1t;/p>
It is difficult for people who are upright to live in the realm of comprehension, because their character will violate the interests of many people, and it is normal to be excluded. However, the integrity of Xuan Zhengtang just won the respect of Mu Yu. &1t;/p>
Today's comprehension community is controlled by the Triple Palace. The self-cultivators blindly believe that the Triple Palace will lead them to defeat the Yumeng Mozu, but they do not know that they are only tools of the Sangong Palace. Mu Yu feels that the realm of cultivation is like being covered with mud. It is turbid. &1t;/p>
However, Xuan Zhengtang, a rare and straightforward self-cultivator, allowed Mu Yu to see the beauty of the realm of cultivation, and would not be too disappointed with the comprehension, so he would choose to try his best to help Xuan Zhengtang. &1t;/p>
"Since it is the industry of your martial art, how much do you pay to the martial art every month?"Mu Yu continued to ask. &1t;/p>
"Our martial art is quite special. Anyone who has been repaired during the squatting period can apply for an amount from the martial art, then buy a piece of land in a certain city and open a store to make money. Generally, as long as 30% of the income is paid every month, Yes."Xuan Siyu said. &1t;/p>
"So the Xuan Beast Square is also turned into three?"Mu Yu thought about it, 30% is not too much. &1t;/p>
Xuan Siyi shook his head: "Our Xuan Beast Square has to turn over 90%."&1t;/p>
Mu Yu frowned: "90%, is it too much?" Why are you different from the same door? โ€&1t;/p>
If the Xuan Beast Square has a number of martial arts buddies, and the acquisition of the monster funds are funded by the sect, the income of 90% will be counted. Here, the Xuan Zhengtang family, the martial art are no one to force, even Xuan Zhengtang also personally went to hunt the monster, deal with the monster, everything is done by Xuan Zhengtang, and the martial art gets 90% of the income, the martial money is really Good earned. &1t;/p>
Xuan Siyu said helplessly: "Before my mother's accident, the original Xuanwufang and other martial arts industries can only make three achievements. But I have borrowed two million Lingshi from my head for my mother's business. The elders of the martial art took the opportunity to seek things and force me to swear, so that I can guarantee that the monthly income of the Xuanbeifang will be paid 90%. If the income is less than 10,000, it will be added to one. Million. โ€&1t;/p>
"That means that if you only earn 5,000 Lingshi in each month, you have to pay 10,000 yuan?" Why don't they grab it? โ€Mu Yuโ€™s brow was a pick. Itโ€™s clear that the elders of the Burning Party were deliberately trying to declare Xuan Zhengtang as an honest man. &1t;/p>
Xuan Siyu said: "No way, the elders of the martial art said that if they did not agree to this condition, they would put pressure on the head and not give us two million spiritual stones. Not only that, but the two million will have to be returned later, and it has nothing to do with offering. โ€&1t;/p>
Then Xuan Siyu looked like something, and his face showed an angry look. He said: "In fact, this is a big elder who is engaged in ghosts. The worship of our Xuan Beast Square will be checked every three months, and I will personally collect it. go. In the past few years, the offerings that were originally handed over to the sects will be deducted by the elders, and there are very few to the Zongmen. โ€&1t;/p>
Mu Yu asked: "How do you know that the dedication is being deducted?"&1t;/p>
Xuan Siyu clenched his fist: "After a month ago, my mother was attacked by fire, Yumeng, I went back to the door and asked for help from the head of the division. The head of the teacher unintentionally mentioned that our Xuan Beast Square only pays two each month. Thousands of offerings, now borrowing two million from one mouth, there are too many. However, before my motherโ€™s accident, our monthly income will at least pay 8,000 stones. Even when we are good, we can pay tens of thousands. I know that every monthโ€™s offerings are secretly stolen by the elders. Take away, leaving only two thousand to the martial art! โ€&1t;/p>
Mu Yu listened to the feeling of anger, the elders in the pockets, actually deducted so much? Really a vampire. &1t;/p>
"Did you not reveal the elders?"Mu Yu asked. &1t;/p>
There was a faint expression on Xuan Si's face, and he shook his head. "With my honest character, he wants to do this. He feels the need to safeguard the interests of the sect. But at the time my mother had an accident, I was going to borrow money from the door, and then the elders threatened me. If I said this, I would not want to borrow two million. โ€&1t;/p>
If it is not for borrowing two million, I am afraid that Xuan Zhengtang will not accept the request of the elders, but will choose to sue the elders and protect the interests of the sects from loss. &1t;/p>
It is a pity that Xuan Zhengโ€™s attack by fire Yumeng allowed Xuan Zhengtang to choose to suffocate. After all, the elders were greedy for his money, but at least two thousand mortals were given each month, and there was no total greed. To talk about the loss, it is not the martial art, but Xuan Zhengtang himself will leave a bad reputation to the people in the same door, "I donโ€™t have the ability to make money for the sect, but also to borrow money from the sect." &1t;/p>
Xuan Siwei sighed slightly, UU reading www. continued: "Two million is not a small amount. It must be approved by all elders and heads, especially the elders, so I can only promise." Later, the elders intensified their efforts and proposed that in addition to the specific offerings each month, 90% of the operating income should be handed over to Zongmen, and two million Lingshi will be returned later. โ€&1t;/p>
"Your elders are so lawless, do not care at all?"Mu Yu really feels worthy to Xuan Zhengtang. &1t;/p>
"The head of the division is very old. In recent years, he has often retired and practiced so much. I can't help but can't stand it. I don't want to know that 90% of the income of Xuanbeifang is also being deducted by the elders. I would say that anyway, I would rather have a reputation that I have no ability to do, and I am not willing to make false accounts to deceive my own conscience, so it does not matter. โ€Xuan Siyu has nothing to do with this. &1t;/p>
A comprehension of the distraction period was counted by the power of the beasts, and even the people themselves pressed Xuan Zhengtang, and did not give Xuan Zhengtang a living path. &1t;/p>
ใ€€ใ€€Xuan Zhengtang has to raise money everywhere to buy his wife Mrs. Taitian Zitiandan. In this case, when he met Muyu in the woods, he could still hold his own bottom line, and there was no monster who was greedy for Mu Yu. It is quite rare for her daughter to leave a million Lingshi from the people of Aixiangfu and pay the only 120,000 of Muyu as the price of the acquisition of Jinghong. &1t;/p>
Mu Yu felt it necessary to intervene in this matter. &1t;/p>
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