Chapter 806 Starting from the ground

Mu Yu smiled: "Since Uncle Xuan has told me the price of the market, I naturally do not want to suffer, I said that, I put the Demon beast to get you here to trade, you can later pay me, but I think since you delay payment, I naturally want to raise prices, so I decided to sell you 19.5 million, That means you're going to pay me 19.5 million after you sell these monsters! ”&1t;/p>
  Xuan Zhengtang was shocked. He thought of Mu Yu’s intention to ask him about the price. He wanted to sit on the ground. If he had to pay Muyu 19.5 million Lingshi, it meant that he could only earn five in this business. About 100,000, deducted and handed over to the martial art 90%, you can only get 50,000! &1t;/p>
It is less enough for 50,000 to buy a fraction of Taishi Zitiandan! &1t;/p>
, How can you do this? I tell you that the market is because you trust you, but it is too much to sit on the ground like you…"&1t;/p>
Xuan Zhengtang’s breathing became rushed. The business that could have earned five million was raised by Mu Yu, and he could only earn 500,000 yuan. He could only get 50,000. Where can he accept it? &1t;/p>
Mu Yu spread his hand: “I am such a person, whether you want to do this business is your business, anyway, 19.5 million, this is mine price. “&1t;/p>
Xuan Zhengtang’s face was pale. He always thought that Mu Yu was a good person, but he did not expect to have such a thing. This kind of thing He would have been hopeful enough to raise the foot of the stone to cure his wife, but the wood feather did it to push him into the abyss of despair. &1t;/p>
Xuan Zhengtang suddenly sat down on the ground, and the whole person became very lost. However, he remembered that Mu Yu had helped them and saved their lives. He even gave them a spirit, and he did not dare to ask any more. |||||&1t;/p>
Mu Yu looked at Xuan Zhengtang’s lost soul, but he couldn’t bear it. He actually wanted to make the righteous Xuan Zhengtang pay less The great elder, after all, Xuan Zhengtang worked so hard to do so many things. In the end, if he earned five million, he was snatched away by his unrelenting elders by 4.5 million, which was too bad. &1t;/p>
But if the big elder can come here, Mu Yu can kill the greedy guy directly, and save trouble. &1t;/p>
Money is no big deal for Mu Yu, he can go to buy a Tai Shi Zi Tian Dan to Xuan Zheng Tang, in another way to help Xuan Zhengtang family. He helped Xuan Zhengtang just because Xuan Zhengtang was a man, but he would never be cheaper than the big elder. &1t;/p>
"Dong, why are you doing this?"Xuan Zhengtang trembled and asked, this business is too important for him. He has already planned everything, but there has been such a blue sky in the middle of the road, which makes him uncomfortable. &1t;/p>
"You tell me that you can't do this business!"&1t;/p>
Mu Yu does not want to explain, otherwise, Xuan Zhengtang, a person who is too upright, will probably still give his own door a nominal amount of money after knowing the truth, and then walk a lot of Lingshi by the big elders. &1t;/p>
Anyway, after Xuan Zhengtang got the money, he also went to buy Taishi Zitiandan. It would be better to let Mu Yu buy it. The result is the same. &1t;/p>
Xuan Zhengtang’s face was blue and white. He clenched his teeth and remembered that he could get 50,000. It’s already good. He said, “I, I do. But the son must ensure that he will not sit on the ground again, otherwise I will not accept it. ”&1t;/p>
In fact, this kind of transaction is a loss of justice. It takes so many days to deal with the monsters. In the end, it only gets 50,000. The pay is not proportional to the income. Just because he owed Mu Yu, he promised it. &1t;/p>
Mu Yu smiled slightly: "Yes, but -" &1t; /p>
Xuan Zhengtang’s heart was raised again. He did not know what conditions Mu Yu had to ask, and eagerly asked: “But what?”&1t;/p>
"After you have disposed of these monsters, you can borrow money from me to buy Taishi Zitiandan, in your own name, to pay back later."&1t;/p>
Mu Yu emphasized the words "to be returned". For those who are upright, this is a kind of respect. &1t;/p>
Xuan Zhengtang bit his teeth: "The son, I borrowed money from you, I might borrow a lot, and if I have to pay it, it may take many years to pay off."&1t;/p>
"No hurry, you are still slowly."&1t;/p>
After I left, I left the room and left the room. Now she was eavesdropping outside the door. She saw that Mu Yu came out and followed up. He hesitated and asked: "Yufeng, you… "&1t;/p>
"Have you heard that?"Mu Yu left the other house, came under the willow tree, sat down, and Xiaoshuai sat on the table and yawned. &1t;/p>
Xuan Si nodded and said something to stop. &1t;/p>
"Do not worry, I will buy a Taishi Zitiandan for you, so that only the elders who crush you will not be able to do so. He has not done anything, just waiting for you to use it." Money raises him, I don't like your big elders."Mu Yu said. &1t;/p>
The heart of Xuan Siwei was only slightly lost. She felt that Mu Yu would definitely not be the kind of person from the beginning. Although it is mysterious, there is no need to do such a harm to others. &1t;/p>
"The son, I will find a way to return it to you in the future. I said that I don’t want to eat food, so I will remember this kindness, and I will repay the son in the future. ”Xuan Siyu said seriously. &1t;/p>
"Do you want to be a cow? Do you mean to be with you? ”Xiaoshuai asked curiously next to him. &1t;/p>
Xuan Si’s face was red, and he shook his head quickly: “Ah? No, no, I am not so casual! ”&1t;/p>
Speaking and secretly glanced at the wood feathers and looked away. &1t;/p>
Mu Yu played a little boy's little brain: "Don't say, do you know what is the body?"&1t;/p>
"Know, it was mentioned…"Xiaoshuai is eager to show his skills in reading books. &1t;/p>
"I will consider killing Simon unfortunately in the future."Mu Yu said in a serious way. &1t;/p>
Xiaoshuai’s lovely big eyes turned and continued: “But my sister has been secretly watching you. I have seen her and I’m peeking. Only people who like it will see it like this?”&1t;/p>
Xuan Si's face was red with apples, and some said in a panic: "No, I just because, because of gratitude and curiosity."&1t;/p>
"But I have a bitch!"Xiaoshuai said innocently, "And I promised my nephew to take care of my brother and not let him blame."&1t;/p>
Mu Yu touched his own brain with some headaches. This silly boy with a big landscape didn’t talk about occasions. &1t;/p>
"Little handsome, really my good brother! I sold you a day to save trouble. ”Wood feather threatened. &1t;/p>
Xuan Si said with a smile: "Don't worry about your little brother, I don't like your brother. I just grateful to him because he helped me a lot, understand?"&1t;/p>
Xiaoshuai casually rushed over and whispered: "Thinking sister, my brother, you don't have to think about it. He doesn't have me handsome, there are companions, but I am single! Not only that, but I am still a foodie, not only to conquer your heart, but also to conquer your mouth. ”&1t;/p>
Mu Yu’s head erected three black lines, and the little bastard actually learned how to sell himself! &1t;/p>
"Little handsome, I will read the unfortunate book written by Simon in the future. I am sure to find Xinjiang to give you and Xiaomo ink to do the media!"Mu Yu took the young handsome into his arms and wiped the oil stains on his lips. "And, you have a little baby who is not dry, and wipe your mouth clean before conquering others' mouths!"&1t;/p>
"what? It’s a little ink, don’t you? ”Xiaoshuai reveals a bitter face. &1t;/p>
"Who is the little ink?"Xuan Siyu asked curiously. &1t;/p>
"He is a little girl who is private for life."Mu Yu said without thinking. &1t;/p>
"The younger brother is so cute, then the little ink is definitely cute too?"Xuan Si touched Xiao Shuai’s head. &1t;/p>
"Yeah, very cute!"Mu Yu remembered the big octopus of the orangutan in the sea and suddenly wanted to laugh. &1t;/p>
"I didn't hear anything."Xiaoshuai bite a chicken leg. &1t;/p>
Xuan Siyi smiled and said, she smiled very well, and there were two small dimples. &1t;/p>
Mu Yu said to Xuan Siwei: "In short, you will be excused from doing a cow. You should not tell you about this. Let me look at him first!"&1t;/p>
Xuan Zhengtang is still disheartened and lamentable. Mu Yu is not willing to go, but he really can't understand that they burned the elders of the sea to crush Xuan Zhengtang as an honest man, so even if he didn't want to go, he would do the same. &1t;/p>
"The son, we are poor and white, and we can't help you, but why are you helping us?"Xuan Si could not help but ask. &1t;/p>
They just met with Mu Yu, and bought the Jinghong Leopard from Mu Yu at a low price. They didn't help the other party to do anything. They didn't have any precious property worthy of the other person's memory, so Xuan Si was very puzzled. &1t;/p>
"Why help you?"&1t;/p>
Mu Yu is also asking himself, he smiled and said, "No reason, maybe you have something that makes me worth the shot!"&1t;/p>
The realm of comprehension is full of intrigues, and most of the comprehensions are also killing each other without a word. In the future, they will become victims of the battlefield and become the source of strength for the Mie. &1t;/p>
The power of killing makes Mu Yu understand something. If he wants to face the problem of life and death of the self-cultivator in the future, then at least he has to determine which kind of person is worth living and which kind of person is worthy of help. &1t;/p>
Let the living person live and let the damn die. &1t;/p>
A person who is upright is vulnerable to the loss of others, but it is precisely because of the integrity of Xuan Zhengtang that Mu Yu wants to help him. &1t;/p>
There is a room above the attic of the beast, there are many small and beautiful birds specimens, and there are also the heads of various six-order monsters. But the whole room looks organized and uniform. &1t;/p>
At this time, two people in the room were sitting on a chair made of long teeth of the saber-toothed tiger, which was covered with a soft and bright tiger skin. On the table is the aroma of the heart of the sixth-order rare monsters, the fragrance of the heart, and the room is filled with a strange fragrance, which makes people feel relaxed and happy. &1t;/p>
Ningxiangyan is a very small sixth-order monster, which is very fast and very difficult to grasp. Their size is only the size of the fist, the heart is only as big as the small thumb cover, the heart of a fragrant Swallow is ground into a powder, and there are at least a hundred of the sixth-order monsters in the incense burner on the table. &1t;/p>
Such a big hand can only be seen in the beast. &1t;/p>
"what? Is the solitary snake dead? ”Yi Feiying leaned on the tiger leather chair and frowned slightly. &1t;/p>
"Yes, the ones who help alone are saying this. After listening to the news we gave, the solitary snake went to the Xuan Beast Square to find out. According to the people under him, the shot was the young man who had collided with you yesterday. And with just one stroke, I broke the neck of the solitary snake that was part of the six-day distraction!"Yue Wenyang, the director of the beast, said. &1t;/p>
Yi Feiying played two crystal-clear round stones in his hand. Under the close look, this round stone is the eyes of the sixth-order monsters. &1t;/p>
The eyes of the Amethyst are all spar, and the eyes are so strong that even the comprehension of the fit period can't destroy it. The eyes will still have a light at night, and they can radiate a strong aura, which is very precious. . &1t;/p>
"Is that kid having this skill? Doesn't that mean that he is a fit for the fit? ”Yi Feiying said thoughtfully. &1t;/p>
"should be."Yue Wenyang said. &1t;/p>
"Then did you find out his identity?"Yi Feiying asked. &1t;/p>
Yue Wenyang shook his head: "Not yet, I thought he dared to make trouble in our beast, and the identity background is definitely one of our eight geniuses, but I checked, there is no such number among the other seven. character. He seems to be out of thin air, the name is not detailed. ”&1t;/p>
Yi Feiying snorted: "I don't care what his origins, he dares to rush to me, then I will let him pay the price!"&1t;/p>
"Over the past year or so, there have been countless black horses on the list of immortals. He is not surprising, but you can rest assured that Yi Gongzi will definitely find out this."Yue Wenyang said respectfully. &1t;/p>
Yi Feiying released his hand, and the two round stones in his hand floated in midair and slowly turned. A flash of light flashed in his eyes and said: "You just said that the man next to the young man yesterday was the treasurer of the Xuan Beast Square?"&1t;/p>
"Yes, Yi Gongzi."&1t;/p>
"Xuanyinfang is also doing the business of the beast. Why did he come to us to trade?"&1t;/p>
Yue Wenyang is also quite puzzled. He used to care about the existence of the Xuan Beast Square. After all, the Xuan Beast Square was not worth mentioning in front of their beasts. Behind the beasts was the Dihuang Gate, UU reading www. Where is the small burning Shanghai party comparable? &1t;/p>
"Yi Gongzi, they have heard that they only acquired the third-order and fourth-order monsters. Since they are doing the business of the seventh-order monsters, I want to estimate that they can't afford the price of the seventh-order monsters. Let's go!"Yue Wenyang guessed. &1t;/p>
"You go to inquire about the beasts that the ordinary beasts bought by the mysterious beasts are sold to which inns, refiners, and pharmacies. Since the kid is now in the mysterious beast, it means that he is very likely to let Xuan Beast Square helps to deal with the seventh-order monsters. Xuan Beast Square dared to be against us, so I will let them not open this store! ”Yi Feiying sneered. &1t;/p>
"Yi Gongzi, do you want to break the channels through which they sell monsters? Let others not buy their monster treatments? ”Yue Wenyang asked in surprise. &1t;/p>
This is indeed a vicious strategy. With the power of the beast, it is more than enough to force other merchants to accept the beasts of the Xuan Beast Square. &1t;/p>
Yi Feiying's fingers gently turned the two round stones floating in the air, and smiled thoughtfully: "After the treatment, if there is no channel for sale, it will only let it rot. I broke their financial roads first, let the kid plant a big heel, and then I will come out and teach him a good meal to vent my hate! ”&1t;/p>
The two round stones were separated in the air, and then they slammed together, and a snarling sound echoed with the sneer of Yi Feiying. &1t;/p>
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