Chapter 807 God Medicine

Mu Yu These two days did not leave the Xuan Beast, because he feared that the beast fast will bring people to come to the trouble, to the strength of the beast, if he is not in the words, The Xuan beast alone by Xuan Zhengdong and other people can not resist. &1t;/p>
Xuan Zhengtang has been busy dealing with the body of the demon corpse for the past two days. Although Mu Yu "sit on the ground," Xuan Zhengtang did not hate Mu Yu. He was very respectful when he met Mu Yu. &1t;/p>
  ”Yufengzi, I have already dealt with two more perishable monsters. I will contact the buyer now. If there is no accident, you should be able to get the first money today.”Xuan Zhengdong has handled the demon Beast in the sleeve of the universe, in the yard, see Mu Yu sitting there, then came to greet the road. &1t;/p>
Mu Yu nodded and asked: "Uncle Xuan, Dongsha City has Danding's Baicaotang?"&1t;/p>
"Some, Danding has a hundred cottages in many important cities. We buy medicinal herbs in the Baicaotang. If you want to go, you will go out of the porch, go left along the street. At the end, the storefront of Baicaotang is very large and conspicuous. Do you want to buy a drug? I know an alchemy teacher from the Dan Ding School, who can help you with your work. I can't help you. ”Xuan Zhengtang said seriously. &1t;/p>
"No, I just ask casually, then go!" Be careful on the road. ”Mu Yu said carelessly. &1t;/p>
Xuan Zhengtang left the Xuan Beast Square and went to sell the processed monsters. &1t;/p>
Mu Yu pushed the little handsome who was sleeping on the table and said: "Small handsome, you are here. If anyone comes to find something, you can deal with the direct lesson and you can't deal with me."&1t;/p>
Mu Yu portrayed two pieces of sapphire array, two pieces of sapphire atmosphere, as long as the input of spiritual power into the sapphire, Mu Yu will be aware. &1t;/p>
"how about you? Are you going to buy something delicious? ”Xiao Shuai snorted and licked his mouth. &1t;/p>
Mu Yu smiled and said: "Yes, I am going to buy delicious food, you are waiting for me here."&1t;/p>
"it is good! I want to eat candied haws and barbecue. ”Xiaoshuai snorted and smiled happily and turned over and fell asleep. &1t;/p>
In the identity of Mu Yu, go to Baicaotang and take a Taishi Zitiandan directly. How to say that he is also the pulse of the Dingding School's Qingzhufeng, it is too much to say that it is too expensive to take a Taishi Zitiandan. &1t;/p>
However, Mu Yu came here this time and did not want to be known by other people in the comprehension community. He was too famous. He went to the onlookers to challenge a lot of people and looked annoying. Nowadays, in this situation, it is best not to be too dazzling, otherwise there will be countless troubles. If you want to do something, you will be seen in your eyes. &1t;/p>
He plans to go to the Herbs to see if he can see the alchemy teacher he knows, secretly taking a Taishi Zitiandan from them. &1t;/p>
Xuan Siyu stayed with her mother in the room. Chishan looked at the store in front. Mu Yu did not leave the gate, but left the wall directly. &1t;/p>
The shop of Baicaotang is really big, and it is the same grade as the beast. The Danding School has a lofty status in the realm of cultivation, and it does not lose to eight. The alchemy teacher has the existence of everyone, so the Baicaotang is also a holy place for many self-cultivators. &1t;/p>
The customers of Baicaotang come and go, some people come to buy medicinal herbs, some people are dealing with herbal medicines, and the crowds are surging. Mu Yu entered the Baicaotang and rushed to the front of a strange medicinal fragrance. Walking in the bustling crowd, he saw the folks of the Bachelor. &1t;/p>
The folks of Baicaotang are some Dingding disciples who have not yet been assessed as a fourth-order alchemy teacher. They specialize in identifying herbs here and are called pharmacists. &1t;/p>
Everyone in Baicaotang's pharmacists and alchemists has a lot of arrogance, and their identity is destined to be less respectful to customers than other buddies in the store. Unless you are a big-named big customer, these folks will not look good. &1t;/p>
Customers who come to Baicaotang do not account for the attitude of the greek guests. Everyone thinks that the pharmacists of Baicaotang are qualified to be proud. &1t;/p>
Mu Yu wondered how to show his identity to the people of Baicaotang. He didn't want to make his own appearance in Dongsha City soaring. Now his identity is too sensitive. When he reveals his identity, he can't let outsiders know. &1t;/p>
He wandered around in the Herbs, but luck was not very good, did not see the alchemy teacher. Mu Yu knows all the high-level alchemists in the Danding school. Of course, there are some talented disciples. It is impossible to see these people at Dongsha City at any time. &1t;/p>
"This is tricky."&1t;/p>
Mu Yu didn't want to tell the identity of these pharmacists and the alchemists. They knew that the Dan Ding faction was still in the air. He couldn't guarantee that he would pull a person at random and not be a member of the squad. &1t;/p>
At the beginning, he said that he would definitely go to the sky when he killed. This thing has not been forgotten. Now he has the strength to kill the sky, but if you take the wind, you will know when it’s time. Exposing the whereabouts of Mu Yu, Mu Yu has to face countless troubles. &1t;/p>
Mu Yu was discharged to a relatively small number of counters, in front of which was a dark-faced pharmacist, only to the Golden Age. There are countless herbs next to him, and some bottles and cans, just finished with a Yuan Ying customer, and looked very impatient. &1t;/p>
"next!"The pharmacist shouted screamingly, and the fire seemed to be very big. &1t;/p>
Mu Yu walked over and didn't open the pharmacist who had already asked: "What herbs do you want to sell?"&1t;/p>
"I don't sell herbs, I am asking for something…" &1t;/p>
If Mu Yu’s words have not been finished, they have been interrupted impatiently by the pharmacist: “Do you not sell herbs to do what I am doing here? I am here to identify herbs. If you want to buy medicinal herbs, go to the other side. ”&1t;/p>
"I don't buy medicinal herbs, I just want to ask, who is your management here?"Mu Yu said. &1t;/p>
The pharmacist did not raise his head and said: "Next!"&1t;/p>
He is arrogant and does not bother to answer the question of Mu Yu. His duty is to be responsible for identifying the year and effect of the herb, to make a transaction at a fixed price, and not to answer questions. &1t;/p>
The self-cultivator behind the wood feather urges the wood feathers to let the wood feathers go quickly, don't delay the time. Mu Yu didn't want to cause trouble. He calmly took out an herbal medicine and said faintly: "I just said wrong, I came to sell herbs."&1t;/p>
The appraiser did not say much, and skillfully picked up the herb, took a look, and frowned. "Are you messing around?" What do you want to do with an ordinary pine leaf? ”&1t;/p>
"This is not an ordinary Maosong leaf!"&1t;/p>
  Mu Yu smiled slightly, so mysteriously reached out and clicked on the pine leaf, and then the Maosong leaf in the hands of the pharmacist suddenly burst into a yellow flower. Each petal was crystal clear and looked like it was composed of flowing water. The above also contains a rich aura, flowing in the sputum, the petals flickering with different radiances, radiant, and suddenly shocked the pharmacist. _________________________________________________________ Seen this plant for a long time as an pharmacist. Originally, he wanted to treat this plant as an ordinary herb, but the rich aura that was emitted above was the breath of some precious and eternal herbs. &1t; Br>"how? Brother, are you an pharmacist? “Mu Yu asked in surprise. &1t;/p>
Of course, the pharmacist did not know that this herb did not even know that Muju, he just Take a hairy pine leaf and let it grow like a change. Who gave him the ability to control the herbs? Imitate a piece of 10,000-year-old piece of cake. &1t;/p>
"I… …"The pharmacist was stunned and dismissed and glanced at Mu Yu. He said, "You are waiting here. I can’t do the Lord’s herbs. I will come to the shopkeeper!"&1t;/p>
The apprentice certainly didn’t want to show his ignorance in front of Mu Yu. He Said he he also also pharmacist of the Dan Ding faction. Although he has not officially become an alchemy teacher, he does not want to be shackled in front of Mu Yu, so he took this herb. Take it to let the shopkeeper of the Hebs Church decide. &1t;/p>
Mu Yu smiled with satisfaction. He did this to let the treasurer come out and see if the shopkeeper of Dongsha City Baicaotang was a person he knew. &1t;/p >
Soon the pharmacist came out with a middle-aged man. The middle-aged man was so popular that he was trained to be a fifth-order alchemist. The middle-aged man turned his eyes on the counter of the deformed Maosong leaves. When he looked closely, his face was also amazed. Apparently he had not seen this plant in the shopkeeper of Dongshacheng’s Baicaotang for so long. What is it, but the aura of the plant itself is absolutely wro Ng! &1t;/p>
The middle-aged man carefully picked up this "unusual" Maosong leaf, and UU read carefully pulled a clear pearl hanging upside the counter. This clear pearl is Obtained from a sixth-order monster, and its radiance allows the plant to become transparent and easy to see the structure inside the plant. &1t;/p>
However, Mu Yu’s heart is moving, and the branches of the Pine leaf begin to shake lightly, just like living. The middle-aged people have their eyes widened and the veins are able to move. It means that the plants have a very high spirituality. It is an invaluable treasure! &1t; p>
"This Taoist friend, I am the fifth-order alchemist of the shopkeeper of Baicaotang, Zheng Xiu-ming, about this herbal medicine, let us talk further, how?"&1t;/p> Zheng Xiu-ming’s tone of speech was quite polite, but there was still a arrogance in the eyebrows. He did not mean to lower his body. He also specifically d the words “Five-step alchemy division”. &1t;/p>
"can."Mu Yu nodded faintly. &1t;/p>
Zheng Xiuming It is quite unpleasant for Mu Yu’s plain reaction. After he said that he said “Five-step alchemy teacher”, the other party should be sincere and fearful to nod. After all, the fifth-order alchemy teacher is in any place in the real world. Very useful, and Zheng Xiuming got only the simple word “can”? &1t;/p>
Dare to play big cards in front of the fifth-order alchemy? &1t;/p>
Zheng Xiu-ming snorted in his heart. &1t;/p>
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