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Chapter 809 Trading

驭 斋 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让Square. &1t;/p>
The Xuanwufang must have a backing that can be compared with the Dihuangmen. Muyu knows who to look for. &1t;/p>
驭兽斋. &1t;/p>
Yi Feiying already knows the story of Xuanyuanfang today. All the merchants who do the animal business have rejected Xuan Zhengtang’s business under his threat. &1t;/p>
"Yi Gongzi, now Xuan Beast Square has understood what is going against us, what are we going to do next?"Yue Wenyang asked. &1t;/p>
Yi Feiying still turned the two hard round stones in his hands and sneered: "No hurry, our real goal is the seventh-order demon spirit, and all the sixth-order monsters they have handled. As long as we wait a few more days, when their monsters are about to rot, let’s go to the Xuan Beast Square, and buy the seventh-order demon spirit and the sixth-order monsters at a low price. I don’t think they can be there at that time. Not for sale to us! ”&1t;/p>
"Yi Gongzi Gaoming!"Yue Wenyang laughed. &1t;/p>
Pushing the Xuan Beast Square to the road, and then going to the low-cost acquisition of the mysterious beast of the Xuan Beast Square, not only can invade the goods of the Xuan Beast Square, but also humiliate the Xuan Beast Square, this is the idea of ​​Yi Feiying. &1t;/p>
"Humph! I want to fight with our emperor, but also look at myself a few pounds! I can play with you without having to shoot. ”Yi Feiying laughed proudly. &1t;/p>
However, at this moment, a buddy of the beasts suddenly knocked on the door outside, and respectfully reported: "The treasurer, Yi Gongzi, Master Zheng of the Herbs Church came to us and said that there is something to talk about."&1t;/p>
"The fifth-order alchemy master Zheng Zheng? What are you waiting for? Please come in! ”Yue Wenyang stood up, and the shopkeeper of Baicaotang was a big customer. They didn’t dare to neglect. &1t;/p>
Soon the door of the room was pushed open, and Zheng Xiu-ming walked in slowly, arching his hand: "Looking at the treasurer, Yi Gongzi, don't come innocent!"&1t;/p>
"Haha! Master Zheng is coming to visit, there is a far-reaching welcome, but also forgiveness! ”Yi Feiying said with a smile. &1t;/p>
"Master Zheng, please sit down! I don’t know what wind is blowing you today? ”Yue Wenyang smiled politely. &1t;/p>
Although Yi Feiying and Yue Wenyang are both repairs in the fit period, there is no shelf in the face of Zheng Xiuming. Zheng Xiu-ming is not only a fifth-order alchemy teacher. He came here to represent the Baicaotang to which Dan Ding is affiliated. They naturally have to treat each other with courtesy. &1t;/p>
"Today, I came to the beast, and naturally came to talk about business."Zheng Xiu Ming said for a moment. &1t;/p>
驭 斋 和 and Bai Cao Tang can be described as the relationship of the old patrons. Baicaotang often acquires the demon spirits of some monsters and blood and specializes in refining medicinal herbs. It is very frequent to do business with the beasts. For the business of Baicaotang, the beasts will regard it as a top priority. Do it. &1t;/p>
"Master Zheng, what kind of monster material you need in Baicaotang, just send someone to say it, we will send it to you right away, why bother let you run it yourself?"&1t;/p>
Yue Wenyang personally gave Zheng Xiuming a cup of tea, which allowed Yue Wenyang of the fit period to personally make tea for Zheng Xiuming. I can imagine how much Yue Wenyang valued the business of Baicaotang. &1t;/p>
Zheng Xiu-ming was also polite. He took the teacup and sighed a bit. He said, "This time the business is very important, so I have to come in person. Do you know my master of medicine? ”&1t;/p>
"The reputation of the master of medicine is as good as the whole of the real world. We certainly know it. how? Did the drug master personally come to Dongsha City? ”&1t;/p>
Yi Feiying and Yue Wenyang looked at each other and saw the dignified look from the other side's eyes. Both of them unanimously put down the teacup in their hands and listened to Zheng Xiuwen seriously. &1t;/p>
The master of medicine is the high-achieving alchemy master of Dan Ding, and is the master of the Dan Ding faction. His status is extremely lofty. In the realm of the comprehension, even the door of the eight-door master will be polite. &1t;/p>
If the master of medicine comes to Dongsha City, the two of them will definitely go to visit. &1t;/p>
"That's not it. You also know that my master of medicine and medicine, the alchemy talent is first-class. I used to refine the sixth-order medicinal medicine during the sputum period. Now his cultivation has reached the distraction of the nine heavens, and recently Prepare for the closing period, and he intends to use the refining of the seventh-order remedy to help him break through."&1t;/p>
"what? Refining the seventh-order remedy? ”Yue Wenyang almost shouted. &1t;/p>
Yi Feiying is also shocked! &1t;/p>
If the seventh-order demon is hard to find, then the seventh-order medicinal herbs are simply the stars in the sky, and cannot be touched! It is well known that the seventh-order medicinal herbs are extremely precious. It is not unreasonable to describe every seventh-order medicinal medicine with the bones of life and death. If the seventh-order medicinal herbs appear in the realm of cultivation, it will cause people to rob, and anyone will get seven Order medicine and pay all the price! &1t;/p>
Although the master of medicine is now only a sixth-order alchemy teacher, if he says that he wants to refine the seventh-order medicinal medicine, no one would think that he is joking, because the alchemy technique of the master of medicine is entirely possible! &1t;/p>
Yi Feiying and Yue Wenyang were deeply shocked by this news. Afterwards, Yifei Ying carefully asked: "So Master Zheng came to our beasts at this time, presumably to purchase the materials of alchemy for the predecessors. right?"&1t;/p>
Zheng Xiu-ming nodded. "Yes, Shibo sent me to search for some materials for refining the seventh-order medicinal herbs, but some materials are hard to find. I will think that you should be able to do this."&1t;/p>
Yifei Ying immediately responded with a vow: "Master Zheng, what materials are needed by the drug predecessors, despite the instructions, we will be ready for the beast!"&1t;/p>
Yue Wenyang is also cautious, this matter is no small matter! &1t;/p>
Zheng Xiu-ming gently turned the teacup, revealing a strange smile. He said: "The alchemy materials that Pharmacist wants are extremely precious. I hope that I can buy it from you."&1t;/p>
Yi Feiying said eagerly: "Where is Zheng Zheng?" The predecessors of the medicine want to refine the seventh-order medicinal herbs. Come to us to find the alchemy materials. We can afford to see us. You can rest assured that you have the necessary alchemy materials. We offer pre-medication for free! ”&1t;/p>
The alchemy teacher who can refine the seventh-order medicinal herbs, even the Dihuangmen do not dare to neglect, now the drug master cloth news to acquire the alchemy materials, if they can seize the opportunity, and the drug master is a god That is definitely a sure thing to make a profit! &1t;/p>
Zheng Xiu-ming nodded. "It's so good, then I don't know if I have bought the seventh-order demon spirit and the seventh-order monster beast recently." Pharmacist Bo said that he wants to refine the seven-step demon spirit and the seventh-order monster of the immortality! ”&1t;/p>
Seven-order demon spirit and seventh-order monster? &1t;/p>
Yi Feiying and Yue Wenyang also opened their mouths at the same time, and they looked at each other. They never thought that the alchemy materials that the master of medicine wanted were two of them! &1t;/p>
"how? Are there two kinds of materials in the beast? ”Zheng Xiuwen asked. &1t;/p>
Yi Feiying quickly concealed the look of the genius and smiled: "Master Zheng said, laughing, anything related to the monster can be bought in our beast, I don't know what kind of demon and what kind of demon need Kind of monsters, we are ready to start."&1t;/p>
"There is no specific requirement. As long as it is a seventh-order demon spirit, the spirit of the seventh-order demon spirit is mellow. It is a must-have material for refining many seventh-order medicinal herbs. As for the seventh-order monster, we need to be a seventh-order monster. Bloody, so any seventh-order monster can be."Zheng Xiuxiao smiled. &1t;/p>
Yi Feiying’s thoughts turned sharply and immediately said: “Well, Master Zheng, you go back and wait, you also know that the seventh-order monster is hard to find, we need to transfer from other places, so I am afraid it will take some time. But I promise that with the efficiency of our beasts, we can send these two things to the Herbs in up to three days! ”&1t;/p>
"So I am relieved! I am also worried that if you don't have it here, I have to go elsewhere to find it! Then I will leave. ”Zheng Xiuming stood up and arched. &1t;/p>
"Master Zheng is slow!"Yi Feiying and Yue Wenyang personally sent Zheng Xiuming to the beast, and then his expression became very dignified. &1t;/p>
"Yi Gongzi, the seventh-order demon spirit is too rare. We have not acquired the seventh-order demon spirit for a long time. Other cities are estimated to be in this situation, but the kid in the Xuan Beast Square has it. What do we do now?"Yue Wenyang asked. &1t;/p>
Zheng Xiu-ming is the fifth-order alchemy teacher of the master of medicine. The identity is not the same. Zheng Xiu-ming came to the beast and asked if the beast had told him that the other party would not go to other places to inquire about the news. &1t;/p>
The Xuan Beast Square has seven levels of demon spirits. Many hunters are present on the scene. Baicaotang will certainly know the news. When the Baicaotang cooperates with the Xuan Beast Square, then the reputation of their beasts will be attacked. It’s big! &1t;/p>
Not only that, but the way they block the back of the Xuan Beast Square will not work! &1t;/p>
Yi Feiying looked cold and showed a hint of killing in his eyes. "No, I went to the Xuan Beast Square in person at night, and directly killed those people in the Xuan Beast Square and took their seventh-order demon spirit!"&1t;/p>
He didn't want to start with the people of Xuanyuanfang so early, and he had to wait until the Xuanyuanfang forced him to go nowhere, but Zheng Suoming's sudden visit made him have to advance the plan. UU reading &1t;/p>
"You are going to send people to stare at the Xuan Beast Square, if they have any movements, tell me immediately!"Yi Feiying said. &1t;/p>
"Yes."Yue Wenyang hurriedly left. &1t;/p>
When Zheng Xiuhua looked around and saw that no one was paying attention to him, he turned into an alley. At this time, there was already a shadow waiting for him in the alley. &1t;/p>
"What's the matter?"Mu Yu asked faintly. &1t;/p>
"Adult, things have been done according to your instructions!"Zheng Xiu-Ming respectfully said to Mu Yu, finally Zheng Xiu-ming seemed to think of something, and asked: "Adult, you can actually let us go to the Xuanyuan Square to buy medicinal herbs. Why is it so expensive?"&1t;/p>
"Because I have to ask the king to enter, then close the door and hit the dog."Wood feathers are killing. &1t;/p>
Zheng Xiu-ming was shocked by the sudden killing of Mu Yu. &1t;/p>
"You go back first! Act as planned. ”Mu Yu said. &1t;/p>
"Yes, retire!"Zheng Xiu Ming once again bowed respectfully and finally disappeared into the alley. &1t;/p>
After Mu Yu watched Zheng Xiu’s departure, the killing gradually faded. &1t;/p>
A gust of wind has blown, and the alleys are empty. &1t;/p>
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