Chapter 810 leads the snake out of the hole

    Nowadays, the beasts have blocked all the roads of the Xuanbeifang. Muyu wants to help Xuanzheng’s father and daughter only to solve the problem of Yifeiying first. Otherwise, even if the Baixuetang comes out, the Yiying Eagle can still be secret. Make a stick.

    He couldn't rush to the beast to kill the Yifei eagle for no reason, only let Yifei Ying personally come to him, and then he would kill the other party unconsciously.

    This thing still needs to be done neatly. In order to avoid implicating the Xuan Beast Square, he will not put the location of the assassination in the Xuan Beast Square, but also need to do some other things.

    When Mu Yu returned to the Xuan Beast Square, Xuan Zhengtang had been waiting for him in the store. After seeing Mu Yu came back, he eagerly asked: "You son, have you thought about how to sell the sixth-order monster? ?"

    Mu Yu smiled and comforted: "Don't worry, things will be solved."

    Looking at Mu Yu’s indifferent look, Xuan Zhengtang’s heart was still uneasy. He didn’t know where Mu Yu went, and he didn’t know what Mu Yu had to do. Mu Yu seems to have everything in his mind, but he is worried.

    "You son, you are not familiar with Dongsha City, if you have any need to tell me, I also want to help."Xuan Zhengtang said earnestly.

    Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully and said: "I really need you to help me a little."

    "What is the matter of the son, though!"Xuan Zhengtang’s expression is very serious. He now wants to do something to make himself look so incompetent.

    "Now don't worry, wait until the evening."Mu Yu passed through the shop and came to the backyard. At this time, Xiaoshuai was happily pretending to play.

    Xuan Zhengtang was puzzled in his heart. He didn't understand what medicine was sold in the wood feather gourd, and quickly followed.

    "Little handsome, go out to do something at night, you have to follow me."Mu Yu said.

    Now that the power of killing has affected Mu Yu, Mu Yu must now remind him of Xiao Shuai, otherwise he is worried that he will not be able to return.

    "What are you going to do? Very dangerous? ”Xuan Siwei asked with concern.

    "Why do you feel dangerous?"Mu Yu asked.

    Xuan Siyi bites his teeth and says: "I don't know, intuition."

    "It won't be dangerous."Mu Yu smiled.

    The girl's intuition is very strange.

    Chishan took out some dishes from the kitchen and greeted everyone: "Master, sister, and son, it is time to have lunch."

    "Don't call me?"Xiaoshuai inserted his waist and groaned.

    "How can you forget your little son?" I specially prepared a roast leg for you. ”In Chishan, a large plate was placed in the kitchen. The top was a lush barbecue. The eyes of Xiaoshuai suddenly radiated.

    In addition to Xiaoshuai and Mu Yu, the other people didn't seem to have any appetite. Now Xuanyuanfang didn't dare to open a store because it didn't find a buyer. Chishan didn't have much to do. He was diligent. I also took a bit of food and went in to Mrs. Xuan.

    In the afternoon, Mu Yu sat in the room and practiced. Xiao Shuai slept in bed. Xuan Zhengtang and Xuan Siwei and the three people in Chishan were sitting in the yard.

    Xuan Siyi has been watching the wooden door of the wooden feathers in a daze, as if he remembered something else, his face always looked worried.

    Chishan looked at Xuan Siwei’s expression in his eyes. He said, “Sister, since this son came, I found that you often stare at him in a daze, are you…”

    "Is it right?"Xuan Siwei asked.

    Chishan sneaked in the past and asked quietly: "Do you like him?"

    Xuan Siyu reached out and covered the ears of Chishan: "What do you say?"

    "It hurts, I just said a fact!"Chishan ramp.

    Xuan Si snorted: "Where is this fact, people have always helped us, of course I have to care more about him!"

    Xuan Zhengtang took a deep look at his daughter and then said: "Thinking, this son and us are not the same people in the world."

    "I know, I didn't think much about it."

    Xuan Siyu held the chin with his hand, but in the brain it was the scene of the wooden feathers that killed the solitary snake. The cold killing made Xuan Siyi still have a lingering fear.

    "I still said nothing."Chishan said to his ear.

    "I just like him and shut you down!"Xuan Si Jiao Jiao shouted.

    Chishan spit out his tongue and pretended to be indifferent. However, there was a slight disappointment in his eyes. He secretly looked at the door of Mu Yu, and his heart was not a taste. Chishan has always secretly liked his sister, but this time the teacher’s words made him feel very bad.

    "Compared with that son, I really don't deserve to be a teacher!"Chishan also looked at his chin and looked at it.

    Xuan Zhengtang couldn't understand his daughter and apprentice. He also understood what Chishan was thinking. He shook his head slightly and didn't talk much.

    The evening soon came, Mu Yu also opened the door, holding Xiaoshuai out. Xiaoshuai is still snoring and refuses to wake up.

    "Don, are you out?"Xuan Zhengtang and others rushed up.

    Mu Yu nodded and glanced at Xuan Siyu, who had been staring at himself. Then he said, "Uncle Xuan, let's go!"

    "I also need to go!"Xuan Siyu suddenly said.

    "Thinking, don't make trouble, the son and I are going to do things, you are waiting at home."Xuan Zhengtang yelled.

    "But I also want to help."Xuan Si is not willing to say.

    "Don't worry, we will be back soon."Mu Yu did not agree, he did not want to bring a girl to shā rén.

    With Xuan Zheng Tang, it is to ensure that Yi Feiying believes that they are going to deal with the seventh-order demon spirit.

    Xuan Si bite his teeth.

    Mu Yu and Xuan Zhengtang opened the door of the Xuan Beast Square and left the Xuan Beast Square.

    They just left the Xuan Beast Square, and soon there was a sneaky figure near the Xuan Beast Square that quietly followed behind.

    "Don't you want to deal with the people behind you?"Xuan Zhengtang asked hesitantly.

    "No, we are out of town."Mu Yu went straight to the gate of Dongsha City.

    The two quickly left Dongsha City and headed for the sunset to the woods. At this time, Yi Feiying has also received news sent to monitor the people of Xuanyuanfang.

    "Xuan Zhengtang and the kid have left Dongsha City, they are very likely to go to other cities to deal with the seventh-order demon spirit, the son you see -" Yue Wenyang said.

    Yi Feiying snorted: "They left Dongsha City to meet my heart, so that I can win their seventh-order demon spirit without knowing it!"

    "Don't you want me to follow?"Yue Wenyang asked.

    "I am enough for one person!"Yi Feiying left the beast and went to the east sand gate.

    Yue Wenyang is quite familiar with the strength of Yifeiying. The twenty-seventh person on the list of the immortals is really more than enough to deal with the two people of Xuan Beast Square. He did not think much and continued to do his own thing. .


    Mu Yu walked into the forest and soon came to the foot of the faint mountain range.

    Xuan Zhengtang’s face changed slightly, reminding him: “The son, then going ahead is the place where the Yumeng Mozu often haunts.”

    "There should be very few people in this area, right?"Mu Yu looked at the mountains and mountains that were gradually surrounded by the night, and felt the oppressive breath from a distance, and asked softly.

    Xuan Zhengtang nodded. "Because the Yumeng Mozu is not frequent in this area, everyone is afraid to come here."

    Speaking of this, Xuan Zhengtang looked bleak, his wife was injured by the fire of the Yumeng Mozu, and is still suffering from the fire of the sky. There was already a glimmer of life, but I did not expect to be framed by the beast.

    "Don't you, what do you bring me here?"Xuan Zhengtang asked as he looked at the dark mountains that had fallen into the distance.

    "Uncle Xuan, you help me with my brother, waiting for you."

    Mu Yu handed Xiaoshuai to Xuan Zhengtang and took a shot of Xuan Zhengtang's shoulder, indicating that he was relieved. Then he turned and said to the distance: "Since all come, what are you hiding?"

    Xuan Zhengtang was shocked. He clearly remembered that the trailing person had disappeared after he left the city. How can someone follow? The most important thing is that he was not aware of the people behind him!

    "Good sense of smell."

    In the dark, the figure of the easy-flying eagle has slowly appeared. He looked at Mu Yu and Xuan Zhengtang coldly. His eyes crossed the two men and landed on the distant mountains, apparently for the Yumeng Mozu. Rao is also a hint of jealousy.

    "Yifei Ying?"

    Xuan Zhengtang’s face changed greatly, and Yi Feiying’s cultivation and reputation were clear to him. The famous genius of the Emperor’s genius on the list of the celestial celestial beings was the repair of the five-day-old, far from being able to resist Xuan Zhengtang.

    "Don, be careful."

    Xuan Zhengtang is very worried. Although he knows that the "feather wind" that has been helping them is also a comprehension of the fit period, he can't compete with the genius of the earthly king.

    "Nothing, Xiaoshuai, get up."

    Mu Yu pushed the small handsome, Xiao Shuai squinted, and looked at the easy-flying eagle in a confused way, asked: "What? Has this little 瘪3 been killed yet? ”

    Xuan Zhengtang heard Xiao Shuai’s words and secretly squeezed a sweat. He didn’t look at the other person who dared to say this. It’s really a child’s words. He followed the faint moonlight and sneaked a look at Yi Feiying. UU read the book Sure enough, Yi Yingying heard Xiao Shuai’s words and was very annoyed.

    "Kid, give you a choice, hand over the seventh-order demon spirit and the seventh-order monster, I will give you a happy, otherwise…"Yi Feiying sneered.

    "How else?"Mu Yu asked faintly.

    "Otherwise, I will give you the red blood wolf that feeds my family as a snack!"

    Yi Feiying flashed a beam of light in his hand, a small cage appeared in his hand, the cage was windy, and a monster with blue and red light screamed out of the cage! This beast is so powerful that it is about ten meters long. The hair of the whole body is alternating between cyan and red. It shines in the darkness. It suddenly appears as a hegemonic scent, and it bursts into bursts. storm.

    "The sixth-order top-level monster, red-blooded wolf!"

    Xuan Zhengtang called out in a panic, this is the king of the sixth-order monster, the strength is extremely horrible, it is said that the ordinary seventh-order monster is not its opponent! Xuan Zhengtang can be sure that if he is alone in this sixth-order monster, I am afraid that under his claws, a breath will be shredded! (https://)

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