Chapter 812 The Fall of Genius

    Easy to fly eagle, the talent of the Emperor's Gate, the top ranked 27th on the list, fitness period of the five-day master, the side is more powerful demon beast assistance, has been all the real people looking up.

    But at this time his head rolled down at the foot of Xuan Zhengdong, let Xuan Zhengdong mind a blank!

    The genius of Dihuangmen is so dead?

    Only one head of the Eagle's eyes open to roll big, face full of incredible look, he thought he cleaned up these few people more than enough, but never thought he would be so easy to be Mu Yu to kill!

    Many, Xuan Zhengtang responded, he swallowed, and carefully looked at the head under his feet, confirming that it was undoubtedly Yifei Ying, he trembled and asked: "Yu Fenggong, you, you killed he?"

    "Yes, I think some people don't have to survive."The sound of Mu Yu has returned to calm, and there is no such cold feeling.

    Xuan Zhengdong felt a bit thirsty, facing the flying eagle, he would have thought that night is bound to be a life-and-death war, I am afraid will also put his own life, he also do a good job of the preparation, but not only "feather wind" son of that cute little brother behaved surprised if heaven, "feather Wind" Childe himself is directly in a moment to kill the flying eagle!

    Who are these brothers?

    "Yifei Ying is dead, isn't it, isn't it…"

    After Xuan Zhengtang was shocked, it was a panic. Yifeiying’s identity was no small matter. When he died, he would certainly investigate the matter with the means of the Emperor’s Gate. If they found them on time…

    "Do not worry! This is where Yumeng haunts, nothing to do with us. ”

    In the hands of Mu Yu, there was a piece of Dan Flint. During the spiritual surge, there was a flame in the Dan Flint. The body of the Yiying Eagle was burned up. The logo of the immortal eagle was crushed directly by the wood feather, not even Was attached to him.

    He didn't want to leave any traces, and he didn't want to leave any evidence. The people who licked the beasts would not think that Yifeiying would die here, and wouldn't think that Yifeiying would be so easily killed by Muyu!

    Xuan Zhengtang looked at the burning flame, and his heart was guilty. He didn’t even think about it when he was in a normal situation. Even if he was an ordinary disciple of Dihuangmen, he would not dare to be offended, let alone Yi Fei. Eagle is the genius of the emperor!

    "Let's go back!"

    Mu Yu did not say much, he knew that Xuan Zhengtang did not dare to leak this thing.

Therefore, there is no need to mention points.

    The two left the land in the night, and the ruined trees around them began to re-grow under the quiet control of Mu Yu, and returned to the original situation, as if nothing had happened.

    But Mu Yu wouldn't think that, just after he and Xuan Zhengtang walked away, a few dark shadows stood on a bare mountain far from the woods, and they were always paying attention to what happened.

    "Familiar atmosphere."

    The black shadow of the head is tall, standing in the dark like a sharp blade, and it seems to be out of place with the night.

    "Are we going to catch him?"A black shadow behind asked.

    The black shadow of the head did not respond, as if thinking about it, the air became very depressed, and only the night wind screamed in raging, seemingly to blow away the darkness of darkness.

    "Let's go! Go back and talk! ”

    For a long time, the black shadow led by the head was faint, and then several people suddenly burst into a dazzling fire. The blazing flame burned on them, and every figure was skyrocketing. In the darkness, there was like a fireball. After the sky, it disappeared into the depths of the mountains.


    Along the way, Xuan Zhengtang was uneasy in his heart, thinking about the things tonight, and the result of this incident. The beasts of Dihuangmen are a behemoth, far from being a small Xuanfangfang. .

    "You son, you killed him, but our goods still can't be sold!"Xuan Zhengtang couldn't help but say.

    He has thought a lot since the beginning, killing Yi Feiying seems to be very deflated, but think carefully about what has not achieved substantial results, because the beasts will still force those businesses to refuse to cooperate with the Xuan Beast.

    Mu Yu carries a small handsome, and he does not see any expression in the darkness, but his voice is still very calm: "Yifei Ying is not dead, he will be stalked from many things. When he dies, things will go smoothly."

    Xuan Zhengtang still wants to ask questions, but looking at Mu Yu’s well-being has finally put the doubts in his heart. The current situation has exceeded the expectations of Xuan Zhengtang. He wants to have enough Lingshi to buy Taishi Zitiandan to save his wife, and he can only rely on the mysterious young man around him.

    "But now it should be possible to know what the plume is."

    Xuan Zhengtang’s heart has always been curious about Mu Yu’s identity. Tonight’s “Yufengzi” defeated the Yifeiying, ranked 27th in the rankings, which means that tomorrow’s polar list will change. People will know who Yifei Ying died on.

    However, when I think of the immortal list, Xuan Zhengtang is worried again. Will the emperor’s door be able to find their porch to revenge?

    Xiaoshuai fell asleep again in the dark, and from time to time issued a burst of cute proverbs.

    When Mu Yu and Xuan Zhengtang returned to Dongsha City, it was already late at night. He deliberately used the formation method to both of them, and God returned to the Xuan Beast Square without knowing it.

    Both Xuan Siwei and Chishan did not rest, or waited anxiously in the yard until Mu Yu removed the array and suddenly appeared in the yard, only to alarm them.

    "Hey, son, are you coming back?"Xuan Siwei asked nervously. She carefully examined the condition of her father and found that her father did not have anything to do, and Mu Yu was also intact.

    "Ah, come back."Xuan Zhengtang replied absently, he was worried too much, and his heart was very nervous, but in order not to involve his daughter in this matter, he decided to keep his mouth shut.

    Xuan Siyu eagerly asked: "Are you all right?"

    "Nothing, what can we do, your mother, did she rest?"Xuan Zhengtang asked.

    Xuan Si nodded and his eyes were still worried.

    "Hurry and take a break!"Mu Yu nodded to Xuan Si, and he entered Xiao Xiaoshuai into the room.

    Xuan Siwei stared at the door of Mu Yu, and he was still very confused.


    In the next two days, the Xuan Beast Square still did not open the door. After the sixth-order monsters are treated, if they can't be sold within five days, they will rot. Xuan Zhengtang is in a hurry, but Mu Yu has been comforting him not to be anxious.

    Xuan Zhengtang is anxious here, but he is more worried than he is the treasurer of the beast, and he is eager to go.

    "how about it? Still no news of Yi Gongzi? ”Yue Wenyang asked the buddy.

    "Return to the treasurer, no."The guys replied.

    Two nights ago, Yi Feiying was going to kill Xuan Zhengtang and Mu Yu in the Xuan Beast Square alone, but the spies on the next day had already returned that Xuan Zhengtang and Mu Yu had returned safely, and Yi The flying eagle disappeared mysteriously, and Yue Wenyang began to feel uneasy.

    He knows the repair of Yi Feiying, and the repair of the five-day period of the fit period can be completely traversed in the entire comprehension world, and in the same order as the secret technique between their emperor and the beast. Basically invincible existence.

    However, Xuan Zhengtang and Mu Yu came back safely, and Yi Feiying disappeared. What happened in the end?

    The first reaction of Yue Wenyang is: Is it easy to fly the Eagle?

    He immediately went down and bought a list of the latest version of the immortal list. If the Yifei eagle dies, then the celestial list will change.

    The celestial celestial beings on the celestial list have always been exchanged and replaced. There is only one possibility of being removed from the celestial list. That is, it is killed by a certain celestial being.

    However, Yi Feiying is still ranked 27th in the rankings of the immortals. There has been no change. This at least makes Yue Wenyang determine one thing: Yi Feiying is still alive.

    "It seems that I am more concerned, and it is not possible to think about it. Where does Xuan Zhengtang have that strength to defeat Yigongzi? As for the young man…"

    Yue Wenyang always wanted to find out the identity of the young man around Xuan Zhengtang, but the other side’s origin is unknown. It is like appearing directly in Dongsha City. The identity background is too difficult to investigate, and in the past, in the perception of Yue Wenyang, the young man also Only the breath of the stagnation period.

    "Maybe Yizi is temporarily delayed and has it been delayed?"

    Yue Wenyang stretched out his finger and swiped the list of the best immortals who bought it. The information on the immortal has been improved. He has another list of extremely popular, which is yesterday's, and can be compared. .

    The celestial list changes every day, especially since the past 50 years, the replacement of the 50th celestial list is very frequent. Like those big people who have a face in the realm of comprehension, one thing that must be done every day is to check the pole. The change of the singer list, because the change of the celestial list has great business opportunities for businessmen.

    The list of the celestial list has not changed, and the whereabouts of Yifeiying have not been found. Yuewenyang will not think of things in the worst direction. After all, Yifeiying is said to be honing himself. UU reading is wandering around the realm of comprehension. This time it just happened to appear in Dongsha City.

    Yue Wenyang will never think of a point. The extremely fairy logo of the immortal list is ineffective for Mu Yu! After he kills a very fairy, he will not let the other party's celestial logo be attached to himself, and will not let the celestial logo return to the monument.

    "The treasurer, Master Zheng of the Herbs Church came to visit."A buddy walked in and said in a hurry.

    "Master Zheng?"

    Yue Wenyang's face changed slightly. Because he did not get the news of Yifeiying these two days, he focused on finding the whereabouts of Yifeiying, and did not act arbitrarily to find the suffocation of the Xuanbeifang. Because if Yifei Ying has already got the seventh-order demon spirit, then he will go all the way.

    The master of medicine should refine the seventh-order medicinal herbs. Originally, Yiyingying and Yuewenyang planned to take this opportunity to settle the seventh-order alchemy master. However, the deadline for Zheng’s delivery of the seventh-order demon spirit has arrived, but Yifei Ying also Didn't come back, there is no seventh-order demon spirit in Yue Wenyang's hand, which is tricky.

    "Hurry up and invite Master Zheng to come in!"Yue Wenyang shouted. (https://)

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