No. 820 Chapter Crusade

    When the Yumeng Mozu began to cross the Three Continents, the Triple Palace gave all the cities a jade about the Yumen Mozu. Many people didn’t care because they felt that there was no need to worry about the Mimun Mozu. But most people know the content of this jade.

    As mentioned in the jade slips issued by the Mie Palace, the five elements are destroyed, and the most powerful devastating arrays of the five attributes of the Umon Mozu can be used to transform anything into a five-line array. Destruction, even the guardian city can not resist!

    This kind of array is also very damaging to the Yumeng Mozu himself. It can be said that one thousand of the injured ones are self-destructive, and they are not willing to use this array. If the Yumeng Mozu dare to say this, no one can guarantee that they dare not do this!

    It seems that the person who appeared in Dongsha City is bound to be very important to the Yumeng Mozu!

    The three Eugene giants were sitting directly in the air above Dongsha City. All the Yumeng Mozus also stopped attacking. Everyone spread out with three Yumun giants, and then they all took their respective Yumeng forces. Infused into three Eugene giants.

    The three Yumeng Mozu also exuded a powerful killing atmosphere. The flames of the sky, the sand and the metal merged together to form an invisible array, which immediately sealed the four cities of Dongsha City. door!

    The three Yumeng Mozus are not stupid. They know that the entire Dongsha City has been covered by the formation since the first two months. It is impossible to fly directly into the Dongsha City. It can only go to the city gate, which means As long as they sealed the four gates with the five-line array method, it would be equivalent to trapping the entire Dongsha City!

    Everyone’s face was once again covered with a cloud of clouds, and the gates of the city were sealed. At this moment, it was already the shackles.

    Time passed quickly, and the night quickly came, but the Yumeng Mozu did not mean any retreat. There are still countless Yumeng Mozus floating in the air waiting for orders.

    The three headed Yumeng giants left after leaving a series of mad threats, leaving only the remaining Yumeng Mozu to remain in the sky.

    "The three giants who had been in the robbery period have already left, and it is okay for the time being."

    The owner of the city, He Jinglong, mentioned the remaining spiritual power, and once again, a pattern of martyrdom was created in his hand. The pattern that spread from the statue of the true god immediately appeared to be marked with an imprint, and soon disappeared into all the self-cultivators.

    "Everyone will go out!" Once the imprint of the body is triggered, remember to come over quickly at any time! ”He Jinglong’s voice said a little tired.

    The moat is a powerful array based on the power of nature.

The power of nature also includes people, so as long as these self-cultivators are still in the city of Dongsha, they are part of the foundation.

    Although it was the rest of the robbery, the comprehension of Dongsha City still felt that the heart had pressed a huge stone. The three Yumeng giants just left. After three days, they will make a comeback. If the Yumeng Mozu really fights the way of self-destruction, The devastating array of the five elements of the world, then how should Dongsha City respond?

    Every self-cultivator was exhausted and returned to their respective residences, began to sit and adjust to recover their injuries.

    This time, the sudden attack of the Yumeng Mozu did not cause any large-scale casualties, but it also caused many people to be hit hard, especially the highest-ranking city owner, He Jinglong, who suffered the most serious injuries.

    However, when everyone resumed their injuries, their minds kept circling a question: What is the fourth strong killing atmosphere in the hands of the human race? Why did he have a repair during the robbery period but did not stand up at the beginning?

    Did the three Yumun giants attack Dongsha City for the purpose of that person?

    If this is the case, does that mean that the crisis in Dongsha City can be lifted naturally as long as the person is handed over?

    In the long night, Dongsha City was brightly lit, and no one fell asleep. At this time, looking up at the starry sky in Dongsha City, I saw not the stars, but countless humanoid flames floating in the air. The rays of the flame reflected on the bodies of Tuyoumeng and Jinyoumeng, and they were gorgeous. Colorful light.

    This is a very rare landscape, but no one has the heart to appreciate this beautiful and crisis-looking scene.


    In the Xuan Beast Square, Mu Yu sat in the yard, and Xiaoyou and the two handsome people in the sky looked into the meditation. Xuan Zhengtang has not returned yet, Chishan is busy in the kitchen, and Xuan Siyu tells her in the room what happened today.

    "It must have been noticed by the Yumeng Mozu at the time of killing the Easy Eagle."Xiaoshuai used the wind and the heart to say in his heart.

    Mu Yu did not refute anything. This thing seems to be caused by him. The three Yumeng Mozu are probably coming for him, but what he never understands is how the three people have the kind of killing power. ?

    "Is it going to be them?"Xiaoshuai hesitated for a moment to ask.

    Mu Yu knows who Xiao Shuai is talking about. Xiaoshuai thinks that the three Yumeng giants outside are Luo Wei, Cheng Yan and the south of them who are being killed by the power of killing.

    But Mu Yu shook his head: "Not them, I can be sure."

    "How do you identify it?"Xiaoshuai asked.


    "What if it is them?"

    "will not."

    Mu Yu tightened his lips. He had no evidence, or he was unwilling to admit it. The power of the killing is almost the same as the power of him, and it is like the power that can only be possessed after an endless killing.

    Xiaoshuai didn’t say anything more. He pondered for a moment and continued: “You won’t go out and face them alone, right?”

    "will not."

    The blind feathers of the move will not be done.

    The repairs of the three Eugene giants are even stronger than the four dragon patriarchs that were met in the Qinglong demon king. According to Mu Yu’s estimation, the other’s repairs are at least five days or more, to the wood feathers. The strength of one person against the three monks of the Yumeng giant, even if he has the power to kill is also undoubtedly defeated.

    The reason why he was able to block the attacks of the three Yumeng Mozus today is actually the powerful moat method of Dongsha City. He only quietly inspired the resistance of the entire formation on the basis of the moat.

    The sword shadow dust wind used to build a strong array of methods in various cities. In fact, the moat array itself has the ability to evenly distribute the outside attack, but I don’t know why the Dongsha City’s moat method lost this ability. It is like being destroyed by humans.

    What Mu Yu did during the day was only to fix the way of resisting the moat. If it wasn’t for the moment, he would have to shoot in time. The entire Dongsha City would have fallen.

    However, this array is too powerful, and it can't be repaired by the repair of the wooden plume alone, so he can only use the power of killing.

    "What do we do next?"Xiaoshuai asked.

    "Look at the situation first!"

    After Mu Yu used the power of killing, he felt that some of his body was broken again, and the suffocation in his heart seemed to be aggravated. He didn't like it very much.

    The hurried footsteps came from the front yard, and Xuan Zhengtang came back tiredly. He looked up at Mu Yu and suddenly sighed.

    "what happened?"Mu Yu asked.

    Xuan Zhengtang said with dismay: "Master Zheng did not have time to leave Dongsha City."

    After Zheng Xiuming was originally subjected to five million Lingshi, he should go to Dan Ding to get back the sixth-order medicinal Taishi Zitiandan, but the Yumeng Mozu suddenly attacked Dongsha City. Zheng Xiu-ming could not go out, but only with other The comprehensions together maintain the moat of Dongsha City.

    Mu Yu shook his head slightly, and there was no way for things to develop into this place.

    "You go to the healing first! I will find a way to do this. ”Mu Yu said.

    Xuan Zhengtang is a comprehension of the distracted period. Today, he is also on the upper gate of the city gate. He was also hit hard by the attack of the Yumun giant.

    "Well, son."

    Xuan Zhengtang looked at Mu Yu deeply. His eyes contained some strange light. He seemed to want to ask something, but Xuan Zhengtang did not ask for an exit.

    Mu Yu knew what Xuan Zhengtang wanted to ask. The smell of his killing was shown in front of Xuan Zhengtang. Other people in Dongsha City may not know who the person is, but Xuan Zhengtang knows.


    The long night passed away, and the daytime re-emerged in Dongsha City. Today's weather seems to be somewhat suppressed, just like a heavy stone is stuck in everyone's chest, and people are a little scared.

    The Yumeng Mozu is still in the shadow of Dongsha City, and no one is happy.

    The self-cultivators on the street gradually increased, flying in the air, walking on the ground, and the comprehension seems to be loud and loud, interrupting the cultivation of Mu Yu.

    "What happened?"The little handsome climbed up from the bed, and the hustle and bustle of the noise came out one after another, awakening him from his dreams.

    He is doing a good dream, dreaming of a variety of delicious chicken legs, he never worried about the Yumeng Mozu, the entire Dongsha City is estimated that only Xiaoshuai sleeps most stable.

    "I don't know, go out and see."

    When Mu Yu opened the door and was about to leave the Xuan Beast Square, Xuan Zhengtang hurriedly walked in from outside.

    "Uncle Xuan, what happened outside?"Mu Yu asked.

    Xuan Zhengtang’s face was hesitant, and then he said: “Don, I don’t think you should go out.”

    "why?"Mu Yu frowned.

    Xuan Zhengtang hesitated and said: "Because, because outside the crusade, the one who attracted the Yumeng Mozu."

    Xuan Zhengtang blinked in the blink of an eye and did not dare to face the eyes of Mu Yu.

    A long silence.

    "You already know, are you?"Mu Yu asked.

    Xuan Zhengtang nodded, but then eagerly said: "Don, you can rest assured! I believe that you are a good person. ”

    Yesterday, Dongsha City suddenly appeared in the killing atmosphere, and the three Yumeng giants outside the city are exactly the same. Others may not know where this terrible breath comes from, but Xuan Zhengtang knows it clearly.

    That night, when I killed Yifeiying, it was such a breath that made Xuan Zhengtang fall like a hail, and was terrified. Not only that, but this breath has also appeared once in the Xuan Beast Square to kill those few hunters.

    "Thank you, Uncle Xuan."

    Mu Yu walked toward the gate of the Xuan Beast Square. He wanted to see the situation of Dongsha City at this time.

    The voice of Xuan Zhengtang suddenly became surprisingly serious: "The son, promise me, you will not do stupid things."

    Mu Yu snorted and immediately asked, "What do you think I will do stupid things?"

    Xuan Zhengtang shook his head and said: "I don't know, but I don't want you to have an accident."

    "I won't have an accident, I want to protect you."Mu Yu smiled and left the Xuan Beast Square.

    The Xuan Zhengtang family is the boundary he uses to balance his inner killing. He can not protect anyone, but he will certainly protect their family.

    Xiaoshuai squinted behind the wood feathers. He didn't know when he had brought two barbecues from the kitchen, and he was full of oil.

    When I came to the street, the voices were full of people, and all kinds of roars were heard.

    "Let the Umon Mozu's kind out!"

    "Yes, he let us Dongsha City fall into a crisis!"

    "If it weren't for him, where would we suffer from this crisis in Dongsha City?"

    "I see we work together to find him, grab him and hand it over to the Yumeng Mozu!"

    "Yes, just do it! Let's go to the city owner now! ”

    Countless comprehensions are indignant. They heard it clearly yesterday. The Tuyoumon giant said that the comprehension of Dongsha City should be handed over to the person. Needless to say, everyone knows that the person is referring to the horror that was possessed yesterday. Killing people.

    All the comprehensions have been in the city of the city, and now they can't leave Dongsha City. The threat of the Yumeng Mozu makes them frightened. They want to hand over the people that the Yumeng wants. Guarantee.

    Mu Yu finally understood why Xuan Zhengtang told him not to do stupid things.

    Xuan Zhengtang did not want Mu Yu to stand up in order to preserve the lives of the whole city, and let these impassioned comprehensions be handed over to the Yumeng Mozu.

    Mu Yu stood on the street, countless self-cultivators pushed him around him, walked past him, kept groaning in his mouth, everyone was so passionate and wanted to be the owner of the fourth killing force yesterday. Give it out!

    In the face of the Yumeng Mozu, all the self-cultivators are afraid of timidity, thinking about how to escape from the city, UU reading without any thought of rebellion, now I want to find out who helped them Give the Yumeng Mozu to save yourself.

    Mu Yu’s heart was inexplicably sorrowful. He helped the people in Dongsha City, but these self-insurers chose to let him die.

    He didn't quite understand this: the Terran and the Yumeng Mozu always swear by each other. When did the Terran have fallen to the point of compromising the Yumeng Mozu?

    "They are really a group of white-eyed wolves! If yesterday is not us, I am afraid that the Yumeng Mozu has already washed the entire Dongsha City, right? ”Xiao Shuai angrily threw the barbecue on the ground.

    The barbecue was quickly smashed by the comprehensible of jī qíng.

    Their jī qíng is used to try to save their own, never have to deal with the Yumeng Mozu.

    Mu Yu silently said that the crowd was constantly crowded forward, and he was forced to follow the waves, moving with the impassioned crowd.

    The direction they are heading is the city government. (https://)

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