No. 821 Chapter

    Outside the city main house has been surrounded by a large group of practitioners, they are outside the main house clamoring for the city's main Jing long to give a saying.

    "The master of the city, who is that person yesterday, you must know, right?"

    "God Lord, you should lead us to hand over the person that the Yumeng Mozu wants."

    "As long as the person is handed over to the Yumeng Mozu, then our Dongsha City will be saved!"

    "Hand over!"

    "Hand over!"

    "We want to live, the Umon Mozu wants only that person, not us!"

    The self-cultivator outside the city government shouted louder than one. They didn't know who the man was shot yesterday. Everyone thought that He Jinglong as the city owner must know the identity of this person!

    The anger was hard to commit, and the city owner He Jinglong finally appeared. He was seriously injured yesterday. At this moment, his face is still very pale and he has not fully recovered.

    But now Dongsha City is surrounded by the Yumeng Mozu, the situation is critical, the fate of the whole city is tied to him, he must stand up as a city owner.

    "Dear friends, now the enemy is currently, we should all unite together and work together to find a way to resist the invasion of the Yumeng Mozu. Why are you doing so today?"

    He Jinglong stood in the sky above the gate of the city's main government, overlooking everyone. His whole person looked very tired, and his white hair seemed to be a little messy, but he still had a strong spirit.

    "The master of the city, you also saw that the Yumeng Mozu came for the person who has the terrorist power yesterday. Now we have been trapped by the Yumeng Mozu, you should now order the arrest of that talent!"A middle-aged man said loudly in the crowd.

    "Yes, the goal of the Yumeng Mozu is that person, not us. As long as the city owner orders the person to find it and hand it over to the Yumeng Mozu, the crisis in our Dongsha City will naturally be lifted!"Others have also echoed.

    "Yes, we can't take the life of the whole city because of one person!"

    "God Lord, you must know who that person is, right?"

    The scene was in chaos and the voice of the voice rang everywhere.

    He Jinglong raised his hand and motioned everyone to calm down. Lang said: "You, we must take a long-term plan from this matter.

First of all, we don't know who the person is. Secondly, if it wasn't the mysterious person yesterday, I am afraid that Dongsha City has already become a hell on earth. Have you forgotten this thing? ”

    Although He Jinglong's body is somewhat weak, but it is unambiguous at all, his voice is very loudly introduced into everyone's ears.

    However, his words could not appease the feelings of these comprehensions.

    Someone shouted: "If you don't hand over that person within three days, our Dongsha City will become a hell on earth! The Yumeng Mozu has returned to gather more people. They have only three races today and they have almost knocked us down. If we go back to five races together, our Dongsha City will inevitably be Yumo The family is stepping on the ground! ”

    "Yes, in our current situation, there is no way to confront the Yumeng Mozu."

    "And the breath of that person is the same as the Yumeng Mozu, he must be the accomplices of the Yumeng Mozu!"

    "Yes! That's right! Only by handing him over to the Yumeng Mozu can you have a hope of surviving! ”

    Every self-cultivator nodded, even though the mysterious man appeared yesterday to save Dongsha City, but everyone did not buy it, they wanted to compromise with the Yumeng Mozu.

    Mu Yu listened to it all silently in the crowd, and there were some strange emotions in his heart.

    Are the people so greedy and afraid of death?

    The old man was furious and shouted: "What are you talking about!" The Yumeng Mozu is impossible to mix in quietly! And everyone should also hear it. Yesterday, the Yumeng Mozu clearly pointed out that it is a person who is shot, not Yumeng! It is a person who is willing to help us. What we should think at the moment is how to fight against the Yumeng Mozu under his leadership, instead of thinking about compromising with the Yumeng Mozu! Our Terran and Yumeng Mozu are endless, and there is never compromise! ”

    Although the old city owner has been injured, his majesty can not be underestimated, the voice is more powerful, he did not forget the bloodiness of being a human race: the human race will not compromise with the Yumeng Mozu!

    However, these comprehensions have never experienced the era of being killed by the Yumeng Mozu. They were born in the period of hé píng, and the true gods trapped all the Yumeng Mozus and prevented them from being invaded by ethnic wars. They simply don't understand what the Yumeng Mozu meant to the Terran. There are very few people in the current comprehension community who have experienced the Battle of the Yumeng Mozu.

    The flowers that stayed in the greenhouse suddenly faced the intrusion of squally showers, and they couldn't resist it at all, so they chose to compromise.

    "We don't care about this, the city owner, you must know who that person is, right? You let him come out and tell us the situation! ”

    "That is, this city is the highest in addition to him. You are the city owner. You must know the situation of that person."

    "Master of the city, don't hide him again! You hurry to let him out! ”

    Although the words of the old city master are very reasonable, many people will not listen to it. Everyone thinks that the old city master knows this mysterious powerhouse.

    The old man heard the anger and burned. He did not expect the comprehension to speak like this. Although the city is under his jurisdiction, the comprehens in the city did not obey his orders. Most of the practitioners who spoke were from other sects.

    Other so-called famous decent.

    The old city’s main body was shaking all over the body: “I said it, I don’t know him! And you have to be clear that yesterday’s senior man’s predecessors helped him, and his cultivation has reached a period of catastrophe, enough to compete with the three Eugene giants! You are not grateful to him. Still treating our savior, can your conscience be safe? We should now expect him to come out and lead us to fight with the Yumeng Mozu, instead of thinking of handing him over to Yumen! ”

    "A dead battle? We can't fight without a battle! ”

    The comprehension of a companion period flying out of the crowd is a mystery of the starry gate! His appearance has gradually quieted the crowd, and the eight-door people are extremely noble, let alone the elders of a fit period!

    Tian Ziming looked at He Jinglong coldly and sneered: "The master of the city, do you think we are going to fight with the Yumeng Mozu, how many wins are they to win?" You want to count on that person, but you have thought about it. He is only one person. He can't resist the three Eugene giants. Once he can't stop it, what should we do? ”

    Tian Ziming, the elder of the Star Gate, is very convincing, even more convincing than the old-aged old man who is now seriously injured!

    "How do you know without trying? Yesterday we rely on him, has blocked the Yumeng Mozu, which shows that we are capable of fighting the Yumeng Mozu! ”The old city owner yelled.

    "But if you find out that the person is handed over to the Yumeng Mozu, you can let everyone in Dongsha City survive. Then who else wants to fight with the Yumeng Mozu?"Tian Ziming sneered and glanced at the crowd.

    "Yes, we don't want to die!"Someone will immediately agree.

    "We want to live!"

    "Yes, we are not the opponents of the Yumeng Mozu at all!"

    There is one person, there is a second person, a third person…The crowd was once again indignant, and they all agreed with Tian Ziming.

    The old man was holding his chest and the blood in his body rolled again. He coughed for a while before he said: "It’s ridiculous to say that this is not the case. You want to force people out. People are a predecessor of the robbery period. If he wants to kill you, he is more than enough! Where do you come from the confidence to dare to provoke the majesty of a predecessor? ”

    Tian Ziming laughed: "Old City Lord, don't think I don't know!" The city owner of each city has a city master print. The city master print has the incomparably powerful ability to connect with the atmosphere of the whole city. As long as it cooperates with the guardian city array, it is enough to trap the comprehension of the robbery period! Yesterday, even if that person is even more powerful, he is definitely not the opponent of the city master and the guardian! ”

    "Album! The city master and the guardian are both used to deal with the Yumeng, not to deal with our own people! ”

    The old city owner turned red because of the atmosphere, affecting the internal injuries, blood has been poured into the throat, but he hardly put blood pressure down.

    "And you know that if you hand him over to the Yumeng Mozu, our Terran will lose one of the seniors of the robbery period! What do the seniors of a robbery period mean to our people? Isn’t everyone in mind? ”The old city owner shouted.

    Tian Ziming touched his chin, and his eyes were full of ridicule: "If he knows all this, he should understand that if he died alone, he can save the lives of our entire city, then he should make sacrifices!"

    "Yes, Tianzong elders have a reason to say!"

    "Correct! The life of our city is more important than the life of one person! ”

    "Yes, since he is a high-ranking senior of the Terran, he should understand that if he is from the perspective of the Terran, he should be generous to death, and for the sake of our city's lives, he should make sacrifices!"He died alone in exchange for all of us to live, UU reading died! ”

    All the comprehensions were actually told by the self-evident words, the army was pressing the border, they wanted to survive, so they had to let people die for them.

    “Is this the so-called death?”

    The wood feathers in the crowd looked numbly around the indignation of the comprehensible, and he suddenly felt an unspeakable chill in his heart.

    “Do I really want to save all the residents of Dongsha City?”

    Mu Yu looked up and looked at the statue at the gate of the city. From here, the statue of Master can be seen very clearly. When Master was young, it was so free and easy, even a statue seemed so detached, as if he had seen everything in the world. , people are very respectful.

    "Master, what do you do in this situation?"

    Mu Yu asked silently in the bottom of his heart.

    The mighty Yumeng Mozu is terrible, but it is more terrible than the Yumeng Mozu. (https://)

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