Chapter 822 Captures Power

    The crowd was echoing the words of the day, the wood plume in the middle of the repair, it seems so uncomfortable.

    Small handsome teeth to say: "Is the day star Gate of Chop Suey, Mu plume, we kill him!" ”

    Mu feather indifferent to look at the sky with the old City of the confrontation between the day from the Ming, shaking his head: "Kill him I will not gloves, but kill him what?" Killing him, will these comprehensions dare to face Yumeng? ”

    They dare not because they are afraid of the Demon tribe.

    "Kill him, at least make me feel snort." ”Xiaoshuai waved his fist and made two strokes.

    Mu Yu put his hand on Xiao Shuai’s shoulder: "You are right, I will consider it."

    But he still has more important things to consider. The Yumeng Mozu is most likely to find him coming to the city to come to him for trouble. Dongsha City is also because he is in this position. This is his responsibility. He does not like to evade responsibility.

    The people in the sky are still confrontational, and the self-evident words have won the support of most comprehensions.

    The old city owner said: "Everyone must now choose to believe in the seniors of the robbery period. We don't need the predecessors to take us to defeat the Yumeng Mozu. We only need to persist for two days under his leadership. I believe that other city and martial art reinforcements will definitely come over!"

    "City Master, you tell everyone, when will our Terran reinforcements arrive? Have you sent someone to inform others? ”Tian Ziming asked loudly.

    Everyone looked at He Jinglong, and it is very urgent for the reinforcements of the Terran. If the mysterious person can't find out, then they must rely on the comprehensions of other cities to come and help, and the eight gates also need to send a master of the robbery period, otherwise Dongsha City has no hope!

    He Jinglong looked at Tian Ziming and flashed an anger in his eyes. He hesitated for a moment and said: "I have already informed the other city owners that the support of the Terran will soon arrive!"

    "God Lord, you don't deceive yourself. Yesterday, the Yumeng Mozu came suddenly. There was no defense at all. Then Dongsha City was blocked. Until now, no one is flying. Even the flies can't fly out. The city master, you. Can you explain what you are relying on to inform other city owners?"Tian Ziming snorted.

    "The Lord of the City, is this true? The news did not pass out? ”

    "That means that there will be no reinforcements to help us out?"

    There was another commotion in the street.

Everyone was surprised to see He Jinglong, waiting for his response.

    He Jinglong glared at Tian Ziming, Tian Ziming has been tearing down his platform. He has been forbearing. His own face is not a big deal, but Tian Ziming’s words will only lead things to a worse situation.

    "Tian Ziming, please pay attention to the way you talk! When such a big thing happens, other cities cannot be unaware! ”He Jinglong angered.

    At the moment of the enemy, he lied to tell all the comprehensions that there were reinforcements. Originally, it was to boost morale and let everyone not be too desperate. He believes that even if the Terran did not support the troops, as long as the mysterious predecessor of yesterday stood up, things must have a turn.

    However, I did not expect Tian Ziming's straw bag. At this time, he was sung against him, and because the other party was the elder of the Star Gate, he was even more convinced than he was injured today.

    Tian Ziming simply ignored Wo Jinglong, and still said in his own way: "I think that everyone needs to know the truth, and it is necessary to make the most correct judgment. Since the news cannot be transmitted, then we should look for opportunities to protect ourselves. If the reinforcements are not reached within three days, we will only wait to die. Now everyone agrees to find the person who was yesterday and let him go out to face the Yumeng Mozu, so that the rest of us can survive! I hope that the city owner, you don't want to be alone! ”

    "Still, in my city, you can't take your fingertips!"He Jinglong shouted, "If you surrender him, it will be a compromise with the Yumeng Mozu. When will our people make such a ruthless thing? We must know that our Terran and Yumeng Mozu are endless, and there is no compromise! ”

    "The master of the city, the person who knows the time is Junjie. The Yumeng Mozu came to the fore, and we couldn’t stop it. It is the focus of staying in Castle Peak without sacrificing firewood and sacrificing a person to save the residents of the city. ”Tian Ziming said unwillingly.

    He Jinglong is extremely angry: "Tian Ziming, what is in your mind?" Did you surrender that person, will the Yumeng Mozu let us go? Do you think that the Yumeng Mozu will be so trustworthy? If the Yumeng Mozu really let go of Dongsha City, then you are wrong! ”

    "If you don't try it, we know that we have reached an agreement with the Yumeng Mozu. As long as we hand over that person, I don't think they will disagree."

    "Agreement with the Yumeng Mozu?"He Jinglong's hand rubbed his chest and was angered by this unspoken words. "Tian Ziming, you must pay attention to your identity. We are human races, and there is no agreement with the Yumeng Mozu!" Now the enemy is the enemy, the mysterious talent is our dependence, if it angers him, causing his resentment, who do we rely on to deal with the Yumeng Mozu? ”

    "Lord of the city, it seems you are badly hurt and your brain is confused, do not speak, we need a person who can save the East Sand city as the Lord, not a person who will only lead us, I now doubt whether you and Youmont, I see you are not qualified to be the city Lord! ”Tian Ziming’s eyes are cold.

    "You–" He Jinglong is unstoppable. Although he is not an eight-door person, majesty is not a self-evident provocation.

    It’s just that Tian Ziming has said at least one thing. Today’s He Jinglong has been seriously injured. I am afraid that even the ordinary fits of the heavens will not be able to beat, let alone self-evident.

    "Yes, I think this time we need someone who is a more reliable person to be our leader."

    "We think that Tian Ziming Elder is a very good candidate."

    “Yes, Tian Ziming is the elder of the Star Gate. Now leading us is the right choice!”

    The people below have responded. Everyone has already recognized the words of Tian Ziming, and the identity of Tian Ziming, so the voice of the city owner has become the highest.

    In the air, there were two comprehensions of the companion period. One was the Zhuanghong of Xuanlingmen, and the other was the cold autumn wind of the Lonely Gate. These two people didn’t want anything when they met the Yumeng Mozu yesterday. The idea of ​​fighting.

    The appearance of the two of them made the crowd quiet again, because these two people are also elders belonging to the eight-door, and their identity and cultivation are not to be underestimated.

    Zhuang Hongchao, the old man of the old town, swayed his hand and said: "Hedaoyou, you were hurt too much yesterday, the next thing you don't need to worry about, you are relieved, and the things in Dongsha City are handed over to our eight people. Just fine."

    Cold autumn wind also nodded: "Yes, I agree to be the highest-ranking Tian Ziming friends in the present day!"

    Tian Xingmen’s Tian Ziming, Xuan Lingmen’s Zhuang Hong, and Lonely Gate’s cold autumn wind, if the old-fashioned master of the Jiuzhongtian Hejinglong was not injured, they did not dare to capture the city’s city in such a blatant manner, but now they are expected to return. They have won the support of all the self-cultivators!

    "The old city master, offended, I am thinking about the whole Dongsha city!"Tian Ziming sneered.

    "What do you want to do!"The city owner, He Jinglong, was angry. After the injury in the body was pulled, the corner of his mouth had once again overflowed with blood.

    "I want your city owner to print!"Heaven self-improvement step forward!

    "you!"The old man spit out a blood, and the whole person was almost unstable.

    "Old City Lord, you still obey the public opinion!"Cold autumn wind said.

    "Yes, hand in the city, we don't want to do it for you!"Zhuang Hong Shen Sheng.

    "Hand over the city master!"

    "You are not worthy of being our city owner!"

    "Hand over!"

    All the self-cultivators have screamed indignantly, blaming He Jinglong, forcing He Jinglong to hand over the city masters who can communicate with the guardian.

    The old man looked at the comprehension below, and suddenly he sighed and said: "Hey! How did the comprehension world become like this! The heart is not old! ”

    At first, in order to kill the Yumeng Mozu, the comprehension can go forward, fight blood, never shrink back, but now the new generation of self-cultivators have lost the blood of their ancestors, and even think about compromise!

    "It's worth it! Worth mentioning! ”

    He shook his head, then trembled and reached out, and a slap-sized Founder's seal appeared in his hand. The big prints were full of golden patterns, and as it appeared, the entire moat also made a slight tremor, and everyone could sense the change of the moat, because the moats regarded them as Base.

    The old city owner looked at the statue of the shadow of the sword in the distance at the gate of the city. He said with sorrow: "If you do this, you will only humiliate the ancestors of the comprehension world and live up to the sword and dust."

    He could no longer continue to keep the city master's seal. In the cultivation of the supreme cultivation, he can't resist now. If he is seriously injured, he will have to step down.

    "This does not require you to worry! It is the true God that wants to see the life saved by the city. ”Tian Ziming sneered and took over the city master!

    The old man closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then he slowly fell on the steps outside the gate of the city's government. The body couldn't hold on again. He took two steps and almost fell.

    But one hand held him.

    "Old gentleman, UU reading Be careful."Mu Yu said softly.

    He Jinglong looked up at Mu Yu and shook his head slightly: "Hey!"

    Mu Yu looked at the old city master, and the old city owner made his deep admiration. He could have stopped it all. He could directly help the old man and kill the self-evident.

    However, he did not do this, because when he shot, everyone would not even dare to speak again, and would resent him. These people have no fighting spirit in front of the Yumeng Mozu, what if he shows up? He could not lead a group of acquaintances who were afraid of death and the Yumeng demon, and the Old City Lord did not.

    "Old gentleman, do you have a family?"

    Such a bloody old man, his offspring should also be bloody, Mu Yu does not want his descendants to be pointed out by thousands of people.

    But the old man shook his head: "I was alone, my wife died young, and the two sons were killed by the Yumeng Mozu when they went to the mountain area to inquire about the Yumeng Mozu."

    His eyes were sorrowful. (https://)

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