No. 823 Chapter Old Town Main

    "Sorry, I shouldn't have mentioned these things. ”

    Mu Yu the old man away from the noisy crowd, walked into the city main house, sat down on the courtyard bench.

    The old man said with a strong face: "There is nothing to mention in this matter. Our self-cultivator was supposed to fight the Yumeng Mozu in the end. My two sons killed at least dozens of Yumeng Mozu, and died. No!"

    Speaking of this, the eyes of the old city owner have dimmed: "It's a pity, I have a bloody battle, but I can't go to the battlefield and the Yumeng Mozu quickly battles!" However, I think that, according to what they are doing now, I am afraid that Dongsha City will be destroyed sooner or later. Now, in this state, the Yumeng Mozu who can be killed is really limited! ”

    He looked up and looked at Mu Yu, looked at the young man in front of him and asked, "Are you also like them?"

    Mu Yu smiled slightly: "No, I am like you."

    In front of this respectable old man, Mu Yu showed his true face and did not cover up his appearance with a magical array.

    The old man applauded and nodded and patted the shoulder of Mu Yu: "This is the bones that young people should have!"

    "My brother and I are not people who are afraid of death!" We specialize in fighting evil forces. ”Xiaoshuai jumped to the bench and smiled.

    The old man saw the little handsome innocent look and laughed: "The little doll is cute, but you don't have any repairs. Your brother has only a period of time. You must protect yourself and wait until you grow up." Monsters!"

    Then he sank for a long while and asked: "What are the names of the two of you? Which martial art from? ”

    Xiaoshuai grabbed his mouth: "My name is Xiaomao, he is called Da Mao!" We have no door to send, nowhere to go, the sea is home, the heroes are righteous, and the evils are punishable! ”

    Mu Yu shook his head helplessly.

    The old man coughed twice and asked: "What does the Yumeng Mozu mean to you?"

    Mu Yu stunned. This sentence was originally used by him to ask Xuan Zhengtang's family. He did not expect the old man to ask him.

    What does the Yumen Mozu mean?

    No matter the Terran or the Yumeng Mozu, they just want to live. If they live, they will inevitably have territorial disputes. The Mie Palace uses the contradictions between the two races to create war and absorb the soul of the dead.

    But the plot to leave this war is not to say,

No matter which race you stand on, if you want to live, you should have the qualification to live. Let the cowardly hunter-stricken coward live only to make his race shameful.

    Mu Yu is very difficult to answer this question.

    "When I was young, my grandfather said that the Yumeng Mozu is an enemy. When a fairy teacher is to deal with the Yumeng Mozu and protect the Terran, I have never forgotten this. I want to protect the Terran."Mu Yu said calmly.

    But he still has some words to say. He is a human race, but he has the ability of the Yumeng Mozu. When he was a child, he firmly wanted to prove that he was a "person". No matter what ability he has, he must be a good person. "people".

    To this day, he saw the face of the so-called self-cultivator, who was called "human". He suddenly wondered if he was too simple when he was a child.

    Mu Yu continued: "Whether it is a human race or a Yumeng Mozu, we must remember our identity and remember our responsibility."

    He is a person and a Yumeng Mozu. His identity is very special. His responsibility is to dismantle the conspiracy of the Triple Palace. It is not to end the war, nor to let a group of weak comprehensists survive.

    Mu Yu knew very well for a long time that the war between the Terran and the Yumeng Mozu could not be ended. As long as there is a conflict, Mu Yu just wants to let this war be deliberately manipulated by the Triple Palace and become the Triple Palace to consolidate itself. The power tool of status.

    The old city owner smiled gratifiedly: "You are doing a good job! What is missing in the younger generation of the comprehension is people like you! We must always remember our identity, and the Terran will not compromise with the Yumeng Mozu! ”

    The old city owner stood in the perspective of the human race, he did not forget his identity.

    Mu Yu smiled and did not refute anything.

    The old man sighed: "Unfortunately, the two of you are too low. This time, Dongsha City was attacked by Yumeng. I am afraid that there will be more and more fierce. Once the defender can't stop the Yumeng, you have to find a way to escape from here. In order to improve, there will be strength in the future to kill the Yumeng Mozu."

    "You want us to leave?"Mu Yu was amazed. "I thought you would let us fight the Yumeng Mozu to the end."

    The old city owner solemnly said: "If the comprehension of the entire Dongsha City is bloody, and choose to work together to fight against the Yumeng Mozu, you naturally cannot be a deserter. But now the compradors of Dongsha City have no fighting spirits. If you are alone, you should keep this determination to kill the enemy. In the future, you will fight with more bloody comprehensions to kill the enemy. Your life is better than the lives of those outside. Be precious! ”

    "Do the people outside think so? Keep your strength now and kill the enemy in the future? ”Mu Yu asked.

    The old city owner shook his head: "I have seen many self-cultivators. There is no mistake in seeing people. These people have never thought of fighting the Yumeng Mozu. They are afraid, just want to live, even if they escape this time, the future. Still will be a coward. But the two of you are different. You are not like those outside who are greedy and afraid of death. There is still a glimmer of hope in the future. It is good to have blood, but only the strength of both of you is too weak in front of the Yumeng Mozu. ”

    Mu Yu is silent. He can also see that these comprehensions are just a sorrow. Now they can help the wood feathers that help them to die. In the future, they will encounter the threat of the Yumeng Mozu, and they may intimidate others to die on their behalf. .

    There is a strong light in the eyes of the old city owner: "There is no bones, and it is also a walking dead. They don't want to resist now, they can't count on them in the future, but you are different. So if it is really at that time, I will try my best to escort you out. I can't save them, but at least try to save the hopes of both of you. ”

    Mu Yu’s heart moved, and the old city owner thought that Mu Yu’s two people were too low, but they were qualified to live, so they were willing to protect their Mu Yu from leaving. However, Mu Yu also felt that people like the Old City had hopes to survive the human race. He also wanted to save people like the Old City Lord.

    The Old City Lord sighed again: "I had not been able to protect my son, in the heart is also a regret, now has no left, can let you two live to leave is also regarded as the last thing I can do, but I hope you two promised me, if the escape, the future learn some must not die, Dare to fight against the Youmont Demon clan! ”

    The old city owner's look is very serious, he can not convince those selfish people outside, but now there are two good-natured future generations, he also wants to do something.

    Xiaoshuai laughed: "Yeah, old man, you are so good! But we can…"

    The wooden plume interrupted the little handsome: "The old man's words, we remember in the heart, although our brothers are helpless, but at least understand, as the repair of the true, the backbone or to have some, the old gentleman let me admire, we will not let the old gentleman to die for us, the boat to the bridge natural straight, not to finally give up any chance. ”

    The old man smiled and looked at Mu Yu again and nodded: "Good, good! Your kid is very close to the old man's heart. Since you said that you are helpless, there is no door, no one, then you are not willing to worship the old man as a teacher? ”

    "what? Worship you as a teacher? ”

    Xiaoshuai said with a fuss, his face showed a very strange expression, almost laughed out, but Mu Yu grabbed the mouth of Xiaoshuai.

    The old man smiled and said: "Yes, although the Yumeng Mozu is now watching the outside world, if you two worship me as a teacher, I will try to pass on all the lessons I have learned to you in these two days. As for the two of you. How much you learn depends on your creation. At this juncture, if you can learn more, you will have more hopes of living. Can you both be willing? ”

    The old man, the main dragon, is the repair of the nine-day combination. Even if he is seriously injured, the strength of the nine-day master is quite real.

    He saw that Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai did not forget their original heart in this situation, and dared to fight against the Yumeng Mozu, which only began to love the talent.

    In his view, the cultivation of the nine-day heaven is more than enough for the masters of these two men. It is also hoped that if the Yumeng Mozu breaks through the city, the brothers can have more life-saving skills.

    It is a pity that the Old Man did not know what the two men in front of him were.

    If you know that Mu Yu was the one who saved the people of the city yesterday, then the old city owner will be shocked! I will be embarrassed by what I said just now.

    Xiaoshuai desperately wants to laugh, wants to tell the old man "You can't teach us, we are better than you", but Mu Yu does not let Xiaoshuai open, he did not think that the old city owner is not doing anything, at least the old man of the old man let him admiration.

    Mu Yu replied politely: "It is an honor for our brothers to get the advice of the old gentleman. However, before the teacher, there is a question I would like to ask the old gentleman."

    "But it's fine."

    The old man coughed twice, panting, and Mu Yu reached out and patted him on the back.

    Dongsha City was besieged by the Yumeng Mozu, UU reading Mu Yu could have saved these people, but this group of people was ungrateful, greedy and fearful of death, but also handed over the wood feathers and compromised the Yumeng Mozu.

    Mu Yu didn't want to save these people.

    But looking at Dongsha City by the Yumeng Mozu, can he do it?

    Mu Yu calmly asked: "Old gentleman, I hope that you think about it from the perspective of the authorities. If you were the mysterious man who was repaired yesterday, you saved these people yourself, but these people Still crusade you, want to hand you over to the Yumeng Mozu, let you go to death, what do you do? Will it continue to save these people, or will they choose to stand by and let these people fend for themselves? ”

    The Old City Lord is an admirable person and a wise man who knows the truth. He has a richer life experience than Mu Yu. Like Wood Yu, he looks down on the coward outside. Now he is forced to give up by these cowards. The location of the city owner, the old city owner is also crucified.

    Since this is the city of the old city, he wants the old master to decide.

    Do people in this city want to save? (https://)

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