Chapter 824 decision

    If the old man is still saved at this time, Mu Yu will save it. If even the old man of the old city gives up, then these people will not have the need to save.

    The old man may never have thought that the life of the whole city would suddenly be tied to his decision, and he did not even know how important his decision was.

    The old man smiled a wry smile and said, "You have given me a difficult problem!" ”

    He was forced to give up the position of the city owner. These self-cultivators are equal to abandoning him. The old city’s heart is unwilling, and they are also disappointed with these self-cultivators who are afraid of death.

    But what if he is capable?

    The old man sighed: "I am not the predecessor of the robbery yesterday, so I dare not try to figure out the thoughts of the predecessors with my narrow mind. I don't have this qualification."

    The Old City Lord did not know that his so-called "predecessor" was in front of him. He simply thought that he was not qualified to compare himself with the "predecessor."

    However, this "predecessor" believes that the old city owner has this qualification.

    Mu Yu said seriously: "Old gentleman, you should not look down on yourself. In my opinion, you are the most admirable person in the city. You may wish to try to think about it, stand in his perspective and look at it with his ideas. If you are the person who was in the robbery period and now being crusted by a group of widowers, what would you do? Is it still trying to save, or not? ”

    The old man took a picture of Mu Yu’s shoulder and shook his head. “You, kid, is my idea so heavy? After all, I am different from him, and the idea is not necessarily the same. ”

    Mu Yu’s eyes are shining: “Maybe your thoughts are the thoughts of the mysterious person.”

    "my thoughts? Ugh! ”

    The old city owner looked at the sky and began to start the city masters to find someone's self-righteousness, eyes flashed an angry look, said: "To be honest, although if I am the predecessor, I was so crusade by the coward, I I will definitely choose not to take the shot and let them kill themselves!"

    Mu Yu’s heart moved: “So do you think these people should be killed by the Yumeng Mozu?”

    The old city master nodded: "It is meaningless to forget the life of a coward who is greedy and fearful of death! Help them once, they don't know how to be grateful, people who don't know how to be grateful don't have to help for the second time, they just give people a hindrance! ”

    Mu Yu agrees with the old city master, if even the old city owner is the decision,

Then Mu Yu will respect his decision and stand by.

    "But-" The old man said that his face was serious.

    Mu Yu silently waited for the following in the old city.

    "But I actually know that the Yumeng Mozu was attracted by the predecessor. If I was the predecessor, because of my personal reasons, Dongsha City was in crisis, even if this group of people I am ungrateful, and I think it is time to save them."

    "Oh?"Mu Yu’s eyes never left the eyes of the old man, and he wanted to see something from the old man’s eyes.

    "One thing is the same thing. If this is my responsibility, I have to bear it. This has nothing to do with their attitude and is related to my principle. If the Yumeng Mozu is not coming because of me, even if these widowers die in front of me, I will not frown, but since the Yumeng Mozu is my introduction, I need to be responsible for the end. ”The words of the old city master are very firm.

    "I understand."Mu Yu nodded silently.

    The old city owner laughed at himself again: "Of course, these words seem a bit self-righteous. I am not a senior of the predecessor. No matter how he handles this, I will respect him."

    Mu Yu smiled: "The Old City Lord, maybe what you said is the dá àn he wants to hear!"

    The old man shook his head helplessly: "I hope so!" Ugh! You young man, what do I do with you? By the way, you two haven’t replied to me yet, are you willing to worship me as a teacher? ”

    Speaking and coughing up violently.

    Mu Yu smiled slightly: "Old gentleman, you should raise your injury first in this case. When you are hurt, we will not be anxious to worship you as a teacher." It happened that both of us had accidentally learned some healing techniques, and we can help the old gentleman to treat you first. ”

    The old city owner waved his hand: "Yesterday, the defending city was in disrepair, which caused me to be greatly traumatized. I have already invited Master Zheng of Baicaotang to see it. He took me the medicine, but I was hurt. It’s too heavy, it’s not that you are imaginable, you don’t have to work hard.”

    "The old man can't be a little stunned!"

    Xiaoshuai reached out and photographed on the back of the old man, and a pure aura suddenly entered the main body of the old city.

    "Little baby, you-"

    The old man surprised, he did not think this seems only four or five-year-old children can give him the body to enter such a mellow aura, it was something he had never seen before, and what shocked him most was that the aura, as it had its own consciousness, began to wander through his veins, dealing with bruises in his body.

    "What the hell are you -" the old man looked at Xiaoshuai incredulously.

    "Old gentleman, you need to refine the aura to heal the wounds."Mu Yu reminded.

    The old man squatted and sat up, closed his eyes and began to adjust his interest. Xiaoshuai’s aura is very pure. It’s really rare in the world. If it can be refining, then the injury will not be cured immediately, and it will be much better!

    Mu Yu looked at the old town owner who had entered the state of cultivation, and he also sighed in his heart.

    People like the Old City Lord admire him, but there are very few such people. The Xuan Zhengtang family is also the old city owner. Maybe there are such people in Dongsha City, but Mu Yu can't find out one by one.

    "Well, these auras are enough for him to use for a while, I think he spent almost two or three days refining."Xiaoshuai clap his hands and stood up.

    It has always been the strength of Mu Yu, but after his power of killing, his spiritual power is full of coolness. It is difficult for ordinary people to refine, so he can only help Xiaoshuai.

    "What are we going to do next? Going to kill Tian Ziming? ”Xiaoshuai asked.

    Mu Yu pondered for a moment and said: "Try to help them."

    "You want to save them?"Xiaoshuai asked dissatisfied.

    In the hands of Mu Yu, he took out a few sixth-order healing medicinal herbs and placed them on the side of the old city. Then he said, "I don't want to save them, but the old city mainly saves them."

    Mu Yu let the old city master make decisions for him, the old city owner decided to save them, then Mu Yu will save.

    Although he did not want to save, he would rather have these people killed.

    But when killing, Mu Yu understands that every decision he makes is not necessarily correct. He needs someone to help him direction.

    Moreover, one of the words of the Old City Lord is that Mu Yu cannot deny it. The Yumeng Mozu is the one he brought.

    "I understand the truth, but these people make me hate."Xiaoshuai grinned.

    "Me too, so I will find a place where no one is going to kill Tian Ziming. The people at Tianxingmen are not among the people I want to save."

    Mu Yu looked at the self-satisfied in the sky, and the killing in the eyes did not decrease.

    Xiaoshuai curiously squinted his head and asked, "How can we save them?" Are you thinking about it? ”

    Mu Yu looked at the guardian array in Tian Ziming’s hand and said: “The moat is far from simple. This kind of guard is not only used for defense, but also for attack.”

    "Used to attack?"

    "Yes, it can collect the spiritual power of the self-cultivator to defend, or collect the spiritual power of the self-cultivator to attack. It can also absorb the attack of the Yumeng Mozu and turn it into a use. The role goes far beyond our imagination."Mu Yu said.

    "Wow! I don't know why? ”Xiaoshuai feels like he has found something new and is excited.

    But in a moment he asked curiously: "Since the moat is so powerful, why does this old man seem to know how to use it?"

    "It's not that he won't use it, but that these abilities of the Guardian City are ineffective."Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

    "Failed? Is it a long time to be repaired? ”Xiaoshuai asked.

    Mu Yu shook his head: "No, I feel that it is vandalism. If you are in disrepair, the aura will disappear, and the moat is a lot less. You can have few people who can help the city."

    Mu Yu has already passed many ideas in his mind, but he can't confirm it.

    "Do we also need to rely on Tian Ziming, the city master in the hands of the nuisance?"Xiaoshuai looked at the sky in disgust.

    Mu Yu looked at Tian Ziming indifferently, snorted, and set up a vigilant array of methods around the old city owner, and disappeared into the city government.


    After the sky’s self-righteousness was printed by the city’s master, the face was full of enthusiasm.

    "Everyone, thanks to everyone's love, since the old city owner was seriously injured and there is no way to lead us, then I will temporarily decide on the big and small affairs in Dongsha City. Then the first thing we have to do now is to find the person that the Yumeng Mozu wants to catch and hand him over to the Yumeng Mozu in exchange for the vitality of our Dongsha City! ”

    "I agree!"

    "Catch that person!"

    The self-cultivator is boiling again. Many people do not care about the hatred between the Yumeng and the Yumeng in order to survive. They only want to hand over the people to quell this sudden disaster.

    Some people in the crowd do not support Tian Ziming's practice. Like the old city owners, they think that this moment should rely on the mysterious talents of yesterday to have hope. Tian Ziming is completely ridiculous!

    However, Tian Ziming is the elder of the Star Gate. It is now the highest in Dongsha City. With the support of the two elders of Xuan Lingmen and Lonely Gate, there are more and more people who agree with Tian Ziming’s views, so even if they are resentful They did not stand up and say something.

    Tian Ziming got the seal of the city, and began to use the city master to prepare for the wood feathers in the sky. The city's main seal is closely related to the moat. Now the comprehension of the whole city and the infants has become the base of the moat. Tian Ziming believes that the mysterious person of yesterday will certainly be, as long as he relies on the city master to control the moat, he will be able to Search for the location of the mysterious person!

    But if he wants to break his head, he won’t know what kind of existence he is looking for!

    Days since the Ming has been with supporters began his plan for tracing, the whole East sand is noisy up, each practitioners are impassioned, to days from the Ming as the center, ready to find the mysterious people, and then from the Ming to use the city of the main India, the mystery of the time of the master use of the Youmont, forced to let him alone to face the demon clan.

    The noise outside was so loud that it also woke up the old city owner.

    The old city master refining a hint of aura, he felt that his body's chaotic injury has gradually been suppressed, and his heart is also doubtful about Mu Yu's identity. He couldn't help but open his eyes and asked: "This little friend, can you tell? What are you guys in the end?"

    The old master always felt that these two little dolls were not simple.

    But when he opened his eyes, he found that there was no one in the air. Wood Yu did not know when it had disappeared.

    He was very suspicious in his heart, because he only felt that the brothers who were different were here. When did he go?

    Then the old man saw the medicinal herbs around him. He opened the cover with a puzzled look. A mellow medicinal fragrance came out. He almost exclaimed: "Six-order medicinal herbs?"

    He once again confirmed that it is true that the sixth-order immortality is correct, and my heart is shocked to the extreme! Six-order medicinal herbs are hard to buy, but there are three in them!

    "This, is this left by the two children of Da Mao and Xiao Mao?"

    The old city owner stood up incredulously, looked around, and ran out of the city's main house to find the traces of Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai, but there was no one outside the city's main government. All the gathered comprehensions have already Tian Ziming went to the gate of the city.

    "but……How is this possible? How are the two children? Why would you help me? ”The old man looked at the remedy in his hand and was puzzled.

    Suddenly he widened his eyes: "Is it true that the young man is…Is that mysterious master of the robbery period? ”

    He remembered that Mu Yu had asked him, and the other person asked him if he was the master of the robbery period. What should he do? The old man’s question about Mu Yu was a bit confusing at first, but he didn’t think much, but now, in retrospect, UU reading seems to…

    "Maybe what I said is the dá àn he wants to hear?"The old man remembered what Mu Yu had said to him.

    "So he came to me to find out? It must be, big hair and small hair, I am really confused, how to even believe the name of this coin. ”

    The old man took a picture of his forehead and thought that he had just looked down on others. He wanted to collect people as a disciple. Now there is something hot on his face: "No wonder these two children are so calm about how I want to accept them as a disciple. Without any excitement, I dare to refine my home. I have already surpassed me!"

    In the face of a fit and nine people, the ordinary young people should feel flattered, but Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai are too calm.

    "If that's the case, then what is he going to do now?"

    The old man was picked up again, and he was worried that he had misled the young man's thoughts.

    At this time, Tian Ziming is already preparing to start the city master printing on the side of the city gate building! (https://)

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