Chapter 825 Spit

    At this time, Tian Ziming has become the new city owner of Dongsha City because of his strength and prestige. He led the people of the whole city to gather on the gate of the city gate, ready to use the city master to control the guardian city array to find the mysterious man yesterday. .

    Tian Zi obviously knows how to use the city master seal, the city master printed in his hand shines a strong light, instantly integrated into the moat array, the entire moat array is also like the mysterious water pattern began to flow.

    Everyone feels that the pattern marks in the body are triggered and are connected with the moat.

    The base of the moat is not only the comprehension of the Yuan Ying period, but also the people of the whole city. Even the mortals who have not been cultivated have become part of the formation.

    Yesterday, Wo Jinglong only gathered the comprehension of the Yuan Ying period. It is because the comprehension of the Yuan Ying period is the focus. The rest of the people are too many and not easy to deploy, so they are not directly involved, but then those who have not repaired it. Those who have reached the Yuan Ying period have also become the base.

    The city owner printed and shone, and suddenly there was a golden mist in the air, which made people unpredictable. In this misty mist, there are countless stars.

    These stars are inconsistent in brightness and darkness. Each point represents a person in Dongsha City. The brighter the star, the stronger the strength of this person.

    "found it!"

    Tian Ziming soon saw the brightest star in the dazzling stars, exuding the blazing and dazzling light, and with an unmatched murderousness in the light!

    Everyone has a look of surprise and wants to see who this person is!

    "Let me uncover your true face!"

    There was a pattern in Tian Ziming’s hand, and he quickly caught the brightest star.

    All the self-cultivators under the city gate are also looking forward to Tian Ziming. As long as Tian Ziming uses the moat to trap the people in the robbery period and hand this person to the Yumeng Mozu, the crisis in Dongsha City will be lifted. !

    However, when Tian Ziming’s pattern wraps around the star, the star suddenly bursts into a horrible murderous murder. It instantly slams into Tian’s body, and Tian’s face changes dramatically. This horrible murder Actually, I can't resist it!


    A self-defining chest suddenly appeared a blue light, blocking this blow!


    Tian Ziming retired heavily,

In the air, the heel was stabilized in time, and the dazzling star has disappeared!

    "what happened? What about that person? ”

    "Is he not able to resist the printing of the city master?"

    The people waiting for the gates of the city are all in doubt.

    Tian Ziqing glanced coldly at everyone present, and then found the figure of the old man in the crowd, and said: "He Jinglong, the city master has not played enough power, you secretly made your hands and feet!"

    "what? He Jinglong, dare he dare to do this? ”

    "As a former city lord, he is actually against us, and disregarding the lives of the people in the city?"

    "Catch him!"

    All the comprehensions listened to the self-evident words, suddenly angry, and pointed the spear to the old city master He Jinglong.

    The old man had just rushed to the gate of the city to check the situation. He still didn't understand what happened, but found that everyone had put angry eyes on him.

    "Tian Ziming, what are you talking about?" When did I print on the city owner? ”The old man was angry and yelled. He was completely ignorant of this matter. Inexplicably, Tian Ziming added a crime.

    Tian Ziming snorted and said: "He Jinglong, you give me less garlic! The power of the city's seal, our eight people know that the power of the whole city is trapped in a robbery period is still sure! But the person just killed me almost. If I didn't have a mysterious body, I am afraid I have already died in that person. What is your heart? ”

    "What is my heart?" Hahaha! I am really sad for you! ”The old man laughed, but his eyes showed a look of sorrow and anger. It’s really stupid to be self-evident!

    Tian Ziming coldly said: "You are the predecessor of the city, printed on the city master, cover the person, you damn! Zhuang Hongdao friends, cold autumn winddao friends, you two killed him, so effective! ”

    Zhuang Hong said hesitantly: "The city owner, isn't that good? After all, he is the old city owner, at this time shā rén…"

    Tian Ziming said sharply: "As a current city owner, I am responsible for the lives of the whole city. The reason why the city master has not played its full power is because the owner of the city master is still him. If he wants to be against us, then the people who are dead in our city are! ”

    Tian Ziming glanced at everyone and said: "He refuses to control the city masters to be controlled by us, then he must kill him. Otherwise, the city master will not change the subject, and we will be killed by the Yumeng Mozu!"

    Everyone in the gatehouse was very angry, staring at the old man with hatred, and began to resent:

    "You thief, want to trap us in the land of injustice?"

    "Kill this shameless old thief!"

    "Kill him, we can catch that person!"

    "Yes, kill the old thief!"

    Everyone screamed angrily for their own lives, surrounded the old city master, and even some people spit at him, and some people took things over him.

    The old city owner stood alone in the crowd, and everyone avoided him. He felt an unprecedented sorrow in his heart.

    Zhuang Hong and Leng Qiufeng both looked at each other and then stood up and said: "He Daoyou, I advise you not to compare with the people of the whole city, and hand over the complete use of the city master, we can spare you. Not dead."

    "Is it not to die?"

    The old city owner sighed with a sigh of relief and shook his head in grief: "What happened to this world?"

    He remembered that he had made a decision for the young man, and it seems a bit ridiculous to think about it now.

    "Okay! How hard is it to want me to die? Without you, I will end up on my own. ”

    There was a flying sword in the hands of the old city master. The sword was flashing with cold eyes. He gently stroked the sword, and his face showed endless sadness: "You should have used to kill the Yumeng Mozu. I always wanted to use the blood of the Yumeng Mozu to water you, but I didn't expect it, I didn't expect it! The blood that you finally contaminated came from me. ”

    The old man looked up and looked around at his own snoring, his heart had already sunk to the bottom.

    When will this group of people understand that the Yumeng Mozu will not be merciful to them? When will they know that the blood of the human race cannot be forgotten?

    Maybe it will never be possible.

    He looked at the sky and looked at the Yumeng Mozu outside the moat. The Yumeng Mozu were like watching jokes, watching the ugly behavior of the Dongsha City comprehension.

    People in Dongsha City don't want to fight with the Yumeng Mozu outside, but they want to force their own people to die!

    "Hurry to die!"

    "Don't delay our time, we have to find the person that the Yumeng Mozu wants!"

    "It is!"

    The comprehensions are eagerly urging at the side.

    "I can't wait to want me to die! I can't think of my life. I was so open-minded, and I had the determination to kill the Yumeng Mozu. I didn't expect to kill myself in the end! Hahaha! ”

    The old man slowly closed his eyes, raised the sword in his hand and stroked his neck!


    There was a sigh in the crowd, and a flash of light flashed past the old man's side. In the twinkling of an eye, the old city owner had disappeared into the eyes of everyone.

    "what happened? What about the old thief? ”

    "Is it gone? Who saved him? ”

    "Definitely the mysterious man!"

    "The two of them really know! The old thief covers the person! ”

    "catch him!"

    When I saw the old city master, Hejinglong suddenly disappeared, and all the comprehensions were unwilling to roar. They looked around and wanted to find the figure of the old man, but nothing.

    Tian Ziming's face was gloomy and terrible. He did not expect that He Jinglong would be rescued under his own eyes. This is a provocation to his new city owner!

    "Give me the Wojinglong!"

    Heaven screamed.


    In the empty alley, three figures appeared.

    The old man sat in the corner of the wall and looked at his face.

    Mu Yu stood opposite him and silently said nothing.

    For a long time, the old man looked up and looked at the young man in front of him. He smiled bitterly: "Is that person really you?"

    Mu Yu looked at the sorrowful eyes of the old man, and his heart was not a taste.

    "Your sword."Xiaoshuai handed Feijian to the old city owner and then said, "Grandfather, the sword is used to kill people, not to kill themselves."

    The old city master took over the sword that Xiaoshuai handed over and smirked: "You are right."

    Silence for a long while, Mu Yu said: "You are a good person, they should be dead, not you."

    "Are good people?"

    The old city owner sighed in the sky: "Good people are difficult!"

    "I asked you at the beginning, if you were me, what would you do, you gave me a dá àn."Mu Yu said.

    The old man smiled a bit: "I am sorry, I am offended." I didn't know it at the time, I was not qualified to speak big words in front of you. ”

    "You said you want to save them, so I want to save them."Mu Yu said.

    The old city's main lips squirmed twice, without sound.

    "But do you still want to save them now?"Mu Yu asked.

    The people in the city pointed their finger at the old city master. They wanted to kill the old city master and let Tian Ziming control the complete city master's seal. His life and death are not worth mentioning in those people's eyes.

    The old city owner bowed his head: "I don't want to, what is the relationship now?"

    "It's related, they want to kill you now, you are already the authority, UU reads But if you still have to save them now, I will save."Mu Yu said seriously.

    The old city owner had a glimpse of his body. He looked at Mu Yu again and looked at Mu Yu’s eyes. He wanted to see something from the wood feather eyes, but Mu Yu’s eyes were not shocked.

    "why? Is my opinion so important to you? I am just a useless old man, an old man who has been cast aside. Why do you believe in me? ”The old city owner is very puzzled.

    Mu Yu said: "Because this is your city, you are qualified to decide their lives."

    The old city owner laughed at himself: "This is not my city. Now I am even hard to protect myself."

    As a city's lord, he was cast aside by the city's greedy and fearful people. His city owner has no prestige.

    "So you have given up on them?"Mu Yu said, "I am sure to use the moat and the city master to fight against the Yumeng, but if you give up, I will give up."

    There are 100,000 people in Dongsha City, and the fate of 100,000 people is in this alley. (https://)

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