Chapter 826 Authority

    The old man gasped and looked at Muyu’s young but seemingly experiencing countless wind and rain, and there was a strange light in his eyes: “While the old man is blind, he still sees that you are not indecisive, you hand over this decision. What is in my hand? I am afraid not only because it is as simple as my city. ”

    Mu Yu nodded, and the old man’s eyes were really accurate.

    "I am afraid that the decision I made at my own discretion is wrong."Mu Yu confessed.

    He didn't want to save the people in this city. He felt that these people are not worth saving. I would rather have these 100,000 people killed by the Yumeng Mozu!

    However, when he had such an idea, he would be shocked. This kind of thought is not human. He is afraid that he will be influenced by the power of killing.

    When the killing power was entangled, his heart was filled with suffocation.

    He worried that any decision he made was wrong, so he used the Xuan Zhengtang family as the standard to balance his right and wrong. He wanted the old man to be such a bloody and responsible person to make this life and death decision for him.

    The old city sighed with a sigh: "You have put the life of 100,000 people in Dongsha City into my hands and I am flattered."

    This is a heavy responsibility. The people who have 100,000 lives are in the hands of anyone, and it will be difficult for anyone to decide.

    "I am worried that I will make mistakes, but I believe that you will not make mistakes."

    Mu Yu has been concealing his own killings, and he just wanted to kill Tian Ziming, but he knew that once he started shā rén, he might not stop.

    One day, since the fall, there will be a second day to stand up from the Ming, he can only continue to kill until the last person in the city to crusade him.

    Therefore, he restrained his own killing, did not immediately kill Tian Ziming, he needs the guidance of the old man.

    "I won't make a mistake?"

    The old man closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

    "If even people like you give up on them, then I will give up on them, and I have to find out where the bottom line of my work is."Mu Yu said seriously.

    He wants to avoid being controlled by the killing power.

    The old man closed his eyes, and when he closed his eyes, his mind was full of ugly faces of those who were ungrateful and greedy and fearful of death.

He was heartbroken by those who reviled him, wanted to kill him, and wanted to compromise with the Yumun Mozu.

    He feels that the world is like being covered with dust, and it is filthy. The people in the entire city are so ridiculous, and there is no bones. These people are simply not worth living. Their existence is the sorrow of the Terran!

    "Sorry, I can't make this decision for you."

    The eyes of the old man shed turbid tears, he can not violate his own conscience, Mu Yu gave this decision to him, he needs to be responsible for the decisions he made.

    Both of them have a shot in mind, and the life of 100,000 people on this scale is as insignificant as a feather. It is not worth mentioning!

    What this scale really needs to measure is their own principles and beliefs, which are much heavier than the lives of 100,000 people.

    The old man did not have the courage to pick up the scale.

    Mu Yu is also not sure about this scale.

    "I understand."Mu Yu nodded.

    The old town owner looked at Mu Yu: "I'm sorry."

    "You have given me dá àn, let's go!"

    Mu Yu raised the old city master and erased the seal of the moat from the old master.

    "Can you tell me who you are?"The old town owner asked tiredly.

    "My name is Mu Yu."

    "Wood feather? Are you Mu Yu? ”

    The old man was shocked. He smiled bitterly: "You are the apprentice of the true God. I have no eyes, no self-reliance, and I still want to accept you as a disciple, let you laugh."

    "No, you deserve my respect."

    Mu Yu helped the old man to leave the alley, but at this moment, he suddenly frowned, turned his head, looked at the deserted alley, and flashed a doubt in his eyes.

    "what happened? Are they chasing it? ”The old man glanced at the alley and found no abnormalities.

    Mu Yu shook his head: "Let's go! Go to the Xuan Beast Square, the old gentleman, you can't show up now. ”

    The figure of the three disappeared again in the alley.

    Shortly after they left, a figure appeared slowly in the alley.

    "Is it aware of me?"

    At the end of the alley, a figure is standing in the corner, as if it has been standing there for a long time.

    "What are you going to do?"

    He watched the direction of the disappearance of Mu Yu, and listened to the impassioned crusade in the distance. A wind blew and his figure disappeared.


    Mu Yu with the old man has returned to the Xuan Beast Square, Xuan Zhengtang family is waiting for the wood feathers, they saw the wood feathers came back and then relieved.

    "Don son, you are back! Fortunately, I thought…"Xuan Zhengtang suddenly saw the old town owner next to Mu Yu, and quickly closed his mouth in a timely manner, and said with surprise: "The city master?"

    Dongshacheng’s incident has been raging, and Xuan Zhengtang cannot be unknown.

    "I am not a city owner anymore."The old man shook his head.

    Xuan Zhengtang thinks of something, and quickly said: "Right, son, you quickly protect the old city owner, the elders of the outer star door are angry and angry, are carrying the whole city to go door-to-door search, to find out the old city owner It!"

    The old man looked at Xuan Zhengtang and his heart was moving. When Xuan Zhengtang saw him, he was not worried that he was being hurt, but worried that he was persecuted. There are still some sensible people.

    "I know, Uncle Xuan, it is necessary to keep you secret about the old city."Mu Yu said.

    Xuan Zhengtang said solemnly: "The son is assured! The old city owner is a good person, we will be tight-lipped! ”

    "Yes, we are not as greedy as they are!" How do you protect the old man, though? ”Xuan Siyu also said seriously.

    "Thank you."The old town owner said gratefully.

    When the whole city is thinking about killing him, the Xuan Zhengtang family is willing to protect him, and let the old city owner understand that Dongsha City is not ungrateful.

    Mu Yu pondered for a moment and asked: "Where is Dongsha City absolutely safe?"

    The old city owner shook his head: "If Tian Ziming wants to go door-to-door search, use the power of the whole city, no matter where it is hidden, it is not safe. Ms. Mu Yu, I don’t bother you, I don’t want to hurt you. ”

    "Mu Yu adults? Old City Lord, what did you say? Wood feather? ”Xuan Zhengtang looked at the old town with amazement and looked at the wooden feathers on one side.

    The old man stunned: "You, you don't know?"

    Xuan Zhengtang and Xuan Siwei and Chishan three rén miàn face each other.

    "but……You, son…You are really…"Xuan Zhengtang was shocked.

    "Sorry, I thought they knew your identity."The old man was a little confused, and he knew that he had inadvertently said that he had leaked.

    Mu Yu was silent for a moment: "It doesn't matter, they know it's okay, they can trust."

    "Oh my God! No wonder! No wonder! I said that you are not an ordinary person, you are actually an apprentice of the true God, I am really surprised! ”

    Xuan Zhengtang recalled that when he first encountered Mu Yu, the other party easily killed the sixth-order monster and the seventh-order monster, and then went to the wooden feather to cut off the head of the Emperor Yifei eagle. Where will it be an obscure person?

    Xuan Siwei and Chishan were also surprised. The two looked at Mu Yu’s eyes and they were more respected.

    "I don't want to let other people know my identity."Mu Yu said.

    "The son is assured! Even if we give up our lives, we will keep you secret! ”Xuan Zhengtang nodded solemnly.

    In his heart, he really has a lot of thoughts. Who can think that he has inadvertently entered the woods to hunt the monsters, and he will meet the apprentice of the true God? This is a famous genius on the top of the list, and it was really lucky to hit Mu Yu that day.

    Mu Yu said: "Tian Ziming thinks how to toss and let him toss, I will protect you."

    Then he said to Xuan Zhengtang: "Yes, Xuan Uncle, you help me to see where Tian Ziming took people to search, come back and tell me."

    "Okay, son."Xuan Zhengtang did not ask much, and quickly jumped up and went outside the Xuan Beast Square.

    "Old gentleman, I will show you the array of techniques to cover up your true face. You have to change your clothes and hide in the crowd, don't make a noise."

    Mu Yu’s hands were once again surging, and they had been attached to the face of the old man’s face, and the face of the old man’s face was also displayed as “a hundred-faced illusion”, concealing it as a strange middle-aged man.

    "Is there a problem with this array?"Xuan Siyu whispered, "I mean, as today is the owner of Dongsha City, his cultivation is very high…Sorry, I forgot that you are the apprentice of the true God. ”

    Xuan Siyi smiled a little embarrassed.

    In front of Mu Yu, what did one day know?

    "Do not worry, people like him can't see it."Mu Yu said.

    The old man quickly put on a coat, and Mu Yu used his array to mask his breath and turned into another person.

    "Thank you, adults."The old city owner is in the body.

    "The old gentleman is welcome, I will protect the person who protects it."Mu Yu raised the old city owner and said, "When someone rushes in and searches, you will be in the crowd, don't make a sound, UU reading If someone asks, you say it is a mysterious beast." The folks of the workshop."

    "Yes."The old town owner nodded.

    "Old gentleman, go to the room to heal!"Mu Yu said.

    Xuan Siyu quickly helped the old city owner to go to another room, leaving only Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai in the yard.

    Xiaoshuai sat on the table and looked at Muyu curiously: "So? Mu Yu, what is your decision now? ”

    Mu Yu sat down and looked up at the Yumeng Mozu, who was still watching the sky in Dongsha City. Then he said: "The decision of the Old City Lord is my decision."

    "But he didn't say anything!"Xiaoshuai said inexplicably.

    "He said."

    When the old city owner said that he could not make a decision for Mu Yu, Mu Yu already understood what the decision of the old city owner was.

    He respects the decision of the old master. (https://)

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