Chapter 827 Search

    The whole city has already boiled up, and Mu Yu rescued the old city master from the crowd and angered the people of the city.

    They all want to kill the old city master, so that the city master prints are completely controlled by Tian Ziming. Only in this way can the self-righteousness be able to trap the mysterious man of the robbery period with the city master seal and the moat.

    This group of stupid people thought that as long as they were united, with the prestige of eight doors, they would not have to worry about the mysterious people who took the robbery period and they would be more unscrupulous.

    But where do they know that they are still alive now because Mu Yu doesn't want to be in full view.

    Every time Muyu kills a person, the suffocation in his heart will be more prosperous, and the influence of the power of killing will be deeper.

    Once he starts shā rén, he will fall into the cold killing, he will continue to kill, if the young handsome does not stop, the people of the city will be killed by him.

    So Mu Yu restrained himself.

    This also gives more unscrupulous reasons for this group of people who do not know how to be high.

    Every corner of every household in Dongsha City began to be searched. They searched for the whereabouts of the old city masters. Because Dongsha City was trapped by the five elements of the Yumeng Mozu, the old city owners must still be in the city, as long as they gathered in the city. The power of man, the old city owner will have nowhere to hide, will inevitably be killed by them!

    In order to survive, this group of comprehensions can let others go out to die, and their jī qíng is always used to deal with their own people.

    Soon, Tian Ziming took the comprehension and rushed into the Xuan Beast Square. The old city owner bowed his head and was mixed in the crowd, protected by wood feathers. Xuan Zhengtang’s family also looked at the group of composing comprehensions with horror and let them search.

    These comprehensions are very savage. After rushing in, they simply don't care about anything else. They push people to open the doors and look for people. Even the lady who was lying in bed and emptied by the skyfire has not let go, and was rushed to the yard to interrogate.

    "What is covered in your hand?"

    Tian Ziming stared at the hand of Xuan’s wife, because Xuan’s lady was holding the ice stone in her hand, which attracted Tian’s attention.

    Xuan Zhengtang quickly stood up and said respectfully: "Adult, my wife was attacked by the heavenly fire in the east of Dongsha City last month. The flame has not yet been extinguished. This is the ice stone, which can alleviate the pain."

    Mrs. Xuan’s hand showed the flame on her hand. Everyone saw the flame of Xuan’s palm in the palm of her hand.

    "So many people don't attack, why does the fire somon attack you alone?" Are you also the person you are looking for? ”Tian Ziming is cold and cold.

    When Xuan Zhengtang changed his face, he quickly said eagerly: "The adults misunderstood. At that time, fire Yumeng attacked many people, and many people lost their lives. We were spared because of the distance. Many people know about this matter. If you don't believe, you can ask other people. ”

    Soon after, a comprehension person said a word or two in the sky and confirmed this.

    The fire Yumeng Mozu had been frequent in the vicinity of Dongsha City as early as a few months ago. Some time ago, they attacked many comprehensions. At that time, the Xuan Zhengtang couple went to the hunting monsters and encountered fire.

    However, Tian Ziming said coldly: "The fire Yumeng Mou attacked us. By their means, they would not let go of any comprehension. If your wife lived alone, does your wife mean to them? What?"

    Xuan Zhengtang said earnestly: "Adults, our husband and wife are both small sects. We have been in Dongsha City for many years. We are just ordinary comprehensions. If we have to say anything to the Yumeng Mozu, I am afraid it is an enemy. Also ask the adults to understand."

    Tian Ziming glanced at everyone and said: "The Yumeng Mozu has always been shā rén not blinking. If you live in their hands, I am afraid it will be a shame for them. Maybe they are angry and decided to attack Dongsha City. You are difficult. Resignation!"

    "Adult, what is your name? Is it true that our comprehensions are only killed by the Yumeng Mozu? ”

    Xuan Zhengtang was provoked by the words of Tian Ziming. His wife suffered because of the fire of Yumeng. He hated the fire of the Yumeng Mozu, but did not expect Tian Ziming to say such irresponsible words at this time. Come.

    "Bold! Do you dare to question my words? ”Tian Ziming whispered.

    Xuan Zhengtang bit his teeth and said: "Adults, we are just ordinary comprehensions. If the fire is like the adult, the Yumeng Mozu is coming for my wife, so I should have come early, why wait until now?"

    "Humph! What do you know when the fire Yumeng Mozu is thinking? But now I am the owner of Dongsha City, everything must start from the overall situation. In any case, I must be prepared for it. If the fire is so eager to kill your wife, you must make sacrifices for the life of everyone in Dongsha City, let the fire kill! ”Tian Ziming shouted.

    Let the fire kill you?

    Mu Yu vented his anger in his heart, in order to protect himself from the sky, he dared to say such words?

    However, what Wu Yu did not expect was that those who followed Tian Ziming actually agreed with Tian Ziming’s words and joined them.

    "Yes, we must take this woman up and wait for the three days to hand over her together. She escaped the last time. If we handed her over to Huo Meng, I must have fired it." She will also deflate afterwards, when we hope to survive in the fire of Yumeng!"

    "Yes, this woman should be handed over!"

    "For our life in Dongsha City, it is okay to make sacrifices!"

    "Correct! If the fire Yumeng Mozu saw that we had handed over a self-cultivator who had not been burned to the sky, they would be very satisfied, so that our hope of surviving would be even greater, grab her! ”

    The comprehensions began to revive the words of the deceased, and when they were at stake, they did not think about how to fight the Yumeng Mozu. Instead, they thought about what to do to please the outside fire, how to make the fire out and let go. The people of Dongsha City.

    "How can you, how can you…No one can grab my wife! ”

    Xuan Zhengtang flusteredly held Mrs. Xuan behind him. He never imagined that these people were greedy and afraid of death to this extent. They agreed that an innocent victim would be sent to the front of the fire to gain a chance.

    "You are not allowed to move my mother!"

    Xuan Si Jiao Jiao sighed, and also protected the lady behind her, Chishan also panicked with Xuan Zhengtang and Xuan Sizhen together in the middle of the Anniversary, facing the imposing comprehension.

    Madame Xuan’s face was pale, and she did not expect that she would become a target of criticism. These comprehensions who assisted in the search wanted to take her out.

    Mu Yu clenched his fist, and his heart was filled with the murder of the sky, and Tian Ziming would die like this!

    However, he tried his best to hide his own killings and not let himself start shā rén before so many rén miàn. Once Tian Ming Ming died in the Xuan Beast Square, all the comprehensions of Dongsha City will point the finger at the Xuan Beast Square, and Mu Yu can't even be tired of people here.

    Mu Yu said coldly: "The Yumeng Mozu only feels deflated when it kills the human race. I believe that not only the wife of Xuan, but any one of you will be sent to the Yumeng Mozu, and the Yumeng Mozu will be very deflated. The ground kills you. Since you have said that you have sacrificed for the life of everyone in Dongsha City, why not take the initiative to stand out for eight or eight and send them to the Yumeng Mozu to die? ”

    Mu Yu’s words made the people in the room quiet. Everyone looked at Mu Yu with amazement. At the moment, everyone thought that they would compromise with the Yumeng Mozu because they were afraid of death, and sent Xuan’s wife out to the fire. The Mozu kills the deflation, and where do they volunteer to stand up?

    "Humph! who are you? Dare to confuse people here? Looking for death? ”Tian Ziming stared at Mu Yu with arrogance.

    "I am just a buddy in the Xuan Beast Square."

    Mu Yu looked coldly at Tian Ziming, and his eyes flashed through a cold mang, reflecting in the eyes of Tian Ziming, suddenly let Tian Ziming feel inexplicably shuddered.

    Tian Ziming thought that he was looking at his own eyes, squeezing his eyes and shouting: "A little buddy dares to swear here, and I will also take you to the fire and give it to the fire!"

    Mu Yu’s heart spurred the killing, and the killing will soon be filled out. Tian Ziming’s straw bag is not worth living.

    "not now."

    Xiaoshuai took the hand of Mu Yu in time and tried to suppress the killing atmosphere in the wood feather body.

    In so many rén miàn before shā rén, he has to face all the self-cultivators. Once he can't control it, he is likely to continue to kill until he kills everyone, and he will put everyone in the mysterious fangs into crisis. Among them.

    "I will kill him at night, you don't have to shoot."The words of Xiaoshuai sounded in the heart of Mu Yu.

    At this moment, the crowd suddenly came out of a bald old man. He went to Tian Ziming and said respectfully: "The adults ask for anger, adults, we have to hurry to find that person, not as adults will pay this matter. How to deal with the villain?"

    "who are you?"Tian Ziming asked this bald old man to ask.

    The bald-headed old man stooped humbly, compensate with smile: "Monseigneur, the villain is Burns Shanghai's Big Elder one star, these two are my burnt Shanghai people, the adult you rest assured, I will give them to do the thought work, the adult or goes to apprehend the prisoner important, anyway now East Sha Cheng is blocked, UU reads They can not escape, we even want to arrest is not in a hurry, you say? ”

    Tian Ziming looked up and down the old man, and nodded: "I remember you, you are the person who gave me advice yesterday. Very good, since it is the person under your door, then don't let me down! ”

    "Yes, yes, adults still remember that the villain is really flattering the villain, you can rest assured! The villain will not let you down. ”The bald old man almost bent his waist to the ground.

    Tian Ziming snorted and then left with other comprehensions.

    After the day of departure, the bald old man straightened his waist and turned around and snorted: "The third child, your performance today is not very good!"

    "Great elders! When did you come here? ”

    When Xuan Zhengtang saw the bald old man, his face showed a surprised look, and the appearance of the bald old man made him very surprised.

    Mu Yu frowned: Grand Elder? Is that the deduction of Xuan Zhengtang to enshrine, intimidating Xuan Zhengtang to send the 90% of the income of the Xuan Beast Square to the elders? (https://)

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