Chapter 828 Great Elders

    "The third child, if I am not here today, I am afraid that things will not be able to be accepted?"

    The look of the old man in the bald head is very different from the image of the knee-shoulder in front of Tian Ziming.

    Xuan Zhengtang bit his teeth and said: "Thank you for the big elders to make a clearance."

    Although Xuan Zhengtang does not like this great elder, it is undeniable that if it was not because of the elders, I am afraid that Tian Ziming would not be so good.

    The elder is named Gao Yixing and looks like a pointed monkey. The chin has a few sparse beards, triangular eyes, no eyebrows, and looks very unharmonious.

    Xuan Siyu frowned and asked a serious question: "The elders, what did you mean by giving us thought work? You don't want to hand over my mother too? ”

    Xuan Siyu understands the bald head in front of him. As a big elder of the Burning Sea School, he is full of private pockets. He also coerces the Xuan Beast Square to turn over the general income. If the elders are so kind to come out, they simply cannot say it.

    Gao Yixing smiled lightly and said with a chest: "Thinking, what is your name?" If I didn’t say that, how could the urban masters let you go? ”

    Mu Yu looked at Gao Yixing, and Gao Yixing’s scorn in front of Tian Ziming really made him feel disgusted. Up to now, there is still a smirk on his face. According to Xuan Siyi’s description of this high star, I am afraid this big elder is not a good one.

    "The Great Elder, Dongsha City has been trapped yesterday. This shows that you came to Dongsha City before the attack of the Yumeng Mozu. Why did you come to the Xuan Beast Square now?"Xuan Zhengtang asked quietly.

    Gao Yixing is carrying a few sparse beards: "In fact, I just came here yesterday. I soon met the Yumeng Mozu after entering Dongsha City. I joined everyone in the fight against Yumeng. As for Last night, it was natural to ask about the next situation."

    "I am afraid you are going to please God to go to heaven?"Mu Yu sneered at the side.

    Everyone can hear clearly when they say it, I am afraid that the mysterious person will be caught. The plan to win the position of the Lord of the Dragon King is the idea of ​​Gao Yixing. This guy is really not a fuel-efficient lamp. After Dongsha City, what I thought was not to the Xuan Beast Square, but to direct the self-evident.

    Gao Yixing glanced at the wooden feathers and yelled: "Let's talk, what kind of mouth do you guys plug in?" Xuan Zhengtang, you find such an rude buddy, the business of Xuan Beast Square can do well? ”

    "There are people like you who can't get up!"Xiaoshuai shouted at the side.

    "Where is the little boy, are you looking for death?"Gao Yixing’s face is gloomy.

    Xuan Zhengtang resisted the anger in his heart and felt annoyed at the unhappy guest of the elders. He said: "The elders, these two are the guests of the Xuan Beast Square, not the dude, don't misunderstand."

    Gao Yixing glanced at Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai slyly and said: "I don't care if he is a buddy or a guest. In short, you have seen things today. Everyone wants to take Yan Hanyu to the Yumeng Mozu. Disposal, fortunately, the current urban masters believe me more, so only I can save Yan and jade."

    He deliberately emphasized the words "the incumbent master of the city", as if it was a matter of getting the "incumbent city master".

    The old man shook his fists on the side.

    "That is really prestige! I hope that the current city master of Bajie will let the Yumeng Mozu take your life when it breaks through the city. ”Mu Yu sneered.

    "Are you looking for death?"Gao Yixing is furious!

    "try it yourself!"Mu Yu has a killing.

    Xuan Zhengtang saw the situation was wrong, and quickly said: "The elders, you are tired of the journey, sit down and talk about it!"

    Xuan Zhengtang now knows the identity of Mu Yu, although the elders seem to hate it, but after all, they are the people who burned the sea, if it was killed by Mu Yu, it would be bad.

    Gao Yixing slowly walked down to the stone bench in the yard and sat down. When he saw that the tea on the table was empty, he was not pleased: "Do you not even have tea for entertainment here?"

    "Chishan, hurry!"Xuan Zhengtang gestured, and Chishan rushed to the kitchen, and soon took a pot of water to see Gao Yixing.

    Gao Yixing took a sip of tea and then spit it out. He said: "Chishan, what kind of tea do you soak? Didn't the water boil? ”

    Chishan said with a grievance: "The elders, the water in the kitchen has always been boiled. You also know that we sometimes need hot hot water to handle the fur of the beast, so the hot water is never interrupted."

    "Album! Treat the hot water of the beast to bring me tea, do you have my big elder in your eyes? ”Gao Yixing roared.

    "Chishan, go back to burn a pot!"Xuan Zhengtang waved his hand.

    Chishan reluctantly, the elders have always liked to put on the shelf when they have been in the martial art. They also like to blame others for their work. If a disciple does not do well, it will cause a skunk.

    The water in the kitchen was originally clean. When dealing with the monsters, it was just a matter of mentioning the burnt water in the workshop. There was no difference at all, but there was no way for the elders to nitpick him.

    "Great elders, since you know Tian Ziming adults, then please tell me a little better before the sky rén miàn, can you?"Xuan Zhengtang said.

    Gao Yixing’s face deliberately reveals a trace of hardship. “The third child, now the enemy is present, you should also know that everyone attaches great importance to anything that has a relationship with Yumeng. The current city owner is self-evident, although he can listen to me, but you can't make me difficult to do it. Otherwise, wouldn't I live up to his trust in me? ”

    "Big elders, Jade but we burn Shanghai people, how can you let it?" ”Xuan Zhengtang was angry with his heart.

    Gao Yixing indulged for a moment and said slowly: "I don't want to see you die, but you have to understand some things. When you walk in the realm of cultivation, you must know some people's feelings. The world is not so unpopular. But you want me to help, at least let me do a bit, do you understand what I am talking about?"

    "Great elders, what do you want to say?"Xuan Zhengtang was upright and did not understand what Gao Yixing was talking about for a while.

    Mu Yu said contemptuously: "What do you mean by taking Lingshi to huì lù天自明?"

    Gao Yixing glanced at Mu Yu with appreciation and continued to say to Xuan Zhengtang: "The third child, you see, there is no young man in your mind, how can this be a big event?"

    Xuan Zhengtang bit his teeth and asked: "Great elders, then how much do you think is appropriate?"

    Gao Yixing reached out and played with a teacup. He said with a strong heart: "Tian Ziming is a big man in the fit period. In his identity, where is the Lingshi too small to get into his eyes?" Less said that it also has 100,000 million. ”

    Xuan Zhengtang said: "But the elders, I have not been able to make up for five million Lingshi until now. I am going to buy Taishi Zitiandan for treatment with jade. Where can I take out the extra million? ”

    Gao Yixing looked a glimpse of his face, and his eyes flashed a greedy look. He asked, "Are you five million still not spent?"

    "I haven't had time to spend it, and Baicaotang doesn't have Taishi Zitian Dan now."Xuan Zhengtang sighed.

    Gao Yixing coughed twice, convulsed the greed in his eyes, and said with a strong heart: "The third child, the Yumeng Mozu is watching from outside, and everyone is anxious to send the jade out to please the Yumeng Mozu. What you should think now is how to keep the life of jade. If you still can't bear five million, when jade is caught by them, you will regret it too late. ”

    Chishan once again sent tea, Gao Yixing slowly poured himself a cup of tea and continued: "That way, you give me five million, I will do some bargaining, maybe Tian Ziming adults are happy, let go With jade, do you say yes?"

    Xuan Zhengtang said, "But that is my hard-working five million, to be used to treat jade!" If I take it out, when can I save another five million? ”

    "The third child, this is what you are wrong with. If you have no money, you can earn more. If you have no one, you will have nothing." Can you earn five million Lingshi in just two months, and worry about the remaining two months? You can think about it! ”Gao Yixing sighed with grief.

    Mu Yu said sarcastically: "What? The current enemy, the current urban master does not take us how to live, and leisure time to accept bribes? Can you buy a life from the Yumeng Mozu with money? Then why don't you directly concentrate the entire Lingsha of the Dongsha City to the huìlù尤蒙魔族, maybe the Yumeng Mozu will be withdrawn as soon as they are happy. ”

    Gao Yixing was stunned by Mu Yu. He was very dissatisfied and replied: "You are neither a person in our Xuan Beast Square. What do we need to use to intervene?"

    Gao Yixing turned his head and said to Xuan Zhengtang: "The third child, I am willing to help you if I look at the same sect. If you don't appreciate it, don't blame me for the accident!"

    Mu Yu’s eyes went cold: “Let me think about it. If Xuan’s uncle gave you five million Lingshi, I want to enter your pocket with five million in the blink of an eye? How can you be such a villain who cares about human feelings, and if you care about human feelings, you will not always squeeze Xuan Uncle? ”

    "Album! Where is your share here? ”Gao Yixing, who was smashed by lies, became angry and made a fuss.

    However, Mu Yu said coldly: "You such a villain is not worth living in the world!"

    The pressure of the fit period is shrouded in the high star, and a killing looming looming, the shadow sword in the hands of Mu Yu is already going to be shot.

    Gao Yixing was shocked. He thought that the wood feather that originally seemed to have only a stagnation period turned out to be a hidden master of the fit. At this moment, he was locked by the seemingly murderous murder, and suddenly he was scared of the six gods.

    "Wait, son, me!"Xuan Zhengtang quickly stopped in front of Gao Yixing and said earnestly, "Don't kill him."

    "He is such a person who is not dead, you must be crushed by him all his life!"Mu Yu’s sword stopped in midair.

    Xuan Zhengtang smiled bitterly: "I know, but the elders are the people who burned the sea, after all, if he died in my mysterious beast, I can't blame."

    "He is a man who is not guilty of death. There is no need to pity anything."

    Mu Yu’s gaze was falling on Gao Yixing’s body, and the high star was scared to the ground. It was directly scared that the pants were wet.

    "The third child, save me!"

    Gao Yixing sat on the ground and took the clothes of Xuan Zhengtang, terrified. Originally, he just wanted to blackmail Xuan Zhengtang, but he did not expect Xuan Zhengtang to have a hidden master.

    "The son, now the Yumeng Mozu is still watching the outside, Gao Yixing is also a comprehension of the distraction. When he dies, we will lose the strength to maintain the moat."Xuan Zhengtang swears.

    Mu Yu slowly took back the sword and looked at Xuan Zhengtang. Then he yelled at Gao Yixing: "Get out, let me see you next time, it will kill you!"

    "Yes Yes Yes! Adults are forgiving, the villain has an eye for not knowing Taishan offensive adults, please forgive me for the offense! ”

    Gao Yixing squatted on the ground, panicking and stunned, and the image of the scented shelf was just like the prestige.


    When Mu Yu waved his hand, Gao Yixing only felt that he was being swept by a giant force. Then the whole person was thrown out like a sandbag, kneeling on the street and smashing the stone of the street.

    Gao Yixing grinned from the ground, and the chest ribs had broken off several times. His eyes flashed through the look of grievances, and he glanced at the Xuan Beast Square.

    "Give me waiting!"Gao Yixing took a sip and then disappeared into the street.

    "Little handsome, let's go out."Mu Yu looked at the back of Gao Yixing's disappearance, and then greeted Xiao Shuai.

    "Gongzi, where are you going?"Xuan Zhengtang hurriedly asked.

    "Go out and look at the situation. You must protect the old city owner first. Don't leave the Xuan Beast Square at will."

    Mu Yu walked with Xiao Shuai toward the entrance of Xuanyuanfang. Just looking at the face of Xuan Zhengtang, he did not kill the high star in person, but it does not mean that Gao Yixing can live.

    If such a person does not get rid of it, the next thing will definitely endless, and Xuan Zhengtang will not be so good.

    "Right, we simply kill Tian Ziming directly!"Xiaoshuai said.

    Mu Yu indifferently nodded: "The damn person will not let go."

    Not in the Xuan Beast Square shā rén, just to avoid the Xuan Beast Square being regarded as the target of the city's comprehension, but outside the shā rén, there is nothing to worry about.

    Tian Ziming, this kind of person would have died!

    Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai left the Xuan Beast Square, and UU read the book Looking at the back of Gao Yixing, he quickly followed.

    But at this moment, the strange feeling once again came to the heart of Mu Yu, and he slammed toward the empty alley, but still did not see anything different.

    "Is it still an illusion?"Mu Yu is very worried.

    "Do you realize that someone is tōu kuī you?"Xiaoshuai asked.

    Mu Yu was not sure, he felt very keen, but the man in the dark seemed to be more powerful and did not let him catch his whereabouts.

    "Behind you."

    There was a hoarse voice behind the wooden feather.

    Mu Yu was shocked!

    He turned his head violently, only to find a figure who didn't know when he stood behind him! (https://)

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