Chapter 829, the 5th killing power

    This is a young man in a gray coat. His head is similar to a wooden feather. His body is calm and restrained. It is like a lurking volcano, ready to go, especially the eyes, faintly red. In a moment, you will even see the flame flashing.

    "The Luo war?" ”

    Mu Yu was very surprised!

    The young man in front of him is his second brother, who has the ability to control the flames!

    Luo Wei nodded faintly, without any superficial expression, looking indifferent, a cold look.

    "How will you be here?"

    The woody heart is tidal, drifting around in the realm of comprehension, and suddenly I can see Luo Wei, and my heart is quite touched.

    Since the Qingshui City was different, their four brothers and brothers parted ways for their respective beliefs, never seen each other again, and the time was almost two years.

    "It's not convenient to talk here, come with me."Luo Wei said.

    Mu Yu remembered one thing and said, "Wait, I need you to help me."

    "what's up?"Luo Wei asked.

    "A person I know is burned by the fire of the heavenly fire, you can lift it?"Mu Yu glanced at the high star that disappeared into the crowd and converges to kill. He intends to release Xuan’s wife from the fire.

    Luo Wei nodded silently.

    Then Mu Yu returned to the Xuan Beast Square with Luo Wei. Xuan Zhengtang saw Mu Yu go and returned. He also brought a gray-clothed young man back. During the doubt, Mu Yu had already said: "Uncle, Xuan’s wife? ?"

    "She is resting inside, what happened?"

    "Go out and call her out!"

    "no need."

    Luo Wei faintly slammed a finger, and then suddenly heard the exclamation of Xuan Siwei in the room, then a flame suddenly burst out of the room, disappeared in the air and disappeared.

    "what? Hey, hey, come see, the skyfire on the mother disappeared, my god! ”The sound of Xuan Siyu’s surprise came from the room.

    Xuan Zhengtang was shocked and he hurriedly ran towards the room.

    Mu Yu brows one pick: "Do you use the ability to control fire directly in front of them?"

    "You trust them, so I don't have to doubt them."Luo Wei said simply.

    Mu Yu smiled slightly, and he knew that Xuan Zhengtang would not say things.

    "follow me."Luo Weidao.

    "I want to kill Tian Ziming and Gao Yixing."Mu Yu said.

    "They will die, no need to do anything more."Luo Weidao.

    Mu Yu was silent for a moment, and looked at the Xuan Zhengtang family who was sobbing in the room. Then he nodded and picked up Xiaoshuai and Luo Wei and disappeared into the Xuan Beast Square.


    In a remote abandoned house in Dongsha City, Luo Wei has pushed the door open and walked in.

    A musty smell came out, it looked like it hadn’t lived for decades, the house was full of spider webs, there was dust on the floor, and there were messy footprints on the ground. People have come here, it should be the group of people who have searched.

    "You live here?"Mu Yu asked in surprise.


    Luo Wei walked in two steps inadvertently. A flame swept from Luo Wei and wrapped the whole room. Then the flame gradually dissipated, and the whole room was completely renewed and turned into a clean and tidy house. The ground is spotless and full of light, in stark contrast to the room just now.

    "Is this a five-line array?"Mu Yu looked at the dissipated flame and nodded thoughtfully.

    The array of the Yumeng Mozu and the array of the Terran are very different. The five-line array used by the Yumeng Mozu relies on five elements, while the Terran relies on spiritual power. Wood feathers do not know. How to use the five-line array method.

    "Master didn't let us learn the human race, but didn't say we wouldn't let us learn the five elements."

    At this time, Luo Yi’s gray clothes also turned into red-hot clothes. His clothes were like bright flames, and it’s hard to get out of the way.

    Mu Yu felt that Luo Wei seemed to have something more, which made him feel familiar and unfamiliar. Then Mu Yu understood what it was, because he also had it.

    "You got the power to kill."

    Xiaoshuai jumped to the table and looked at Luo Wei curiously.

    "Who is this child?"Luo Weidao.

    "Little handsome, the sword spirit around Master, you have seen."

    Mu Yu also sat down, suddenly saw Luo Wei, Mu Yu was very emotional. In the past, because of Lan Linger's relationship, Mu Yu did not like his two brothers, but Luo Wei did not like Mu Yu, just because of the second brother. This identity has allowed Luo Wei to help Mu Yu many times.

    "Why are you here?"Mu Yu asked.

    He knows that in the past two years, everyone has certainly experienced a lot. Mu Yu himself has obtained the killing power in a special way, and Luo Wei must have his own past.

    "You should not show your killing power yesterday."Luo Wei did not answer Mu Yu positively.

    Mu Yu tightened his lips and said faintly: "At that time I want to protect this city."

    "is it? So what is the reward you get? ”Luo Wei’s tone is very cold.

    Mu Yu brows: "When you were in Qingshuicheng, you and your masters chose to protect the human race!"

    "I am tired of it."There was a trace of fatigue and disappointment in Luo’s eyes.

    Mu Yu silently, he understands what Luo Wei is thinking, many times he is also questioning himself, is it really important to protect the Terran? He silently helped the Terran, but what did the comprehension give him in the end?

    The comprehension of the entire Dongsha City came to ask for help from the Yumeng Mozu!

    For a long time, Mu Yu slowly said: "Me too."

    He is tired of the intrigues of the Terran, tired of the greed of the self-cultivator, fear of death, tired of the hypocrisy between the human race, he does not understand what it is necessary to continue to help the Terran.

    Master used to be a sacrifice to protect the human race. Mu Yu respected Master's wishes. He always believed that Master did his own reason.

    But Miejo also started on the sword shadow dust!

    Nowadays he uses the power of killing to help consolidate the entire moat, but it has also become the object of crusade.

    "But, I promised others to protect the city, and solve the troubles that I have caused myself."Mu Yu shook his head.

    The old city owner said that he could not decide for Mu Yu. It was because the old city owner became the authority. He understood the feeling of being forced to die. At this time, it was undoubtedly difficult for him to help Mucheng to help the whole city.

    Therefore, the Old City Lord did not dare to say to Mu Yu that they should be responsible for the city.

    Mu Yu knows that even if the old city owner is crucified by the city's comprehension, he still wants to save the people in the city.

    Since Mu Yu has let the Old City Lord decide this, he will save.

    "You promised Wo Jinglong? He is indeed an admirable person. ”

    In the eyes of Luo Wei, it was rare to show a little appreciation, but this appreciation was fleeting, and then continued: "But saving a group of ungrateful people will not let you get anything, they will never be grateful to you."

    "I don't need them to be grateful to me, I just want to do the right thing."Mu Yu said calmly.

    The smell of killing affects him all the time. He can't be sure what is right. He lets the old man judge this thing for him, so he will follow the words of the old man.

    He must know where the bottom line of doing things is when he has the power of killing.

    Luo Yu knows that Mu Yu is talking about it, then points to the teapot and asks: "Do you drink tea?"

    "Do you like tea?"

    Mu Yu never knew that Luo Wei, who could control the flame, would like to drink tea. Then he thought that he didn’t know much about Luo Wei.

    Mu Yu shook the teapot and found the teapot to be cold.

    "Master likes to drink tea. When he was in the dusty mountain, he said that I should also learn to drink tea. Tea can calm down and not lose yourself because of temper, so I also like to drink tea. ”

    Luo Wei took the teapot and went to the dilapidated well outside to make some water. When he came back, the tea had become hot and slightly steamed.

    He poured a cup of wood feather and poured himself a cup.

    The tea is foggy, green and green, and a fragrant smell comes from the nose.

    Luo Wei said: "Master said that tea should be quiet."

    Mu Yu took a sip, and the hot tea fell into the throat, but he only tasted the bitter taste, just like the feeling of being crucified by those who cultivated.

    "I don't appreciate the sweetness after tea."Mu Yu put down the cup.

    Luo Wei picked up the teacup and gently swayed twice, sniffing the tea, and then drinking it slightly, the whole movement was natural.

    But Luo Wei shook his head too: "I left the Dust Mountain, and I never felt the kind of silence when I was drinking tea with Master."

    Tea is lingering, but there is no way to calm down the two divisions.

    "Master said that to protect the self-cultivators, I really can't see where the meaning of protecting them is."Luo Wei opened the road.

    Mu Yu is also, he does not want to do this, but rather would like to watch Dongsha City destroyed in the hands of the Yumeng Mozu, let those widows who are ungrateful and selfish, pay the price.

    "But I have to protect these comprehensions because they are mys, I need to take my responsibility, I think Master will say this to me."

    Mu Yu’s heart has been struggling, and he tried to tell himself that only doing so is right.

    A long silence.

    Xiaoshuai bored the two cups of water and poured them back, and then poured them back into the teapot. Then they put the two cups together and put the teapot on the top of the Luohan. He smiled very happily and he would not think about it. So many are right and wrong.

    Luo Wei broke the silence: "They are coming for me."

    Mu Yu looked up at Luo Wei and frowned. "You mean that the Yumeng Mozu attacked Dongsha City this time to find you?"

    Luo Wei nodded.

    Mu Yu always thought that because he was killing Yi Feiying, the power of killing was detected by the Yumeng Mozu, so the Yumeng Mozu suddenly attacked the entire Dongsha City!

    "I have lived here for several months, in order to find out the situation of the Yumeng Mozu. The fire priest always wanted to catch me, but I carefully hid the killing power. I went deep into the mountains yesterday to inquire about the news and was discovered by the fire priest, so he gathered Jin Yumeng and Tuyoumen to come to Dongsha City. Grab me. ”Luo Wei said faintly.

    Mu Yu was a little surprised. I couldn’t figure out why the Yumeng Mozu suddenly attacked Dongsha City. Now I understand that it was all brought by Luo Wei!

    "So when I used the killing power yesterday, they mistaken me for you?"Mu Yu asked.

    Luo Wei nodded.

    A stone in the heart of Mu Yu suddenly fell to the ground. If this is the case, then he does not have to bear this responsibility, even if the 100,000 people in Dongsha City are killed by the Yumeng Mozu.

    "Do you know what news I got out of yesterday morning?"

    Luo Wei did not feel embarrassed, his expression is still very cold.


    "They plan to use five elements to destroy the entire Dongsha City after five days and collect the killing power. So even if I didn’t do it yesterday morning, I would kill Dongsha City in a few days? ”Luo Wei replied.

    "Why did it suddenly start yesterday?"

    "Because I was discovered by them, they were worried that the news leaked, and the comprehensions of Dongsha City were transferred and lost, so they immediately advanced the plan."

    Luo Wei snorted.

    This is the original!

    Mu Yu was silent for a moment and asked: "The three Eugene giants are the priests of the Yumeng Mozu?"

    "Yes, fire priest, earth priest, gold priest."

    "Why do they have a killing power in their bodies?"

    Mu Yu couldn't understand this. The three Yumun giants yesterday were ashamed of killing, just like killing the god Shura. The breath would never admit it.

    But the power of killing is only owned by the five Eugene spirits. Others who can't control it, why don't they seem to have become pure killing machines?

    "They all found the killing power in the main body of the Umming spirit and used this power in a special way. After all, this force does not belong to them, so they need to constantly create killings to maintain the killing power, the Terran has been destroyed three cities, Dongsha City will be the fourth. ”

    Luo Wei has no sadness and no joy in this result.

    "Why do they want to integrate the killing power themselves, I thought they should come to us five talents!"Mu Yu did not understand this matter. "Find us and let the Lord of Umming in our body be released. When will the Yumeng Mozu do not have leaders?"

    Luo Wei shook his head slightly: "As far as I know, they have not found any of us." UU reading www.uukanshu. If you can't find the Umming spirit again, then you will lose the face of the tribe of the Three Palaces, so they decided to start with the strong, and before the war, stabilize the killing power into the priest's body. just in case. ”

    "Yumen has destroyed three cities, how have the three palaces not responded?"Xiaoshuai out of the channel.

    Mu Yu and Luo Wei also set their sights on Xiao Shuai.

    Xiaoshuai remembered something, spit out his tongue and waved his hand: "Hey, I forgot!"

    The Yumeng Mozu slaughtered three cities and killed three people in the city. This means that countless people have died and become the purest soul force, becoming the source of strength for the Mie.

    When the Yumeng Mozu gets the killing power, they can strengthen their own strength and will not be easily defeated by the Terran.

    The longer the war lasts, the more soul power it produces. This is what the Mie Palace is willing to see. How can they take action to stop it?

    "Where did the killing power from you come from?"Mu Yu turned his eyes to Luo Wei. (https://)

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