No. 833 Chapter The wind of the city gate

    Youmont Demon clan border, the whole East sand is filled with a fear, but at this time the fear seems to have dissipated, all the people face is filled with a strange enthusiasm, like has seen the hope of living.

    There are countless self-cultivators in the downstairs of the city gate, where they whisper, and everyone’s expression is full of awe-inspiring look at the new city owner standing upstairs in the city gate.

    "Tian Ziming as the new city owner, doing more things than the old city is more decisive, in this case he will certainly be able to lead us in the hands of the Yumeng Mozu!"

    "Yes! We need such a city owner, Wo Jinglong really does not deserve to be a city owner! ”

    "The mysterious person will come here?"

    "It must happen. Tian Ziming has already said that he has enough to mobilize the moat with the city master. As long as the person dares to show up, the urban master will surely grasp him and then hand him over to the Yumeng Mozu. The lives of all of us are saved."

    The comprehensions have been talking about it. Even though the Yumeng Mozu army outside the Dongsha city is in a state of pressure, they still believe that Tian Ziming can seize the mysterious people of yesterday and hand it over to the Yumeng Mozu to resolve the crisis.

    Everyone is waiting here, waiting for the mysterious person to appear.

    Tian Ziming stood on the gate of the city gate and watched the comprehens underneath. The big elder of the Burning Party, Gao Yixing, bent around him and flattered his face.

    "You have done a good job in this matter. If the crisis in Dongsha City has passed, you will save the Dongsha City hero. What is your name?"Tian Zi asked faintly.

    It’s ridiculous to say that Gao Yixing did so much for him, but he didn’t even remember the name of a tall star.

    Gao Yixing did not have any dissatisfaction, but instead looked more graciously: "Adults, villains are the high stars of the Burning Party." The name of the villain is not important. The adults have a lot of opportunities. Dongsha City can have an adult to lead at this time. It is really a great blessing for our Dongsha City. ”

    "Haha! You are quite able to speak. ”

    Tian Ziming stood up and overlooked the entire Dongsha City. Now everyone in Dongsha City believes in him, and he is regarded as the savior of Dongsha City. He also has an inexplicable sense of glory in his heart.

    As an elder of the Star Gate, there is no lack of attention. Wherever it goes, it is also the existence of the stars, but it is so respected by 100,000 people like the emperor. He is the first to have such treatment.

    As for the mysterious man in the robbery period,

Tian Ziming is not in the eye! In his opinion, the other party has to be afraid of the Star Gate, and he dare not start with him, and this time he believes that he can use the city master to seal the person!

    Tian Ziming looked at the self-cultivator who was shouting cheering below, and looked at the high-star who was stalking the horse around him. He said: "I heard that the Xuan Beast Square is the person who burned the Hai School. I treat you with the door to burn the Shanghai School. You Can you blame me?"

    Gao Yixing immediately put on a pair of ambiguous look, said: "Adult, how can I blame you? I am a great devotee, and I am willing to bear the nickname for the sake of the life of all the comprehensions in Dongsha City. If my family is not aware of the promotion, I should pay the price! ”

    "Very good, I will not forget your credit after the event is over, let's talk! What do you want as a reward. ”Tian Ziming said with satisfaction.

    Gao Yixing’s small eyes suddenly flashed a fine light. He understood that his chance came. He quickly said: “Adults, villains can be an affair for the adults after they have been able to solve the problem for the adults. Where are the rewards? If the Burning Sea Party is my master, then all of us in the Burning Party can go through the fire for the adults, but it’s a pity…"

    "What a pity?"Tian Ziming asked.

    "It’s a pity that the head of our burning party is incomprehensible. I have the heart to let the burning party send up, but I can’t change the status quo!”Gao Yixing pretends to be a bitter and painful.

    "How difficult is this? After this incident, I will personally go to your side to burn the sea and let you be the head of the burning party. Do not worry! If you burn the sea, the incomprehensible head does not know how to lift, I will kill him, I can not let you buried this talent. ”

    Gao Yixing was flattered and quickly bowed his head and thanked Shane: "Thank you for the love of the landlord!" If the villain can become the head of the Burning Sea faction, our burning party will surely take the lead of the adults and die. ”

    "Good, what you want is your loyalty, get up!"Tian Ziming laughed.

    "Thank you, adults."

    Gao Yixing stood up respectfully, and his face was swept away. He has been dedicating the Xuanbeifang and other industries for so many years, and the head has already noticed that something is wrong. He is preparing to investigate this matter. He has already planned to start with the strong, kill the head and take over the Burning Party!

    As long as he is bound to be self-evident, the elders of the Tianxingmen, he is in the position of burning the sea, and he is even able to expand the burning of the sea. This is a golden opportunity!

    As for the Yumeng Mozu in the sky, he simply did not care, because he knew that the elders of the Star Gate must have a way to take them out of trouble!

    Gao Yixing’s hand explored it in his own Qiankun bag. There were a few pieces of Lingshi jade, and there were more than five million in total. They were all searched from their own younger brother Xuan Zhengtang. It was originally used by Xuan Zhengtang to buy Taishi Zitiandan, but now it is all in the pocket of Gaoyixing.

    For Gao Yixing, for the five million, it is worthwhile to sell the Xuan Zhengtang family! It is even said that Tian Ziming also promised him to support him as the head of the Burning Party!

    "The third child, the third child, don't blame me for being jealous. If you blame, you will blame yourself for not knowing the general!" When I kill the head of the brothers, it is my time to burn the sea party! ”

    Gao Yixing put his gaze on the gate of the city and looked at the five figures at the gate of the city. He sneered, and his mind had already emerged from the scene of the entire burning party and the head of the family crouching under his feet.

    On the upper floor of the city gate, I didn’t know when the wind was blowing, and it was so cold that the whole Dongsha City became very bleak.

    On the gate of the city, five figures were shaking in the air, like five broken puppets, the wind blowing their clothes and hunting.

    There were five ropes in the air, and the other end of the rope was firmly suspended in the air, fixed by a group of spiritual forces, and the other end was placed around the neck of five people, and the five people were lifted.

    The five people were blood-stained, and there was a huge blood hole in the belly of Dantian. Dantian ruptured, and the heart of the chest was also worn by a sword. He was suspended in the air, gently swaying with the wind, and there was no life!

    It was the old man and the Xuan Zhengtang family. They were killed by Tian Mingming because they refused to tell the story of Mu Yu, and they hanged the body on the gate of the city!

    When Mu Yu arrived, it was too late!

    The old city owner squinted and couldn't look at his eyes. His eyes were full of contempt and ridicule, but the endless sorrow was revealed. The blood stained his white whiskers and solidified on his clothes. His chest had a determination to fight the Yumeng Mozu, but it was broken by the sword and could no longer beat!

    Xuan Zhengtang closed his eyes, his expression was very determined and very sad. He couldn't protect his wife and daughter. In order to keep the righteousness in his heart, he chose to keep his mouth shut, so Dongsha City could no longer accommodate their family.

    Mu Yu looked at the body of the old man Xuan Zhengtang's family in midair, as if the whole world suddenly collapsed, and the endless darkness swept through him.


    Is the old city owner so dead?

    Is the Xuan Zhengtang family so dead?

    His original heart filled with killing suddenly became extremely arrogant, and the whole body was constantly shaking.

    At the foot of the line, a flash of light, step by step, and then blink of an eye has come to the old city owner and Xuan Zhengtang family.

    The crowd was amazed because the people they were expecting finally showed up!

    "it's him!"The Gao Yixing of the Burning Sea Party immediately said flatteringly.

    "Is it finally coming?"Tian Ziming also shines!

    Mu Yu silently untied the rope around the neck of the Old City Lord and Xuan Zhengtang. The anger burned in his heart. It was so strong that it seemed to burn him all over his body, so that his whole body's blood would boil.

    The bodies of the four people of Xuan Zhengtang floated in front of Mu Yu. They were dead and miserable, destroyed and repaired, and pierced the heart.

    Looking at the bloody chest of the old man and Xuan Zhengtang, Mu Yu could no longer remain calm.

    There was a heart that was beating straight, there was no forgetting, it was full of blood, and it was the last dignity of the human race!

    However, the dignity of the Terran was finally broken by a group of cowards!

    If the coward has no dignity, he will not allow the old man and the Xuan Zhengtang family to have dignity!

    Yesterday, Mu Yu asked Xuan Zhengtang's family. What does the Yumeng Mozu mean to them?

    Xuan Zhengtang said: As a comprehension, it is to die and die on the battlefield with the Yumeng Mozu!

    Xuan Zhengtang's family is full of blood, but they did not die in the hands of the Yumeng Mozu, but died in the hands of the weak comprehension!

    I died in the group of bloody cowards who forgot the comprehension!

    In the morning, the old town owner asked Mu Yu, what does the Yumeng Mozu mean to him?

    Mu Yu said: He wanted to protect the Terran since he was a child, because the grandfather of the village always told him that the great immortal was there to destroy the Eugene.

    Is the great sorcerer exist to destroy the Eugene Mozu?

    If the immortal teacher exists to destroy the Youmeng Mozu, UU reading that Dongsha City’s group of comprehensions are doing what?

    In the face of the Yumeng Mozu, first destroy the people who dare to fight with the Yumeng Mozu, and then go to the Bajie Youmeng Mozu, let others die for them.

    This is the comprehension that he has tried his best to save. He has no courage to kill the enemy, but has the determination to frame his compatriots!

    The blood of Mu Yu is boiling and boiling, and there seems to be a beast in the body that will break free!

    "Old gentleman, you said that you can't make a decision for me, yes, you really shouldn't make a decision for me."

    Mu Yu reached out and gently licked the eyes of the old man, slowly letting the old man close his eyes.

    "This time, I want to decide for myself."

    The beast in the heart is roaring. (https://)

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