Chapter 834 Black Cloud City

    East Sand wind blowing very violently, blowing in the face, like a knife across the general let people compelled.

    A righteous man will always be persecuted by treacherous cunning, and it is hard to be an upright man in the field of practice.

    Why are the good guys in the world going to be hurt, and the bad guys can be jealous?

    Mu Yu has been asking himself.

    He didn't want to understand, really didn't understand!

    The integrity of Xuan Zhengtang is a balance point that Mu Yu suppresses his own killing when he is riddled with the power of killing, but this balance has disappeared!

    The great meaning of the Old City Lord is a wise man who made the right choice for him when he was confused by the killing power, but this wise man also left!

    So what does he care about right and wrong?

    The right and wrong of this world is relative. If it is right to let the 100,000 weak people in Dongsha City survive, then why is it that the Yumeng Mozu slaughtered 100,000 selfish people?

    Mu Yu gently held the body of the old man and smoothed the wrinkled clothes on them.

    Luo Wei and Xiao Shuai stood by, and both of them were silent.

    The killing scent of Mu Yu is rolling, and the whole person is like the exit of Hell. He wants to release the killing power of Hell to destroy the city.

    Xiaoshuai hesitated to extend his small hand and wanted to put it on the shoulder of Mu Yu, but his little hand stopped in the air.

    This time, he did not know whether to stop the killing of the wood feathers.

    Luo Wei looked at the body of the old man and other people. His expression was calm and his eyes were not shocked. He had already expected all of this. He expected that when he was a good person in the realm of cultivation, he did not have a good end.

    So he told Mu Yu that he was tired.

    However, the killing atmosphere in Luo Wei’s body is also rolling, he at least understands:

    If the person who is worth living is dead, then the damn person should not live.

    Mu Yu put Xuan Zhengtang and Xuanfu together so that they could hold each other tightly. In order to eliminate the fire of the Yumeng Mozu for his wife, Xuan Zhengtang almost went bankrupt, but even so, when he first encountered Mu Yu,

Nor did he want to deceive Mu Yu with his conscience and hold his own principles in front of his interests.

    He put the hands of Xuan Siwei and Chishan together. He didn't know if Chishan had said the last sentence to his sister. I like you, and I don't know if she told Chishan. In fact, she likes Chishan.

    He took the blood from the old man's white beard and cleaned up the stains. In order to explore the whereabouts of the Yumeng Mozu, the two sons of the Old City were killed by the Yumeng Mozu. The Old City Lord wanted to lead the whole city to kill the Yumeng Mozu, but the whole city was greedy and afraid of death. He killed him even more.

    What is the difference between man and Eugene?

    Mu Yu didn't know, he didn't understand.

    His gaze fell on these comprehensions, and the killing power in the body suddenly converges.

    He slowly stood up and looked at the self-cultivators of Tian Ziming, who had been surrounded by him, and his mind became extremely calm, just like the killing power of his body was able to be freely released.

    Mu Yu has been rejecting the killing power, this time he wants to accept it.


    "coming! The mysterious man is coming? ”

    "is it him? Is he really the mysterious person yesterday? ”

    "I don't know, according to the elders of the Burning Party, yes."

    "Catch him! Hand over to the Yumeng Mozu! ”

    "Yes! Grab it! ”

    The comprehensions have been waiting for Mu Yu to appear. When they saw that Mu Yu appeared next to the body of Xuan Zhengtang’s family, they suddenly became noisy, and they began to clamor for Tian Ziming to catch Mu Yu and hand it to Yu. The Momo family calms the anger of the Yumeng Mozu and saves the residents of the city.

    Tian Ziming has already leaped high from the city gate building, and with 20 composing people in the fit period, he immediately surrounded the wood feathers.

    There are a total of thirty-two self-cultivators in Dongsha City. At this time, Tian Ziming has already arrived, and twenty of them have been added. The remaining 20 people are supporting Tian Ziming’s decision and holding Tian Ziming as the new city owner.

    "You are the one that the Yumeng Mozu wants?"

    Tian Ziming Gao looked at Mu Yu on the ground, and Dayi asked with a high voice.

    He is the new city owner of Dongsha City, and he needs to maintain his own majesty.

    There are twenty comprehensions of his companionship around him. He has a master print on his hand. His identity is also the elder of the Tianxingmen. He has plenty of confidence and is not worried about Mu Yu because he believes that Mu Yu does not dare to work with the entire Dongsha City. Enemy, enemies with eight doors, and enemies with the realm of truth!

    "Why kill them?"

    Mu Yu’s voice is surprisingly calm, just like asking a simple question.

    Tian Ziming sneered aloud: "He Jinglong cares about the life of the entire Dongsha City people, it would be damned! The Xuan Zhengdong family of the Black beast to shield you this culprit, the whole East sand all the residents into a crisis in disregard, I as the current city owner of East Sha Cheng, it is necessary to protect all the residents of the East sand, you are not a man, let me personally give you to the Youmont, or we personally seize you and then give you to Youmont Demon clan? ”

    Tian Ziming has just become the city owner of Dongsha City, it is necessary to establish his own prestige by means of resolute and fierce! The life of the Xuan Zhengtang family and the five old people of the old city is that he used to kill chickens and monkeys, but also used to force Mu Yu to appear!

    For him, the lives of the four small sects are not worth mentioning at all. The old city owner of a city is even less important.

    "After handing me over, do you really think that the Yumeng Mozu will let you go?"

    Every time a wooden feather sounds, it will be cold.

    The power of killing spread in his body. Before that, Mu Yu had always controlled himself, and did not allow the power of killing to occupy his body as he pleased. However, he discovered today that the power to accept killing is as natural as water.

    This power is like his innate ability. Once he fully accepts it, he naturally understands how to make the power of killing exert a stronger power.

    "The Yumeng Mozu wants you, not everyone in Dongsha City. As long as you are armed with your own hands, the Yumeng Mozu will definitely choose to withdraw troops!"Tian Ziming replied.

    Mu Yu looked up and looked at Tian Ziming coldly: "The Terran and the Yumeng Mozu have never stood up since ancient times. Do you really think that the Association has won you a chance?"

    Tian Ziming’s face was distorted: “Yes, as long as you hand over to the Yumeng Mozu, we will survive!”

    Mu Yu looked at Tian Ziming with indifference and irony.

    Tian Ziming’s voice has a voice: “The Yumeng Mozu is too sudden this time. We were caught off guard. It’s not that we don’t want to fight, but we can’t do anything! Nowadays, you only have to sacrifice yourself to save the lives of the whole city. This is your honor. You should sacrifice the little one and make everyone! ”

    "Yes! The death of one person can protect us all, and you should make sacrifices if you are sensible! ”

    "Yes! You will not die in white, you will live in the hearts of all of us! ”

    "We will live on your behalf, and wait for the future with all the immortals to destroy the Youmen Mozu to avenge you!"

    "This is your honor, you should accept it!"

    The comprehensions under the gates of the city shouted loudly. They all asked Mu Yu to choose to sacrifice himself and go to the Yumeng Mozu to save him, thus saving all the Dongsha City comprehens.

    They speak their words in a big way, and all kinds of ugly words are shown here.

    "Let me go to die first, then you will live for me and take revenge for me?"

    Mu Yu suddenly smiled, as if he heard a joke. But his laughter seemed so cold, like a cold cone stabbing everyone's eardrum, so that the comprehens eardrums on the scene were like being watered by ice water, making them shudder.

    Tian Ziming once again solemnly said: "You can rest assured that the Yumeng Mozu killed you and let go of all the residents of Dongsha City. We will sing praises for you, stand your statue beside the true God, and enjoy the same as the true God. Admired treatment! The true God was sacrificing himself to save the whole person, and you should learn from the true God! ”

    Tian Ziming let everyone block the retreat of Mu Yu, but did not immediately start with Mu Yu, because he wanted to convince Mu Yu, let Mu Yu choose to die, in order to show his wise leadership of this city.

    You don't have to rely on force to save the life of the entire Dongsha City. You are loved by everyone in Dongsha City. This is the most perfect city owner!

    "Song of praise, is it with the statue of the true God?"

    Mu Yu turned to look at the statue of Master, who was handsome and handsome on the upper gate of the city gate, and smiled again.

    His smile is very peaceful, so the sun, as if all the killings disappeared in a flash, returned to the original self.

    In the face of his respected person, he will always show his most essential side, killing and anger is reserved for outsiders, not for himself.

    – Master, is this the human being you want to protect?

    – If yes, please forgive me.

    Mu Yu took his gaze away from Master and killed him back to him. The cold breath came so fast, even he didn't understand why he would control his emotions so freely, as if he accepted the killing power and made him more complete.

    He always wanted to go to Master's way.

    Even if Luo Wei told him that the Yumeng Mozu had attacked the truth of Dongsha City, he was working hard to study the transmission array and wanted to save the residents of Dongsha City in dire straits.

    He did not want to be grateful to all the residents of Dongsha City. He only wanted to save the lives of the whole city, and not let them be killed by the Yumeng Mozu, and became the source of strength for the Mie.

    Because the old city mainly saves these people.

    He believes that the decision of the old man should be the same as that of Master, so he will save these people.

    But the old city owner is dead.

    This time, he wants to take his own path.

    "Hurry up and let it go!" The Yumeng Mozu has waited for no patience. If you go out early, we will get out of danger early! ”

    "It is! Don't resist, you just can't compete with the comprehension of our entire Dongsha City! ”

    These ignorant comprehensions are so arrogant under such circumstances, so impassioned, they believe that only the wood feathers can be handed over to calm the anger of the Yumeng Mozu.

    But where do they know that even if Mu Yu and Luo Wei don't show up, this Dongsha City will become the target of the Yumeng Mozu in a few days and become part of the killing power! The Yumeng Mozu will not withdraw their troops because they seize the wood feathers. Their purpose is to kill the power!

    Mu Yu could have saved them. He even had to portray the transmission array and was ready to send the group away from Dongsha City.

    However, this group of cowards has been wrong with people. They do not believe in those who can save them. They believe that they will push them to the demise of heaven!

    Mu Yu slowly said: "So you all think that we should compromise with Yumeng? Do you think that I should go out and die? No one thinks that we should fight together with Yumun in the end? ”

    Mu Yu’s voice was not loud, but it was clearly spread throughout the Dongsha City, and all the people in Dongsha City were alarmed.

    Many people rushed over to the gates of the city. More and more self-cultivators gathered under the gates, watching the wooden feathers there, watching the key figures that the Yumeng Mozu wanted to seize.

    Mu Yu continued: "Let me see how many bloody people there are in Dongsha. If you think that we should fight against Yumeng in the end, in order to fight against the imperial blood, then stand up! stand out! Stand up and let me see! ”

    He is used to good people and wants to find a reason to continue to be good.

    He wondered if there were still people in Dongsha City who were as bloody as the old man.

    The crowds were silent and pushed each other, and they all looked at the man who looked like a wild beast in amazement.

    More than 100,000 people, in the air, on the ground, on the roof, in the streets, all looked at the wood feathers far away, the air seemed to be silent for a moment.

    "Is there a determination to resist Yumeng? Do you think we should compromise with Yumeng? ”

    Mu Yu seems to be not surprised at all, but the beast in his body is about to break free from the chain.

    He suddenly remembered that when he was still in the Mouyun Mountain Range, he first met the old tree leader of the Muyou Mozu in Fulong Mountain. The old tree tree said at that time, Mu Yu still remembers:

    ——I will tell you this, just hope that when we have a war between the Yumeng Mozu and the humans in the future, when UU reads, when you choose to help humans, you should also consider whether standing on the human side is correct.

    At that time, the young Mu Yu rightly told the old tree chief that he was a person and would stand on the side of the human race.

    But people always grow up, and growing up is a process of constantly overthrowing the former childishness.

    "Old tree, have you expected this all?"

    Mu Yu silently looked up and looked at the Yumeng Mozu in the air. He looked at the guards outside the city and couldn’t wait to rush into Dongsha City, turning Dongsha City into a human hell and becoming the killing power of their priests.

    How is he a Terran? What about the Yumeng Mozu? What is justice? What is evil?

    Is it true that these self-righteous, self-sufficient, self-sufficient, self-sufficient, and self-defeating to the limit represent justice?

    If this is justice.

    Then I would rather be evil! (https://)

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