Chapter 835 City Desire!

    Mu Yu’s words echoed throughout the city of Dongsha and passed to everyone’s ears.

    All the comprehensions looked at Mu Yu, and many people were shocked by the smell of Mu Yu, but no one stood up first.

    Tian Ziming laughed and said: "You don't have to bother with the minds. The people are willing to see you. You still want to make sacrifices to save the entire Dongsha City. No one wants to die in vain!"

    "Do not! I think we should fight the Yumeng Mozu! ”

    At this time, a middle-aged man in a blue shirt stood up. This is a self-cultivator of the eyebrow star, flying to the back of the wood feather with awe-inspiring face, facing everyone with Mu Yu.

    Those who dare to stand up at this time are undoubtedly very courageous!

    Tian Ziming’s eyes were cold. He didn’t expect anyone to dare to sing against him at this time. He looked at the blue-shirt middle-aged man as if he was watching a dead person.

    "I think so!"

    However, after the middle-aged man in the blue shirt came out first, another young man stood behind the wooden feather.

    "And I!"

    "And me!"

    "We must never compromise with the Eugene Devil!"

    A young girl in the red dress also stood up. A strong old man stood up and a handsome young man stood up…

    But after a quarter of an hour, I stood up and thought that there should be only twenty comprehensions against the Yumeng Mozu!

    In the city of more than 100,000 people, only 20 people in the district think that they should choose to fight against Yumeng. The rest want to give the Muyu to the Yumeng Mozu in exchange for a chance, without any fighting spirit!

    Tian Ziming laughed again: "You 20 people can't wait to die?" it is good! I will fulfill you! ”

    But these twenty people are unmoved.

    The middle-aged man in the blue shirt looked at Tian Ziming and said as if he was dead: "The Yumeng Mozu will not let us go, and compromise is the most stupid way!"

    "I see your choice is the most stupid way!"Gao Yixing shouted at the side of Tian Ziming.

    Mu Yu glanced at the high star in a cold,

Gao Yixing immediately flinched to Tian Ziming.

    "Who else?"Mu Yu continued to ask.

    "I have to fight the Umon Mozu!"

    A twin voice in the crowd sounded, it was a little boy who seemed to be only two years old. His tender face was written with the courage that the adults did not have, and his little fists were so firm.

    "Don't talk, Xiaofan!"The little boy’s father hurriedly reprimanded.

    "But hey, you don't often tell me stories. The Yumeng Mozu is an evil race, specifically dealing with us, so let me be a great immortal in the future to defeat the Yumeng Mozu? Then why are all the immortals now so afraid of the Yumeng Mozu, who are not willing to fight against the Yumeng Mozu, and want to compromise with the Yumeng Mozu? ”The little boy asked inexplicably.

    His voice is very childish and very quiet, but the present is the comprehension, everyone can hear it clearly!


    The child's father is just a mortal. At this moment, he does not know how to answer the questions raised by his son.

    He is only a mortal living in the bottom of Dongsha City. People in Dongsha City are full of self-cultivators, but the comprehensions can't be relatives, and some mortals will come to fú wù, as the next person of the comprehension.

    He is a buddy of a restaurant. He did not cultivate it. He faced the high-level comprehensions all day long. He did not dare to have any slack, and he was worried that the self-cultivator would be killed.

    But when he returns home, he will proudly tell his son how the immortal master is so great. The immortal master is the hope of the entire human race and can fight the Yumeng Mozu.

    He often tells his son that he is proud of being able to be a fú wù ù , , , , , , , , , , 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。

    However, at this time, when the Yumeng Mozu suddenly came, all the immortals were afraid, and they did not dare to fight against the Yumeng Mozu. They only thought about how to hand over the people that the Yumeng Mou wanted, and gave it to Yu. Mengmo, these immortals are thinking about living, there is no thought of fighting with the Yumeng!

    This is different from the fairy teacher he told his son in the heroic fight against the Yumeng Mozu!

    The immortal masters who are fearless and dare to fight against the Yumeng Mozu are living in the story.

    He looked at other people with trepidation, hugged his son, and prevented his son from speaking again. He was afraid of angering those high-level comprehensions and finding himself a murder.

    However, his son did not dispel his doubts.

    "Hey, are you lying to me?" Are the legends of the immortals all fake? You said that the immortals are heroic and capable of killing the Yumeng Mozu, but now they are simply greedy and fearful of death. They are afraid of the Yumeng Mozu, they dare not go out to fight, and the fairy tales in your story are all Not the same, you make me grow up and try to be a fairy teacher, but I don't want to be such a fairy teacher. ”

    The little boy’s expression is very serious.

    It seems that the words of the little boy have smashed the lie, and the crowd has a commotion, and all the comprehensions feel uncomfortable.

    However, there are still no comprehension people who want to continue to stand up!

    At that time, the person that the Yumeng Mozu wants has already appeared. As long as the person is handed over to the Yumeng Mozu, Dongsha City can be out of danger! A great opportunity to survive, who is willing to go stupidly and fight with the Yumeng Mozu?

    "Hey, I must fight the Eugene Mozu!"The little boy continued.

    "To shut up!"Next to a fierce self-cultivator, he shouted.

    The atmosphere of the Yuan Ying period fell on the little boy, and the little boy was so scared that he quickly hugged his father.

    His father bit his teeth and remembered the story he had told his son before. The fairy teacher existed for the Yumeng Mozu, but all the immortals today wanted to compromise with the Yumeng Mozu for self-protection. His face was very shameful. .

    However, he is hesitating, and the immortals are afraid of those of the Yumeng Mozu. What is the ability of a small mortal to change this?

    The mother of the child seems to have made up his mind and said aloud: "We, our family must fight against Eumund!"

    "Yiang, you…"

    "French, we have to set an example for our children! I don't think that the Yumeng Mozu will let us go, so why not? ”The child, his mother said firmly.

    The child's face was a bit sullen, and he remembered that his son often liked to tell him the story of the fairy warrior Yumeng Mozu. In the story of the child's jealousy, the immortal master could do anything, swing the sleeves and break the cliff, and slam under the leadership of the true God. Retired the Yumeng Mozu and guarded the Terran.

    His son has always been a cult of the immortal, and he wants to grow up to become a fairy teacher to fight against the Yumeng Mozu.

    The child bites his teeth, and he does not know where the courage comes from, suddenly shouting: "Yes, our family will also fight against the Eugene Mozu!"

    "you guys? There is no continuous repair, why fight against the Yumeng Mozu? ”A woman next to him yelled.

    "Looking for death? Ignorant mortal! ”Another man gave them a look.

    The child was scared to the corner and couldn’t speak with his son and wife.

    Mu Yu looked at the little boy. He remembered what the grandfather told him when he left the village.

    The great immortal is to fight against the Eugene Mozu, so be a great immortal and protect the Terran.

    However, nowadays, the so-called immortal greed is afraid of death. Instead, there is no mortal family of three who wants to fight against the Yumeng Mozu.

    "We are not ignorant, I am telling the truth!"The little boy, despite his fear, said loudly.

    "A mortal is noisy, and the person who tells the truth is dying!"

    Another man was angered by a sword and stabbed the family of three. For them, the mortal and the lower monsters are no different. If they are killed, they will be clean!

    Mu Yu looked like a knife, but Luo Wei had appeared first and he fell next to the boy's family of three. With a wave of hand, the man's sword suddenly turned a corner and stabbed into the Dantian of the swordman!

    "You, you, how dare you…"The man who made the sword slammed down on the ground, and repaired it as a loss. It has become a mortal.

    "Do you still look down on mortals now?"

    The strong breath spread out from Luo Wei. He glanced coldly at the comprehensions who wanted to shoot. Those people were scared by Luo Xiao’s breath and did not dare to stop.

    Luo Wei rolled up the family of three and took them to Mu Yu.

    "Little brother, what is your name?"

    Xiaoshuai curiously squinted to the little boy. He himself looked only four or five years old, but he was taller than the little boy.

    "Brother, my name is Qingfan, my brother, are you also fighting against the Yumeng Mozu?"The little boy asked.

    Xiaoshuai looked at his head for a moment, looked at Mu Yu again, and then nodded.

    "Big brother, are you too?"The little boy looked at Luo Wei.

    Luo Wei looked at the boy's clear eyes, stunned, and turned his gaze to the side, without answering.

    "That big brother, I also want to fight the Umon Mozu! I don't want you to be sent to the Yumeng Mozu. ”The little boy shouted at Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu looked at the boy's innocent smile, just like seeing himself.

    He wants to let the living person live.

    As for other people.

    He can't do anything.

    An entire city, more than 100,000 people, only twenty-three people are willing to stand up and fight against the Yumeng Mozu, and three of them are mortals without any cultivation.

    The rest of the immortal teachers are greedy and fearful of death, only thinking of Mingzhe to protect themselves.

    The wooden feather slowly landed in front of the statue of the god of the city gate, and he smashed down to the statue of the master.

    "Master, you said that the five of us want to protect the Terran and end this war."

    "I always think that the comprehensions are still saved. They are only blinded by the Triple Palace, so I am willing to continue to protect all the comprehensions in lieu of your wishes."

    "But I didn't expect them to be so greedy and fearful of death, so there is no fighting spirit."

    "You are full of hope for the Terran, and I try to be full of hope for them."

    "But I was wrong. I don't know what you were sacrificing yourself for." Is it for this group of selfish people? Are they really saved? ”

    "You have made the Triple Continent not invaded by Yumen for more than 100 years, but it has also made them comfortable, and Yumen has lost his fighting spirit."

    "They just thought about it and sneaked away, let people die for them, and compromised with Yumun. I hope that Yumeng will be merciful and let them go."

    "The southern brother wants to control the comprehension of the comprehension and the Mie Palace. I think his approach is wrong, because it is contrary to your original intention, so I will teach those who are occupied by the demon."

    "But I only found out that there is nothing wrong with going south."

    "I really want to, I really want to complete the great cause of guarding the human race for you."

    "But if they don't want to resist, why do I help them?"

    "I helped them yesterday. I don't need them to be grateful to me. Even if they want to compromise with the Yumeng, I think they should use the transmission to save their lives."

    "The power of killing is ridden. I am afraid that any decision I made is wrong. Therefore, I use the family of Xuan’s family as the standard for judging good people, and let the old city owner help me decide whether or not to save the city."

    "But the family of Xuan’s uncle was killed by them, and the old city master was killed. Sorry, I can’t forgive them, and I can’t save my conscience with them!”

    "I can't look at the right people who are dead, and the weak and selfish people are alive, I can't! Never! ”

    "I can only save these twenty-three people."

    Mu Yu raised his head and looked at Master's elegant and free-spirited appearance. Once he was a god, he saved the world from the fire.

    "Master, in this world, when a good person is too tired, I want to be a bad person."

    "Master, Luo Wei said that he is tired."

    "Master, I am tired of it."

    "Master, I am sorry!"

    Mu Yu buried her head deeply under the statue of Master, and slammed three heads. His eyes were dripping slowly and dripping on the cloak of Master's statue.

    He slowly stood up.

    The shadow sword has fallen into his hands, and it has been transformed into a black and white flying sword. The horrible killing breath is once again shot from him, rising from the sky, covering everyone, letting each of Dongsha City The comprehensions have gone back a few dozen steps in amazement!

    "You are twenty-three, you can leave Dongsha City."

    The wooden feather statue is like giving birth and death. He has a congenital array in his hand, and the formation of the transmission array suddenly covers the twenty-three.

    The twenty-three people have not reacted yet, and a flash of light has disappeared!

    "what happened? What about them? ”

    "It is a transmission array! Did they leave Dongsha City? ”

    "Why don't you have a transmission array to get it out early? Do you want to kill us? ”

    "You really are the spies of the Yumeng Mozu!"

    All the comprehensions have screamed in anger, and many people are in doubt, and many people have begun to regret that they did not stand up early!

    However, standing up early, there is the courage to fight with the Yumeng Mozu!

    These people are not!

    "As for you, damn it."

    The sound of Mu Yu is clearly heard in everyone's ears, UU reading www. The tears that fell on the statue of the god of truth made a slap in the face, and fell into the statue.


    The slight noise came clearly from the statue of the true god, and the crack began to spread from the cloak of the statue of the true god, and then filled the whole body.


    The statue of the true god exploded and exploded into intricate pieces!

    The entire Dongsha City trembled fiercely, and the moat array lost its base. It suddenly began to collapse, and countless fragments of the fragments continued to fall from the sky.

    The sky is like what is cut open, it is divided, and the transparent protective cover is broken, so shocking!

    "If you represent justice, then I would rather Huang!" ”

    Mu Yu’s left eye flashed with white awns, and his right eye shrouded black light, like a god of killing, looking coldly at the self-cultivator who had been scared! (https://)

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